Dr. Romanelli x Converse + Lupe Fiasco

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Last night, Converse held a launch party for Dr. Romanelli's new Converse (RED) shoe in Los Angeles. The new shoe was made with (PRODUCT) RED which is a program to help fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Inspired by the (PRODUCT) RED project, Dr. Romanelli went out to create a band-aid motif Chuck Taylor.

Lupe was there to perform some songs.

Check out the pics

via Hypebeast

Some New Swagger Stuff

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For more

Click Here

Nikki Jean Answers Questions Again

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lol at the drug question

Thoughts, Anyone?

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FNF Radio tonight?

What's gonna be the theme?

When will the video for Hip Hop Saved My Life drop?

Will we ever see that Carson Daly performance of Lupe and Nikki?

And what about the Paris, Tokyo video?

Last but not least: What do you think about amajanese?

Nikki Jean Was Spotted

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Must be cool if people walk up to you and recognise you.
A long as it's not getting too much.

Make sure to tune in to FNF radio tonight.
If there's gonna be show.

Check Myspace bulletins for updates on that.

Wee Ninja

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For all your Wee Ninja needs

Click Here

just because we are at it right now...
for that UNKLE album

Click Here

Superstar Is Still Climbing

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After 11 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 the first single
of Lupe Fiasco's The Cool is still climbing.

This week the song comes in at #12.
That's 2 spots higher compared to last week.

Top ten next week?

That's What It Is

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Don't know about it?

Click Here

Video: Nelson & Benny interview Lupe Fiasco

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Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 10


Yeah...Lupe managed to climb 12 spots
to #30 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts.

He sold 19.658 copies this week
making it a total of 359.042 sold copies.

Timothy De La Ghetto 2 times

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Timothy De La Ghetto and Nikki Jean have some fun in LA

Actually you should check out his music myspace


He's cool.

How about the next time you see Lupe you give him the link to my blog...Nikki?
Or just write a message to him if you see this.


: -)

Lupe Fiasco On The Tonight Show - Video +DL


nice one

Those late show people should all learn how to say "Lupe".

Does anyone agree that Nikki would have been
a better choice to do backing vocals?

thanks to CaChooka Man for the upload

Lupe On Carson Daly Performing Paris, Tokyo - Video

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not the best video...

but better than nothing

Lupe on Leno Tonight

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Just a quick reminder:

Don't forget to watch The Tonight Show today to catch Lupe!

If you don't have the chance to watch it...I'm pretty sure the video will be up asap

Vote For Lupe! - Best MC In The Game


He is the best in the game right now!

Vote Here:

Nikki Jean Got Canned


I'm sure they will air it soon.

: -)

R.I.P. Stephen "Static" Garrett

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Music writer/artist/producer Stephen “Static/Major” Garrett died unexpectedly on Monday in his hometown of Louisville, Ky,the cause of his dead is unclear so far.

If you may not know him, he worked with people like Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Timbaland, Jay Z, Dr.Dre and Destiny's Child.

He died at the age of 31.

My condolences go out to his family and friends.


You can post your condolences on his myspace site


Nikki @ Frank White's - Philly Takes Over Brooklyn Event

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why do I post this?
come on

it's Nikki!

Must have been a good weekend.

Oh yeah there's a Nouveau Riche show in NYC
for info's

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco and Fly.Union

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Fly.Union is an act that's gonna open for Lupe on March 2nd in Ohio.

Check them out here

Nikki Jean heading to LA

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yeah don't miss The Last Call with Carson Daly tonight!

They gonna perform Hip Hop Saved My Life!

Can't wait to see it.

Good luck to Nikki

Some Lupe Pics

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Just found them.
Haven't seen them before

Lupe Fiasco - American Terrorist Live WKU

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don't know if there gonna be anymore updates today
it was a really slow weekend.

Make sure to check out Lupe on Carson Daly tonight!

and for some funny vids

click here

Check Your Ingredients

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Lupe performing on Last Call with Carson Daly

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From myspace:

"Catch Lupe performing his new single "Paris, Tokyo"
on Last Call With Carson Daly, Monday night!"

Nikki posted that she's gonna be on the show with Lupe....so I guess he'll perform 2 tracks.

We'll see.

Lupe Fiasco's Mojo Freestyle

Posted the video a while ago

this is the best audio of the performance I was able to find.

at least you can hear the lyrics on this one

Just a little something

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Not much to post today

So I just thought I show you something I did an hour ago.

I'm gonna do one with Lupe on it, too.

In case you haven't yet...
listen to the song "Infinitely Valuable" on her Myspace page
Most beautiful song ever?

Superstar Remix coming soon

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Straight from the FNF blog: There's gonna be a remix of "Superstar" and it's coming out soon.

Hmm..who's the secret guest on there?
Q Tip?

who knows..we'll find out soon

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar released in Germany

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Finally it's in stores today!

I think it will be out in other European countries (excluding GB) next week or maybe it's already...idk.

And it's featured on MTV and another big music channel as video of the month/week.

The Cool is gonna be released on March 7th(germany)...
Good that I got my import copy.

The movement continues I guess

Nikki Jean answers questions

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the cuteness in person


She's going to be on the Carson Daly show with Lupe on Monday.
I hope I'll be able to see that

Lupe Fiasco featured on Bun Bs next album


According to the tracklist he's gonna be on Bun Bs new album II Trill.

6. Swang on Em feat Lupe Fiasco (prod by Enigma)

II Trill will hit stores April 29th.

Lupe Fiasco's lupEND in 3 Years?

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I just read this article it's from late January....

Lupe Fiasco:

"I love business and I love music. And I'll always perform," he says. "But I hate the music business. There's so much falsehood about it. I've been in it for eight years already, and LupEND probably won't come out for another three years. After that, I want to do other things while I'm still young: work on my clothing line, finish my book. Travel the world and actually see the world."

Same interview:

Intriguingly, he's teamed with West and N.E.R.D.'s Pharrell Williams as Child Rebel Soldiers, a hip-hop supergroup whose one release so far is "Us Placers," a reimagining of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke's "The Eraser." Fiasco hopes that the group will have a full CD out this year.

If that's true I'll have a lot of work in front of me, keeping this blog updated until the album comes out...

even if it takes 3 years...I won't go nowhere you'll have to deal with me for a long ass time :-)

Seems like chances are good for CRS releasing an album later this year or early 2009.

Source/Full Interview: philly.com

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar still climbing

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After 10 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 Lupe and Matthew manage to climb 7 spots...coming in on #14 this week.

Making it the highest Hot 100 position in Lupe's career so far.

Top 10 is possible

...but it's time for a Nr.1 track.

Atlantic seems to do a great job, promoting Lupe right now.

I bet he'll even climb higher next week

Nikki Jean is going to be on the Glow In The Dark Tour

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dope video


That's really cool and so exciting.
A great voice and hard work pays off in the end

I wish I could at least see one of those shows.
Hopefully they'll take it to Europe.

I 've been interviewed

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Kadeejia from the lupe the killa blog did an interview with me.

It's supposed to be the first one from a series of interviews with people who run a Lupe Fiasco blog or website.

You can read the interview right here

In other news Superstar is still #1 at 106 & Park

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 9

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Lupe managed to climb 12 spots on the Billboard top 200 album charts this week.

Comming in at #42 this week.

He sold 22.565 copies this week bringing his totals to 339.384.
He sold almost 8000 copies more than last week.

It seems like people finally start to appreciate Lupe's music.
It's about damn time.

The movement has just begun.

Nikki Jean...once again...Patty comes back

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just can't resist posting those videos eventhough they aren't Lupe related.

I just love Nikki Jean

Lupe Fiasco Live - some pics


It was time for some pics again
because I barely post Lupe pics

for more go to

Glow In The Dark Mixtape on allhiphop.com-reviews


Now check this out....allhiphop.com posted a
review of the mixtape that I compiled.


Read the review here

Hip Hop Saved My Life fanmade video

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this is cool and funny

still waiting for the official one

Lupe On Leno

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Lupe The Killa....Lu...Lupe The Killa

just talked to Kadeejia and read her blog.

And Lupe is gonna be on Jay Leno on Tuesday Feb. 26th

Make sure to tune in. If you don't have the time...the video will be on here asap

Lupe The Killa Blog

Nikki is back from her secret trip...

1 comment:

...and the guys still don't have an apartment

I wouldn't even try to get one if I would be able to live at Nikki's place....

106 & Park

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I just heard that Lupe was # 1 with Superstar on the countdown yesterday....

that's pretty dope.

...keep voting people

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco performs at Hot 97s Full Frontal Hip Hop

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Lupe will perform on March 20th at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Other performances include Keyshia Cole, Wyclef Jean, Cheri Dennis and Mario.

You can buy tickets now!

Source: Hot97

Kavee singing the Superstar Chorus

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Make sure your kids listen to the good music .

aww...how cute :-)

Karmaloop T Shirt Contest

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I finally got the chance to finish my design for this contest.

In case you don't know....you can design a t-shirt inspired by Lupe Fiasco's The Cool.

this is my entry:

so vote for me if you like it:

Click Here

I'm gonna buy 10 more copies of The Cool
if I win. And I'm gonna give them away to you guys.

for the contest go here

Lupe Fiasco on Greg Street

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this is kinda old....but I'm not sure if I have seen it before

Nikki is about to see Hip Hop Saved My Life today

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hmm..secret location...


Could it be that Nikki gets prettier with every video she posts?

Hip Hop Saved My Life video is dropping this week!!!

Lupe Fiasco's Dumb It Down and Superstar DVD rips

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Maybe some of you don't have those yet.

So I thought I share the DVD rips with you.

Click here for Superstar

and here for Dumb It Down

Hip Hop Saved My Life Video info

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According to the FNF blog on Lupe's official site the video drops this week.

I guess it's gonna be out on friday.

Can't wait to see it.

I'll get it on here ASAP

Drinks At The Bar (Superstar flipped)

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Don't drink and drive
Superstar A.K.A Drinks at the Bar

props to Corey

D. Omen - Sunshine Freestyle

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Child Rebel Soldier

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Ciera from the andtheyloveit blogspot
posted this...and I wanted to add it to my sidebar...but somehow I can't add stuff anymore.

So I thought I just make a post about it.

looks dope, right?

It was originally a gif...so it has an invisible background.
I turned it into a png to make it look smoother...but the invisible back of the png doesn't seem to work on blogger.

Lupe - Gold Watch live in Washington

No comments:
Audio could be better but the video is quite good

Oh yeah comments are open for everyone now!



In case you don't know...
We want Lupe to use the word "Amajanese" on his next album.

Doesn't really matter if it's the lupEND album or the CRS album.

But we would like to hear it on a track.

Amajanese is a mix of the words American and Japanese.

It describes the mix of American and Japanese culture.
Who else could represent that better than Lupe or CRS?

2 Kick Push Mash Ups

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Lupe Fiasco vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers

P Lion vs. Lupe Fiasco

props to dustria

Prime flips Daydreamin'

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A good take on Lupe's Grammy awarded song.

The whole talking in the beginning and stuff is not necessary...but it's still nice

Prime's Space

Dance Class does Superstar routine

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Nice choreo

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar World Chart Positions

1 comment:
UK - 9 - Peak Position - 4?
Ireland - 4 - Peak Position 3
Canada - 68 - Peak Position 9
Australia - 37 - Peak Position 7
US - 21 - Peak Position 21

the song is still not released in most European countries.

According to my info's and Amazon
it will be released all over Europe within the next 2 weeks.
German release is February 22nd.

Happy Birthday Lupe


A Happy 26th Birthday to you, Lupe !
Have a nice day and hopefully you'll feel better soon.

Lupe Fiasco's Fighters On Piano

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Lupe Fiasco songs featured in movie trailer

1 comment:
Put You On Game and Little Weapon
are featured in this trailer for Street Kings

Put You On Game somehow sounds like a different version.
The movie itself looks interesting, some good actors in there including Common and Keanu Reeves.
Also your favorite doctor is featured...(House MD)

thanks to T-Dot for the info

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool Live @ Norva

I think I posted The Coolest from that same night already

so here's The Cool now

ah...the jacket again
it's so fly

Happy Late V Day

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Happy late V Day everyone....
didn't bother to post about it yesterday.

Here's a clip of Nikki Jean wishing you the same.

One day I want to get a cake from Nikki...hmm

and if anyone in Philly reads this
make sure to get those guys in the back a nice apartment.

The Glow In The Dark Mixtape [DL]


Just to let ya'll know, I created that cover.
If anyone needs a cover for a projekt
just send me a mail.


Intro 1:17 Mahito Yokota
Locked Away 3:30 Mickey Factz, N.E.R.D.
Gold Watch 4:13 Lupe Fiasco
Good Girl Gone Bad 3:30 Rihanna
Hey Mama (2008 Studio Version) 2:38 Kanye West
Dumb It Down (Live) 3:32 Lupe Fiasco
Sell Me Candy 2:46 Rihanna
International Swagger 4:14 Pharrell
Flashing Lights(Remix)exclusive 3:58 Kanye West, Dwele, Colin Munroe
Tape You/Nasty Naughty 7:41 N.E.R.D.
Push Up On Me 3:15 Rihanna
What It Do 3:57 Lupe Fiasco
Hater Family 3:36 PM
I was Waiting For You 2:49 N.E.R.D.
I Wonder Freestyle Live 3:26 Kanye West
Streets On Fire 4:40 Lupe Fiasco
Umbrella (Unplugged) 4:39 Rihanna
Good Night 3:07 Kanye West, Mos Def
Finer Things (Bonus Track) 4:15 Felli Fel, Neyo, Fabolous, Kanye, JD
Torrent Download

m4a I Pod format


Lupe Fiasco not performing in Berlin

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Lupe won't perform in Berlin on the live demo event February 22nd.

Because as you all know Lupe became ill.

He'll be replaced by Kevin Michael.

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 8

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Lupe dropped down to #54 on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts.

He sold 14.767 copies this week making it a total of 316,819 copies sold.

He seems to constantly sell around 15.000 each week.

If he'll be able to continue like that, he'll need around 12-15 more weeks to go gold.

Nikki Jean is back...

No comments:
...back home in Philly

Yeah girl
stay strong

Check out Nikki's Cool Tour Pics

Click Here

Free Chilly On A Trumpet

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Lupe is artist of the week

No comments:
I'm a little late on posting this but yeah....
Lupe is Artist of the week on MTV.

Check out the feature


The Superstar video is also MTVs favorite Video in Germany
this month.

Glow In The Dark Tourdates

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Glow In The Dark Tour

Straight from Kanye's Blog

Last Updated Feb. 16th

04/16 - Seattle, WA KeyArena*
04/18 - Sacramento, CA, ARCO Arena*
04/19 - San Jose, CA HP Pavilion At San Jose*
04/20 - San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena*
04/21 - Los Angeles, CA Nokia*
04/22 - Los Angeles, CA Nokia
04/24 - Tucson, AZ McKale Memorial Aud - U of AZ
04/25 - Las Vegas, NV Red Rocks Casino Resort*
04/26 - Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavillion*
04/27 - Denver, CO Pepsi Center*
04/29 - Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center*
04/30 - Austin, TX Frank Irwin Center
05/01 - Dallas, TX Superpages.com Centre
05/02 - The Woodlands, TX The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
05/04 - Atlanta, GA The Arena At Gwinnett Center
05/05 - Tampa, FL Ford Amphitheater
05/06 - West Palm Beach, FL Sound Advice Aphitheater
05/08 - Charlotte, NC Verizon Amphitheater
05/09 - Raleigh, NC Walnut Creek
05/10 - Washington, DC Nissan Pavillion
05/11 - VA Beach, VA Verizon Wireless
05/13 - New York, NY Madison Square Garden
05/15 - Boston, MASS Tweeter
05/16 - Hartford, CT Mesdows
05/17 - Philadelphia, PA Susquehanna Bank Center
05/18 - Scranton, PA Toyota Pavillion
05/20 - Montreal, QC Bell Centre
05/21 - Toronto, ON Molson Centre
05/22 - Auburn Hills, MI The Palace Of Auburn Hills
05/23 - Chicago, IL United Center
05/24 - Minneapolis, MN Target Center
05/27 - Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Centre
05/29 - Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
05/30 - Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome

* confirmed on Lu's Myspace...

Rihanna won't be performing at Las Vegas, Tucson and Albuquerque.

Lupe Fiasco talks about racism


from 247hh.com

Lupe Fiasco's "Go Baby" to be the next international single

1 comment:
Just confirmed on Lupe's Myspace blog.

The secret is revealed.

"Paris, Tokyo" is gonna be the 2nd single for the US market and "Go Baby" is gonna be the 2nd single for the international market.

So "Go Baby" was the 3rd video they just wanted to shoot according to that CRS blog.

Maybe for the 3rd single they will switch and take "Go Baby" for the US and "Paris, Tokyo" for the rest of the world.

I don't know but I can probably take that poll down now.

What do you think is Go Baby the right choice?

Some new Lupe Fiasco dates

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Straight from Myspace

26.Feb.2008 19:00
Occidental College Valencia, California
01.Mrz.2008 20:00
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
02.Mrz.2008 19:00
Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
25.Mrz.2008 20:00
Great Hall Fredricksburg, Virginia
29.Mrz.2008 19:00
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
09.Apr.2008 19:00
Ferrum College Ferrum, Virginia
10.Apr.2008 19:00
St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11.Apr.2008 19:00
Brown University Providence, Rhode Island
13.Jun.2008 16:00
Bonnaroo Music Fesival Manchester, Tennessee

Dr. Romanelli and Lupe Fiasco The Collection

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The Cool Collection:

Some nice reversible jackets.

thanks to highsnobiety.com
and up-n-running.blogspot.com

The Grammys are over

Yeah...so congrats once again Lupe!

And now a little rant of mine.

How the hell can Album Of The Year go to Herbie Hancock????

Now seriously who listened to that album?

No disrespect to Herbie, he's a legend and all
but seriously Kanye's album is better and that's a fact.

Kanye was robbed the 3rd time in a row...I mean if they don't give it to Kanye at least give it to Amy Winehouse.

The Grammys are so fucked up...it doesn't get any worse.

What have been the highlights this year?

Kanye performing...and Lupe winning everything else was just random shit.

Excuse my language and the rant

but some things just need to be said

can't wait for the Glow In The Dark Tour
Kanye already looked great on stage.
He takes it to the next level.

Lupe Fiasco wins 1st Grammy

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Lupe just won the Grammy for Daydreamin'

Congrats to Lupe and Jill Scott
and everyone who worked on the track

Lupe Fiasco's mom and sister carried pictures of
Lupe to accept the award on his behalf.

It's one of this pre-show awards..so it's not gonna be on the main show
but if a video comes up I'll make sure to post it

Grammy's Tonight

No comments:

In a couple of hours..7, I think
there gonna be the Grammys

I wanna say good luck to Lupe.
He should really win the Grammy for Daydreamin'.

Other interesting things gonna be who's gonna win more?
Kanye or Amy?

On my list Kanye would get 6 and Amy would get 2
and of course the surprise of the evening would be french dance outfit Justice winning 3 awards.

Producer of the year?
Timbaland someone?

He's gonna go apeshit crazy on them if he doesn't win.

well..he lost against Mark Ronson
yeah he did a good job on that Amy Whinehouse album
gotta give him props

Can't wait to see what happens.

And now to get you in the mood here's the track Grammy Family

Nikki Jean's Group Nouveau Riche

No comments:

In case you don't know...

they are a group consisting of Nikki Jean, Dice Raw, Khari, Joe Baldacci and Dominic Angelella

Check their myspace page they have a free EP up for download.

Great music

click here for myspace

Lupe Fiasco Live Performances Audio Download

No comments:

Some recent performances as Audio rips
224kbps mp3s

-Superstar on Ellen
-Superstar on The Late Late Show
-Superstar on Letterman
-Superstar on Kimmel
-Rims and Timbs
-The Coolest Live in NYC

Click Here

Jonathan Emile Does The Coolest

1 comment:
That's really cool

also check out other remixes here:


Nikki Jean

No comments:

Sorry to hear that.

All the best to Nikki and her family.
My thoughts are with you.

Lupe Fiasco on Ellen video

No comments:

hope it works
thanks to hip hop crunch

Updates and Poll added

No comments:
So you can see..the layout changed a lot...there's a youtube video bar now and I also added a poll.

Tell me what you think about the new layout and make sure to vote on the poll.

One question: Do you also see the poll options in German?
Don't know how to change that

**Still fixing stuff**

Lupe Fiasco Paris, Tokyo Live in Norfolk

No comments:
Great Video

Some changes

No comments:
Within the next couple of days and over the weekend there will be some main changes on here.

But I'll still keep you updated when anything interesting happens.

New layout and other features will be added.

Nikki Jean and Dr Teeth finish video

No comments:

A couple of weeks till we see HHSML?
Damn...I want it now.

The only real info is that the video is gonna be really deep.

Paris, Tokyo Video Rumors

No comments:
I just checked the net and the bloggosphere like I do every day and I found this site rapreviews.com

They report this about the Paris, Tokyo video:

The video will feature a continuous loop of flight footage from the regular Air France 747 to Narita airport.

If that's true...remember when I said I imagine to have a plane in that video?

All this is just speculation so far.

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales update: Week 7

1 comment:
Lupe slipped to Nr. 44 on the Billboard Top 200 albums.
It's also the first week after the release in which
Lupe hasn't been able to keep the Nr.1 spot on the Rap Album Charts.

He sold 15.841 copies in week 7 bringing in total sales of 302.052 copies.

200.000 to go till gold.

With those new videos and Paris Tokyo as next single
Lupe should be able to climb some spots again soon.

The Cool Element Skateboard

1 comment:

Do you remember that contest where you've
been able to design a skateboard deck?

well there's a winner now

Looks cool...maybe a bit plain.

Hip Hop Saved My Life Video

No comments:
Various sources including AllHipHop.com report that Lupe just recently shot the video for HHSML in Houston.

If it's true, it would really fit to the song.

The video should hit the net soon.

Rese Jhordan's Myspace


Remember this cat?

Posted about him a couple weeks ago.
After that he got like 100 clicks on youtube just through my blog.

He turned Free Chilly in a full 4 minute track.

Check his myspace now

click here

song is called "If I Could"
his other stuff is also really good...nice voice

Nikki Jean Update

No comments:

She's so right with what she says.
And she looks extra cute in this one.
Can't wait for the HHSML video

Lupe Fiasco unreleased track

No comments:

It's taken from FNF Radio.
and it makes it's round on the net as untitled track.

So for all of you who haven't heard those radio shows
check out the track

click here

Can anyone confirm that the track is called "old school track"?

props too nah right

Lupe Fiasco at Bonnaroo festival

No comments:

Lupe is part of the line up at Bonnaroo this year.

The festival in Manchester, Tennessee will be from June 12th to June 15th.
Other notable performers are Kanye West, M.I.A. and Talib Kweli.

Lupe Fiasco & Rich Boy ?

No comments:
Nice clip of the Roxy performance...

click here

Rich Boy trying to get Lupe on his next album
good luck with that

More Lupe dates comming in

No comments:
Lupe is set to perform the Glastonbury festival in the UK.

Jay Z is headlining and there are rumors of a possible N.E.R.D. performance.

Maybe we even get to see CRS live on stage???

The festival is going down from June 27th-29th.

There will be some more Lupe festival dates this year.

Keep checking in for updates

Lupe Fiasco live in Berlin

No comments:
According to this site http://www.live-demo.com/?p=233

Lupe Fiasco is going to perform in Berlin, Germany
together with Little Brother and other acts on february 22nd.

tickets are only 19€.

The takeover has begun!

god damn...I don't know if I can get there.

Lupe Fiasco to Perform at NBA Celebrity All Star Game

No comments:
The game will tip off on Friday, Feb. 15 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

It will feature a star-studded cast of players from film, TV, and music including, among many others, "American Idol" 2006 Winner Taylor Hicks, rapper Common, former NFL player Deion Sanders, "Friday Night Lights" hunk Zach Gilford, "Heroes" star James Kyson Lee, "The Wire" star Seth Gilliam, and New Orleans native Master P.

Lupe Fiasco is going to perform during the half time show.

I heard that tickets are already sold out, but ESPN is gonna broadcast the event live.

Thanks to http://soulpatrolpinoy.multiply.com for the info

Yes We Can

No comments:

Get this man into the white house


If you don't vote for him
you are


Lupe Fiasco - The Pilot


Just a pic
props to ttsmag.com

Lupe Fiasco on The Ellen Degeneres Show

No comments:

Lupe is gonna perform on Friday February 8th

Make sure to tune in

Rogue Alchemist - The Cooler


Those cats did a track inspired by
Lupe Fiasco that fits between "the die" and "the cool"

check it out

Myspace Fileden

Highlights January 2008

No comments:

Lupe Fiasco Rims and Tims

1 comment:

Lupe Fiasco The Coolest at Nokia Theatre NYC

No comments:
Crazy ...love how he speeds it up at the end

Lupe Fiasco and Sway - We Love U

Don't know where this comes from but check it out

props to www.musikizme.com/blog

CRS - Us Placers Instrumental [DL]

No comments:

damn still no cool pic of all of them

Click Here
includes the chorus vocals

thanx to Pastey

Lupe Fiasco RWD Interview

No comments:
I just saw that interview
maybe already a bit old but hey
I haven't read it before
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So have you still got that hunger?
Yeah, to perform. To do music, yeah. I hate recording music though. I hate the recording industry. It’s like, you love to do it but you hate to give it to the people, the record label. For the fans it’s lovely, that’s what keeps me going is my fans.
So you hate handing in that finished LP to the people at Atlantic? Is that a fear of rejection or…
No… it’s like cos you know you’re getting a raw deal. Cos you know you’re not making the money you should be making. You’re just like ‘damn man damn’.
So what have you bought recently? Whenever we speak to you, you have some fresher clothes or gadgets… How are your Maharishi stock levels?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maharishi send me boxes, cos I’m going back to the Grammys [another nomination for Daydreaming]…
Thanks. Yeah, I hit them hard. I called them up and asked for another suit – they made my suit for last years – so yeah, I’m still live and kicking with the Mar-har.

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shit is crazy

I actually got a higher quality audio version of this
gonna be posted ASAP

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Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Chart update: Week 6

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Still going strong on Billboards Top Rap Albums. After 6 weeks he's still Nr.1.

On the Billboard top 200 he slips 3 spots to Nr. 29

In case you haven't got your copy yet...go out and buy it