• Video: Lupe Fiasco previews 2 tracks off of Tetsuo and Youth!

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  • Pics: Lupe Fiasco and Damian Marley in the studio!

    Last night, Lupe and Damian Marley were in the studio together. Lupe's guitarist, Erik Hammer[...]

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  • New Music: Lupe Fiasco ft Ty Dolla $ign - Snitches

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    Just like that, we get hit with the double whammy![...]

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lupe Fiasco's "Tetsuo & Youth" gets an official release date!


Lupe just tweeted that Atlantic has officially given a release date to his fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth. He hasn't said what the date is yet, but you can expect the announcement soon!

The snow ball effect has commenced, #TetsuoSeason is upon us! Hit the jump to see a recent picture of Lupe in the studio working on the album with his guitarist, Erik Hammer!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dates for upcoming Lupe Fiasco college shows!


Lupe will be hitting a few college stages soon, and we'll be updating this if more shows are announced so stay posted!

Colgate University - Spring Party Weekend
High Point University - April 5th - 8 PM
Columbia University - April 12th - 1 PM
Dartmouth College - Green Key Weekend 2014 - 5 PM
California State University (San Bernardino) - May 31st - 8 PM

Friday, April 18, 2014

Old School Love cassette tapes (w/ Tetsuo & Youth pre-order codes) on sale NOW!


During the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour, these Old School Love cassettes were available at the merch booth and they sold out fast. But now, they have restocked and you can head over to and get your very own copy!

It also comes with a code that gives you an instant download of Old School Love (ft Ed Sheeran) and will allow you to redeem a digital copy of Tetsuo & Youth the day of its release. To redeem the album, you have to enter the code HERE. Act fast though because there are limited quantities, so get yours while you can!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Lupe Fiasco (ft. Sarah Green) - Intruder Alert


This week's throwback is just 1 of the masterpieces from Lupes' sophmore album, The Cool. Even though each verse is only 8 bars long, Lupe manages to tell 3 different stories in vivid detail that puts you in the shoes of a rape victim, a drug addict and an immigrant. Sarah Green caps it off with an incredible bridge that ties the intruder concept together.

Side Note: Ever noticed that the melody line on this track is the same as the one on Hip Hop Saved My Life in a different key/octave/tempo?

Shout out to @FuckYouFearMe for picking this week's throwback. If you'd like to be responsible for next week's #ThrowbackThursday, tweet us a suggestion with the hashtag!

Available Now: Lupe Fiasco - ROTHKO (At Last For Humans)


You may remember when Lupe and WOLF Studio dropped a 6 second clip called ROTHKO (Yet For Computers) last year. Well last night, Lupe tweeted that At Last For Humans is now available. Contact for further details!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Music: Dosage - Room Test (Prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff)


A couple months removed from going on the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour, Philly's own Dayne Jordan aka Dosage drops this crazy track over production by Philadelphia legend DJ Jazzy Jeff. He definitely goes in, you might want to keep your hands on the rewind button!

Lupe Fiasco is putting the final touches on Tetsuo & Youth!


We can all expect Tetsuo Season to be in full force soon because Lupe took to his Twitter this morning and announced that the album is in its final stages and almost ready for public consumption, stay tuned!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lupe Fiasco relies on these six creatives to shape his success!


Crain's Chicago Business did a feature where Lupe sits down with Naomi Beckwith and he speaks about an informal circle of six people that he relies on to help shape his success as a creative. Those people include:

The Mentor: Michael Ferro Jr.
The Curator: Naomi Beckwith
The Risk Taker: Aitor Throup
The Analyst: Sky Gellatly
The Philanthropist: Kenna Zemedkun
The Internet Guru: Brian "DJ Busy" Dackowski

Hit the links to read what Lupe had to say about his relationship with each individual. After the jump, Lupe speaks about Michael Ferro Jr. and Naomi recalls how an idea involving ballons at an art show nourished the creativity of a 12 year old autistic boy in Chicago!

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs "The Show Goes On" at Columbia University!


Yesterday, Lupe was at Columbia University's annual Bacchanal event in NYC. Watch above as he performs the hit single off Lasers.

Get Lupe Fiasco's "Lasers" on Vinyl for $9.99!


Click HERE to get a copy of Lupe's #1 Gold selling album on vinyl for only $9.99. This is a limited time offer so grab it while you can!