Lupe Fiasco On The Complex Cover



Lupe is wearing the Silver Supra Skytops

Cover was designed by Todd James

Complex Mag
Get Your Copy !

Lupe's Favorites: Lupin the Third


The cover of Volume 1 of the American release of the original Lupin III manga via Wikipedia.

"Yes! Guess who's on third?/ Lupe steal like Lupin the Third."

-Lupe Fiasco, Touch the Sky

Lupin the Third is a Japanese manga series first written and illustrated in 1967 by Kazuhiko Kato (aka "Monkey Punch"). Arsene Lupin III is the world's greatest thief, who travels the globe with his closest allies, stealing treasures and avoiding the law. In 1971, the first Lupin television series began, adding to what would only become a Lupin franchise. Enjoy this episode.

Mercy, Mercy Me

Part 2 of Episode

Lupin Fansite

Lupe Fiasco - Hi Definition - Drum Cover

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Same guy that did the Us Placers cover

Lupe Fiasco - U Don't Know (Previously Unreleased)


And here we go again, another old Lupe track surfaces
Prolyfic on the beat

Click here

via Boogz

MTV News Segment - Everyone Nose RMX Video


If you can't watch it, I'm sorry.

Another Day, Another Rumor

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I am hearing that Lupe Fiasco may be going
straight into producing as a new creative outlet.

via: illseed

Yeah, why not?
He did Us Placers, right?

Lupe Fiasco - Just A Picture


Rain - Go Go Gadget


Erik Flowchild - Ya Friendly Neighbourhood MC Vol. 3


Brand new mixtape featuring all the latest Flowchild tracks.

Download Here

Lupe Fiasco - Some Live Pics

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via Charles Marsmahlau

From the Newport Music Hall
not the newest but still cool

Wow - They Are Comparing Lupe With Biggie Now

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Quite a discussion about which rapper has the better verses has started in the comments section of one of the entries on

I won't put the whole Biggie - Lupe thing on here...

I just read one thing that really stood out to me and I totally agree with everything that Latarian Milton posted:

the best advice i can give anyone is that if you have any doubts as to lupe’s lyrical supremacy in the game, go back and listen to food and liquor

that album is like a space capsule from 2015

somebody should actually do that. buy 1,000 copies of that album bury them in a capsule and then unearth the capsule in 2015 and then hold it up against whatever dance rappers are doing or even whatever so-called lyricists are out and then see if that album doesn’t hold its own and sound like it came from that era. on a straight lyrical basis it’s very hard to make an argument that somebody takes command of beats better than wasalu, he really pwns them shits

for the whole discussion

Click Here

props to raze from the lupe boards

Lupe Fiasco Signing at Lollapalooza!

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I was checking out the website when I noticed that Lupe will indeed be at the
F.Y.E. tent on Saturday, August 2nd for a little meet & greet.

His set is at 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the AT&T stage
and the signing begins right after, at 8:00 p.m.

If you're going make sure to be safe and hydrated, it's gonna be HOT.
See you there!

Lupe Fiasco Update


"Paris Tokyo (Remix)" ft. ____ & ____ & _____ drops next week...more details on Friday...

"The Coolest" video, directed by ___ films next week...

A very complex magazine cover drops very soon...

FNF UP & AWAY!!!! Feels good 2 be home!!!!

3 features on the Paris, Tokyo remix?
Not bad.

via Busy

Upcoming Lupe Fiasco Tour Dates - August

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Aug. 1st - GITD tour make good date
US BANK CENTER - Cincinnati, OH

Aug. 2nd - Lollapalooza
Grant Park, Hutchinson Field - Chicago, IL

Aug. 3rd - Refresh Your Flow Tour
The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

Aug. 5th - GITD tour
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Aug. 6th - GITD tour
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Aug. 8th - Refresh Your Flow Tour
The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA

Aug. 9th - Virgin Mobile Festival
Pimlico Race Track - Baltimore, MA

Aug. 17th - Refresh Your Flow Tour
Park West - Chicago, IL

Aug. 21st - Refresh Your Flow Tour
LOVE - Washington DC

Aug. 23rd - Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
Golden Gate Park Amphitheatre - San Francisco, CA

Aug. 29th - Refresh Your Flow Tour
The Filmore at Irving Plaza - New York, NY

Aug. 30th - Concert
Indiana University Auditorium - Bloomington, IN

If you go to any of those shows and you want to
share your experience with the world
let us know

send a mail to

Vote For Erik Flowchild

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Seeing that he's the featured artist of the month..
We should give him some more support.

So I ask you to vote for him to get his song "Got It Good"
into the top 10 of his local radio station.

Vote Here

you can vote once per day

Consequence - Disperse Video

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Song is still dope
video is awesome, too.

CRS are in there

It's The Cons

Lupe Fiasco Glow Wallpaper

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Bullet - Back To The Lyrics - The Album

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We just featured him on here a month ago
and now Bullet gives you his album
"Back To The Lyrics" for free !

Click Here

this is a must have


GemStones: More Than Semi-Precious

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OkayPlayer has a GemStones feature up.

Click Here

Choose Or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming

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Check out the whole show now on MTV Overdrive

I really think it's great that they did this.

And Lupe is in there, too.
5 seconds or so

Virgin Mobile Festival - Schedule

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Saturday, Aug. 9 GATES OPEN – 10am


12:15-1:00 KT Tunstall
1:20 – 2:10 Gogol Bordello
2:30 – 3:25 Lupe Fiasco
3:45 – 4:35 Bloc Party
5:00 – 6:00 The Offspring
6:30 – 7:30 Chuck Berry and The Silver Beats
8:15 – 10:00 Foo Fighters

For more infos

Click Here

"Life On Mars" - Mars at the T.I. Video Shoot

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Nice Lupe intro at the beginning

1500 Or Nothin is in the building

Shayla G - Snakes

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Another cool classic Shayla G track
straight from the Fahrenheit Vol.4 Mixtape

Click Here

Keep Voting For Lupe Fiasco

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Vote to Get Lupe Nominated for this Year's MTV VMA's!

This year MTV is letting YOU, the fans,
decide this year's VMA Nominations!

Voting is now open for the Best Hip Hop Video Category!
Go to to vote for Lupe's "Superstar" video right now!

Voting closes THIS Wednesday 7/30 at 11 AM EST
so vote ASAP!

Nikki Jean Asks You To Help

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To donate money for Furor Thin

Click Here

If you want to have the new Nouveau Riche EP
called "Free Money"

Click Here

Jay Electronica Is That Dude

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If you haven't checked him out yet
you got to do it now

People are always searching for the future of Hip Hop, right?
The future already started.

Do I have to say anything else ?

Get some of his stuff right here

StyleWars EP
Alternative Link

What the F*ck Is A Jay Electronica

A Genius Lu' Volume 13


I'm back! Sorry I've been absent for a while..
I'm in Minnesota at the moment,
and tomorrow I'm driving down to Chicago
for Lollapalooza this weekend!

But of course, Sean has been doing an AMAZING job
keeping you guys updated with everything FNF!

anyway, this one comes from American Terrorist.

"The books that take you to heaven
and let you meet the Lord there,
Have become misinterpreted reasons for warfare,
We read them with blind eyes,
I guarantee you there's more there..."

Rhymestyle Radio and Fox News

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New Rhymestyle Radio is now available for free download. This episode is all about the Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Obama, and McCain. Make sure you all check this show out. After you listen, then check out sign the petition. The show can be accessed by either searching Rhymestyle on iTunes or by going to

Also after listening, leave me your thoughts about this by hitting me up on my number (317)644-2061.


A.P.T. - Kick Bush

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Download Here

from the guy who did the
Obama version of A Milli

For the full mixtape
Click here

Throwback - Lupe Fiasco At The Mobile Jam Fest

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Twilight Zone, Conflict Diamonds,
and Touch The Sky

The Amajanese Blog

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Head on over to the Amajanese blog now
for the latest updates and a brand new site design

Click Here

J*Davey Live At Liv - Washington

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click the flyer for tickets

And make sure to check the MySpace page

Click here

and buy their album


Shayla G - So Easy

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Some heat from Shayla G
I know that a lot of people always complain
that they haven't heard much from her

So here's a little something from the
Chevy Musick Mixtape
(from 2006)

Click here

props to S-Preme

Is Lupe Fiasco Shooting A Video In Tokyo?


Word on the streets is that
Lupe is about to shoot some kind of video in Tokyo.

There are no infos yet if it's
the actual video for "The Coolest".

We'll find out soon, I guess.

CRS - Us Placers - Drum Cover


Download MP3

He got skills

Check the MySpace

props to Discopimp from KanyeLive

Consequence - The Making Of Disperse

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WorldStarHipHop.Com, Kanye & Cons
will World Premiere "Disperse" Online.
Check out this clip from World-Star that features
"The Making Of DISPERSE"

Via It's The Cons

Shayla G - Fahrenheit Vol. 4 - The Rebirth


From MySpace

Yo peeps...I wanted to revisit some of these Shayla G classics that were part of my first mixtape "The Rebirth" Fahrenheit Vol 4 by popular demand. I will make all of these songs available for download as well as switch them out for the next few days since so many never had that opportunity. If you have any personal requests let me know and I will do my best at making those records available. I am doing this in anticipation of my new "Street Album" that I am dropping in the very near future...The T.H.R.E.A.T....Thank you all for your continued support in my somewhat abscense.........

Keep checking her MySpace for updates.

Vote For Lupe Now !!!

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Click Here




via MySpace

More Footage From The Everyone Nose RMX Video Shoot


Kanye throws up the CRS sign

Pusha T doing his thing

Props to herfection

Check out Cons kyte channel, too.

Click here

Lupe Fiasco's Part On CNN's Black In America

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If you don't wanna see the full thing
fast forward to 5:35

Lupe Fiasco - Fan Art

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Fan art drawn by Kaliq aka TheCreativeOne
Hey can you spot the difference between both pictures?

Lupe Fiasco - Quote Of The Year


I'd rather have one kid buy my album and it encourages him to be a professor or something than have me sell millions and have the listeners want to be a gangster

from CNN's Black In America

Featured Artist Of The Month - Erik Flowchild


You should really check him out. He's the featured artist this August - meaning that you can hear the track that he recorded exclusively for this blog on the imeem player on the top of the page for this period of time.

Make sure to check him out on MySpace

Click here

and feel free to leave some feedback.

Lupe Fiasco On CNN's Black In America - Tonight

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Our man Lupe Fiasco will make an appearance on CNN's groundbreaking television documentary series, Black In America. The show airs tonight on CNN at 9pm Eastern. Tune in! It you aren't familiar with the series, check out the website and GET familiar. Tonights episode focuses on 'The Black Woman & Family'. Soledad O'Brien will explore the different experiences of a black woman and her family, single parenthood, and the destruction that HIV/AIDS has had on the black community. She will also track the growth and continued success of Black women in the workplace. If you miss tonights show, it will be re-aired on Saturday July 26th at 8pm Eastern.

Snatched from 21-7 Mag

Lupe Fiasco - ESPYS - Red Carpet Interview

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Go to 2:21 and check out what he says about Jordan

F.O.R. Inspired Fan Art

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Kid Ninja is back at it again
bringing you this nice Fall Of Rome inspired artwork

Lupe Fiasco Talks About Nas On OK Player


"Why Nas Is My Favorite Rapper...(If You Even Care)"
Wed Jul-23-08 10:15 PM by FNF UP UP AND AWAY

While in the midst of listening to "It Was Written" as a teen I was completely unaware of the existence of "Illmatic"...I remember some dudes beating a song in a car that sounded like a Nas song and I asked my homey what was that and he was like "Its from Nas 1st album"...then on a trip to my sisters college I was in her boyfriends dorm room and he had a poster of the "Illmatic" cover and I was like what is that and he was like "that's Nas 1st album" and just so happened he had a copy (he also had a copy of "The Infamous" which is another story altogether...Yeah Prodigy...Mobb Deep played a big part in the evolution of Lupe)...So I puts "Illmatic" inside the CD Walkman, strap on the headphones and proceeded to have my life changed forever...

It became my soundtrack for a time...all day everyday, everywhere...along with "IWW"...time passes..."The Firm" drops, memorized the damn thing and then named myself from it...time faithful day I was at my sisters house and was watching BET don't remember the exact show but probably Rap City...and who do I see sitting on the project steps in the pea-soup green flight suit (I HAD THE JACKET!!!) with the big ass QB chain then cuts to the bathroom with him rapping to himself in the mirror with Premo in the living room on the wheels of steel???...

NEW NAS???...WTF???...yup "Nas Is Like"...consider that memorized, consider that instrumental copped and rocked to at the High School Talent Show..."I Am" drops...heard "Hate Me Now" on WGCI that same night asked Pops (R.I.P.) to take me to Circuit City where I copped the King Tut covered imperfect masterpiece and first heard the odd line that still sticks with me to this day... "Heard Her Body Guard Took Snook To God" - "Small World"...go figure...I love that with it....memorize soundtrack status...but there were songs that just seemed like the booklet there is a picture of the next album..."Nastradamus"...and I patiently begin to wait...time passes...some how, some way a copy of the bootleg of "Nastradamus" gets into my possession and it is a classic..."Belly Button Window" "Poppa Was A Playa" the original "Project Windows" yup...yet another life soundtrack...(I kept it for a long time and eventually gave it to Stacks Bundles (R.I.P.) and he took it back to NY with him and I never saw it again...I was heartbroken)...

when the official version of "Nastradamus" dropped I was super excited when the lead off joint "Life We Chose" blazed though the speakers of my little stereo..."Come Get Me" was ridiculous and a few others but it wasn't sticking like the other albums and some of the heatrocks that were on the bootleg weren't on the official didn't have the life soundtrack effect like the other albums...its wasn't great...I didn't feel it as much..Damn!!! OH NO!!! Was Nas Falling Off?!???!!!???...Damn....I started to question...then something magical happened...The Beef With The BIg Homey!!!!...OHHHH SHHHIIIITTT...I was front row...Jay had just finished "Takeover" and we were some of the first to hear it at Bassline and it was murderous...I was like its over...Nas is finished...Yeah I counted him out...I was like he cant come back from that...I remember the only person in my circle that had faith in Nas was Stacks' Uncle...and he was like watch...just watch...

and sho nuff...a little while later back in night our cell phones exploded with 212, 718, 347 & 646 area codes...New York was on fire!!!...The "Ether" dropped...and Jesus was it a comeback!!!...then one word reigned supreme "STILLMATIC"...with the strings crying and the words "Blood Of A Slave, Heart Of A King" resonating in the X5...YUP!!!...Nas was back!!!...I swayed from the flock but now I was back with a vengeance..."Rewind" "2nd Childhood" "Rule" and the crown jewel "What Goes Around"...soundtrack to my life stuff...then another chink in the armor..."God's Son"...I honestly didn't like it...coming after "Stillmatic" I was like damn...what happened?...(R.I.P. Mrs. Jones...thanx for giving us a light in the darkness via your son)...

I take it on the chin with the knowledge now to never count out Mr. Jones...and he does not let down...he roars back with the double whammy "Street's Disciple"..."U.B.R. The Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim" is all that I needed to be more than impressed...FUCK!!!...excuse my french...then comes the statement that pissed off hip-hop and sent niggaz back to the stu to prove him wrong "Hip-Hop Is Dead" had a few...wasn't glorious...wasn't really moving...but good...damn Nas...I started to question again...I started to doubt..."NIGGER" (yeah I still call it Nigger...Fuck the press!!!)...really???...this nigga is naming his new shit "Nigger"???...hmmm...interesting...publicity stunt?...of course it is...did it work?...hell yeah!...people were was great publicity wise...but the music, the message...would it be that "soundtrack to life", thought provoking, undeniably revolutionary, conceptually impeccable, stunning, invigorating, inspiring, down right send-you-back-to-the-drawing-board quality PIFF!!! that N-A-S is capable of ????????????..................

I avoided buying it...I avoided watching the videos online....I avoided downloading any of the leaked music...I was scared...I put it out of my mind...I refused to participate.......I was afraid it wouldn't be............until today...............and the answer to the longwinded question is......

Yeah Nigguh!!!!


"NIGGER" (Yeah I'm Still Calling It NIGGER) is a masterpiece!!!!....

NAS is spitting like a demon....first time I experienced multiple "wheel-it-backs" a mere 20 seconds into a song in a longtime....

through the up's and the down's N-A-S still holds the crown...well to me anyway...

taken from Busy

join the discussion on

Cons And Lupe At The Disperse Video Shoot

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They're all having a good time...

We Are Changing The Layout


Actually...I am changing it

So in case you see anything weird on here
(probably won't happen)

It'll be because of that.

You can expect a new fresh site design
within the next 2 weeks.

Really Nice Fan Art

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from: L-E-M-O

Artist Spotlight - Karina Pasian

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She's currently on the Refresh Your Flow Tour with Lupe.
Find out a bit more about her.

Even before 17-year-old Karina Pasian signed to Def Jam records, the stellar singer was already making a name for herself. From her winning performance on Star Search in 2003 to singing at the White House last June during Black Music Month, this New York City chanteuse has been paying her professional dues since she was a toddler.

In the studio with Ne-Yo

Now she's working with an array of songwriters, producers and artists that include The Dream, Tricky Stewart, Gordon Chambers, Chris Brown, Carlos McKinnney, Lil Mama and others, Karina proves to be a breath of fresh soul. “I’ve recorded over 70 songs in the last two years,” Karina says. “It was a period of real growth for me as I learned to focus and stay consistent.” Karina Pasian’s godfather, famed producer and businessman Quincy Jones, has also been a guardian angel for the young singer. In addition to giving her advice, the maestro included her in the “We Are the Future” charity concert in 2006. Considering the talents Jones has worked with, from Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan to Michael Jackson and Tamia, she is in good company. “I know I’m blessed to have someone like Quincy in my corner,” she says.

Her debut album First Love will be in stores on August 19th.

More about her

Click Here

Free Matthew Santos Concert Tomorrow

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Matthew Santos Live on Thursday, July 24 5:30 p.m

WTMX Party in the Park at The Millennium Park Terrace
Located @ 11 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60602 P
For more info

call (312) 521-PARK or

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Set To Appear In New Consequence Video Alongside Kanye

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Cons next single off of his album
"Don't Quit Your Day Job" will be "Disperse".

The video, which drops next week, has cameos from Lupe,
Kanye, GLC & Really Doe

It was directed by Rik Cordero.



Is Rik Cordero also the guy behind the new Lupe video?
Maybe he is...

Lupe Fiasco Talks to BET about the lupEND Album

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Here's a little something from

Aside from hitting the road with Coca Cola, Lupe is in the early stages of his third LP, lupEND. “We’re building you know what I’m saying? It’s early, early, early in the planning stages of how we’re going to do it and everything. Trust me; it’s not what people think it is. It’s really going to blow past people’s expectations” Lupe said excitedly. And judging by his vernacular, Lupe is ready to step outside the box for his final go round, “When people actually get it, they’ll be like ‘Oh snap, he really can step away from the norm’. It’s not going to leave anyone hanging”. Of course, with rumors swirling of Lupe bowing out after the third effort, the question had to be posed, is this the final project? “Yep” said Lupe in a swift response. Logistics for lupEND have yet to be revealed.

It's A FNF Update

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You have still the chance to vote
for Lupe's videos on this years VMA's

Click Here

From MySpace:





also check the official site

My thoughts on the coming soon stuff

CRS - Everyone Nose Remix video
Lupe - that Chris Brown remix track
Gemstones - Troubles Of The World
Bishop G - Damage Reversal Mixtape

I Don't know anything about new projecs of Matthew and Sarah so far.

Can you feel it?
The big FNF invasion is about to start

Watch The ESPYS On Youtube

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You can watch the whole show on youtube right now
check out this channel


make sure to catch Lupe's performances

You should watch the whole thing if you haven't had the chance
to see it yet, Justin did a dope job on hosting the show

Bishop G - 15 Feet Deep

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Sneaker Freak Short Film

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Amir George, 21 Chicago born film and video maker: I've shot several music videos and short films. I had to create the film Sneaker Freak as a school project, the idea came from an assignment I did for Rolling Out Magazine on the sneaker culture. I wanted to mock the whole idea of a sneaker phenomenon, I remember one of my friends playing this song by the Cool Kids, a year ago. I heard it, and put my idea of the sneaker culture along with the objectivity of the song. I thought about growing up and how I would hear stories of people being killed over shoes. Its something so simple that you wouldn't expect to happen, but actually does. I chose to use voice overs cause I had to use sound, and I wanted to give the shoes character. I wanted to show the shoes as individuals to create diversity amongst a culture.

To find out more about him
Click Here

thanks Becca

The Amajanese Mixtape - Update

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2 months ago I contacted a couple of artists
to record tracks for a mixtape exclusively for this blog.

Almost all of them have been interested to be a part of it.

Now we are at a stage of the project
where we can seriously think about a release date.

There are still some spots available, just in case
anyone still want's to be a part of it.

I'm also still waiting for 3 artists to submit their tracks.

The 1 main thing I asked everyone to do was
to include the word "Amajanese" in their songs.

So if you are an artist who would like to be a part of this mixtape....
send a mail to:

You have 3 weeks left to submit your track

Dita Sunglasses For Lupe Fiasco

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Dita made 10 red versions of their popular Midnight Special model
for Lupe Fiasco's Tour.

To celebrate the success of the tour they decided
to release the remaining 5 pieces of the style in their online store.

Click Here

A Song Dedicated To Nikki Jean

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This is pretty cool
and so true

You can download the song

Click here

Lupe Fiasco - Mile High Music Festival Review

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After I left Spoon and plopped down in the middle of the Lupe crowd, I began to wonder what I was in for with Lupe. I loved the Cool (what hip-kid didn't?), but I'd never actually seen a major, popular, mainstream Hip-Hop artist (as cool and different as Lupe is, you cannot deny the fact that he is mainstream).

10 minutes before the set was supposed to start, members of his crew began wandering on stage, setting up their various things and generally being more cool than everyone else (not saying they were conceited, I'm just saying that these guys are cool, and they know it). 10 minutes after the set was supposed to start, people were beginning to get a little angsty, a few more stoned characters in front of me were actually beginning to start fights with one another (definitely the first time I've ever seen someone as stoned as this fellow was try to fight. Usually pothead are super chill...) Lupe exploded onto the stage, and there was no question in my mind as to why people see mainstream rappers ... these guys have more energy than just about any rock star I've ever seen. At one point Lupe and the other MC (who's name I didn't catch) were running ... no ... sprinting from one side of the stage to the other, jumping as they passed each other.

The songs were full of sex and awesomeness and ... well I'd see Lupe a hundred more times ... and that's more than I can say about any of the other artists I saw at the Mile High Music Festival. The only disappointing moment about the set was when they did "Dumb it Down." They cut it down by one verse and used the first chorus twice. I love that song. Oh well, the show was phenomenal.

via SomeLoveMusic

[Throwback] Us Placers Music Video

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Throwback of the CRS music video for Us Placers. Its funny, the kids actually do look like Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell. Shout out to Sean for holding the blog down, I have been absent due to work/school, but I will still try to be on here when I can.


T.I. - Paper Trail Cover - Full

1 comment:

Paper Trail will be in stores
September 30th

via NahRight

Why Is Everyone Making Such A Big Secret Out Of CRS ?


Pharrell was asked about CRS while talking to
Here's how it turned out Now I know Lupe was on stage talking about filming the Child Rebel Soldier video and there's a video about the video that’s leaked. This project was really kept under wraps and now the secret's out, but why was it kept such a secret for so long?

Pharrell: Well I don't know what you're talking about. [laughs] Not fair, even Lupe said it.

Pharrell: What did he say? He said we're filming the Child Rebel Soldier video.

Pharrell: Ohh you mean CRS. Ohhh CRS – ohh Ciara, Rihanna and Shakira. Yeah, [laughs] that's the project I was talking about.

Pharrell: That's gonna be cool. CRS stands for “can't really sing.”
That was corny but it worked.

That's all just marketing...
not really talking about it and not giving any details.

I'm pretty sure something will come out sooner or later.

For the whole thing
Click Here

thanks to savoy for sending this in.

Lupe Fiasco - Mile High Music Festival - More Pics

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Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow - Live In Hollywood

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Nominate Lupe Fiasco For A VMA

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This year MTV is letting YOU decide who gets a VMA Nomination!
Voting is now open for the Best Male Video Category.

Go to vma. mtv. com to vote for Lupe's "Hip Hop Saved My Life"
and "Superstar" videos!

Voting closes this Wednesday 7/23 at 11 AM EST so vote for Lupe NOW!

via myspace

Lupe Fiasco at the Espy's


Yeah his appearance is kinda short
I heard he was playing in between breaks.