Video: Drake - Best I Ever Had - Live @ HOB in Chicago ~ LUPEND

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Video: Drake - Best I Ever Had - Live @ HOB in Chicago

House of Blues, Chicago - May 15th 2009

Some people in the crowd started to fight and Drake had to stop performing guess who was up there on stage with him and held him back...(@ 3:28)


  1. Ahahaha lupe keeping the peace lol. damn he head nappy.

    "fuck the fighting with all these beautiful women here" LOOOOOOOOOOOOL


  2. i dont mean to hate BUT
    y the f*ck is lupe holding DRAKE back u KNOW drake aint gonna do sh!t

  3. Just Cause He From Canada And Grew Up In The Suburbs Means That He Cant/Wont Fight???

    i Dont Beleive That lol

    Fighting Isnt Worth It Anyway But Drake Definately Isnt A Punk.

    Lupe And Drake On A Song Together Would Be Legendary

  4. LOL @ Drake acting like he was about to do something. Pssh, please.

  5. haha at Drake would have died had he tried to do some shit. that was a gang fight...and if u look when it first started that nigga looks EXTRA scared. Then tried to get tough, and put on the Jimmy face....negro please. Lupe saved his life.

  6. that wasnt a fucking gang fight. That shit was retarded

  7. yes it was nigga...i was there, and i know why the fight started. it started because two niggas started trippin about lords and the fuck u finna tell me?

  8. Stop being tough. You don't know shit.

  9. Lupe: "dont say anything, house of blue wont let you back.."


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