Re-Post - Lupe Fiasco Live at The House Of Blues Chicago

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I posted this around christmas last year
just putting this up again so people who
haven't been with us back then can get it now.

Full HQ audio rip of the Chicago HOB performance
ripped from the AOL Stream
Video available, too.

01. Intro
02. Real
03. Touch The Sky
04. The Instrumental
05. Sunshine
06. Happy Industries
07. I Gotcha
08. He Say-She Say
09. Hurt Me Soul
10. Pressure
11. The Cool
12. The Coolest
13. Paris-Tokyo
14. Dumb It Down
15. Kick, Push
16. Daydreamin
17. American Terrorist
18. Superstar


Glow In The Dark Tour DVD - Preview...kinda



this is from

It's the first time we get a professional recorded
video from the tour.

We still don't know if or when a DVD will be released.
But I'm sure that there will be one.

We'll keep you updated on this.

N*E*R*D - Seeing Sounds


N*E*R*D- Seeing Sounds
...via Thanks Stinkmeaner!
Seeing Sounds will be released in the U.S. on June 10th, 2008
and in Germany June 6th, 2008.
Make sure you support the artists and pick it up!

all snippets in one mp3

Matthew Santos - Feature On

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Matthew is currently featured on
in the alternative section....

read a bit...
If his name sounds familiar, it makes sense. Matthew Santos is the voice on Lupe Fiasco’s first Top 10 hit, “Superstar.” The Minneapolis native lent his flexible vocals to an R&B hook, but R&B is far from the appropriate word to describe the music he creates. “Just because you can sing R&B doesn’t make you an R&B singer. Just because I’ve had folk/rock songs doesn’t make me a folk/rock artist. I can sing blues and opera, but that doesn’t make you an opera singer.”

In a recording studio in Houston, Texas, Matthew takes a break before embarking on a national tour that will for-sure bring him fans by the bundle. From the moment Santos’s speaking voice booms out, it’s deep. It catches you off-guard as you’re expecting the R&B softness that bathes even his original and acoustic vocals.

The tour that Matthew is replenishing for is Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour. The Minneapolis native will be opening alongside the hot performers Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and N.E.R.D. Still, Matthew seems undaunted by the possibilities this tour has for him. When it’s stated that it’s one of the most anticipated tours this year his response is a simple, “Oh, yeah? I guess it’s big, huh?”

for the whole feature
click here

NERD Everyone Nose CRS Remix Instrumental

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The full promo CDS of the Remix just came out

Here's the instrumental


Video: Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

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Nikki Jean In Calgary

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Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push Remix (DJ Triumph)

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click the pic for DL

dope mix by DJ Triumph

taken from

A Snippet


Check It Out!


GemStones Interview with

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How has growing up on the Southside of Chicago impacted your attitude? Has that given you the sense of humbleness and strong work ethic that you have talked about in other interviews?

Gemstones: Growing up on the Southside of Chicago for me, was hard. It was really, really hard. I appreciate things more now because of my upbringing. I got morals. We didn’t have money, but we had morals. There were rules, I was taught love, and I had family. It starts from home. When I got out on my own and got a taste of the world, I knew how to play it. When certain situations would come my way, I knew what to do. I know to stop when I see an older lady going for the door behind me. I know to stop and let her go passed me. I know to go in and open the second door for her. I know that if I’m cussing and I’m around my friends and I see older people sitting around, I give them that respect and treat the older people as if they were my mother or father, and the younger guys and girls as if they were my brothers or sisters. I was brought up like that. That’s where it comes from. I just learned to appreciate life more. Sometimes I sit deep in thought like, ‘yo, I made it past 21!’ I got homies that are like, ‘Today, right now, huh!?!? That’s impossible.’ I used to smoke, I used to drink, and I know God said, ‘no drunkards will enter my kingdom.’ I think of the nights I would drink, come home drunk, and go to sleep drunk. I know a lot of people that died in their sleep, what if I would have died in my sleep, drunk? Things like that humble me. I take it one day at a time and I treat my first like my last, and my last like my first.

RubyHornet: You talk about traveling the world, and your album is called Troubles of The World. To me, music is a way to explore those troubles, but also to get away from them and not think about them for a while. What kind of balance is on your album?

Gemstones: It’s both ways. It’s basically everything in the raw. I’m not sugarcoating nothing. I’m giving it to you. Us rappers, we’re role models. I believe a lot of things that are happening in this world today are because of what us rappers are putting out here. This shorties are looking at us! They don’t want to be like Michael Jordan no more. That’s just what it is. When I was coming up, I wanted to be like Mike. It was like, ‘I want to be a doctor, I want to be a lawyer.’ These shorties now are leaning towards Hip Hop. They want to be rappers, they want to be singers, they want to be actors. The majority of rappers, everything they put out is so negative, and these shorties are doing it. They see us driving these Bentleys, and the Benz Coups, they don’t want to do what it takes to get there to get it. They just want to have it, however they got to get it. And that means to steal, kill, rob, whatever they got to do, whoever they got to hurt to get it, and that’s not right. I went with Troubles of The World because it’s basically letting kids know, it’s alright. It’s an album that says it’s OK if you want to be a brain surgeon, it’s alright. It’s OK if you wear glasses. It’s OK if you wear your pants pulled up. It’s OK to be you. If you’re 17 years old and you’re still a virgin, it’s OK. It’s cool. But these are the troubles that we deal with everyday.

for the rest

click here

Video: Chasity Chaos Interviews Lupe & Pharrell


Backstage in Chicago

Actually she didn't interview Pharrell, he just randomly
came in and interrupted the

Pharrell about Lupe: "He's the next to get the throne"
Lupe: "I'm the next"

via NBC5Streetteam


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from Gary

Lupe Fiasco - Streets On Fire - Fan Video

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that's really nice

Something Personal


I'm posting this because
in the end it comes all down to the
fact how much we appreciate the music
and how much it means to us.

Keep in mind...
sometimes a song can express your feelings
better than anything else.

I want to dedicate this to someone special.
This one's for you Andreia.

Heavy Hitters In Chicago - Includes He Say, She Say Footage

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Chicago STAND UP! from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

That's what's up

can't wait for the first He Say, She Say release.

Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing

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Dope !

Download it from his blog now !

Click Here

Something New Is On It's Way !


Expect The Unexpected

more infos soon
(everyone who's involved..don't talk about it..please)

oh..I added Nikki's CNN feature to the last Nikki post
so check that out!

Rihanna Fans Rock Out w Umbrellas during "Umbrella"

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I took this video during the Glow in the Dark Tour in VA Beach.
The entire Bay area was under hurricane watch, we were in the middle of a huge storm, in an outdoor arena with a flimsy roof.. As the night went on, the storm cleared up a little, but when Rihanna sang "Umbrella"...

The entire audience pulled theirs' out..

...and began to twirl them around :)

It was really cute.

Props to Rihanna by the way. I'm more into hiphop so I've never been a big fan of hers, but she went beyond my expectations. She sounded great; in my opinion, she sounds better live than in recordings! She even sang "That Thing"- Lauryn Hill.. a song that is VERY hard to pull off by Lauryn addicts like myself.

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Stack Bundles - I Keep It Gutter Like

No comments:'s an old unreleased Lupe track
featuring Stack Bundles


Taken from FSD

Lupe Fiasco - Goes Gold - The Party Video

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It's officially video-day on here, today

After Lupe said thanks to all those people
I wanna say thanks to him just for doing what he does
and congrats again!
(for the 4th time I think)

Nikki Jean - Was Surrounded By Fans For The First Time

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hmm..Saskatoon is real!

fun on top of fun

additional here's Nikki's segment from CNN

thanks flatbush

Kanye West Flashing Lights 3rd Video


I think that's the best version
Props to Kanye for having all those
dope videos


Maybe next time....

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from worth1000

Darth Homer

This would have been even
funnier on stage.
(unfortunately..this suite doesn't exist)

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - MS Paint Fan Video

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The Cool MS Paint

This must have taken quite some time to put it together
check it out !

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool Live From SOBs

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oh oh oh oh

The Nouveau Riche Fan Blog

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We have a new affiliate

It's The Nouveau Riche Fan Blog !
They just started with their blog and it already looks pretty cool.

And because of that and because they support Nikki and her band...
I accepted the request to add them to our blog list.

Check the blog out!

Click Here

Va$htie Interview For Trills TV

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Director/Designer Vashtie exclusive interview for TRILLS TV

She's the girl that directed the US Placers video
in case you don't know....

Gemstones and Sarah Green - Skeletons



I like the dark vibe of it
and Sarah kills it
(in a good way)

They used a nice sample of
Immortal Technique's "Dance With The Devil"

The Testimony of Gemstones is coming soon...

Lightwriting and Toys

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I think this goes along with the GITDT
pretty good and it just looks cool.
And just in case...I had it before Kanye ; - )

Samurai Champloo and Robocop


From recycle bean

Glow In The Dark Tour Saskatoon - Poster / Review

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Haven't seen those posters that often
so I thought I put it up.


Lupe Introduces He Say, She Say To Chicago

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from Fake Shore Drive

Congrats to Drea and Mano
and good luck !

Something For The Ladies


Throwback Interview: Lupe On PP2G TV

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Lupe In The Studio - Enjoying Common's New Album

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Pharrell is adding the last finishing
touches to Common's new Album
"Invincible Summer"

Lupe, Fam-Lay and Kanye are in the studio, too.

Sounds good ?

Oh yeah, shit is dope !

Done man.


Kanye West - Flashing Lights (2nd Version)

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You might saw this already...
but I still felt like putting it up

"This was the version you weren't meant to see.
Planned to be the video he was supposed to release.
That means you won't see this on TV."

Which version do you like more?

Lupe Fiasco Go Go Gadget Flow Live In Chicago


crowd went crazy

I listened to Lupe atop the Great Wall of China!

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Some of you may know I went to China this spring break as a graduation/ birthday/ everything present (you know how immigrant families can get, lol!)

Well, this is a picture of the LONG, 1 hour + walk i took to get to the top of the Great Wall of China. What you see pictured is from the top.. but it took forever to even GET to the wall.. we climbed 1500+ steps.. and man, was it cold! A lot of the climbs were straight vertical... we took plenty of breaks... You know how I got to the top? LOL, well when I started getting tired, I pulled out my I-Pod and played "The Cool."

Here I am, posing at the top! Corny? Yes, and a little distorted... lol, if you look hard enough you can see my I-Pod earphones and the Wee Ninja my best friend bought me after I bought her the Cool. Oh, and I def took my jacket off just for this pic because it was FREEZING!! Just look at that sky though..

Here is the beautiful view from the top. The picture does it absolutely no justice but it's the best I can do to share it with all of you!

Mao Zedong said you aren't a real man until you've climbed the Great Wall.... well,uh.... I'm not exactly a man now, but it does make a great story... how many people can say they spit "The Coolest" at the top of the Great Wall of China?

Notable Songs:

-"Go, Baby" and "Switch" were my -get hype/push- songs.

-"The Coolest" is ten times creepier when you are walking along the wall.. it is rumored there is a dead body buried every 3 feet.


Say Hi To Kanye's Spaceship

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This is Jane....

or let's better say she's the voice of Jane ; - )

It's Esthero...she's a singer
Visit her MySpace !

Click Here


Nikki Jean And Kanye On Their Way To...



Glow In The Dark Tour Winnipeg Review

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Up-and-comer Lupe Fiasco, saddled with the unenviable 7 p.m. slot, at first faced a vast expanse of empty seats. But the Chicago native, who sets himself apart from his hip-hop brethren by abstaining from drink, drugs and even dirty words, quickly transcended a sparse stage and minimal accompaniment, wringing emotional highs from tracks like Streets on Fire, Superstar and Day Dreamin', while deftly weaving his rhymes with the harmonies provided by male and female singers flanking him onstage.

From Jam Showbiz
Click Here

Lupe Fiasco - Glow In The Dark - More Chicago Pics

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More Pics can be found

Lupe Fiasco to Perform At Hove Festival In Arendal, Norway


Another festival date from Lupe.
He's gonna perform in Norway on June 26th

Other acts: Jay-Z, Santogold, The Cool Kids and M.I.A.


Time to announce some Germany dates...
we have festivals, too

Lupe and Kanye Touch The Sky In Chicago - GITDT

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From the first Chicago date

that intro is great

A Genius Lu' Volume 5


This week's quote comes from Real...

"Life, ain't meant to come around twice,
Yeah, that's why I gotta get it right.
They said I got it honest, now I gotta give it light,
But sleep on it, that's why God give you night."

...please don't take life for granted.

To go along with this song, here's a picture I took
of Lupe and Sarah Green at USC last month...

Babygirl said she was in the mood for somethin' REAL,
somethin' that could make her move,
somethin' she could FEEL...


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Here's a Lupe inspired song by the hip hop group U-N-I.

If you haven't heard: "U-N-I is set out to bring a new sound to the game, while keeping in mind the true fundamentals of hip-hop. Unfazed and determined, U-N-I is breaking down barriers by attracting people from all different areas. It's not just an urban sound, but also suburban. U-N-I to the Verse," (like You and I) is determined to unite people wherever they perform. Through their unique sound and raw talent, these versatile and authentic artists won't stop until their message of unity gets across. From Asian, to Black to Latino, everyone is certain to vibe with them."

They have also opened for Lupe Fiasco at the Key Club on Sunset.
This song even samples one of my favorite lines from "Kick, Push."

KREAM (Kick Rule Everything Around Me)- U-N-I

Check Out Their MySpace

And I'm also lovin' one of their songs for the summer;
it's the ultimate kickback-relax song...

"Beautiful Day"

I've been playing it all week!!

Lupe Fiasco At The Soundgarden

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Pics from 2 in-store events

Lupe stopped by our store back in 2006 for the first time
just to check things out. Here he is seen with our own
The Kaiser and Guy Hoagie.

Lupe stopped by a 2nd time in early 2008
to promote his latest record, The Cool.
Here he is hanging out with some of our staff.

The Soundgarden

Lupe Fiasco and FNF - Soon To Come

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Coming Soon:

- Chris Brown Collabo
- New Online Merch Store
- Another Video from “The Cool” — maybe?
- Bun B - “Swang On Em’ Video” — maybe
- Cover of a very complex magazine… ; -)

- “He Say, She Say” Single, Video & EP
- GemStones Mixtape

From the FNF blog

Nikki Jean-Daily Video Blog

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Happy memorial day :-D

Lupe And Kanye In Chicago - Pics

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Coldplay - Lost - Smallville Fan Video

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I know, you ask yourself...
"Why is there a Coldplay song on this blog?"

well...I'm a white guy and it's Coldplay
go figure

Nikki Jean Meet And Greet At Saint Alfred's

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The guys from
(Max G. & Sgt. Tibs )
attended the M&G at St.Alfred's.

Of course they have also been to
one of the Chicago dates of the GITDT.

Check out their site for a big review of the show

Click Here

Blake Lewis feat. Lupe Fiasco - Know My Name


Imeem Stream

(yes yes, it's an oldie, but some people may not know about it.)

..and I love Lu's part =)

I2edd's I Gotcha Remix

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Kanye West Vs. Pro-Payne - Lollipop

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Check it out!
(no Wayne verse on this one)


Rebellion All Day....

Nikki Jean will be on CNN TONIGHT!

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Sunday, May 25th on CNN Headline News Channel.

Nikki Jean's segment will be on "News To Me"
which airs 7:30pm and 9:30pm, eastern time.
This is huge!

Check it out and let her know what you think.

Lupe SOBs May 14th 2008 - Daydreamin'


Oh my God, I got chills after watching this...'s

from SOBs official youtube channel

Kuroki Meisa Is Amajanese

No comments:

(she likes me ; - )

She's a Japanese model/actress and
worked for Gucci and other big companies

Just google her

David Sides - Superstar - Piano Cover


If you are what you say you are....

Check out his myspace
and the Kanye Medley

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco - Portrait - Fan Art


by mavsfan99

original pic:

good stuff
I really like it