The Lupe Fiasco Mixtape Track Of the Week Part 4


CityNews Interview With Lupe Fiasco


Interview from October 10th

Lupe talked about playing concerts, Matthew Santos,
voting and his future plans.

Lupe Fiasco @ The Refresh Your Flow Show - Pics

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Previously: FNF Radio is now the Refresh Your Flow Show

Featured Artist: Complex - The Surgery


Check out Complex with his track "The Surgery".
He raps over the Daydreamin' beat on this one.

Download The Track

His "Let There Be Music" mixtape will drop soon !

808s & Heartbreak - Full Album - Ukulele Cover


Ariel P covers every track
from Kanye's album 808s & Heartbreak.

I'm gonna do an interview with him soon !

Lupe Fiasco Fans - "Thoughts On Fire" - Part 5

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This week we have some thoughts from someone
who want's to stay anonymous:

Well, I love Lupe's music. It's honest. It's real. It's different. And most important - positive. There is so much out there that's negative, and he is going against the grain, putting out a message, saying that smart is cool. He is doing something good, trying to make a change. Even after all this, gotten famous and all, maybe you'd think that he thinks that he has done his part of the job with doing something good, but he keeps doing all the positive things that he can do from his position. Even when he hasn't any new material, he keeps doing something good, like making one of the most inspirational speeches that I've seen. It's like he has taken it as his responsibility. I mean.. What reason is there not to like him, when he is doing something good ? Maybe not his music, but just him as a person ? I can't think of one.. There are some other artists that are a bit like him, but very few. That's why he is important for music right now.

Thanks for sending this in, if YOU also want to share your
thoughts with us, just send a mail to:

Kellan Lutz From Twilight Is A Lupe Fiasco Fan

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via i-tunes

Seeing that so many people seem to enjoy this whole Twilight thing,
some of you might find this interesting.

Kellan Lutz who plays Emmet Cullen in Twilight included
Hip Hop Saved My Life in his i-tunes playlist.

Here's what he said about it: I love the beat,
but you have to listen to the lyrics to understand it.

props to Eric for sending this in

Red Bull Contest - Prize Includes Lupe

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On December 3, the finals of the Red Bull Big Tune producer battle will be held at the Highline Ballroom in NY. The winner has the amazing chance to record with either Lupe, Nas , The Game, or Common.

Here's how the battle works: "The head-to-head competition gives each producer 90 seconds to prove themselves and stay in the game. What makes Red Bull Big Tune truly unique is that there are no celebrity judges. The crowd determines who will advance and who will go home. The last person standing will be the one with the "big tune." In addition to the battle, there will be performances by Ghostface Killah, Digable Planets, and the Alchemist.

Which Artist Should Record A Track With Lupe ? - Part 1


There are a lot of discussions about this topic. People are asking: "Who will be featured on Lupe's last album?" or they say: "I want to hear Lupe on a track with this or that artist" I thought: "We just gonna do some polls now !"

Today there are people in the poll who are already active for quite some time. On Monday there will be another one with some "Freshmen" and on Thursday we'll have the 3rd poll with artists that already worked with Lupe before. Eventually, the artists with the most votes out of each round will face each other in a 4th and final poll.

Ok..maybe it's a bit hard to choose between them because it would be cool to hear more than one of them on a track with Lupe but if you could only choose one...who would it be?

Lupe Fiasco At The MoMA


Painting: Jackson Pollock - Echo No. 25

Painting: Jackson Pollock - One: Number 31

pics via VA$HTIE

Lupe spent some time at the Museum of Modern Art in NY last week. He was there together with Va$htie, you probably know her for directing the Us Placers video or the new video for Solange's T.O.N.Y.. She also has her own fashion label called Violette . For more click here

What do you think about those paintings? I like the 2nd one but my favorite from Pollock is this one right here: Number 1a

Featured Blog Of The Week - F.M. Phenomenal

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This is the blog of Ibn Jasper. I guess a lot of people know it already, for the ones who don't, you need to check it out !

On his blog he writes about the newest fashion, sneakers, art, technology, basically just fly stuff. He also reports from Kanye's tours and he puts up backstage pics and stories that you don't find anywhere else. Besides styling your favorite artists, Ibn is also a of course he writes about skateboarding every now and then and I really like barely see that on other blogs. I think that's pretty much all I can say right now...just go there and check it out !

Lupe Fiasco - Circa Toronto - Some More Pics

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pics via Photo Poetry

The concert was on Oct. 10th but the pics just appeared on Flickr.

I really like the first one, looks awesome.
Actually, all of them are cool.

FNF Radio Is Now The Refresh Your Flow Show


Lupe Fiasco and Bishop G are back as the hosts of FNF Radio which is
now known as Coca Cola's Refresh Your Flow Show.

They are interviewing other artists now....

So far they talked to Busta Rhymes, Fonzworth Bentley,
DJ Unk, Dem Franchise Boyz and Nina Sky.

Click here for the website

More episodes coming soon !

Looks like upcoming episodes will feature DJ Khaled,
Yung Joc and Juelz Santana.

New Banner Design


What you see here is the new lupEND Blog logo/banner.
This is the first time that I'm really happy with the font and the whole look of it.

I should probably change the color of the sidebar, too.
I'm just not really sure which colors I should use.

Let me know what you think !

This will be the last design change for a while.

You Can Win A FALSE T-Shirt Now !

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I'm giving away 1 "Support The Cool" tee.

Those were made by FALSE to support Lupe Fiasco’s album The Cool
and I think they are not available anymore.... can get one for free right now !

Here's what you have to do:

Send me a mail and give me a
good reason
why I should give YOU the shirt.

You have time until December 6th.

Send your mail to:

The winner will be announced on December 7th.

Lupe Fiasco Interviews Common


Common: Yesterday I interviewed with Lupe. It was an incredible interview.
Not only is he talented, but he's one of the most intelligent artists out there.

So...2 of the greatest lyricists did an interview together.
The pic and Common's comment is all we got so far,
the actual interview should be here soon.

thanks to Mehdi for the info

Lupe Fiasco And Some Fans - WDKX Radio Rochester

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I still haven't found anyting about that interview.

I'll keep you updated.

via WDKX

Get A Hey Champ Shirt Now !...or 2 or 3


Lupe rocks one, and you can get yours now, too.
There are some official Hey Champ band shirts available now !

I'll definitely get both and you can do the same !

Just Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Graffiti (Fan Art)

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via Justin M Johnson

This is fan art that I've seen so far.

Chris Brown Ft. Lupe Fiasco - Forever Remix


You can stream the track here:

For some reasons the other entry was taken down. I will only stream
music on here from now download links anymore.

And yeah..there's a version with Lil Wayne,
just check one of our affiliates if you want to download it.

Chamillionaire - GWHH Interview - Talks About Lupe


The good folks over at GWHH did an interview with Chamillionaire.
One part of it is about Lupe and Chicago...check it out !

GWHH: Well, I got a couple more general questions for ya. For one, I know Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco shows a lot of love toward Houston artists like yourself and being the #1 Chicago Hip Hop Blog, our readers would certainly be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Chicago hip hop scene, just like Lupe has with all you guys?

Chamillionaire: I don’t know man, Lupe man, I kinda scratch my head about him man. I saw him at an awards ceremony. I’m like, “Man, I’m a fan of your music.” When I told him that, “Man I’d love to do somethin’ with ya” and he’s like, “Yeah, we’ll exchange numbers later”. And I kinda thought that was weird ’cause I was lookin’ right at him and [thinkin’], “I’m standing right here in front of you, why can’t we exchange numbers now? “. He sat right behind me at the awards and then I turned around and looked and he was gone. So i was like, “Ok, that was kinda weird to not say nothin’”.

Lupe does this song where he comes to Houston and all these people are in the video and he shouts out everybody.. he never really says my name. Wait a second.. maybe he just.. I don’t get it. And that’s not sayin’ that to diss him [Lupe Fiasco]. I like him. I’m a fan of his music. I think he’s a very smart and intelligent guy. I talked to other people, and I asked them, like they know Lupe so, “What’s up with Lupe?” A friend who was a driver, he was takin’ Kanye and Lupe and all them around too so i asked him. I’m tryin’ to get different opinions because I’m tryin’ to figure out… Maybe he’s just on his own page like that and he likes to be solo just like me. Because that’s how I am. I don’t care about what other people are doin’ sometimes I just stay on my own page. Maybe he’s just like that? I never was able to get my own grasp on that.

But I do think that was a big thing to do that to Houston and show some love. When I actually heard that song on his album, I was pretty surprised. I was like, “Whoa! That was dope.” No artist really does that and he’s from Chicago and he’s showin’ love to all these Houston artists and why and all these reasons - that was really fresh to me. And for him to come to Houston and do that, I don’t know too many artists who do that. That was cool and I know people from Houston really embraced it. And he actually put the people in the video that I know. And they was lovin’ it and I tip my hat off to him for that.

As far as Chicago hip hop is concerned, I was out there for a minute. Stayin’ out there before the Swishahouse thing completely blew up, I was workin’ with Frank Thomas, the baseball player, a record label called Undeniable Entertainment, and I was workin’ with him, a guy named Dro and a guy, Hurt-M-Badd, who produced “Hail Mary” by 2Pac. I was out there a good 3, 4 months. We was workin’, tryin’ to get in the studio w/ Crucial Conflict and Psycho Drama and a lotta people from Chicago. And at that time, I wasn’t as big as I am now, I had a feelin’ I was gonna make it and I kept tellin’ them, “Man, I gotta get back to Texas ’cause I got this lil’ buzz happenin’ right now.”

At that time, they didn’t really know and they were tryin’ to get deals with like people and for me, but I just bounced and went back to Texas. People don’t know that about me. It was super windy like all the time it was real cold. You couldn’t turn your hat one direction ’cause of the gangs, you couldn’t turn it to the right. There was a lot of stuff that I was learnin’. I was like, “Wow man, Chicago’s crazy!” I was at the clubs and they was playin’ house music real fast. I was really young at that time and then I came back [to Texas] and my underground career just started takin’ off. I think everything happens for a reason. I learned a lot while I was out there and I learned a lot of Chicago artists and stuff too.

GWHH: Yeah, and with Chicago hip hop - that’s the central focus of our blog. We post a lot of various hip hop and R&B, trying to attract a wide, mainstream audience to pay more attention to our focus of Chicago hip hop. But yeah, and with the Lupe story, I’m not intending to twist that into..

Chamillionaire: Aw naw man. Do whatever you want. I know Lupe’s a smart guy, he knows I”m not beefin’ with him or anything. I just had to put that out there for real. Nobody has ever asked me that before. If anybody has asked me about Lupe, I woulda answered like that. I’m a fan of him. I’m a fan of him. I am a Lupe fan, even before and after this interview. I like his music. And i actually hear his frustration with not wanting to be in hip hop anymore because I be feelin’ the same way a lotta times.

For the full interview Click Here

Lupe Fiasco - SUNY Geneseo - Pics


pics via Takumification

11-22-2008 - Geneseo, NY
Kuhl Gym - SUNY Geneseo

Hey Champ on Vimby

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Props to Noah for sending this in.

Also check Hey Champ's report from the SUNY Geneseo concert !

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco On WDKX Radio Rochester NY

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The pics have just been posted on their website.

I guess they did an interview with him...if so, it was probably
already broadcasted. If anyone catched it...please let me know.

Bishop G Is On Twitter Now !

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I just got a mail telling me that Bishop G is following me on Twitter.

So...yeah...of course I'm following him too now.

You can do the same

Just Click Here

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar - Live @ SUNY Geneseo

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11-22-2008 - Geneseo, NY
Kuhl Gym - SUNY Geneseo

There's another video from that night where Lupe uses
a megaphone while performing "Go Go Gadget Flow".

Not the best quality but you can

watch it here

Fan Art: Lupe Sketch

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Props to Shades of Grey

I really like the shading on the jacket.

The Lupe Fiasco Mixtape Track Of the Week Part 3


I ask my baby if she love me, she said she don't know
She said the game's got her heart, the streets have got her soul

I Got The Yeezy On Tha Chain

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I just had to post this, it's so dope.

You can actually buy the shirt that the bear wears now !

Will Prince from KanYeLive designed it.

Get It Here

Lupe Fiasco - Voodoo Festival - Even More Pics

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via ourso

Eventhough this has been on Oct. 26th...there are still new
and unseen pics that pop up on the net.

Those are pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Riva !!!


Happy Birthday

All the best to you
and have a nice day !

808s & Heartbreak (Official, Mastered Version)


via Kanye's Blog
(Just click on the Album Cover on the playlist.)

Cop it this MONDAY.
Discuss: Does the album meet, exceed, or fall below your expectation?

The FNF Crew Had A Bumpy Plane Ride

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Saam from Hey Champ reports this:

Just got off the scariest, bumpiest plane ride ever on our way to Geneseo. At one point, right after takeoff from NYC, the plane was having trouble with the landing gear, and we were flying low above the water. Lu lifted up his adjacent seat cushion to use as a flotation device. I laughed out loud. And get this, Jonathan figured out that was the 13th flight we've taken this tour. Creepy...

-Thankfully, they landed safely in the end....

To find out what the guys do during their off here

Naledge Talks About Mean & Vicious

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The good folks over at Metallungies did an interview with
Kidz In the Hall and they also talked about Naledge's part on Mean & Vicious.

ML: There’s one more song I have to ask you about. There’s an old, old version of “Mean & Vicious.” You have a verse on that with Lupe.

Naledge: Yeah, that was an actual song. When we were going through doing my solo project a long time ago when I first got on Rawkus, they had this big idea that I should do a song with Lupe Fiasco. He was like the dude from the west side, I’m the dude from the south side. We were pretty much the same age.

Lupe wasn’t who he is now at that point in time. He had this thing where he was like, ‘I have a record that we’re not putting out and I haven’t finished it [that] maybe you could work on,’ ’cause he likes to only work with his producers. I grew up with Prolyfic who was with 1st & 15th at the time. They brought the Pro Tools to “Mean & Vicious” to my studio, Soundscape Studios and that was really it, I was on the song.

Obviously a version of it leaked with just Lupe on it and now people are starting to find the version with me on it. At the time, we were thinking about making it a single. Atlantic didn’t want to clear Lupe, so we kind of just let the song go.

For the full interview: Click Here

You can download "Mean & Vicious" Ft. Naledge here

Kanye Ft. Lupe - Touch the Sky - Mark Ronson Remix

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Additional Download Link

This is pretty damn old...but I still love it !

Mark Ronson is a genius...I mean just listen to an Amy Winehouse
album, I'd say he's definitely one of the top 5 producers.

Poll Results

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We had 2 polls this week. In the first one we asked you
which song you prefer.

Streets On Fire or Put You On Game

Streets On Fire won with 53%.

Based on how close it was it seems
like both tracks are definitely fan favorites

In the 2nd poll we asked you how many Grammy
nominations Lupe will get this year.

44% voted for 1-2 nominations
36% voted for 3-4 nominations

and over 13% think that Lupe could
get more than 6 nominations.

We'll find out who was right about the last one on December 3rd

Thanks for voting !

Hey Champ - Santa Barbara Radio Interview

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They talk about how they met, movies and more.

Lupe Fiasco 2 Pics

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Throwback: Kev Samples Ft. Lupe Fiasco - Up To Me

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From Kev's album "The Rush"

Gemstones - Got What You Need - Video

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Throwback video from the time when his name was Gemini.

Random Pic: Lupe Fiasco And Mars

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Featured Blog Of the Week - Another Good Thought

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Tuesdai runs this blog and it's a little different from the other blogs that I posted about so far. She mainly focuses on art and design but also comics, music and just random thoughts. I read her blog for 1 or 2 weeks now and I really enjoy it. If you want to see some great art pieces and creative designs, her blog is where you need to be. You should go to her site now and check it out !

Check Out Yailin In the Front Row !!!!


As you know...our girl Yay was at the LA concert....
you can see her in the front row in this video
and I guess Ray is right next to her.

What's up girls ?

Reminder: Vote For Lupe Fiasco


Lupe is nominated for 5 Yo! Hip Hop Awards !

You can still vote for him until December 10th.

Get busy and vote as often as you can !

Click Here

Right now he leads in every category

Lupe Fiasco - Anagram


You all know what an anagram is, right? You take a word or a name and rearrange the letters to form a new word. You have to use the exact same letters and you can use them only once. Of course the final outcome of it must make sense in some form.

So for "Lupe Fiasco" an anagram would be "Special UFO"

see...every letter of the name "Lupe Fiasco" is used
once and the anagram makes sense.

If you can come up with some more,
leave your anagrams in the comments.

Hey Champ At the Airport In Charlotte

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Just in case...if you haven't checked them out yet,

you can add them on

MySpace and FaceBook

also visit their blog

Click here

Bonus: Backstage And Soundcheck at ECU

FALSE Season 6 - Dazed Digital Feature

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Dazed Digital has a nice little feature about
FALSE Season Six on their site.

They interviewed Le Messie, check it out:

DazedDigital: FALSE Season Six is based on a "advanced micro novel" entitled Beware. An interesting concept for a collection.

Le Messie: Basically, it’s a mini novel about three characters. We felt the vision of this release needed some narration and a stage. The micro novel made that work perfectly. It will be showcased in our upcoming FALSE Magazine, our independent art-zine shedding some light on our current endeavors as and when we can.

DD: Can you explain the “Fallacy Of Rome” collaboration with Lupe Fiasco as you also produced for his album “The Cool” (he produced "Fighters").

LM: It’s based on Roman literature’s “Kerberos”, the Hound of Hades which represents the trinity involved in this project. Lupe and myself got connected through the independent fashion culture in 2004. In terms of creativity and the industry, music was my first forte followed by art, design then fashion so it was a dream for me to be asked to be involved in the album.

For the full feature Click Here

Spotted at WeAreFalse