Lupe Fiasco - Past Addictions Return


Lupe: I haven't held up highly prized items while taking self-portraits to put online for people to see in a Loooooongtiiimmmmeeeee....Hypebeast blog and NimNim halcyon days long since passed...

For more visit the FNF Army Network

-Nice to see that Lupe is getting more active on the net again!
Will he keep it up?...only time will tell...would be dope though.

Mike Shinoda Talks About Lupe Fiasco


"Lupe never puts a word down on paper"

Somehow I just found this on my computer... It's old (from 2005) but some of you might haven't heard it before...if you wonder where this is from; Mike released an edition of the Fort Minor album "The Rising Tied" which featured comments for every track and this is the one for "Be Somebody."

Hey Champ @ The Abbey Pub

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You should visit The Abbey Pub on April 8th if you're in Chicago
and if you want to see Hey Champ perform live!

Click Here for more infos.

Charles Hamilton - Something Special For The Overseas (Freestyle) + "The Dead Zone"


DJ Semtex was in New York recently and he hooked up with Charles
and other peeps. Check this freestyle - it's dope !

Shout out to Charles - keep doin' your thing!


(cover designed by myself)

You can download his latest mixtape,
"The Dead Zone" right here

Lupe Fiasco - Hi-Definition @ the UGBC Spring Concert

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March 27th 2009 - Boston College - Conte Forum - Chestnut Hill, MA

Click here if you want to read another review of the concert.

"Shining Down" Is Not The 1st Single From "Lasers"


DREA x VA$HTIE x AMANDA @ Santos in NYC - Pics

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Seems like they all had a good time at the
Santos Party House in Manhattan on March 27th.

Theophilus London and CURT@IN$ were in the building, too !

Check Vashtie's Blog for more...

Download: Mick Luter - Dumb It Down (Freestyle)


Fake Shore Drive x Mick Luter x DJ G Spot are putting together a
collaboration mixtape called "Righteous Kill."

On the first leaked track Mick goes in over Lu's "Dumb It Down."
It's a great freestyle, make sure to check it out !

Get It Here

I agree with Lupe's tweet...what do you think?

Props to Andrew !

Some Dude Randomly Jumps On Stage at the 2 Min. Mark


March 27th 2009 - Boston College - Conte Forum - Chestnut Hill, MA


Rhymestyle Radio - The Midnight Session

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After being absent for a month, Rhymestyle is finally back
with another episode of Rhymestyle Radio.

Click here to check it out !

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down feat. Matthew Santos (Live Snippet)


From the show @ Boston's the hook !

Get it Here

Sounds great so far. Man, I really want to
hear more new stuff now!

Props to Steph for taping it !

Lupe Fiasco @ Boston College - Pics

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Click Here to see more pics.

Andale' - Fly Away (Kick,Push Beat)

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Andale' recycled the Kick, Push beat for this nice track
off of his Voice Of Reason mixtape.

Download here

Artists For Harmony Presents: Matthew Santos @ Martyrs

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4/24/2009 - 09:00 PM at Martyrs
3855 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60613
Cost: $20

It's a benefit show and all proceeds will be donated to
the Artists For Harmony Organization.

Click Here for more infos and to get tickets !

thanks Sheena!

Lupe Fiasco @ Boston College - Video/Review

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Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental @ Boston College - March 27th 2009

"Genesis" by Justice is the perfect track to enter the stage...
it creates this heroic feeling...the JC shirt is cool, too.

--Also check this review which was written by J-REV--

Just got back to my room from the Lupe Fiasco and Ben Folds concert at my school. For those of you wondering why that combo was put together, trust me, I am right there with you. If you didn't know I'm a student at Boston College, which provided an interesting crowd that consisted of about a 50/50 split between the Fiasco and Folds fans.

This, along with our basketball stadium's horrible sound quality provided quite a challenge for Lupe.

After what seemed like an eternity, Folds' set was over and Fiasco took the stage starting off with "The Instrumental" off his debut album Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor.

The set lacked the organization that Lupe usually provides, but his great energy and intensity more than made up for it. He performed his basic songs including "Superstar", "Hip Hop Saved My Life", "Kick, Push", but also surprised the crowd by rapping his verse to "Everyone Nose".

The performance was somewhat cut short due to the midnight closing time, but Lupe still came out and did "Daydreaming" as an encore.

For the average fan or new listener, Lupe gave a great performance. Hopefully this motivated people to go out and spend the money to see him in a small venue with a full band. As someone who has seen him perform under perfect circumstances, this performance only showed part of his true potential.

Also for the beasts out there... Lupe mentioned that the CRS album is still in the making. I'm not sure I believe it, but as long as we get a couple more tracks I will be satisfied.

He Say, She Say @ The Studio at Webster Hall - Pics

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Pics via Drea and CarolineFM

They performed at The Studio in New York together
with Hollywood Holt on March 18th.

Make sure to check Drea's Blog for more!



Lupe x Twitter...

"real left shit...but super basic...minimalist and readymade"


btw...according to Busy,
"FNF TV is going down this weekend!"

-I hope that I'll be able to catch the live-stream this time...

Lupe Fiasco Tweets About His Favorite Rappers


Straight from his Twitter Page....leave your thoughts in the
comments and tell us about your favorites !


I know someone who said the same thing about
Kanye like a month ago....Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Performs @ Boston College Tonight !

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pic via Daniel Shar

Lupe performs at the UGBC spring concert tonight...
If you go to the show...have fun !

Maybe Lupe will talk about "Lasers" or even
perform a new song...who knows...

If you take pics or videos @ the show or if there's anything else
that you you want to share...just simply send a mail to


Nikki Jean Gives Us An Update

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For more check Nikki Jean Live

Also make sure to follow The Nikki Jean Fan Blog on Twitter!

One Week Left


Lupe stated last week that he would only stay on Twitter for 2 weeks, well he just twitted saying: "one more week then it's a wrap..." which made me think of a theory, so here it is:

Lu teased us with a preview of Shining Down via live stream from a studio on monday night. I believe that in exactly one week, when he makes his last post on his twitter before he deletes it again, that he will finally release Shining Down officially, either that or something else.

So could it be that he is trying to go out with a bang?? only time will tell...


Invisible Children


YAY is very passionate about this project....and I'm sorry that I took her entry off of the page caus' I didn't really know what it was all about....

Invisible Children is a non-profit organisation which was founded after three young filmakers made a movie called: Invisible Children: The Rough Cut. The documentary was filmed in 2003 when three young men from Southern California travelled to Sudan "to find a story".

Instead, their adventure took them into the depths of northern Uganda where they discovered thousands of people affected by the brutality and attacks of a rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The documentary chronicles their experience as young Americans learning firsthand about a conflict largely unknown to the international community, while also informing audiences about the great humanitarian crisis of child soldiers.

After people saw the film, the overwhelming response has been, "How can I help?" To answer this question, the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. was created, giving compassionate individuals an effective way to respond to the situation.

Check their website and get educated (like I just did)...
if you have 5 bucks left...donate...

Lasers Are Everywhere...


I bet we'll see some more pics that are inspired by Lupe's
new album title "Lasers" within' the next few weeks/months...

Thank you for sending this one in Vi!

If you have cool Laser pics feel free to send them to us, too...

Big Announcements from Hey Champ - Part 1

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Here's the first of two big announcements from Hey Champ...

-They will be opening for the Swedish group "The Sounds"
on the first leg of their Spring Tour!

Here are the dates for Hey Champ/The Sounds:

Apr 27 TT The Bears -- Boston, Massachusetts
Apr 28 The Mod Club -- Toronto
Apr 29 Club Soda -- Montreal, Quebec
May 1 Port City Music Hall -- Portland, Maine
May 2 The Note -- West Chester, Pennsylvania
May 5 The Grog Shop -- Cleveland, Ohio
May 6 St Andrew’s Hall -- Detroit, Michigan
May 7 Double Door -- Chicago, Illinois
May 8 Varsity Theatre -- Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 9 The Rave -- Milwaulkee, Wisconsin
May 11 Peoples Court -- Des Moines, Iowa
May 12 Bottleneck -- Lawrence, Kansas
May 13 The Blue Note -- Columbia, Missouri
May 14 Marquee -- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Stay tuned for more huge news in the next few weeks. You can also follow Hey Champ on their new twitter page at

via the official Hey Champ Blog

Le Messie - Marma Spot Interview


The people over at The Marma Spot just recently interviewed Le Messie. He answered questions about his FALSE brand, the role of the internet in the global marketplace and some other things. Here's the part where he talked about his collabo with Lupe:

The Marma Spot:
FALSE has been involved with some pretty powerful collaboration to date, most notably the collabs with Lupe Fiasco and BlackSmith Entertainment. Can you talk a bit about those collaborations, how they unfolded, how the process really worked, and could you let us in on any other/new collabos you have in the works?

Le Messie:
Yes yes, I personally really love those. Lupe and myself are good buddies. That collabo has been in the back burner for almost a year. I managed to get something up that I liked and Lupe felt strongly for, we worked through it together and TADA! I created Lupe the Killer… the feminine alter ego hero of Lupe!...

You can read the full interview
right here

Side Note: On his FaceBook profile he said that he produced a track for Lupe's next album and that he hopes that it'll make the cut... - I hope so too because he did a great job producing "Fighters".

Le Messie on FaceBook
FALSE on FaceBook

Pharrell x McDonalds x Paris LOL


I mean, Gotta Eat was one thing, but I SURE hope they
keep this one off of the CRS

Lupe's New Album Is Called "Lasers" not "We Are Lasers"


XXL reports that the album title is simply "Lasers" not "We Are Lasers".

"Lupe Fiasco announced last year that he was retiring from hip-hop after the release of his third disc, LupE.N.D. But now, according to his Twitter account, that project has been abandoned in place of an album titled ‘We Are Lasers.’

The album is just called "Lasers", according to a rep for Lupe, who also confirms that the Twitter account is official. "


Lupe Streaming Live From The Studio:


Go Now!!

Update: In case you missed's a recap:

-Lupe played his new track, "Shining Down"
-Old songs that haven't been released yet were played
-Lupe basically plugged a bunch of Trilly & Truly clothes
-and they had a bunch of

I didn't see the whole stream...if I missed something
important, let me know in the comments.

Lupe Fiasco - "We Are Lasers" Shirts - Coming Soon!

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Straight from Twitter:

They better not be the same design as the ones he posted on FNF Army!!!

Sean's edit: Lupe said that the laser pics that he used are not part
of the official artwork, they are just placeholders for now...
so I don't think that they will end up on a shirt.



We got something for you.. yep, we got something for you all

Sean... We'll let them wait until April 21st for this....

Do You Need Some Tickets For Coachella to See Lupe?

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Wanna go to Coachella to see Lupe, N.A.S.A., TRV$DJ-AM, M.I.A, The Clipse, Lykke Li and all the other acts that are going to perform this year? You can win tickets here. Or you can purchase tickets here.

Click Here for more infos about Coachella.

I know that YAY will be there...
have fun girl !

Video: UNKLE - “Heaven” - Directed By Spike Jonze


Spike Jonze and Ty Evans directed this video for UNKLE's track "Heaven" from the album End Titles - Stories For Film.

It features skaters in slow motion - jumping through walls & explosions...if you like this, you should watch the Fully Flared Video, too.

I don't know what to say...the video looks fantastic! And it perfectly
fits to the track - props to Spike and Ty !

Spotted @ HighSnobiety

MacBook Pro Song


Turbo is back and currently working on the ElectroRockV5: LLLLL project.

Straight From Twitter


Straight from Lupe's Twitter, after he told us the title of the album, he
now revealed that the album could drop before the Live DVD....

more interesting updates:

Now that's a lot of info at once....We put a widget in the sidebar
which displays all of Lupe's twitter updates...

Make sure to check that out to stay up-to-date !

If You Build It...Somebody Should Show Up...


Last week everyone has seen the "We're not Losers, We're Lasers" post, well here's the follow up on that... Lupe Fiasco made a post on the FNF Army site with a Twitter link and a quote:

If You Build It...Somebody Should Show Up...

Also he posted this pic followed by "#3"

UPDATE: I think I figured out the riddle, on that twitter, the name is "Album no.3", and We Are Lasers is the album title, so much for The Great American Rap Album... btw until further notice, this is just a theory, so don't go telling everyone THAT RHYMESTYLE SAID THIS,RHYMESTYLE SAID THAT

UPDATE #2: I was right, "We Are Lasers" is the title of Lupe's next album.
Check the latest blog entry that was published on Lu's MySpace:

Keep track of the new album via Twitter.
We set up a new Twitter page so guys can keep tabs on how
the album No. 3 is turning out...

Lupe's FaceBook Status:

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Posted a few hours ago:

...creating another masterpiece.
Hopefully we'll be able to listen to it in June....

thanks to the shoutbox guest

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Speech at Circa

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It's been a while since this concert went down...I'm glad that someone captured this speech and put it on YouTube...very inspirational words from Lupe.

Props to 8-BIT x TWNTY

Track Of The Week: Lupe Fiasco Vs. Daft Punk - Pop Pop (HB Remix)

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Heartbeat Da Producer is the guy behind this nice mashup.
Taken off of the "Like Liquor For Punks" mixtape.

Download Here

Throwback: UNKLE & Lupe Fiasco @ The Vegoose Festival

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Great performance of Hello/Goodbye @ The Vegoose
Music Festival in Las Vegas - October 2007

Are we going to get another Lupe/UNKLE collabo on Lupe's next album?
I'd like that ! - Check the comment on this entry...

Lupe Fiasco Says:


"I like music because... It gives me a chance to escape and reach people I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach. And without music the world would be kinda quiet."

Panjo 5 to work with 1500 Or Nothin

No comments: reports that the Australien teen-pop outfit Panjo 5 is heading to the US to work with the guys from 1500 Or Nothin.

Check them out on MySpace.

Keith Sidney - I Got Love

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This is the first single from Keith's upcoming

Download Here

Rakeem Johnson Wrote An Awesome Article About Lupe

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Lyrically, I have not heard an emcee whose stanzas contain as much depth, attention to word choice, etc. as his. His effortless lyricism is incomparable and he utilizes intellectual, elaborate to paint incredible mental visuals on wax.

His wordplay is remarkable as well as there are few people that can toy with words like he can whether it be the intricate metaphors, references or just flat out rhyming… NO ONE does it quite like he does.

While many emcees need three (or more) verses to flesh out their message, Lupe dares to go a bit further by stuffing one verse with so much information that is impossible to catch all the hidden meanings in one listen and he succeeds without losing the topic or his ground (”Theme Music to a Drive-By”).

To be such a young emcee, he is also consistent with his rhymes meaning he doesn’t just drop a classic verse here and there, but he’ll consistently drop great rhymes.

In the vein of the Notorious B.I.G., Lupe sets the bar so high for himself that even material that is considered “filler” for him is still better than a lot of other emcees’ material. Like only a few before him, there is no such thing as “a bad Lupe verse”.

And this was only the part about Lupe's lyrics, CLICK HERE to read part 1 of the full article.

Also check SketchesOfMySoul, you can already find part 2 on there!

Lupe Fiasco Guest Programs Rage This Saturday !


This is for all the Lupe fans in Australia: Join Lupe Fiasco as he guest programs Rage this Saturday, March 21st.

Expect more than a few surprises as Lupe programs everything from Joy Division to Alice In Chains, plus of course some of his favourite hip-hop artists.

Join him on the Rage couch from 10am – 11am Saturday morning, then enjoy the full guest programming starting at 11pm Saturday night on ABC1.

If you can't watch it, you can Click Here and check the playlist that Lupe put together.

Gabriella Cilmi Want's To Do A Johnny Cash Tribute Concert With Lupe Fiasco And Others

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If you don't know who she is...check this video or go to her Official Website! She's already pretty successful in Australia and Europe.

Neon Limelight caught up with Gabriella in January...during the interview she revealed that she want's to organize a Johnny Cash tribute concert at Madison Square Garden...

NL: Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish here like playing Madison Square Garden…

GC: Yeah. I’d like to organize a Johnny Cash tribute concert at Madison Square Garden. That’s like one of my long time goals. [laughs]

NL: Do you have anyone in mind you’d like to include in your Johnny Cash tribute concert?

GC: Yes. Lupe Fiasco. I love him. [laughs]

NL: I can’t imagine what he would sing. [laughs]

GC: Yeah, me either. But you never know. It would be interesting to see people’s different takes on things. Kings of Leon I’d have there. Beck and the Gorillaz.

Click here to read the full interview!

What Are They Looking At ?



Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Jadakiss, Papoose, Dre, Joe Budden, LL Cool J, Fat Joe & Ralph McDaniels - "Video Music Box"

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Of course...old verses but it's a nice mix....taken off of
DJ Cinema's Masterpiece Theater mixtape.

Hey Champ @ SXSW on March 17th - Review

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The guys from Hey Champ are down in Texas right now to play various SXSW gigs. Here's a review of one of those performances:

Hey Champ turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I guess they’ve been co-signed by Lupe. It's not the type of stuff I generally listen to, but live I was feeling the energy.

The drummer was live, and the lead vocalist held it down with a guitar in hand, and a keyboardist added the very momentary electric feel that everyone is on these days. They’re compositions were clean, and the singer’s voice carried over well. Read more @ Zion-I

PREVIOUSLY: One Picture: Hey Champ @ SXSW

He Say, She Say - Modesty is Key @ HOB

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Eventhough the dude says that it's unedited, he clearly
dubbed the footage with the original track.

But I'm not gonna complain, there are not that many videos of
He Say, She Say out there, so it's cool to have this.

Lupe Fiasco Jumping In Concerts - Part 2

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J.Nolan - Pick it Up

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After dropping "Heartbreak Hotel", J.Nolan delivers another hot track!

I'm really looking forward to his upcoming project
"Chasing Cool" which drops on May 5th!!!

Download "Pick It Up" Here