Lupe Fiasco will customize your very own song for $500!

Lupe went on Twitter last night and made the offer of a lifetime. For $500, he will let you choose the instrumental, mood and subject of a 1 verse song made specifically for you! For another $500, you can be in the studio with him when the song is being recorded! The stipulations are simple:

1. All payment must be done in cash and in person.
2. There will only be 1 physical copy of the personalized track made.
3. You have to go and pick up the physical copy yourself in whichever city its recorded in, based on his travel schedule.
4. When you pick it up, you will have to sign a contract outlining rules about the usage of the track.

How dope is that?! If you've ever wanted to hear Lupe rap on a certain beat, in a certain tone, and get his perspective about a certain topic, now is your chance to make that happen plus he will record it with you in mind! And getting a chance to watch him work on the track you executive produced for him?! INCREDIBLE! If you're able to take him up on this offer, I suggest you do ASAP!