Lupe Fiasco on

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Check this out

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interview for WKYG 93.9

lol@ the girl for asking if Lupe is an African name.

Lupe Fiasco Live

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Check out those clips...pretty good quality

for more

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Lupe takes the subway in NY

No comments: about a Maybach next time

Lupe Fiasco on new Roots album?

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The Roots have a new album in the making and Lupe is rumored to be featured on a track.
Nothing official yet

The album title is gonna be Rising Down.

would be dope to hear Lupe on this album

Lupe's Superstar Video get's some airplay

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finally they started to play the Superstar video on MTV Germany

I saw it like 2 times now.
It still seems like the album is only availabe trough Amazon here.

If you wanna support Lupe

click here

and vote for the video

Yeah Lupe Fiasco on Kanye's Glow in The Dark Tour

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Check this out

There's gonna be a CRS performance on those shows for sure

Lupe Fiasco adores Jay Zs business skills

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Lupe Fiasco is more impressed by his idol Jay-Z's role as a talented businessman than his work as a celebrated musician. The 25-year-old Grammy nominee believes the secret of the hip-hop mogul's success is his entrepreneurial flare, and insists most upcoming urban artists aspire to be like the star.

Fiasco says, "We want to be Jay-Z, because we can be Jay-Z, and have some of the same lyrics as Jay-Z and even be compared to Jay-Z, but what he trumps everybody with is his business sense. Every couple of weeks there's a new announcement of Jay-Z buying something."

Yeah I would rather like to be the businessman Jay instead of the rapper Jay Z.

Amanda Diva and Lupe Fiasco

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Amanda Diva
showed Atlanta that female lyricists are alive and well as the former Floetry member rocked the stage at Lupe Fiasco’s concert Friday at the Coca-Cola Roxy.
The Aphilliates’ First Lady ripped through a series of songs from her current EP
Life Experience, including “40 Emcees” and “SupaWoman” and kicked a freestyle reminiscent of back-in-the-day b-girls like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.
Amanda will continue on with the rest of Lupe’s tour.

I love Amanda...I really do

Click Here for her MySpace

A re-happening of The Cool

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yeah I think he's right
check out the video below

if you can't see the vid just check out
and on a side note...
there's gonna be a summer tour and it will feature some special guests.....

I just say 3 letters if you know what I mean

Next Lupe Fiasco Video: HIp Hop Saved My Life

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Fiasco's follow-up video to "Superstar" is going to be a low-budget affair and head straight to cyberspace. After that, he said some exec at Atlantic records is going to sign off on a big check for the next clip.

"We're shooting a lot of videos," he promised. "The next viral record is gonna be 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life.' We're gonna leak that to the Net. The next main video is gonna be 'Paris, Tokyo.' Were planning a huge, big, kinda exotic, grandiose production for that. That'll probably come in February."...

sounds like we'll get HHSML pretty soon....and Paris, Tokyo is gonna be the new single...

A big check for Paris, Tokyo?.....hmm...hopefully we'll get that high class futuristic clip shot in Tokyo.

Source: MTVs Mixtape Monday

Lupe Fiasco interview

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What's the weirdest thing to ever happen to you on a flight?
There's been so many, it just kind of blends into one long flight. There's been some disgusting things. I think we were on the way to Germany, and there was this one dude and who was putrid, and there was no escape -- it was disgusting

Are you an aisle person or a window person?
Depends on how long the flight is. If it’s a good six hours, I usually like the window, or I do the middle, too. If I'm between two people I know, then it's not bad. You gotta take it over 'cause then you can do the double armrest.

crazy shit

Double feat. Lupe Fiasco Runaway Love and Big O

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Pretty hot...

2 Amajanese songs


Big O

Props to
for the first vid

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 5

The Cool is still Nr 1 on the Billboard Top 50 Rap album charts.
He sold 18.000 records this week.
Pushing the totals to 268,200.

In comparision Soulja Boy sold a total of over 700.000 copies of his album in 16 weeks.

I think everyone knows that there's gotta be something wrong with that.

Adam Levine joins Lupe on stage

Yeah check this sucks
and actually it's Matthew
What's going on with those Maroon 5 fans?

Optimus on The Lupe Fiasco Show

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Haha...check this out

they have an amazing time

Nikki Jean reports from the tour again

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Once again it's Nikki from the Lupe Fiasco Tour

Rick Ross Superstar Freestyle

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Props to RTNY for this one

DL Here

Lupe Fiasco's lupEND a double album?

hmm interesting news on the 3rd album

Lupe believes the 1984-inspired Streets On Fire may become the basis for his third album.

"It shows this really weird world that's half-destroyed," he says. "I think storytelling is one of my strong suits and I might expand on that song.

"I've been planning this real grandoise idea, which I'm still battling with. So many good ideas are coming out of it. So far, it's all only in my head."

So will it turn into LupEND, the third album Lupe has talked about since his debut, supposed to be his last?

"I don't know," he says. "I'm about 85% certain that LupEND will be my last record, and what's stopping me is these ideas from Streets On Fire.

"See, that could be a concept record before LupEND. But I've said for so long my third record would be my last. Hey, maybe I could do a double album!"

Update: We actually found out that it will be a
3 disc set !

Lupe Fiasco UK chart debut

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Superstar debuted at Nr. 7 at the UK Top 100 single chart this week.

That's great!

maybe it'll climb some spots next week

Lupe Rocks Goyard

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stylish, huh?

Lupe Fiasco - a lack of updates

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately....but there's not much going on in Lupe land right now.

He's on the road and making those crowds happy.

I hope to get some new interviews and I also hope there will be a new single soon.

Keep checking in

The Linkin Park Forums

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This is totally unrelated.

But a little advertising can't be too bad.

Check out

also check out the myspace page
click here

and the Facebook group
click here

Lupe Fiasco The Coolest Live House Of Blues

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check it

Lupe Fiasco Daydreamin Live San Diego

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फुक्क यू तेरस

Lupe Fiasco The Cool Sales Update: Week 4

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The album held down Billboard's Nr.1 spot on the rap album charts for the fourth straight week, moving another 20,400 copies, bringing his total sales up to 249,700.

"The Cool" is Nr. 17 overall on the Billboard Top 200 album charts.

Now double that number and the album will be gold.

San Francisco Chronicle reports about Lupe

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Nikki Jean Update

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She's gonna be at the LA show on Thursday.

try hard to just pay attention to her eyes

Lupe Fiasco performing Superstar on The Late, Late Show

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This is one of the best performances of that track so far

Lupe Fiasco Throwback record

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Check that track out. Lupe , Joe Budden and Tha'Rayne with "Didn't You Know"

Click Here

Dizz Vicious Superstar Freestyle

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Dizz spits some nice verses over Lupe's beat.

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243 friends on my myspace page

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haha...check me out

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Fab Nickel and Lupe Fiasco - Genius

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Check out Fab Nickel and their track "Genius"
featuring the one and only Lupe Fiasco

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Live at the Fillmore

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Check out those clips below

The Coolest

Paris Tokyo

The Cool

Lupe Fiasco on the Late,Late Show

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Lupe Fiasco
Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson
(12:35am - CBS, E!)
Tune In!

Little kid dancing to Lupe Fiasco

No comments: cool
that's so much better than the
stupid soulja boy dance

CRS album in the works!

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Kanye and Pharrell take a break from their solo career and record a new album together with Lupe Fiasco.

Quote Lupe Fiasco: "It’s definitely happening this year. We call each other by our Child Rebel names - but they are top secret for now."

The album is supposed to be out later this year.
It has been discussed numerous times but now it seems to be official.

source: WENN

Lupe Fiasco Live In Portland 2 clips

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Kick Push

quality is not that great...but hey...better than nothing

Lupe Fiasco clothing line Fall Of Rome/Trilly&Truly x Swagger


Some new pics from a Japanese magazine

Stuff available at:

be quick

The Ultimate Lupe Fiasco Statement

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“It's the difference between selling a million records and making a ton of money on a (music) ring-tone, and then disappearing,
or hustling and grinding and really working hard. - It pays off in the end. Because concert promoters can say: 'You only have one song.' But they can't pull that with me; I've got two hours of good songs.”

nothing more to add

My Personal Best Of The Cool

As you may have noticed I haven't written a review for The Cool.

And I won't write one....I just gonna give you my favorite and my least favorite tracks.

Best songs based on lyrical content

1. Dumb It Down
2. The Coolest
3. Black-Out
4. Hi Definition
5. Hip Hop Saved My Life

Best songs based on the beat

1. Black-Out
2. Hello/Goodbye
3. Intruder Alert
4. Little Weapon
5. Superstar

Overall favorites

1. Black-Out
2. Streets On Fire
3. Hip Hop Saved My Life
4. Intruder Alert
5. Dumb It Down

Least favorite tracks

Put You On Game - That "Put You On Game" hook is destoying the track
Gotta Eat - too repetitive and I don't really dig the beat

The tracks I haven't mentioned are alright

Rating 9/10

Best Hip Hop release of 2007...and one of the most important CDs for me.

The Future Of Lupe Fiasco

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Let's have another look at his future.

According to New York's Daily News he'll take a 1 year break after he finished promoting and touring "The Cool". He's supposed to spend that year in Paris to finish a novel about an introspective window washer. And he'll take care of his fashion line Fall Of Rome.

After that he'll be back with his final album "lupEND".

He won't record mainstream albums anymore. He'll have new songs though...which he want's to perform live.

Also there will be albums of his FNF artists and of course the highly anticipated CRS album supposed to be called: "God Unwilling".

Lupe Fiasco's Tour starts today!

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Today's the first date of the tour at the Roseland Center in Portland, Oregon.
Make sure to go to the indoor signing event at Jackpot Records to meet Lupe.

Lupe Fiasco performs Superstar on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Lupe Fiasco on Tavis Smiley Full Interview

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Collaboration with and new domain name

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This blog is going to be working with pretty soon.

I also switched the domain name to
just because I'm cool like that.

The domain is active now!

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 3

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He moved 30,782 units this week.

Making him Nr. 17 at the Billboard Top 200 Mainstream Albums.

He's still Nr. 1 on the Top Rap Albums.

Reminder: Lupe Fiasco on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight

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Check your local listings and tune in!
Videos gonna be up as soon as possible.

Tavis Smiley Interviews Lupe Fiasco

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Check It Out!
Full show airs tonight!

To Lupe and Rhymefest: Screw All That Political Talk

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Yeah Rhymefest and Lu talk about it online....

Like everyone...

is there gonna be the 1st female president or the 1st black president?

My opinion on that is....that it doesn't really matter.

If Hillary wins there's gonna be some new and fresh ideas...and if Obama wins there's also gonna be some fresh and new energy.

If I would have to pick one I would go with Obama....but that's just because I know more about him and his goals...I read one of his books and it was great...I think he can seriously move some things and bring a change. An he's young and's time for a younger guy to show what he can do.

I just hope one of those 2 will win in the end...

if not...there's just gonna be another boring white man in the oval office...and I think no one really want's that right now.

Meet Lupe - in store events

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Meet Lupe at one of those events and get your personal item signed.

1/10 Portland, OR
Jackpot Records
203 SW 9th Avenue
Portland OR 97205
503 222-0990

1/13 San Francisco
Rasputin Music
2403 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley CA 94704
510 848-9004

1/15 San Diego
Lou's Records
434 North Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas CA 92024
760 753-1382

1/17 Los Angeles
Midnight Records
2867 S. Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90034
310 839-9455

1/18 Las Vegas
Zia Records
4580 W Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89102
702 364-2500

1/20 Denver
Independent Records
937 E Colfax Avenue
Denver CO 80218
303 863-8668

1/22 Austin
Waterloo Records
600-A N Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78703
512 474-2500

1/23 Dallas
Xperience Music (formerly Eargazum)
13332 Preston Road 2192
Dallas TX 75240
972 980-9576

Have fun there!!

Lupe Fiasco on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week

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Yeah he will be there and perform.

For more infos keep checkin in
and visit the official Jimmy Kimmel site

Click Here

Nice Lupe Fiasco Pic

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It's really cool
don't you agree?

Lupe Fiasco's Streets On Fire HHA Remix

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Those Hip Hop Academy cats made another reinterpration of a Lupe track.
Go and check it out on their myspace!

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco vs. Beastie Boys live remix

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This is some great stuff
major props to Jamie
Check his myspace

Live Remix top rap albums 2007

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Lupe got the Nr. 1 spot!

Check the full list here:


Add Lupe On Facebook

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You know what to do...

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco on Letterman HDTV rip

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Check out the whole show featuring Lupe Fiasco and Robin Williams right here.

Torrent Download

Rese Jhordan doing Lupe's Free Chilly

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first time I heard it I thought it sucked
but in the end it turned out alright

Promise Redoing Dumb It Down

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Check this dude Promise out!
Spitting some hot fire on the Dumb It Down Beat

I hope that there's gonna be a full version soon.

Lupe gives props to Letterman and the writers

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Sales: Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Charts update: Week 2

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Lupe climbed one place on the Billboard top 200 albums from Nr. 15 to Nr. 14
But he lost 2 spots on the Hip Hop/RnB charts
and is now Nr. 6 there.

And he's still the Nr. 1 on the Top Rap Albums.

All in together it looks like it was a good sales week for Lupe again.
Keep buying...remember
Platinum baby!!!

He sold
54398 copies the 2nd week.

I got my copy of Lupe Fiasco's The Cool today!!!

1 comment:

I finally had it in the mail today!!
Took some pics:-)
So...that makes me one of the first cats in Europe to have the physicall CD.

If you don't have yours already
go out and buy it!

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs Superstar on Letterman

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check it out!
you gotta love Lupe's outfit


some additional backstage Pics

Lupe Fiasco On The Late Show Tonight

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From what I've heard he was scheduled for Friday
but it seems like he's gonna be on tonight.

So check it out at 11:35pm EST

I'm gonna post a video as soon as it is available.

Kevin Michael Feat. Lupe Fiasco We All Want

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Damn how the hell was I able to sleep on that for so long?
Whatever check his myspace!

Kevin Michaels MySpace

Lupe Fiasco interview with DJ Booth/DJ Z

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Check it out

Click Here

To download the interview

Right Click/Save As Here

he talks about lupEND and how he is 85 % sure it's gonna be his last album.

Girl drums to Lupe's Superstar

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She drums to Walk It Out and Superstar.

Check it out!

video could be longer

Lupe Fiasco On The Late Show this friday

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Lupe Fiasco is gonna visit David Letterman on Friday January 4th.
He's probably performing Superstar there.
Make sure to tune in.

For now check out last years performance

The Best Lupe Fiasco Posts December 2007

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Just a recap so if you're too busy to go through the can view the best posts here.

DL Live From Chicago The Video
DL Live From Chicago Audio
Lupe Fiasco Interview On RTNY
Fall Of Rome photoshoot
The Cool Album Lyrics
US Placers Video
Gemini's We On video