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Jonathan Marks of Hey Champ Talks About His Manager

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Common on Karmaloop TV

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During the recent Magic tradeshow, Common took some time to sit down with Karmaloop's founder Greg Selkoe. They talked about Common's latest album "Universal Mind Control", "Software" (Common's new clothing line with Microsoft), artists from Chicago and his part in Terminator 4: Salvation.

Lupe Fiasco For Converse @ Saint Alfred


This sunday - St. Alfred

"Blind Fury" coming soon?


Mickey and Lupe?

Listen to this track:

"We need to collab and get a track called "Blind Fury"

After this pic, maybe we'll get that soon...lol

GLC - Take Me Out Feat. Shayla G (Prod. By Kanye West)

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I took this track from a new mixtape which was compiled by Artutabr and Dani_46. It features a bunch of rare, lost and unreleased gems from Kanye West and it's called "The Lost Songs". You can get it here.

Now let me talk a bit about the GLC/Shayla G track. I think that I heard it for the first time today, it's pretty dope and you should definitely check it out !

Kanye and T-Pain - Flight School Remix feat. S-Preme


You got to have some balls if you jump on one of Kanye's tracks because people are going to compare you with him. However, on this track S-Preme definitely doesn't disappoint and delivers one of his best lyrical efforts to date. Good to see that he's able to mess with the big names. Check his metaphors and his wordplay.

Download: Lupe Fiasco @ 1Xtra Live - Coventry, UK (Audio)

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This is a re-upload of Lupe's performance in Coventry which went down on March 22nd 2008, so in case you didn't get it last year...here it is again:


01. Touch The Sky
02. Kick, Push
03. Daydreamin'
04. Hip Hop Saved My Life
05. Go Go Gadget Flow feat. Sway
06. Paris, Tokyo
07. Superstar feat. Matthew Santos

Hey Champ Live @ Lumen - 01.30.09 - Pics

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Pics via: ToneDocIsAFreak

Check their MySpace Page to find out about upcoming shows and more.

Kanye West - Stronger - VH1 Storytellers


Full show will premiere on February 28th.
I can't wait!

Props Ernest

Fall Of Rome x NIKE Air Force 1 - "AFIV"


First images of the black version of those Air Force 1's appeared online back in June '08. Now there's a white pair, too and it seems like they could get a release date soon.

"Lupe Fiasco’s F.O.R teamed up with Nike on a pack of Air Force 1’s. The pack consists of a white and black colorway, coming in a mix of leather and patent leather and both featuring a gold Swoosh and tags. No word on a release date so far."

They were first labeled as "Trilly & Truly" but Lupe just made the following statement on the FNF Army page:

Lupe: These Are Not Trilly & Truly...sorry bout the mix up...4 Pair Of Each Color...$2,000 A Pair...Coming Soon...

Lupe Fiasco @ USF - Pics


via: PyroLuigi

February 20th 2009
Univ. of San Francisco - War Memorial Gym
San Francisco, CA

LOL @ This Comment


Spotted at NahRight

icon (trillbert arenas) says:

they look like a couple of weed carriers, waiting to pick up Lupe Fiasco from his “Food and Liquor” cover shoot….

Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo Live @ USF


Lupe Fiasco performing "Paris, Tokyo" live at USF's
War Memorial Gym on

Lupe's Favorite Album Right Now Is...



Lupe Fiasco Mashed Up by Urban Noize

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Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
(Gym Class Heroes Mashup - " Live Forever "(Fly With Me)

Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha
(Gym Class Heroes Mashup - "Guilty as Charged”)

Daydreamin' Choreo

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Watching this made me think about somethng...wouldn't it be dope if
someone would create a musical based on Lupe's tracks ?

"Nihon Town" is Amajanese

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Click the image !

Crazy! This is the ultimate mashup illustration created by Ken Taya who mashed US and Japanese pop culture icons in this piece (he also designed some parts of Halo 3 and other games).

It's called "Nihon Town" and features Tokyo Plastic, Danny Choo aka Tokyo Dance Trooper, Obey Giant/Andre the Giant, Doraemon/Garfield, Noodle(Gorillaz), the Astro Boy with Mickey Mouse ears, Budweiser & Yebisu, the Bape logo and NHK’s mascot "Domo Kun" + many more pop-icons.

Oh man, I love this. This is Amajanese on the highest level.

Check more mashup's here

via Enfu

Esso Performs His Version of "Hip-Hop Saved My Life"


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Nikki Jean Starts Her Road Trip

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I know it's gonna take some time but I already
can't wait to hear the outcome of this.

Click here
for a little bit more about the road trip and
everything else regarding Nikki Jean.



created by: ekelrock

Baba Says Cool For Thought - Motion GFX

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Kinda short but still dope.

Props to Hlynur for sending this to me.

Lupe Fiasco's Essentials Of Cool


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Click the image !

New Nikki Jean Interview (Part 1)

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The wonderful people over at the Nikki Jean Live Blog (including myself)
did an interview with Nikki on Valentine's day!

She talked about her upcoming album, Nouveau Riche,
her future plans and much more.

Eventhough we had some technical difficulties during the interview
(Skype sucks), it was a lot of fun and you should definitely check it out!

Click Here

KAWS - Opening Night - Honor Fraser


KAWS opened the doors to his first solo show in LA on Saturday night.
The show is called “The Long Way Home” and features an array of
never before seen paintings and sculptures.

Click here for more pics.

Also make sure to check this LA Times article about him.

Lupe Fiasco And Mickey Factz


Workin' on a track? Doing an interview? Just chillin'? Or something else?
What's going on here?


Video: 1500 Or Nothin EPK


This is a very dope EPK. Make sure to check it out !
(Lupe is in there, too)

Also visit their MySpace Page

Music For The Masses 3


Lupe Fiasco Interview @ The Peapod Foundation Benefit Concert


Great, instead of asking him about his upcoming album or something like
that, she asked Lupe how often he changes his bed sheets.

Also check the previous entry here

The Robot


via Saga79

Lupe Fiasco @ USF - Go Go Gadget Flow/Dumb It Down


February 20th 2009 - Univ. of San Francisco - War Memorial Gym - San Francisco, CA

First Lupe acts like he'd go in over the "Brooklyn Go Hard" beat but
then he says: "You know I ain't from Brooklyn man"
and starts performing "Go Go Gadget Flow".


Also check this one:

Lupe does his verse from the "Everyone Nose Remix"
and throws up the CRS sign.

Trilly & Truly - Lightning Gave Them Life

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In his latest blog entry, Le Messie explained where the T&T logo came from:

Lupe’s more accessible lil sibling brand Trilly & Truly has been making it’s rounds everywhere and I’m honoured that an old logo of mine from an old brand project (remember C.O.R Children Of the Revolution) is the main brand identity used as it’s face! It’s called the “Law” logo and Lupe knighted it with the quote lightning gave them life”.

Visit WeAreFalse fore more infos.

Leigha Mae - Superstar (cover)

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I like her voice and she's cute.

Check her MySpace

Lupe Likes These Guys (Updated)


Check the MySpace

Become their fan on FaceBook now !!!!

Logo design by Nathan Cabrera.
The logo on the eye patch is designed by Le Messie.

Props to the FALSE Team

Dope Video - Kid Cudi - Day N Nite


He was also on 106 & Park with Kanye today.
Click here to see the interview and a little freestyle session.

Debut album Man on the Moon: The Gaurdians - coming soon.

CoutURe TV - Drea from HE SAY SHE SAY

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Visit URCHICAGO.COM to see the pics from the shoot &
to read their article about Drea.

Another dope article can be found here:

also check: He Say She Say on MySpace

Throwback: Drake - Kick, Push Remix


Download Here

also click here to check Drake's latest mixtape.

What's up Guest?

Visit the whole FNF Family !

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Just a friendly reminder to all fans of everything FNF. We're a BIG family!!! So take the time and make the rounds and introduce yourselves to OR get
reacquainted with the whole FNF Music Crew on Myspace...

lets see we got the cool and poetic Matthew Santos...
Myspace. com/matthewsantos

The hip futuresounds of Hey Champ...
Myspace. com/heychamp

The electro-punk anthems of He Say She Say...
Myspace. com/dreaheartsmusic

The POWERFUL voice that is Sarah Green...
Myspace. com/num1soloist

The street and struggle of Gemstones...
Myspace. com/fnfgemstones

The rebels in disguise...Japanese Cartoon...
Myspace. com/japanesecartoon

Stop by and say "Hi"


DJ Yoda feat. Lupe and Others - Colorful Clothes

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You probably heard this one already...isn't it kinda uncool to put an old verse
from someone's song on your track and then call it "Brand New"?
I'd say that's it's a new mix or something.

Check Emily King's "Walk In My Shoes" feat. Lupe right here.
That's the song Yoda took Lupe's verse from.

DL link via 2DB

Lupe Fiasco @ MSU - Zlatko's Pics

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Thanks to Slatko for sending those pics to us. If YOU go to one of Lupe's
upcoming concerts, feel free to send your pics and reviews to: jeezy44@gmail.com

Video: Kanye West - "Welcome To Heartbreak"


This is the official video for the song.
"Welcome to Heartbreak" is NOT the next single though.

I have to say that this dude Nabil Elderkin is a very dope video director, he directed the videos for Black Eyed Peas' "Like That", Kanye's "Champion", Will I Am's "She's A Star" and a few more. All of them have been super creative but this one definitely tops the previous ones...and hey, Cudi is in there, too...
Very cool !

via Kanye's Blog

Lupe Fiasco is set to Perform @ The University of New Hampshire


SCOPE officially announced Monday night that the highly acclaimed rap artist Lupe Fiasco will be kick-pushing his way into Durham and onto the Field House stage Saturday, May 2.

Tickets for the spring show will go on sale Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. in the MUB Ticket Office. Tickets will be $15 for undergraduate students and $35 for non-students.



This dude Ebrahim just created this great track right on the spot and he only used beatboxing and a few piano chords.

He mashed up the vocals of D’Angelo’s “Lady,” Lupe Fiasco’s “Paris, Tokyo” and Joni Mitchell’s “Got ‘Til It’s Gone.”

Lupe Fiasco: Some Folks Dress Better Than Kanye

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Kanye West made a stir both when he said he takes fashion inspiration from gay people, and when he backtracked on that statement this month by saying, "That's when I was ignorant to gays. 'Cause there's a lot of gay people who don't dress good at all. There's a lot of gay people that I dress way better than."

Backstage at the Y-3 show, his friend and frequent collaborator Lupe Fiasco backed him up. "It's true!" said Lupe (who, incidentally, is waiting to talk to former tour-mate Chris Brown "until all this nonsense boils over").

"What do you want me to say?" Lupe acknowledged that Kanye doesn't dress better than EVERY minority group. "Japanese people and people from Paris have the best style. They can beat Kanye hands down. That’s where we get it from," he said. But he did think Kanye has the style edge on most of his fellow rappers. Said Lupe, "He definitely dresses better than me."

Happy Birthday Lupe !


The whole lupEND blog team want's to wish you a happy birthday and continued success in the future! We hope that you have a good one and many more to come. Stay healthy and keep up the good work!

...and enjoy the video!

Erik Flowchild - Before It E.N.Ds


Mr. Flowchild just came through with this really dope track that he put together for our blog. As the title already implies, it's picking up the whole E.N.D. theme.
Ya'll need to download this one for real.

Download the track here

"There's 2 kinds of people in this world...there's nobodies and there's
for me though...I feel like I'm a nobody that somebody knows..."

Also check his MySpace page and visit GWHH
to get more tracks from him.

Lupe Fiasco @ The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC

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Lupe, Kanye, Milla Jovovich, Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush, Ian Thorpe and Veronica Webb were all in the front row at the Y-3: Fall 2009 runway presentation in New York yesterday.

Click here for more Fashion Week pics.

It's Like Ha Ha HaHa Ha


DJ Deckstream ft. Nikki Jean - Exit Sign

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Brand new Deckstream track featuring Nikki Jean. This is
off of his new album: "Deckstream Soundtracks 2"

Check it here

Gemstones ft. Lupe Fiasco - We On (Jaguar Skills Beat It Remix)


Gem and Lupe on a mix of MJ's "Thriller" and "Beat It"....nice !
Taken off of Jaguar Skills' latest All Star M1x.

Download the track here

Lupe Fiasco - Freestyle @ MSU


February 12th 2009 - Michigan State Univ. - MSU Auditorium East Lansing, MI

Lupe: "We gotta do a quintessential Hip-Hop Show Freestyle"



For those of you who wonder what the instrumental is, it's SoHo's Hot Music.
K-Os also used it for his track Superstar.

Thanks for the info Shakespeare

propaYne and Theophilus London - Aquamilitia Remix

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Oh oh..what is this? Pro just jumped on the
track and made it his own..

Get it here

2 Lupe Fiasco Wallpapers

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