Lupe Fiasco Performs New Material In Bloomington


New Shit...

more new stuff
New freestyle over the "Dear Summer" beat.

damn...that's so dope, I'm really hyped now

make sure to get the

Audio rip

for more videos of that night

Click Here

big props to tooteng4u
for upping those vids

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar - Irving Plaza - NY

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from the Refresh Your Flow Tour
just dropped via Lupe's youtube channel's back up !

Shayla G - Chevy Musick Mixtape

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A lot of people requested it..

so here you have it

the full Chevy Musick mixtape from 2005.

Click Here

props to S-Preme
for providing the link

Red Patent Leather Is Dope


I don't see why mediatakeout starts discussing sneakers
and then puts dumb ass comments on some pics.

I mean couldn't they be a bit more creative?
That was just a lame move.

I'll probably give them even more exposure with
this entry than they actually deserve.

and btw..those sneakers are dope

those are, too

and I have some blue Nike patent leather sneaks myself
so..stop talking shit about Lupe and sneakers.

And to answer the question on their site...
yeah, seems like people over at Media Take Out are really getting old.

Lupe Fiasco Performs At The Indiana University

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Kick, Push

Paris, Tokyo

Sunshine, I Gotcha


I guess we'll get even more clips later.
Hopefully we'll get one of the new track soon.

Maybe we'll even have the whole show..

Backstage with Lupe and Bishop G at IU


Concert Review - Indiana University:

Ok well.. This concert is everything I expected to see, it was my 2nd Lupe concert I went to and it was much more hype since last time. I was going wild, I'm sure everyone around my was pretty pissed because I was soo hyped, spitting all the lyrics/doing all the motions/dancing/etc as the show was going on. He started out with Kick Push, which was amazing!! It was like last time, except times 100. He then performed Hip Hop Saved My Life, but only did his first verse and then Bishop G did his verse. After that I think the next song was Dumb It Down with a different beat and it was real hype, then the song faded into I Gotcha. Then the drums for Little Weapon came on and Lupe spoke about how the problem the country faced was War and then went into the song after his speech. AND THEN... drum rolls please... A NEW SONG FROM THE LUPEND ALBUM was premiered!!! The song was AMAZING!!!! I dont think it had a name, Lu and Bishop just said it was "new shit" from the album... and the chorus was "NEW SHIT NEW SHIT" HAHAHA... the song was AMAZING THOUGH. After that Lu finished the show with Paris Tokyo and Daydreamin'. (I may be leaving some details out because I was soo hype and cant remember right now) Anyways, as expected I Went in, came out super sweaty and tired, I was damn near competing with Bishop G at performing because I was going wild from my seat. Speaking of which, I was soo wild Bishop spotted me in the crowd and I was on the 23rd row, but I stood out like crazy!!

Anyways, after the concert, I went outside and went around to the left of the Auditorium and Bishop G opened the door for me and I made this video



LupEND Blogger, Rhymestyle, reports Lupe performed a LupEND track
about ten minutes ago at the Indiana show tonight!

He says, "It's on some Black album Encore shit...!"

After that song Lupe said that his next album will be his last and that
LupEND will be released in December - 2009

Lupe has also officially endorsed
Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama;
"Obama is the future," our favorite artist announced, "Vote Barack!"

Full Review & Backstage Footage coming soon,
exclusively on the LupEND Blog... your number one source!

Check the backstage footage here

7 Lessons To Learn At A Lupe Fiasco Concert

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Written by Yana
after the Refresh Your Flow concert
at the Fillmore in NY

Lesson One: If you have tickets to a free concert that admits people in on a first-come-first-serve basis, an hour early arrival is not early enough!

-Security allowed folks in at 6PM. I arrived at 5PM. And there was still a long line of people in front of me. Maybe it’s just me; I’m not the type to wait long hours for anything…except Lupe.

Lesson Two: Tall people should not stand in the front of the audience.

-Seriously! If I can’t even see above your shoulder, even while I’m tip-toeing, then you need to move!

Lesson Three: Beware of girls standing in front of you who have big hair and like to twirl their head around.

-This chick slapped me twice with her ponytail, I wanted to take her ponytail and shove it down her throat!

Lesson Four: Lupe likes it when you shout: “I LOVE YOU, LUPE!”
-He’ll reply, “I love you too”—unless you’re a dude.

Lesson Five: Lupe loves it when you memorize his lyrics.

-He paid close attention to a particular girl in the audience who knew the lyrics to “Sunshine” like, he made eye contact with her and everything and he got a kick out of it. I don’t normally memorize artists’ lyrics, unless I hear it often. But, I’ll memorize Lupe’s just so he can make eye contact with me at his next NYC concert.

Lesson Six: Lupe loves “love.”

-He loved it enough to let his personal photographer, Bryant, propose to his girlfriend, Janie, during his set. Definitely an “Aww!” moment.

Lesson Seven: If you’re gonna stand for four straight hours at a concert, at least wear some comfortable shoes!

-Heels at a concert? Never again!

Make sure to check out the her video clips !

for more
Click here

thanks for sending this in Yana !

It's been 3 weeks...


since the Paris, Tokyo remix was supposed to drop.... time there's an announcement saying "It's gonna drop next week"
I'll just expect it 4-5 weeks later

I's by far not the first time this happened...
and it really takes away all the excitement...

If it would've just been dropped without any announcement
reactions would have been like...

"OMG..where did that come from?"

And people would have been getting more hyped again for everything.

Don't get me wrong..I still want to hear it and
I'm still excited to hear them all on one track

It's just...hmm...idk...
It would've been crazy to just see it poppin' up
somewhere without knowing about it before.

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down At the Fillmore


Lupe Fiasco - Live At The Fillmore (Dumb It Down)

thanks to Q.P. for that.

sorry for the Audio quality and the shaking...
but least it's Lupe.

And it looks like it was another great show.
Check it out!

We'll get a review from someone who visited the concert later on
so come back soon...if you are interested.

Lupe Fiasco On Stage


just some great pics of various Lupe concerts.

I guess I'm putting up so many vids and pics of live shows
because I haven't seen Lu in concert yet.
I have to change that.

Lupe Fiasco - Gotta Eat - Fan Video

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Lupe Fiasco Pop Art

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I don't fully understand how he does it,
but a vendor over at ebay spray paints people's pictures on wood.

He has hundreds of them on sale ranging from Kanye to The Beatles.
and of course, he's done Mr. Lupe Fiasco...

My cousin got me those for my birthday (thanks Priscilla!) and
I have them hanging up in my room..

they look pretty awesome to me =)
to check out his stuff,

Click here

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 4


I might be a bit late on posting this.
But I just heard it yesterday and it's great.

My favorite track is probably Roll Call Reloaded.

Buy the Mixtape here

I can't give you the bootleg...sorry

Lupe Fiasco - Refresh Your Flow Tour At The Fillmore

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props to Q.P. for sending in those pics

Refresh Your Flow Tour
at the Fillmore, NY
August 29th 2008

Funk Flex was in the building, too
Videos are on the way.

For pics of Nikki Jean from
the same show

Click Here

...jumping !

3 years ago today - Hurricane Katrina


although not FNF related, I decided that this deserved a post.

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of one of the most
disastrous hurricanes in the United States.

Although the spotlight has come off of Hurricane Katrina,
many people still need help and prayers.

To find out ways to contribute, visit:

Lupe Fiasco And GemStones - I Know Why


Another rare Lupe track
this one is from 2001-02....
the first track Prolyfic did with them.

Click Here

props to FSD

It's Official Now - Lupe Fiasco Will Perform At The VMA's


screenshot from YAY

MTV now confirmed what I already told you yesterday!

Check it out:

Additionally, it was announced that DJ AM and Blink-182 kitman Travis Barker will be mixing live drum beats to scratched records throughout the evening.

Later in the show, the pair will team up with Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, the Ting Tings and other special guests to perform new and past MTV hits as part of a special celebration of the VMAs' 25th birthday.

Sounds dope !!!
Now I have a good reason to watch the awards.


Obama For President

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Barack Obama’s Presidential
Candidate Acceptance Speech

watch it

and make sure to vote

Bishop's Saynow Number Is Set Up

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Just got word from Saynow, they just emailed me back
and told me that they set his saynow number up.

So to drop him a message, just call
(312) 265-2312

Lupe Fiasco - Minimalistic Picture

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photography by: mattbooy

There's another one similar to this which is an official promo pic
I had this up before, but in case you haven't seen it yet...

They should use something like that
for a magazine cover.

FNF Radio Episodes 1-9

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If you haven't heard those yet
or you just want them on your computer...

Get them now !

Episode1 Episode2 Episode3

Episode4 Episode5 Episode6

Episode7 Episode8 Episode9

for more FNF radio

Click here

props to L2 from the boards

Sarah Green - Pics


via The BLF

After the Bishop G pics I put up earlier
we also have some of Sarah now from the same show.

Lupe Fiasco To Perform At The VMA's ?


According to the associated press
Lupe Fiasco has been added to the list of performers at this years VMA's

Here's what they say:

MTV network also announced performers Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco and The Ting Tings. Performers already announced include Rihanna, Pink, Paramore and T.I., who will be making his first appearance at a major awards show since his arrest right before an awards ceremony last year. The Jonas Brothers, Lil Wayne and Kid Rock are also scheduled to do their thing onstage.

-I'm still not sure if he's actually gonna perform because it's not on MTV's website yet, but it would be super dope to see him onstage performing at the VMA's.

It's official now !---check the other entry


Bishop G - Pics

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Pics from the Lupe performance
at the Mile High Music festival

Check Out Bishop's Blog, too.

Kenna And Lupe Fiasco Live In Paris

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Performing the Say Goodbye To Love Remix
at La Maroquinerie

-Nice that we finally get a clear video of that.
props to Kenna

Hit Up Bishop G on his Saynow!!

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Text bishopg to 729669 or
go to his Saynow account

I've already contacted the saynow headquarters
to get him a number, so once he receives a number, I will post it.

Vote For Lupe Fiasco - MTV's EMA's

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You can nominate Lupe Fiasco for
3 MTV Europe Music Awards.

You can vote for him in the categories

-Ultimate Urban
-Most Addictive Track(Superstar)
-Best Album

Click here

The show is gonna be broadcasted live
on November 6th.

Matthew Santos - Vimby Video


This is a great video about Matthew!
Check it out!

thanks Danny !

Lupe Fiasco - IU Auditorium After-Party

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click the flyer for more info's

Don't expect Lupe to be there....

for the show on August 30th you can
still get tickets via

or you can buy them directly
at the IU Auditorium Box Office

all ticket proceeds benefit the
Make-A-Wish Foundation.

via Eta Iota Rho

Shayla G - Ego Trippin'

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Another new track from her upcoming street album
"The T.H.R.E.A.T"

Click Here

Shayla's MySpace

Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon Fan Video


Very nice video which features footage
from the movie City Of God
I like it.

Kanye West Will Also Tour The Rest Of The World !


After posting the European dates...
I think it's only fair to put up other international dates, too.

So here they are:

September 23, 2008 - Hongku Stadium // Shanghai, China
September 25, 2008 - Fengtai Stadium // Beijing, China

October 11, 2008 - Sports Palace // Mexico City, Mexico
October 15, 2008 - Arena Santiago // Santiago, Chile
October 18, 2008 - TBC // Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 22, 2008 - Tim Fest at Ibirapuera Park // Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 24, 2008 - Tim Fest at Marina da Gloria // Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

October 29, 2008 - Singapore Indoor Stadium // Singapore

December 01, 2008 - Vector Arena // Auckland, New Zealand
December 03, 2008 - TBS Arena // Wellington, New Zealand
December 05, 2008 - Rod Laver Arena // Melbourne, Australia
December 06, 2008 - Acer Arena // Sydney, Australia
December 07, 2008 - Entertainment Centre // Brisbane, Australia

No info if it's GITD....
and the first half of the shows are definitely not gonna feature Lupe
because he's on College Tour during that time
Actually no one knows so far if Lu is gonna join Kanye at all on this tour.

Check your local ticket service for info's on pre-sales and everything else

European Dates

via DJ Craze

Show Me Your Sole

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I know this is super random.
I just thought it's a funny quote for that pic.

Daytona 5 Bill Feat. GemStones - 5 A.M.

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Here's a track from Daytona 5 Bill.
It features GemStones and was produced by Saki XL.

Download Here

Update: The Glow In The Dark Tour Hits Europe


The tour will feature the full American production which thrilled reviewers all across the U.S. and according to the LA Times, "raises the bar for arena tours as no show has since U2's 1992 Zoo TV breakthrough. It's that innovative and galvanizing."

click the image to enlarge

More infos on tickets as soon as they are available

via DJ Craze

yeah...I'm excited, 2 Germany dates
now he only has to bring Lupe with him

GB dates go on sale for the general public on Friday August 29th
pre-sale begins today already

Click Here

Q-Tip - Gettin' Up Video


Q-Tip - Gettin' Up from Q-Tip on Vimeo.

Dope track, nice video
Taken from Q-Tips vimeo account.

The vid features Mos Def as well,
and seems to be put together from performance clips
taken during the Rock The Bells Tour.

The Renaissance, drops November 14th!

spotted at 2DopeBoyz

I Hear Rumors...About The Paris, Tokyo Remix


1st thing I heard is that they actually shot a video for the remix
Forget about the rumor that it's gonna drop on friday

Lupe Fiasco - Hi-Definiton - Parkour Fan Video

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Finally I get to post a Parkour video.
Make sure to check out the American Parkour website.

Click here

Bishop G - I Miss Pac

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Get it now

Click Here
updated link

This has to be my favorite track from Bishop so far.


Everbody Nose Poem

A Genius Lu' Volume 17


This one comes from Failure.

Some of the lyrics in this song can relate to so many situations in life.
it's been stuck in my head all week.

"I remember I ain't have sneakers,
It was welfare,
Coming up for "Airs" like
Whales there,
But now I'm well here,
I'm Shamu with twelve pair,
and n*gg*s wanna take me back to zero, like Tare, fair.
Well my scales clear, your "see" world is braille here..."

It was pretty hard picking only one part of this song.
The lyrics are incredible.

and for the people that don't know,
Tare = the weight of an empty container..therefore making it zero.

here's the song, just incase you haven't heard it,
or want to hear it for the millionth time.

Lupe Fiasco's Paris, Tokyo Remix Premiered On 106 KMEL

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The Paris, Tokyo remix
has been played on the KMEL radio show on friday.

Lupe and Bishop have been on the show to do an interview
and they gave DJ Big Von the new joint.

I checked the radio website, but there are no streams up.

The song will probably hit the net pretty soon.
So make sure to check back in.

Add the official Lupe Fiasco widget

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I had this up once after The Cool dropped
but most of you probably didn't know about the blog back then

Make sure to put it on your myspace profile/blog/website
or whatever else you have !

Lupe Fiasco - Facebook Discussions


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Click Here
to see it

More Pics Of Lupe Fiasco At Outside Lands

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pics from Dennis