Lupe Fiasco's lupEND Album Will Be A 3 Disc Set !


pic via James Kachan

Like I previously told you, S-Preme is at Lupe's concert
in Chicago right now, and after we found out about
Lupe's live CD/DVD set, some minutes ago,

Lupe just announced that his
"lupEND" album will be a 3-Disc set !

He said:
"It ain't just gonna be one album,
there are going to be 3 ! It'll be a triple CD !"

CRAZY !!! That's like at least 30 tracks, right ?


The 3 discs will be called :



Down Here

and together they'll form "lupE.N.D."

Sounds like a cool concept !

Big props to S-Preme, the anonymous person in the comments
and Illy_Paxson from the hypebeast forums

Lupe Fiasco To Release A Live CD/DVD Set (Updated)


Superstar - Chicago

Yes, that's right, S-Preme is at Lu's concert in Chicago right now, he's sending me updates about what's going on via AIM, and he just found out that they are taping the concert (you can see one of the cameras in the video above) and it will be released as a Live CD/DVD set !

Of course there's no release date yet.
But I think it would be a nice christmas gift.

Happy Halloween !

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I'm re-posting this live performance of "The Cool" from
the Somerset House concert to wish you all:

A Happy Halloween

...and don't drink too much blood

Are You Ready For The Big Announcement ?


pic via Hey Champ

The show is almost sold out !

Some tickets are still available at the
box office which opens at 5:00 PM today !

So if you still need tickets - be quick !

About the announcement -
S-Preme will be in the building tonight and he'll keep us updated - I hope

So...keep checking in !

S-Preme ft. H.Bomb - They're Coming Now ! ! !

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Right in time for Halloween, S-Preme and H.Bomb
hit us with a brand new track.

Head on over to GWHH to get it !

Click Here

It's Going Down Tomorrow !


promo via Hey Champ

Friday, Chicago, Congress Theater

Lupe Fiasco's big Halloween concert

Doors open at 6 PM - Show starts at 7 PM

With Lupe, Hey Champ...and probably the whole FNF crew.
There are still some tickets available.

And don't forget about the special announcement.

If you are not at the concert, don't worry,
we'll have all the infos on here asap !

lol..I'm almost as excited as if I would be going myself.

Lupe Fiasco Fans - "Thoughts On Fire"

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You might ask yourself: "What is this?"

Well, Yay had the idea to ask you, the fellow Lupe fans out there, to tell us and the world why you like Lupe Fiasco so much and what it is that makes him such a great artist to you. We want to do this as a weekly feature to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion about Lupe.

If you are interested to tell us what you think about him,
feel free to send a mail to:

Here's the first "Thoughts On Fire" entry:

As a kid I really didn't like rap, I was purely old school old soul motown. Even to this day I prefer R&B and other genres of music to hip hop. HOWEVER, I'm a poet at heart. I love lyricism and I love artistry. Every so often a hip hop artist catches my ear and captivates my intellect and my affinity for words.

Lupe Fiasco, to me is the pinnacle of a lyricist. We don't need to go into the ridiculously sick catalogue right now. Anyway, basically I like lyrics, I like poetry and good lyrics in hip hop is pretty close to poetry (not to mention spoken word intros). Lupe is to me what hip hop should be…all about the lyrics. A sick beat is cool, but it isn't anything without lyrics.

An Inspiration….cuz I rap too (ironic, right? since my top 10 artists includes only 1 rapper). a Trendsetter and a Genius. That's what Lu is to moi.

This one was sent in by S-Preme

"Chicago Talent" - Documentary Feat. He Say, She Say

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This video shows you several young adults
who are part of a developing art scene in Chicago.

Drea and Mano from He Say, She Say are in there
together with people like Mic Terror, Chris Ho and more.

Documentary by Anthony Esquivel

J. Ink - Custom Lupe Fiasco Shoes

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created by T Jink

Even though they look cool, I wouldn't wear those personally,
that would just be strange. I'll wait for a version with Jessica Alba.


If you are interested in those, you can send a mail to:

Featured Blog Of The Week - Newborn Rodeo

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What is Newborn Rodeo?

You could just go and read the definition here. The thing I like about the blog is, that they guy who runs it is really trying to put some effort in his posts. He's not just dropping a video or a song without saying anything, he's writing up his personal opinion to every entry and through that he makes his blog somewhat unique. His content includes the usual Hip Hop stuff but also fashion and things that go on in his personal life. If you are interested in that:

while I'm at it...I want to give a big shout-out to the good folks over at for taping Lu's Freestyle at the Voodoo Festival,
check their site, too !

Bishop G - The Vent Infomercial

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Bishop gives us a short update on what's been going on lately.

By the way, what's up with that FNF Radio thing ?
I think it's time for a new episode.

Download: The Vent Infomercial

if you don't want to download it
you can just visit

Bishop's MySpace

Hey Champ - Live In NYC - 2nd Video

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Yesterday we already had a highlight video
from their performance at the CMJ Show.

Today we have another one, which is a little more
focused on the drummer - Jonathan Marks.

Check it out !

For more infos visit
Hey Champ's Blog

Awil - Amajanese In the Flesh

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Here we have another track from the
upcoming "Amajanese Takeover" mixtape.

The full mixtape will drop in January

Download the track

Visit Awil On MySpace

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Festival - Freestyle


You need to check this out, it's super dope !

Lupe and Bishop G spit some verses over
"Deep Cover (187)" from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Download The Audio File Here

Lupe Fiasco - Live In Chicago - Halloween 2007 - Video


Because we're all anticipating this year's Halloween concert,
I decided to post the video of the HOB concert from last year again.

In case you haven't seen it yet or if you don't have
it in your collection, you should get it now !

Download The HQ Video Here

right click, save as

Dope Couture - Fall Collection

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The new fall collection of Dope Couture has arrived.
If you are interested you can check their

Official Website

Throwback: KickED, PushED

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"First of all I'm on tour like crack on whore/Consistently, like black on poor..."

Wow. Listen to Somalian/Toronto artist K'naan rap over Lupe's beat about being physically assaulted in Sweden..

"Some of you may have heard or read about what happened in Sweden's Gothenburg. Where after the performance a bouncer wouldn't allow me to go backstage to collect my things, though I had my pass in hand. The story is deep, and Sol Guy (my friend and manager) ended up going to jail for the night in Sweden. And me and the band spent the night at the station waitin for him. While it was us who were disrespected and actually physically assaulted, it was also us who were betrayed, processed and reminded of the diseases in the human heart.

Fortunately, we were traveling with a camera and so we have some of those people and some of the situation on camera.Those of you who know my music know that I've never really written for leisure. And that my experiences have always been at the forefront of my music. And you must agree, rarely is life uneventful. But this one called for special presentation. So I wrote a song, using Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push instrumental. Documenting the experience we had in Sweden, I call this song... KickED PushED. We also put together a video for the song, using the ACTUAL footage from the scenario. Nothing is re-created, or re-enacted, everything that you see is REAL.

Enjoy it (it's hard to say that about this one)

Peace, K'naan. "


And PLEASE listen to this one..

2 Lupe Fiasco Wallpapers

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created by: renzoantwan

created by: EmperorsSoundtrack

I don't really know which one of those 2 I prefer.
Both are really well put together.

Matthew Santos Interview - Palestra Network

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This is an interview that Cristina from the Palestra Network
did with Matthew shortly before the Evanstons Space
concert which was on Oct. 23rd.

He's reflecting on being on tour with Lu
and recording a new album.

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar Live At The Voodoo Experience


Video from Oct. 26th - Voodoo Experience,
New Orleans' City Park

Finally the good folks over at Fuse put up some footage
from Lupe's performance at this year's Voodoo Experience.

Now you can clearly see what Lupe talked about when he
said that he was inspired by Mick Jagger's tireless energy.

Looks like they taped the whole thing.
Maybe we'll get more footage soon.

Some additional pics


Nikki Jean - Tell The Truth

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pic via Kriss Ross

This new track is from Peter Rosenberg's 6 track EP:
"A Rosenberg Oddisee"

Rosenberg's statement about the EP:
This was done in one day in August. Oddisee did every beat and I did–well–I pulled it all together. Everyone came through and blessed on the strength. It was a beautiful hip hop day and I hope you all enjoy it.
There is much more to come.

Download the EP right here

Hey Champ Performing @ The CMJ Show in NYC

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This is a highlight clip of Hey Champ's performance
at the CMJ Show that went down at Pianos
in NYC, on October 22nd.

I want to see them live now.
Must be cool.

Vanderbilt Review: Lupe is Captivating

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It seems like just being the opening act wasn't enough for the University.
As usual, Lu rocked the show with his crazy flips and thrills.

Quote from the article:
"His performance didn't feel like an opener. From the first song "Kick, Push" to the sold-out crowd chanting the chorus of his hit "Superstar" as he climbed up the speakers leaning on the ropes, Lupe captivated his audience. His energy carried all the way through to his finale, when he made hearts drop as the he laid down on the drum risers singing the intro to "Day Dreamin'." And when Lupe finally ran off stage, it was to the applause of thousands of students who seemed to be wanting more from the Chicago rapper. "

Written By: Zac Hunter

To read the complete review by the
university's newspaper click HERE

Kanye West And Lupe Fiasco Live At Abbey Road Studios


I thought it's time to put up a nice throwback performance again.

When I first got the Late Registration DVD in '07, I didn't know that Kanye would have all those people on stage. So I was watching Touch the Sky and thought: "Hmm what happens to Lupe's part?"...but then, all of a sudden Lupe was up there on stage and it was pretty cool. Definitely a DVD worth buying. Talking about DVD's...Lupe needs to do one, too !

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar Jacket


I know a lot of people(including myself) would like to have this jacket. The thing was custom made for Lupe by Dr. Romanelli and it doesn't seem like it will ever go on sale.

I got a mail from Demitri today. He reached out to some leather fabricating companies and if you have enough money you can get a custom made leather jacket that looks close to the one Lupe rocked in the video. The price tag would be around $2395.00 though.

So if you are totally crazy about this can get a similar one.
If anyone is actually willing to spend that much on a jacket...let me know.

Visit the Flight Jacket Store

Lupe Fiasco - Facebook Quiz Part 2 - Advanced Version

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We had the first quiz on here yesterday and
some people stated that it was too easy.

Naab from the official Lupe boards put up this new quiz now.

Do you know all the lyrics ?

Click Here To Find Out How Good You Are

Leave your results in the comments !

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Festival - Kick Push And More

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Finally, here we have some good footage
from Lupe's Voodoo Festival performance
which went down on Oct. 26th

The guys from 1500 or Nothin are killing it!
Lupe should go and record his album with them instead
of having computer generated beats...

Charles Hamilton - The L Word

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I really didn't think I would put up all his mixtapes on here
but on this one you can actually hear Riva on the track "DSW".

Make sure to check that out, Charles used her
voicemail at the end of the song.

Get it here

Lupe Fiasco In The Source

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Seems like Lupe made it to the newest issue of The Source.
I don't know what the article is about but the mag is on newsstands now.
If you get this issue, let us know what they wrote.

Lupe Fiasco - Free

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pic via: James Kachan

This is kinda old but still really cool.
Someone requested this in the chatbox
some days ago, so here it is:


props to Mehdi for the upload

Details About Lupe Fiasco's Special Announcement


I guess you all know that Lupe Fiasco will make a special announcement on October 31st. When Lupe first mentioned this at the concert he gave for the Kent State University, the video of the speech wasn't complete so we haven't been able to hear everything he said.

mistermidwest216 from KanyeLive was at the concert and
says that Lupe said something like this:

"When I told people lupEND would be my last album, I also said it would be the greatest album ever. I am doing something completely new and different, that hasn't really been done before and it's something people wouldn't expect. On Halloween we gonna make a special announcement telling you what that kinda special thing is."

As soon as this announcement takes place we'll have it on here!
Make sure to check back in on Friday night !

Lupe Fiasco Quiz On Facebook


I found this whilst skimming through Facebook.

I haven't taken it yet, but when I do, I'll comment
and let you know my score, leave yours also !

No cheating BTW !

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Music Festival - More Pics

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More pics can be found at WireImage.
I still hope that will put up some videos soon.

Old Lupe Fiasco Documentary


VC2 producer Carlos Saqiid follows Lupe through Chicago
and shows us what it's like to hang out with him.

Bishop G is hilarious !

Lupe Fiasco Set to Perform At The Florida State Uni


It seems like there are still new dates added to Lupe's tour.

After we found out about the Santa Barbara date
which will be on November 10th, there's also a concert
at the Florida State University
on November 9th now !

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Festival: Inspired By Mick Jagger

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pic via RS Mag

Rapper Lupe Fiasco may have given the oddest dedication of Voodoo X: About three-quarters of the way through his afternoon concert at the PlayStation/ stage, he declared he was dedicating the show to "this Rolling Stones documentary I watched last night."

Lupe, whose real name is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, said he was inspired by Stones frontman Mick Jagger's tireless energy. He certainly sought to meet old-school Jagger's standard for stage acrobatics when he finished the show with a double backflip. The band rose to the occasion as well, with the two keyboardists jumping up and down with their T-shirts over their heads while still playing.

"Let the love shower over you!" Lupe shouted during a smooth, extended intro to "Superstar." "The love human beings have for each other, that keeps them from eating each other."

written by Molly Reid

The documentary Lupe talked about was probably
"Shine A Light" or "Gimme Shelter"

Artist Spotlight: G*Two - One Man Army Mixtape


Click the cover to download the mixtape !

Artist description:
When you pair a high level of artistry and skillful wordplay, the result is a fusion that explores and stretches the status quo of hip-hop itself. Eccentric in style and content, G*Two has the capability to deliver from the heart, over various ranges of instrumentals, into the ears of listeners and is steadily gaining a reputation for his undeniable talent.

This is his first mixtape and it's great.
Especially check out Drumroll, Maybach Music and Hold On.

"Hold On" is my favorite track.
Tell me which one's yours !

Also visit his MySpace

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Music Festival - Pic

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pic via: itakebandphotos

This is the first pic from the Voodoo Festival where Lupe performed yesterday.
On youtube there's 1 clip up right now but you can't really see that much.

More footage and possibly a review will be on here later today.

Lupe Fiasco at UC Santa Barbara!


As you may know, high school kids have been taking tours at
colleges and universities throughout the school year...
and one of them came across these at UCSB:

I'm pretty sure it's open to the public as well, so if you're in the area,
Don't miss the show on November 10th!

Thanks Dustin for the pictures!

Hey Champ Perform Word=War

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video from the Black Swan Event

Here's a bonus:
Tigercity - Are You Sensation(Hey Champ rmx)

Lupe Fiasco and Lil Wayne At Vanderbilt - Report


Written by: TheWordBoy

I saw Lupe Fiasco and Lil Wayne on Thursday night (Vanderbilt Uni). Lil Wayne was the headlining act, but Lupe Fiasco was my reason for attending. I'm not a huge Wayne fan, and although I stayed for his whole set, I can't say my mind changed much. The opening act was Free Sol, who may actually have some good music, but whose set sucked as their bass was turned up way too effin' ear-splittingly loud, making it impossible to enjoy.

Anyhow, Lupe Fiasco brought it. I loved his set, and it made the night worthwhile despite the others. "Go Go Gadget Flow" sounds particularly amazing live. I just wish he'd had more time to perform. I did attempt to keep Lil Wayne's set as well, but not being as familiar with his shit, it's pretty spotty. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks. Free Sol I didn't even try to guess.

For the whole thing and the setlists Click Here

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Experience - Schedule and Info

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Lupe Fiasco will be performing at this year's
Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, tomorrow, Oct. 26th. will be broadcasting the highlights of
the festival on Monday Oct. 27th.

You can find the full schedule for the festival
Right Here

We'll have pics and clips of Lupe
on here as soon as they are available.

For more and for a possible live-stream check
The Official Website

In related news:
N*E*R*D just cancelled their performance.

Lupe Fiasco 2 Pics - Black And White

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via mattd_27

Those are perfect for you, if you are working with Photoshop and
if you want to create your own wallpapers or some other stuff.

Lupe Fiasco Live - Vanderbilt - Nashville, TN

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Lupe Fiasco performing on 10/23/2008 at
Vanderbilt's Commodore Quake in Nashville TN

The last video was made unembeddable,
I hope those 2 stay online.

Dumb It Down

Do you feel the energy?

A Genius Lu' Volume 22

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Another one from Hurt Me Soul...

"Gangsta rap-based filmings became the building blocks
For children with leaking ceilings catching drippings with pots,
Coupled with compositions from Pac, Nas's "It Was Written"
In the mix with my realities and feelings,
Living conditions, religion, ignorant wisdom and artistic vision
I began to jot, tap the world and listen..."

And because fan art was brought up again,
my friend Tim made a pretty pretty tight wallpaper of NERD...

[Fan Made] Little Weapon Music Video

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It's a little old, but its still dope!!
Check it out!

As a bonus here's a nice remix:

Lupe Fiasco I Gotcha (DJ JustOne Remix)

I randomly ran across this too, I thought it was dope
because it gave it a bit of a old skool feel


Fan Art Again: Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper

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created by: artisticpsycho87

Haven't had much fan art on here lately,
this one is actually really nice

Mos Def Is Back !


spotted at Ok Player

SUNY Geneseo Gets Ready For Lupe

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SUNY Geneseo is getting ready for their Lupe Fiasco Concert on Nov. 22nd. There's much preperation in getting ready for a megastar to grace the stage.

Quote: "Many complaints were voiced about how Geneseo always puts on a rock concert that tailored to a specific crowd and not the minority and never varied genres," Jennifer Lambe (concert coordinator) said. When selecting Lupe Fiasco as the fall concert, Lambe took those complaints into consideration. Lambe describes Lupe Fiasco as a smart hip-hop act that appeals to a wide variety of students.

Click HERE to see what the preparation entails.

One Week To Go !


One week till the big announcement.

I still wonder what it'll be. I thought about it and one thing that stuck in my mind is that he might be dropping an album before lupEND which is based on Streets On Fire and the whole "1984" novel. He talked about that in an interview and maybe he decided to do that now. There are so many things he could the end it'll probably be something no one thought about.

Is anyone attending that Chicago concert on Oct. 31?

Lupe Fiasco Live In Nashville - Superstar

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The video was supposed to be here but
they disabled embedding.

Click here to see it

10-23-2008 Nashville, TN
Memorial Gym - Vanderbilt Uni

If you've been to that concert and if you
wanna give us a review or some footage,
send a mail to:

Thanks !

He Say, She Say At The Fader Fort In NYC - Pics

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pics via ImposeMag

Drea And Mano performed at the Levis/Fader Fort yesterday.

If you want to catch them live...check their MySpace
they have some shows coming up !

Hey Champ Join Lupe Fiasco On Tour !

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Hey Champ will join Lupe on his current tour,
they'll be playing on the following dates:

10.26.08 - Voodoo Island/City Park (New Orleans, LA)
10.31.08 - Congress Theater (Chicago, IL)
11.06.08 - E. Carolina University Minges Coliseum (Greenville, NC)
11.07.08 - Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
11.12.08 - Club Nokia (Los Angeles, CA)
11.15.08 - Jorgenson Theater (Storrs, CT)
11.17.08 - Elmira College Emerson Hall (Elmira, NY)
11.22.08 - Kuhl Gym Suny Geneseo (Geneseo, NY)
12.05.08 - University Of Maryland Ritchie Coliseum (College Park, MD)

via Bandit Productions

visit their MySpace for more dates!

PREVIOUSLY: Hey Champ On ReverbNation

How Will This Affect CRS ?


Nelly says he has a supergroup in the works
with T-Pain, Akon and Pharrell.

More Here

Who knows if that's really happening but due to the involvement of Pharrell, the question is: "Will this affect a possible CRS release ?"

Well, I believe that if there's a CRS album/mixtape or whatever, they probably recorded it already and just wait for the right moment to put it out there. If that's not the case...I think we might won't hear anything new from them anytime soon. But then again, you never really know.

What do you think?

Poetics !

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POETRY!!! Come by the blog if you haven't lately
to check out mine and Bishop's new poetry!!


Featured Blog Of The Week - Sounds

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Hannah is not only another new writer on here...
She also runs the "Sounds" blog.

She features celebrity news, the latest fashion, music and videos.
The blog is mostly urban orientated but you'll still find a
big variety of things on there.

Visit The Blog Here

Welcome to the team, Hannah !

LIPS Game Trailer


LIPS, the highly anticipated singing party game for the Xbox 360,
will be hitting stores on November 21st, 2008.

It'll feature Lupe's "Superstar" and a bunch of other songs.
And you'll be able to add songs from your own music collection.

more infos about the game

Hey Champ On ReverbNation And FaceBook

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Click here to visit the ReverbNation profile of Hey Champ.
You can listen to 3 of their song there and you'll
get some more infos about them.

Also join their Facebook Group !