The lupEND blog says Happy New Year

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This is the last post this year.

I wanna wish everyone a happy and successful 2008.
Have a good start and hopefully we'll get good
music and nice new Lupe videos next year.

Don't drink too much tonight.

Shoutouts go to: Nikki Jean, Shayla G,Sarah Green,
Lupe Fiasco, Bishop G, Gemstones, Matthew Santos

Everyone who supports Lupe and FNF ,
everyone at the official Lupe boards and of course everyone who reads this blog.

Keep reading.
I already have cool stuff in store for next year!


I'm out

Lupe Fiasco's lupEND - on wipeout

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I just played some good old Wipeout on my PS.
And look what popped up at the end
LUPend gotta love your old video games

Lupe Fiasco 2008 - a preview

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As it's the last day of 2007
We will have a look at things that could happen in Lupe-Land 2008.

  • The Tour will start in January
  • He'll probably promote The Cool in Europe
  • a possible Grammy award
  • Some more videos will come out (hopefully Paris, Tokyo)
  • A small summer festival tour
  • Maybe there will be the CRS album...who knows
  • More stuff from "Fall Of Rome"
  • And hopefully late 2008 or early 2009 we'll get the l-u-p END album.

all of this is just speculation (except the tour)
so don't shoot me if it's not happening.

Gemini and Lupe Fiasco - We On video

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Great track
great video

directed by Edwin Decena

Bishop G is a nice guy

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Check out his newest blog on Myspace

Click Here

Bishop G is the next big artist from FNF
trust me

Lupe Fiasco live pictures

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Just some pics from Lupe on stage for all of you

thanx to those flickr cats
for doing all those pics

Lupe Fiasco: Streets On Fire - I Am Legend video

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I think the idea to make a video for the song with I am Legend movie pieces is a good idea...
but it could have been done better
check it out

Lupe Fiasco-Goldwatch Live in Hawaii

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Another video from the Pipeline Cafe performance

Great to see some new stuff live

Lupe Fiasco and Lilly Allen

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Don't they look cute together?

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool chart positions

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It's Nr.1 on billboards top Rap Albums
Nr.4 on top R&B and Hip Hop
Nr.15 on the billboard top 200 albums

I think overall it's still a good look for Lupe

Go out and buy The Cool right now.
Or get a second copy.

And maybe get the F&L album too
to make that go gold.

Lupe Fiasco Live In Hawaii Pipeline Cafe

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Some videos


Paris, Tokyo

I Gotcha

Kick, Push

it must have been a great show

A Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper

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click the pic

I love it

Lupe being the good guy he is during christmas

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he really does care

Lupe @ EMU SC

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haha..I fuck with you too
Lupe is hilarious

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar - Jarell Perry Non Rap version

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Check it out on his myspace...
hook is for sure better than the one on the Young Buck track

Jarell's Myspace

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool album sales update

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Official numbers are in.

Lupe sold 143k copies of "The Cool" making him number 15 on this weeks billboard top200 album charts.

I still think that platinum is possible for this CD.

Lupe Fiasco on Dumb It Down: Spittin' Hot Fire Like Dylan on Chapelle skit

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Here's the skit.
still funny
just thought if you don't know what the line is about
now you know.

Dave Chappelle-Bad boy skit

Young Buck turns Superstar into Ghetto Superstar

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Young Buck lays some decent rhymes over the Superstar instrumental...but the hook is so fucked up on this version of the track.
He should have kept the original one.

Click Here to listen
via hiphopgalaxy

Lupe Fiasco "The Cool" fan created video

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I really like it
they really managed to transport the lyrics with the video

New Banner

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I hope you all noticed that I finally have a stylish site-header.
It was about time to get one if you ask me.

I think there'll be a new one soon...I know a guy who realy knows a lot about graphics and stuff and he's gonna give me a great futuristic banner.

So keep checkin' in!

I want "The Cool" now!!!

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I still didn't get my copy.

Because it's not released here yet.
It's gonna be out on January 18th...damn.

But as smart as I am I managed to buy the special best buy edition from ebay.
It has been shipped out on Saturday.
I really hope to get it soon....can't wait to hold it in my hands.

Lupe Fiasco Live From Chicago AOL Video Rip [HQ]

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I brought you the audio files yesterday, now here's the
HQ video rip of the House Of Blues performance
from Halloween 2007

Kick, Push is not included

The Concert Download

Right Click and Save As

The Cool Album Sales

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I haven't heard an exact number yet...

but I read a report that The Cool will debut at Number 15 on the Billboard 200.
Correct sales info will be available in early January.

So...all you Lupe fans go and grab your christmas money and buy another copy.
Especially all the people who downloaded know now that it's worth your 12 bucks.

Support the artist!!

Lupe Fiasco Live @ The House Of Blues Chicago [audio]


01. Intro
02. Real
03. Touch The Sky
04. The Instrumental
05. Sunshine
06. Happy Industries
07. I Gotcha
08. He Say, She Say
09. Hurt Me Soul
10. Pressure
11. The Cool
12. The Coolest
13. Paris, Tokyo
14. Dumb It Down
15. Kick, Push
16. Daydreamin'
17. American Terrorist
18. Superstar

Lupe Fiasco: Special Christmas Surprise

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I got a nice Christmas gift for you.

You'll see it on this blog tomorrow.

merry x mas

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Merry Christmas to all of you
crazy Lupe Fiasco fans out there.

In case you don't celebrate christmas...
have a good time, too

Lupe Fiasco on Realtalk NY

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Finally here's the lovely Joy Daily interviewing Lupe for RTNY

Part 1

The whole feature here:


Lupe Fiasco's The Cool: A Video Review

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alright 9/10 is good
Yeah no bangin' beats...he should listen to "Black Out"
but the dude did a great job

shoutout to

Lupe Fiasco in LA Times

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Huge pic of Lupe in the LA Times

here's the pic

Lupe and Darren Romanelli report here

Lupe Fiasco's Clothing Line "Fall Of Rome" - Photoshoot

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Lupe Fiasco CD signing

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Short clip from the event

DJ KNO - Superstar Remix

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Check this out

DJ KNO is the guy who did an awesome remix of Jay-Zs Black Album!

Now he remixed Lupe's Superstar

Click Here To Hear It

Hip Hop Academy - Superstar Freestyle

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Check Out the Hip Hop Academy!

They have a "remix" of Superstar in their myspace player...and their other stuff is also pretty good.

HHA on myspace

Lupe Fiasco 2 live clips

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The first is from Fox News In The Morning where he performed Superstar

Click Here

The 2nd one is kinda old....but because I love Paris, Tokyo so much I had to post it.

Live at Lollapalooza

Lupe Fiasco and Joy Denalane "Change"

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This is an old track...
just thought I share it because it's maybe not that well known.
there's not a lot to post right now

I also have to support a German artist
so go and check out Joy Denalane's album "Born and Raised"

Lupe Fiasco The Cool Album Lyrics

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Here are the complete lyrics to Lupe's "The Cool" album.

Lupe Fiasco's l-u-p-END---The wait begins

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Now after The Cool has dropped....

We can start to wait for lupEND to be released.

I think we'll get the album sometime around January 2009.

I don't think that the record will be out next year...because I hope that we'll get the CRS projekt first.

Lupe Fiasco The Cool sales prediction


Looks like Lupe will sell around 160k in the first week.
Doesn't seem like he'll go to the top of the charts with that.

So everyone out there go to the store
and buy your copy of "The Cool" now!

Lupe Interview On Realtak NY

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The whole thing comming soon

New The Cool Review and Metacritic

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DJ Booth has a new review of "The Cool" on his site.

Click Here

On Metacritic the album has currently gained 81 of 100 points.
That number can still change.
Go to metacritic and rate the album!!!

Click Here for Metacritic

Watch Lupe Fiasco Live At The House Of Blues

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You can check out the full show on AOL now.

Click Here

I can't watch it...

but if you are in the US it won't be a problem for you.


CRS - Us Placers Video

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New, unofficial video.

Directed by Va$htie

Lupe Fiasco The Cool release party interview part 2

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2nd part


Blackout - Bonus Track off The Cool

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Check it out here

another hot track is updated now

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go check it out

I love it

play the cool game now

Unrelated: New MIA Video

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Well this has nothing to do with Lupe

but why the hell did they decide to censor the Paper Planes video on MTV ?
They took out all the gunshots....Whatever...the song is still fire!

Make sure to check out MIAs album "Kala"!!!

Uncensored video version here:

Lupe on TRL

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just a pic

Still waiting for the videos to surface...
keep checking in

Lupe Fiasco The Cool release party interview

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Nice interview...Part I

The Cool finally in stores

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Go straight to a record store today and grab a copy of The Cool.

Don't go to school...don't go to work...just buy the album.

Help Mr. Fiasco to go Platinum!

In other news: Bishop G breaks phone

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Fresh news from his myspace:


for more info go to:

Bishop's Myspace

let's collect some money to buy him a new phone
poor dude

Lupe Fiasco interview with Teddy Ruck-Spin (Video)

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Check it..Lupe talks about Cornel West and Tom Waits.
Shoutout to the

Countdown to album and new website?

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There's a countdown on

it's for the album...but hopefully we'll see The Cool game and the new features on the website pretty soon....
keep checking the official site.

Lupe Fiasco: "The Cool" Review

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Realtalk NY has a new review up
check it out here:

Lupe Fiasco Is Legend!

Paris Tokyo - The Next Single

From what I've heard "Paris Tokyo" is gonna be the next single from Lupe.
I mean they call me "The Future Blogger" for a reason ;-)

So now the question is - How is the video gonna look like?

I really hope that we get a futuristic kinda video that is filmed on locations in Tokyo and Paris.

I have red strobe light, great panorama shots of Tokyo and an airplane on my mind when I think of a possible video for the song. And the story could include Lupe following a girl through those cities...or it could be the other way around...with the girl chasing Lupe ;-)

We'll find out soon I guess.

Lupe Fiasco performing "Hurt Me Soul" Chicago


Old...I know but the crowd is awesome
and Lupe is totally in the zone..

more on this channel:

People who hate "The Cool"

I saw some people stating that they are dissapointed of "The Cool".
I don't understand those people to be honest.

I mean what is there that you can't like about "The Cool"?

I think the best thing is to keep telling those people that they aren't intelligent enough to catch the concept.

Lupe already found the right words for those people:

"Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I ain't dumb down nothing"

Lupe Fiasco says: M&M's are yellow

This is nothing new...Lupe only eats yellow M&M'S

So I went out and got a bag of M&M's and guess how many
yellow ones are in one bag? You can count yourself....

So if you don't want to buy 5 bags of M&M's to get a full bowl
of yellow ones you can customize your own M&M's right HERE

but if you look at the price...hmm...they should start
producing bags with individual colors.

A Word For Lupe Fiasco

This is our word: Amajanese

It describes the mix of American and Japanese culture.
And we thought that there's no one else who could
represent that better than Lupe Fiasco.

So Lupe if you actually read this....think about using it
on your next album lupEND.

It would be the coolest thing ever for us.


Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

Just a reminder:

Make sure to get your copy on Tuesday, December 18th


Hello world, how are you?

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I don't really
know what to write in a first entry.

I basically want to document Lupe's way from The Cool
to LupEND and maybe beyond to give everyone a place where they
can find all that they need to know about him and his crew.

You are welcome to join me on that ride.