Nikki Jean - "The Project" CD

4 hours are over now - I took the links down.
I'm sorry if anyone wasn't able to get it in time.

For more Nikki Jean music

Go Here

also check out Nouveau Riche


This is an exclusive unofficial compilation of 12 Nikki Jean songs - meaning that those tracks are not available anywhere else in this form right now.

Those tracks are for promotional use only. I don't own the rights to this tracks. I don't wan't to get myself or others into any trouble, this is the reason why this compilation is just available for 4 hours.

After that the links will be taken down and I will not post this compilation again.

Everyone who downloads this should support Nikki Jean.
Tell your family and friends about her, post bulletins
on myspace and send messages on Facebook
- just support good music!

Now enjoy those tracks !


  1. Can someone please post the album. Sorry I couldnt get it in time... I'm in school all day

  2. its on lupe fiascos forum there is a thread there with more info in addition Nikki jean is a great artist and deserves every peice of success that comes her way


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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