CloudN9ne Interviews GemStones


"My CD is called Troubles of the World, because it’s my album it could have been called Riding on 24’s and went platinum, but I’m trying to do more than that."

The peeps over at Cloudn9ne recently
chopped it up with Gem.

Check out what they talked about !

Cloudn9ne: What’s new with Gemstones? And after LupEND do you feel like your going to have to carry FnF?

Gemstones: Trying to live, stay on top of the game, oh and Troubles of the World my new album. Yea that album is gone hit hard that’s gone be a problem when it drops! I’m no longer on Asylum so we’re searching for me a new deal that’s going to really being monumental. As far as FnF sure, but it’s nothing to me this is all easy I’ve been doing this too long, plus I’ve been through worse, come on now…

CloudN9ne: What albums are you looking forward to this year or next year?

Gemstones: Of course Lupe’s, Sarah Green’s album is going to be crazy, I mean rediculous, Gnarles Barkley for real, Kanye, Jay-Z and my album. Man Kanye’s album, I’ve heard that its going to be so crazy man they say it’s going to change the way we look at music, I’m definitely looking for that album. But yea FnF up for this year and the next!

For the full interview and to find out what Gem
had to say about Lupe, Fashion, Hip Hop and Voting

Click Here

Million $ Mano - Mano Mix 1

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Mano from He Say, She Say did this dope mix a while ago.
Check it out, it also features some Lupe tracks.

I especially like how he mixed "Maneater"
from Hall and Oates with
"Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Blindfold Me"

Mano On MySpace

Fresh Kid: Lupe Fiasco


I want that shirt !

Kanye posted about Lupe in his
"Fresh Kid" feature this week.

He put some cool pics up on his blog

for more

Click here

Mainstream - MainAttraction

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Mainstream will be dropping his mixtape
Overcome & Conquer soon.

Here's the first track from the tape.
It's crazy, check it out !


Lupe Fiasco Is Not Nominated For An EMA


Damn...this is sad.

Lupe was up for 3 nominations at this years MTV EMA's
but he didn't make it to the finals. If someone would just base those awards on content and not on popularity, Lupe would have been nominated in those 3 categories and he would have deserved to get at least 2 of those awards.

I really think that there have to be more Lupe performances and TV shows that feature him all over Europe. If that would happen and if there would be more promo overseas, I'm sure he'd be able to gain more fans and after that he'd also get nominated and would be able to perform at award shows like this one...

I just want to see him on TV more often and I want to finally be able to go to one of his shows.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

If you are interested to see the nominees for this yeas EMA's...

Click here

Lupe Fiasco On Trace TV


Trace TV is the biggest urban TV channel in France.

I think I haven't seen this feature before...
it's pretty nice though.

I guess it was broadcasted
shortly after The Cool dropped.

Check it out !

Benny Goodman on Wiki

Trace TV Website

Lupe's Favorites: Montblanc Pens

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"I like Montblanc pens and
moleskine paper"

Lupe Fiasco (Gold Watch)

Founded by the stationer Claus-Johannes Voss, the banker Alfred Nehemias and the engineer August Eberstein in 1906, the company began as the Simplo Filler Pen company producing up-market pens in the Schanzen district of Hamburg. Their first model was the Rouge Et Noir in 1909 followed in 1910 by the pen that was later to give the company its new name, the Mont Blanc. The first pen as the MeisterstĂĽck or Masterpiece (the name used for export) was produced in 1925. Today the Montblanc brand can be found also on other luxury goods besides pens, for instance there are Montblanc brand watches.

This right here is the John Harrison Skeleton
Edition, made out of solid gold.

It's limited to 333 fountain pens.

This is for sure the upper class of writing instruments

make sure to visit the


other source: Wiki

Lupe Fiasco - Upcoming Tour Dates (entry will be updated)


September 5th 2010
North Coast Music Festival
Union Park - Chicago, IL

September 12th 2010
Juice Jam 2010
Skytop Field on South Campus @ Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

October 8th 2010
Wake Forest University Homecoming 2010
Winston-Salem Entertainment Sports Complex
Winston Salem, NC

Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life - UTA


This is another clip from the Arlington
show which was last wednesday

Random fact: the Hip Hop Saved My Life beat
features 808 drums

FNF Takeover in 2009 ?


Looks like 2009 will be a busy year for the FNF Family.
According to a recent Lupe interview, Sarah Green and Matthew Santos have albums in the works. Shayla G announced a street album not too long ago. Gemstones' album "Troubles Of The World" is supposed to come out in 2009 and He Say, She Say will be in LA this winter, putting finishing touches on their project.

And then there's Lupe who said that "Lupe Fiasco's lupEND" will be out in late '09. Seems like next year could be the biggest year for FNF so far.

I don't even know to which album I'm looking forward to the most,'s Lupe's, of course but He Say, She Say have this electronic thing going on ...and I'm really into that. Gem seems like he'll blow us away with his album. Sarah has an amazing voice and I can't wait to hear her with a full album of her own tracks. I don't know which direction Matthew will take but his last album was really good , so I'm sure the next one won't dissapoint either. And...Lupe - well he said he'd release the best album that we have ever heard...

I have a feeling that next year is gonna be awesome just based on music releases from FNF.


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If you listen closely you can hear Us Placers
during the performance.

The choreo is awesome !

Choreographed and Danced by:
Raymond Santons & Marshall Simaly

Fuse TV Will Bring You The Voodoo Experience


For those who are unable to attend this year's Voodoo Experience in New Orleans - October 24th-27th, Fuse will be hosting live coverage of the event, including a full hour of the best acts on stage. Mark your calenders and stick around on Fuse all weekend, October 24th-27th.

Lupe Fiasco will be there together with acts like Angels & Airwaves,
Tokyo Police Club, Erykah Badu, NIN and Lil Wayne.

You'll find the live coverage
right here

hopefully we'll get some Lupe live footage or
at least an interview like this one from Lollapalooza.

Rhymestyle Radio Is Back !

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Click Here

and listen to the latest episode of Rhymestyle Radio !

Voting ends in a few hours - Vote for us Now !

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As you know we are nominated for a BT Digital Music Award.

The deadline is pretty soon...
so take the last chance and make sure
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Thanks !

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Another Lupe Fiasco Skate Deck

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via *mavsfan99

It's hand painted

and if you ask me...
no one should use that to actually skate with it
you should put that on your wall.

Dr Romanelli x Fruition - Recycled Pop Bubble Vest Collection

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You probably saw Lupe rockin' the
Coca Cola vest during the "Refresh Your Flow Tour".

There's a whole new collection of those now.
They've been created in a collaborative effort between
Fruition and Dr. Romanelli.

I like this red one

Would you rock those?

more on Ye's Blog

available exclusive via Fruition

He Say, She Say Have Another Performance

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(click flier to enlarge)

HE SAY, SHE SAY are performing alongside HEY CHAMP
& ROCKTAPUSSY on October 3rd. This event is free,
you'll also get free wine all night,courtesy of Black Swan.

This event is RSVP ONLY, so make sure you rsvp to:

UR Chicago

Lupe Fiasco Live - University of Texas at Arlington

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Go Go Gadget Flow

this live version of Go Go Gadget Flow is great
the intro is sick


University of Texas at Arlington
September 24th

Eva And Lupe Fiasco - Slow Down


New joint by up & coming Pop singer Eva,
it's titled "Slow Down" and features Lupe,
produced by Pooh Bear.

Click here

Lupe's verse is dope !

shouts to YKD
thanks to jf for the heads up

Design Changes


Ok...I've changed the whole look of the blog today!

New color, new header, optimised sidebar.
And I really like it the way it is now...I was so tired of the grey.

Let us know what you think and
vote in the poll

I don't know what it is...but it seems to
look horrible on Internet Explorer

To see the blog how it is supposed to look like,
you should read it on Firefox.

It's the better browser anyway.

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar At The VMA's - From MTV

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MTV added all the performances that featured
Travis Barker And DJ AM in full to their website.

For more

Click here

The latest update about them I saw was this :

DJ AM can't sleep and somehow is able to text
friends in spite of his hand burns.

He's worried about his scalp being burned off.
Travis is quiet - he's on more painkillers.

Once again..all the best to them and all the
families and friends that are involved.

And rest in peace to the 4 people that didn't get out of the plane.

Lupe Fiasco - The Smartest Rapper Alive


I just read some blogs and I came accross this iScreamFashion Blog and there was an article about Lupe. I think it's a good take 5 minutes of your time and make sure to read it.


While many people believe that Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive or that Jay-Z is the richest rapper alive, it is clear that Lupe Fiasco is the smartest rapper alive. I often joke with my friends that, “Only smart people listen to Lupe Fiasco,” and I find this to be true because there is a certain type of person that listens to Lupe.

Lupe listeners can be grouped into categories; well dressed guys with unsagging pants that love both rap and rock and will readily quote any line from any Lupe song and debate with you about if he is the best rapper alive and the other type of Lupe listener is girls that love him for his intelligent rhymes and good looks. Lupe listeners are of all races and come from all over too.

Lupe Fiasco is clearly one of my favorite rappers for this very reason, not to mention that when his songs hit my ears I feel as if my I.Q. has increased by plenty and that grandiloquent words are ready to leave the tip of my tongue since those grandiloquent words are a big part of his lyrics.

From the day I first heard Lupe, he stood out because he had a jazzy beat and poetic lyrics about skateboarding in his hit “Kick Push” which is a subject that I have only heard Pharrell mention before in rap music.

for the whole thing

Click here

Someone Got A Tattoo


Someone with the username MMFF
posted this on the official boards.

Now that's what I call dedication...

The other symbols (the streets, the cool)
are gonna be added, too.

Lupe Fiasco and Others talk about Harry Potter

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Harry Potter has his 10-year "birthday" this week,
but it's not just the fantasy crowd that's celebrating

MTV talked to some celebrities to hear what
they think about Harry Potter and how he impacted their lives.

Here's what Lupe said :

I'm a spectator of the entire phenomenon, you know what I'm saying? The entire phenomenon inspires me. I love Harry Potter[he points to his own specs] because of the glasses.

To find out what other celebrities,
like Paul Wall and Jonathan Davis had to say

click here

Update: New Gorillaz Album In 2010


According to NME, Blur’s Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett
are set to begin work on a new Gorillaz album.

The pair also revealed that the release may see
a new visual look for the animated band.

Update: Right now it looks like the album will drop early 2010
and it's tentatively titled "Plastic Beach"

Is there anyone else who would like to see a Lupe collabo
or "A Rhyming Ape Vol. 2" ?

Charles Hamilton On Dilla, Lupe And His Debut Album


Charles Hamilton talks about his upcoming projects with Jabari
and clears up one thing:

I have no beef with Lupe Fiasco

Watch the video to find out what one of his favorite Lupe tracks is.

Also check out his latest release

"And Then They Played Dilla"

video spotted at eskay's place

Muja Messiah And Nikki Jean - So Far So Good


I was browsing wikipedia to check out infos about Kanye's new album..and somehow I also came across Nikki's wikipedia page again..and I saw this track listed on there.

So I went and got the album "Thee Adventures Of A B-Boy D-Boy" from Muja and listened to the whole thing and it's really nice.

You can listen to the track that features Nikki on the hook right here:

A Genius Lu' Volume 20


June previously posted this song...Thank you!
This one comes from Twilight Zone.

"My eye's a camera, my ear's a microphone,
and my mind is Pro Tools, my head is a stool,
What's recorded in my dome gets reported when I zone,
My mouth is a speaker, I'm anchoring the misery,
There's no friends, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy..."

I don't know any other way to explain it.
This song is RIDICULOUS.
Lu's mind is truly one of a kind.

Vote For GemStones and Listen to his New track


GemStones is a Chicago rapper determined not to be pigeonholed into a ghetto stereotyope. Recently undergoing a lyrical content makeover, he adopts a new style of socially conscious rap on his upcoming release Troubles of the World. GemStones devotion to making positive music caused him to push back his own release date.

Click Here!!
to Vote for him on URB.COM.

You have to register to vote, then when you do,
you vote by rating 1-5 stars, so go vote 5 stars !!!

while you're registering, check out an exclusive track
from Troubles of the World.

Unappreciated feat. Chu Chu

Troubles of the World coming 2009!


Streets Are On Fire...

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graphic from jDaniels

btw..that's pretty much my favorite track off The Cool
together with Gold Watch, Hello/Goodbye and Put You On Game

Jared Evan Opened For Lupe - Backstage With Bishop G


Jared And Lupe @ SUNY-Albany

Jared performs It's Not Over

Jared Evan And Bishop G Backstage

I like what he does especially that Radiohead stuff.

Check him out !


Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo Remix (Updated)


Its Finally Here!!!! also along with the remix, here's the Jazz Remix aswell.

Updated links,
HQ versions added

Lupe, Q-Tip, Pharrell And
Sarah Green - Paris, Tokyo RMX


Paris, Tokyo Jazz Remix


links via eskay

Nikki Jean Is Back !


Lupe Fiasco At SUNY Albany - Pics And A Review

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Thanks to Blair for the pics and thanks to John for the review !

John's review:

I saw Lupe live on August 6th at Madison Square Garden for the Glow In The Dark Tour, and he KILLED it. It was pretty amazing to see an artist from Chicago have all of NY practically begging for more (Kanye put it down too). His segues into the songs were clever and enjoyable and his energy was just about unrivaled. The live band he had was amazing (and were pretty cool guys who chilled a little afterward and met the students).

He sent a message out to the music community and to us fans to extend our prayers to the families of DJ AM and Travis Barker. This he used to cleverly segue into "Hip Hop Saved My Life." Lupe also remarked on the diversity of the crowd saying how he thought it was cool how all kinds of people of different religious denominations (Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc) all got together to share a common bond; the love of music.

Another one of his brief speeches was about the new album LupEND and how he truly loves his fans. At this point Lupe paced back and forth on the stage personally pointing out fans and spreading his love for each one. He also thanked the crowd for the success of his albums and remarked on The Cool going Gold.

The performance was non-stop energy and passion. (And to this day I still maintain that "Daydreamin'" is an absolute lyrical marvel, to which when performed live, only validates my view.) All in all, Lupe made many new fans that night and justified his art to his already die-hard fans.

If you are attending one of the following Lupe shows
you are also more than welcome to share your experience with us.

just send your stories, reviews, pics or whatever else you have,

thanks !

"I'd Rather get down with somebody like Lupe Fiasco"


Ice-T Talks about Hip Hop and says he would rather
do a song with Lupe Fiasco than anyone else.

Then he talks about Call of Duty 4.

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar Beatbox

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He is pretty can check out more beatboxing
from him over at his youtube channel

click here

Lupe Fiasco At SUNY Albany - Pics


09-20-2008 Albany, NY
SUNY - University of Albany

Phil sent in those pics, he also told me that
Lupe brought up the news about DJ AM's and Travis Barker's
plane crash at the show,
saying that we should keep them in our prayers

and hope that his friends will be alright.

From what I've heard they are going to
fully recover from the accident.

Unfortunately there were also people that
didn't manage to get out of the plane
so..our condolences go out to their families and friends.

Rest in peace to the ones that didn't make it.

One more thing...

Lupe had a dope opening act that night,
his name is Freelance and you should check out his MySpace

This Is Dope


DJ Decryption and Joe Focus drop an improvised piano and beatbox jam featuring verses from Soulfire, Lupe Fiasco (Paris/Tokyo and Superstar), and T-Pain with Chris Brown (Kiss Kiss).

Lupe Fiasco Performs In Utica, NY - Part 2

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Kick, Push

Life On Mars - Behind the Scenes At The VMA's


Mars and Larrance of 1500 or Nothin'
meet the Hollywood elite at the 2008 VMA's!

Fallacy Of Rome Launch Pushed Back


I just went to the Fallacy Of Rome website
and the counter has been set back to 24 days.

According to the old counter it would have been less than
10 days until the launch of the site/collection.

I guess we'll have to wait till October 15th now.

Lupe Fiasco Performs In Utica, NY - Part 1

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09-19-2008 Utica, NY
Utica College

MTV European Music Awards - Keep Voting !

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Lupe Fiasco truly is ‘The Coolest’. Chi-Town’s very own Superstar has recently been nominated THREE times at this year’s MTV European Music Awards. Lupe is up for the Ultimate Urban Award, Most Addictive Track, and the highly anticipated Album of the Year.

Don’t fall back and click HERE to vote now as many times as you’d like.

Lupe Fiasco - Digital Painting


Add Me !

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You can find me on the following sites:




Last FM


Feel free to add me, I'll see you there.

Aubrey O'Day And T.I. Mention Lupe Fiasco


pic via Complex

I checked out those new Complex pics from Aubrey yesterday....and today I went back to the site and read the interview...and what do I see on one of the side-notes?

This right here:

Ever the romantic, Aubrey makes her assistant sleep with her because she hates to be alone. She also calls Lupe Fiasco “my future husband.” Lu, you may need to kick, push up on that.

Seeing that Lupe is probably not interested...she should give me a call.

On another note....if you listened to T.I.'s album intro "56 Barz" from Paper Trail you probably heard that he mentions Lupe on there...which is cool.

If you haven't heard it...check it out.

And make sure to buy that album on September 30th.

thanks for the mail Hannah!

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor - 2 Year Anniversary


Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the Food & Liquor release.

I can't believe it's been 2 years already.

This album still sounds so fresh and every
time I listen to it, I still discover a little bit more.

Actually there's just one thing left to say about the album:

It's a classic

I Want Katy Perry To Collaborate With Lupe Fiasco


So many people are talking about
possible artists Lupe could work with on lupEND.

I thought about it and I made up my mind....
first I thought Kanye or Bloc Party would be cool.
(would still be cool)

But if I could choose one artist
out there that should work with Lupe,
I'd take Katy Perry.

Just imagine both of them on a track...
no one would really expect that but if you ask me,
I think something great could come out of it.

Listen to the song below and think about it.

The lupEND Blog Is Nominated For The BT Digital Music Awards 2008


We are up for a people's choice award at this years
BT Digital Music Awards in the category "Best Music Blog".

It would be great if you'd vote for us !

you can

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there are only 10 days left to vote...
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: )

Thanks !

Lupe Fiasco Talks With TheCelebrityCafe


Chicago-born rapper Lupe Fiasco is making headway in hip-hop, winning awards for his albums and performances, and now he's a featured artists inXbox 360's new karaoke game, LIPS.'s Dominick Miserandino spoke with Lupe about his venture in the video game industry.

DM: Now video games aren't your main source of income, but do you think music and video games are all just merging together now?

LF: It's one of my main sources of lots of income. (laughter). I think it's kind of the final frontier with all these different types of media converging into one entity. I think that's the sign of the times, the future. It's like you've reached the limit with what you can do with a lot of stuff whether it's music or movies, so now it's how can you put the great music with a film, or that video game with a film, put this song with a game. I think the convergence is the natural order of technology.

DM: Does that mean you're trying other avenues, too?

LF: Actually I'm gonna go out and get some robotic arms next week. (laughter) Yeah, a complete cyborg overhaul. I got a couple movie soundtracks out. My older records were just part of the video game soundtrack, but now they're really part of the game, so that's a revolutionary thing for me.

DM: So now the work is the fun afterwards.

LF: Now the work is beating everybody up. It'd be a shame if some fat kid Idaho gets a higher score than I did. I really don't want to look at YouTube and see that.

Read the full interview at: CelebCafe

I think that this is a really nice interview...
I especially like that "robotic arms" part

So do you think we gonna get a Lupe video game one day?
Like a full game not that type of thing they have on the website..

would be interesting to see what he would come up with

Lupe Fiasco at the New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala


Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Lupe Fiasco were among
those in attendance at the 2008 New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala
held at Cipriani’s 42nd Street on Tuesday.

Video from the event: