Lupe Fiasco At SUNY Albany - Pics And A Review

Thanks to Blair for the pics and thanks to John for the review !

John's review:

I saw Lupe live on August 6th at Madison Square Garden for the Glow In The Dark Tour, and he KILLED it. It was pretty amazing to see an artist from Chicago have all of NY practically begging for more (Kanye put it down too). His segues into the songs were clever and enjoyable and his energy was just about unrivaled. The live band he had was amazing (and were pretty cool guys who chilled a little afterward and met the students).

He sent a message out to the music community and to us fans to extend our prayers to the families of DJ AM and Travis Barker. This he used to cleverly segue into "Hip Hop Saved My Life." Lupe also remarked on the diversity of the crowd saying how he thought it was cool how all kinds of people of different religious denominations (Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc) all got together to share a common bond; the love of music.

Another one of his brief speeches was about the new album LupEND and how he truly loves his fans. At this point Lupe paced back and forth on the stage personally pointing out fans and spreading his love for each one. He also thanked the crowd for the success of his albums and remarked on The Cool going Gold.

The performance was non-stop energy and passion. (And to this day I still maintain that "Daydreamin'" is an absolute lyrical marvel, to which when performed live, only validates my view.) All in all, Lupe made many new fans that night and justified his art to his already die-hard fans.

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  1. Just to edit this, I saw him in August AND this Saturday September 20th at my school, in case that wasn't clear. All things referred to in the review are from Saturday's performance.


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