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Lupe Fiasco on AllHipHop.com - AHH Year In Review

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The good folks over at AHH reviewed the whole year and they just put up
the article about the best Midwest Hip Hop Artists of 2008.

Here's what they wrote about Lupe:

Lupe spent the majority of 2008 riding the success of his critically acclaimed sophomore album The Cool. The crossover appeal of “Superstar” helped the album hit number one on Billboard Rap charts. The March 2008 video release of the poignant “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” pushed the album past gold and secured Lupe his first plaque.

Fiasco also took the time this year to partner with Coca Cola for the Refresh Your Flow Tour, a concert series aimed at empowering teens around the country from thirteen to seventeen years old that are active in their communities.

Next year, Lupe looks to again enthrall Hip-Hop fans with an ambitious three disc album named LupE.N.D. and the debut album from Child Rebel Soldier, a super group featuring Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Lupe.

To find out what they wrote about Kanye, Common and others, click here

-a CRS album in 2009 would be really cool, right?
and don't forget about that live CD/DVD set !

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Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental - Drum Cover


Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl - Rufus Remix

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Do you want to hear another great remix of
Hey Champ's song Cold Dust Girl ?

Click here and check out the Rufus Remix !

In case you haven't heard the other remixes yet,
you'll also find them on that page.

Matthew Santos On Showcase Minnesota

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Click the pic to watch the video !

Matthew appeared on Showcase Minnesota on December 23rd.
He talked about his latest album, being nominated for
2 Grammys and the work on his new album.

He also performed "Days Like This ".

Happy Birthday Rhymestyle !!

Have a great day Rhymestyle !
All the best to you !

Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Artist Of the Year 2008


The good folks over at Yo! Raps just announced that Lupe also got the
award in the category "Hip Hop Artist of the Year 2008".

Lupe was nominated for 5 Yo! Awards and now we
can finally say that he got all of them !


1st Place: Lupe Fiasco 40.61%
2nd Place: T.I. 18.48%
3rd Place: Lil Wayne 16.21%

Congrats !
via YoRaps

Sarah Green - Me Time


I love this track ! 2009 is gonna be Sarah's year !

Ya'll should check Sarah's MySpace Page and leave a comment,
let her know what you think about the song !

The RapReviews Readers Awards 2008

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The readers of RapReviews.com voted for their
favorite Artists, Songs and Albums of 2008.

Lupe's Hip Hop Saved My Life made it to the Nr.1 spot
in the category "Top Singles of 2008".

In the category "Top Artists of 2008" Lupe made it to Nr.3.

For more, click here

Congrats to Lupe and to Nikki !

Thanks G-A

Follow Lupe on Twitter !


You can now finally follow Lupe on twitter !

Lupe Fiasco Donates Coats To Kids In the Chi


Grammy winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has helped provide warmth for hundreds of children this winter by giving away coats in Illinois.

According to ABC's WLS, the Chicago-bred emcee donated $5,000 to purchase the clothing items for kids throughout his native hometown.

Lupe reportedly said he wanted to give back to deserving families in Chi-town. Along with the initial coats, the "Superstar" rapper is expected to be on-hand to help pass out more coats throughout the West Side area where he was raised later today.

via SOHH

Sarah Green And Her Dog


Isn't that a cute picture ?

Make sure to check Sarah's MySpace Page

Throwback: Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push Remix Ft. Pharrell


Hate It Or Love It - I Warhol The World !

Click here to get the track.

I Like This


Happy Birthday Matthew !

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The whole lupEND Blog team want's to wish you a happy birthday
and continued success in the future.

Stay healthy and keep doing your thing !

Illecism Talks About Lupe

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Illecism is a 19 year old up and coming MC from Cali. In a recent interview he was asked about his top 5 dead or alive and Lupe made it to his list. Check out what he had to say:

Thanks to Wasalu a ni**a changed his entire style. I used to do nothing but gangsta rap, heard “Kick, Push” and never sold another bag of tree again. He felt like hip hop to me when I needed it the most. Had Lupe never dropped, my rap name would probably be Ill Steel or some corny hood shit.

Also his album The Cool was possibly the deepest conceptual album I ever heard in my life. Michael Young History is a character that any kid from the hood could identify with. For Lupe to create him in his previous album and build on him for a full disc was genius…not to mention his poetic delivery. Ridiculous.

After listening to that album and hearing the demise of The Cool on “The Die” I said to myself, “this album could change a hood ni**as’ life quicker than a Bible”. Lupe’s complexity helps me stretch myself so he made my list. He’s “cool as a pool in a blizzard with ice cubes in it…”

check him out on MySpace

Read the full interview @ HeCan'tSaveYou

This Was The Hottest Remix Of The Year - If You Ask Me

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Download FANBASE for FREE!


Fanbase is a desktop application where YOU can receive the latest content from Lupe Fiasco and other artists in one single download. The application features an audio player, chat room and a continuous feed of all the official and unofficial news, photos and videos. Works on PC & Macs.

First Got It When He Was Six, Didn't Know Any Tricks


created by Whimzikal

I wish this would be a wallpaper, it's definitely dope.

Some of you might don't understand why I post a lot of fan art. The reason behind that is just simply that I think, that it's amazing how music can inspire people to do certain things.

Some people get inspired because of a song or a video that they like a lot and they start to be creative and sometimes they put together some of the coolest things. I think that's just awesome to see and if someone really puts some effort into something, they deserve to get a little bit of exposure for that.

Lupe Fiasco Live In Chicago - 30 minutes

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^ Sunshine, I Gotcha & Go Go Gadget Flow ^

^ Daydreamin' ^

Great footage from the Refresh Your Flow Tour.
For another video, which is also 10 minutes, click here

Lupe & Bishop Get In Touch with the Crowd @ Lolla

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pics via Patty Ortiz

Trilly & Truly - Snowflake Puffer Jacket and more


Some new pieces from the winter collection of Lupe's
Trilly & Truly clothing line have just been released.

What we have here are 2 T&T Class of '84 Lightning
Denim Pants and the Snowflake Puffer Jacket.

Available now at choiceisyours.jp

If anyone want's to buy me that jacket...let me know...lol

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar Remix - Hottest Remix Of '08

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After he already won 3 awards, Lupe also received the most votes in the
category "Hottest Remix Of 2008" @ this years Yo! Awards.


1st Place: Lupe Fiasco ft. T.I. & Jeezy - Superstar 39.10%
2nd Place: Weezy ft. Kanye West - Lollipop 17.12%
3rd Place: Shawty Lo ft. Luda, Jeezy, Weezy & Plies - Dey Know 11.86%

Congrats to Lupe, T.I. and Young Jeezy !

I wonder why they didn't put the Everyone Nose remix on the list...

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz Remix)

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Tokyo's own 80Kidz did a great remix of Cold Dust Girl.
If you haven't heard it yet....check it out now !

To download the remix click here

Also make sure to check those pages:

Hey Champ's MySpace and 80Kidz' MySpace

Kick, Push inspired Fan Art


Drawing by: luvtuya

So she took him to a spot, he didn't know about...

Nikki Jean Is A Columbia Recording Artist !


This is so awesome !

Congrats Nikki and all the best to you !

Fashawn - Higher Learning [Mixtape]

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Don't sleep on Fashawn - get his new mixtape now !
- presented by OnSmash and NahRight

Click Here To Get It

Merry Christmas !


Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy
Hanuka to all of our readers !

Have a good time !

Just A Few Pics

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pics via Adil

Lupe Fiasco @ The Big Day Out Festival - Get Your Tickets !

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Tickets for all the Big Day Out Festival tour dates and for Lupe's
sideshows in Australia are available now !

To get tickets for the concerts in Australia:

Click Here

Tickets for Lupe's sideshow in Sydney -

Are Available Here

To get tickets for the Big Day Out Festival
in New Zealand:

Click Here

Shout outs to Safia and Fresh To Def and to everyone else
who's going to one of those shows - have a good time !

Go Baby - Fan Video


I thought I was the only one who danced like this in my room.
Come on girls, I know you do, too...haha :)

This is still the shit !


Mr. Music - For The Longest Time


Tibs just sent me this and it's another great song from Mr. Music.
Is it just me or does he get better with every track?

Hey Champ Live @ the Crocodile Club in Chicago

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You should go there if you're in the Chicago area !

Poll: Which one is Lupe's best Live Track ?


Which song is the absolute highlight at a Lupe Fiasco concert?
If your favorite song is not listed just choose "Other" and type it in.

Warner Music Group Pulls Music From Youtube

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In case you want to watch some of your favorite Lupe videos or if you want to see the latest videos of T.I., Diddy, Madonna or Linkin Park...where would you go to search them? I'm sure most of you would say "YouTube" - you can forget about that now because The Warner Music Group removed all music videos of their entire roster from the site.

Back in September of ‘06 Warner made a deal with the popular video-sharing site to share revenues from ads and royalties but after renegotiations failed over the weekend, WMG said they will take down all videos and songs from their artists, as well as content from those signed to their publishing branch.

“We simply cannot accept terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide,” Warner Music said in a statement over the weekend.

Warner is not the only company with problems with YouTube. Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Group Ltd. are also in renegotiations with the Google owned site.

partly taken from XXL

BrandUn DeShay - Can He Get The Girl ?

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Click the cover to download BrandUn's take
on Lupe's "And He Gets the Girl"

Amajanese Takeover in 2009 !

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You didn't think that I forgot about it, right?

Maybe I didn't talk about it that often lately but we'll
have an awesome mixtape ready for you in '09.

Are you an artist and do you want to be a part of it?

If you want to record a track for us and if you want to be
featured on our upcoming mixtape, send me a mail or
contact me via MySpace.

Lupe Fiasco - Camelback Across The Desert Sand

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Those pics are obviously from the Paris, Toyko video shoot.
The 2nd one is featured in David Strick's Best of 2008.

This one is my favorite pic.

Thanks to Jen for sending this in.

Semtex says: The Cool is the album of the year !

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Click here to find out what else he said about The Cool
and also check his other highlights of '08.

Karina Pasian Live In New York

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As you might remember, Karina opened up for Lupe
during the Refresh Your Flow Tour.

This is some nice footage from the New York concert.

Click here For Part 2


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Tourniquet is a cool and futuristic novel written by Sarah Woodland. She's a good friend of mine and right now she tries to find someone who's willing to publish her book. In need of support, she started a FaceBook group.

I like the story a lot and it would be really cool if YOU would join Sarah's Tourniquet group on FaceBook to support her a bit. If a lot of people join, it will maybe give her a better chance to find a publisher for it.

Click here to join the group and to read a summary
and the prologue of Tourniquet.


Lupe Fiasco - Circa Nightclub - Melissa's Pics


To see more pics from Lupe's concert at the Circa Nightclub
in Toronto click here, here and here

Featured Artist: Bullet - Supersonic Pt. 1


Download Supersonic Pt. 1 Here

Bullet's next project - The Lost Jabbawockee

will drop in '09 !

For more tracks, check his


Go Baby !


Cool pic and definitely an eyecatcher.

thanks Melissa

Lupe Fiasco - Streets On Fire - Unofficial Music Video


This is an incredible video for Lupe's Streets On Fire.

Big props to Shad the Director

The Lupe Fiasco Mixtape Track Of the Week Part 5


Curtains - Night Of the Living Dope


Really dope track and check what
he wrote on his MySpace:

"One day Lupe Fiasco walks into my store to shop and looks at me hella strange, almost shocked to see me in there working. We've been friends since I was in high school. We both respected each others creativity and diversity. We would talk about the future and changing the game, and here he was, grammy nominated, living his dream". Listening to "The Cool" got me back in love with doing music, and just reconnecting with him was enough push to pursue it one more time.

Great Lupe Fiasco Painting


via jakerath_2007

Do you get it ?

Twitter !


Click Here to follow me

Throwback Video: Nikki Jean

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Remember this? I sure do. This was uploaded to youtube exactly one year ago.
What did you think and how did you feel when you first saw it ?

Lupe Fiasco - 2 Cool Pics From The UConn Concert

^ that's just a great pic ^

if your mic stand breaks - put it in a water bottle !

pics via Yaya

I Saw It On TV


I was told to buy a CD - The CD told me - "Buy a TV"
The TV that I bought came with a CD that said:
"Go and buy the DVD"

The DVD that I bought came with a CD
which was the DVD of the makin' of the TV, that I saw

Which told me to go and buy the CD in the first place, wait nah

I put the DVD in the TV, so you can see what I saw
but wait, it's a CD so you can't see me, odd

"What It Do"

My favorite Lupe tracks always change but
this one is in my top 5 all the time.

Justice // Lupe Fiasco - Phantom II TKRMX


Now this is a dope mash-up. If something like this already sounds so good,
just imagine how that remix album could sound like.

To get the full TKRMX Justice mash-up mixtape
Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Joined Bun B On Stage In Chicago


Bun B performed in Chicago on Tuesday, December 16th and
Lupe joined him on stage to perform "Swang On Em".

via AustinSurreal

"Lupe Fiasco's The Cool" Hit Stores One Year Ago

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Happy Anniversary !