Lupe Fiasco - Streets on Fire - Live @ St. John's University


April 24th 2009 - St. John's University - Queens, NY

The virus is spreading in all directions....

Lupe Fiasco & Verbal - Can You Let Me Know (TKRMX)

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If you like video game tunes, this one's for you.
It's a new remix off of Tae K's Mega Man 9 mixtape.

DL: Can You Let Me Know (TKRMX)

Throwback Interview: Lupe Fiasco x UrbanHangSuite


Throwback: Lupe Fiasco - Let's Go & Gold Watch (Live)

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First up we have Let's Go which is a dope but not so well known track, get it now if you don't have it already...

The other track popped up on ItsAllTheWayLive yesterday, it's a really unique version of Gold Watch that Lupe and his backing band, 1500 or Nothin', performed at his album release concert for The Cool in NYC at The Fillmore (aka Irving Plaza).

It starts off similar to the album version, but as the song progresses, the band just jams out...very dope!

Lupe Fiasco Says: Hopefully, "Lasers" Will Be Out Some Time At The END Of This Year


April 28th 2009 - Hart Center - Coll. of the Holy Cross - Worcester, MA

For now, I guess we can stop waiting for a first single to drop
because it doesn't seem like there'll be one any time soon.

Hey Champ To Perform @ The Climax Lounge (Project Art Chicago)

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Project Art has partnered with Hennessy Black to present a multi media series in Chicago that launches with their first event on Friday, May 22nd at Climax Lounge featuring a live performance by Hey Champ.

Click Here for more infos

Video: Lupe Fiasco @ Colgate University (Complete Performance)

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April 25th 2009 - Colgate University - Hamilton, NY

This is just one of 6 can watch Lupe's complete
performance on
this YouTube Channel !

Lupe Fiasco - Go Go Gadget Flow - Live From Chicago


This is the first clip from Lupe's upcoming Live DVD.

Update: As you can see...they took the video you've seen it while it was up, you already know how dope the DVD will be, and if you haven't, you'll just have to wait a little longer...

Charles Hamilton Will NOT Perform With Lupe @ Holy Cross


Straight from Charles' Blog:

Moving along, I regret to inform y'all I won't be doing the show with Lupe (on April 28th), because of... well, I said I got a new staff right? All up-and-coming artists, opportunities kick ass when you're presented with them, but KNOW the circumstances of which such opportunities are placed on the table.

And because VERY important things weren't made clear to me, I'm just gonna fall back. But Lazers, chill. Me and Lupe WILL perform together, SOOOOOON.

Right Lu?

Lupe Fiasco x N*E*R*D @ St. John's University - More Pics


April 24th 2009 - St. John's University - Jamaica/Queens, NY

Visit the BBC Blog for more!

Artist Spotlight - JoiStaRR

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You might know JoiStaRR as one of Kanye's backup vocalists but she's also a solo artist. Right now she's at a studio in LA, recording new tracks for her debut album. One track she's working on is called "Tonight" and Estelle & Kid Sister are featured on it. Oh...and before I forget it, one of her producers is Mars from 1500 or Nothin'!

I'm sure that we'll hear more from her in the near future. In July she'll join Kanye on tour again (he's doing some concerts in Europe).

Besides that, she's also part of the Get Fresh Club which consists of herself, Estelle, Kid Sister, A-Trak, Mars, Kesh and PJMorton. Click here to check their YouTubeChannel.

Make sure to check her out on MySpace and follow her on Twitter
also check her website:

Video: Lupe Fiasco Dancing at N*E*R*D Concert

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Lupe joined N*E*R*D on stage while they performed Spaz at St. John's University on April 24th.

Lupe Fiasco x N*E*R*D @ St.John's University - Pics


Click Here for more pics

Lupe Fiasco & Bishop G - Little Weapon - Live @ SJU

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April 24th 2009 - St. Johns University - Jamaica/Queens, NY

Click here if you want to watch more videos.

Matthew Santos @ Martyrs' - Pics

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April 24th 2009 - Martyrs' - Chicago, IL

Pics via Ratsoverboard & Candyrat Records
(thanks for tweeting them!)

Video: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - Live @ VTech

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April 23rd 2009 - Burruss Auditorium - Blacksburg, VA

At 0:41, Simon switches the beat...pretty cool.

The Illionaires - Season 5 - Spring Line 2009

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Click on the image to check their spring line for '09!

Video: Hey Champ Reveals Debut Album Title

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The good folks over at theMIXagency interviewed Saam and Jon from Hey Champ during SXSW and the guys revealed that their debut album is called "Star" and it'll be released around August (hopefully).

Rhymestyle Radio x QuESt

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It's Friday, so you know what that means! New Rhymestyle Radio
featuring an interview with up and coming artist QuESt!

Stream/Download Here

Tune in next week for Freestyle Friday's featuring EVERYONE!!

Matthew Santos Performs New Song on ABC7 Chicago


Matthew made an appearance on ABC7 Chicago this morning. He answered a few questions and after that, he (and his band) performed "Born To Do" which is a new song off of his upcoming album.

I like the song a lot, what do you think? Make sure to leave
a comment with your thoughts!

Stream: Shayla G - Sunny feat. Bishop G


We already got 2 new tracks from Bishop G this week and now
Shayla and Bishop joined forces for this one...

Video: Lupe Fiasco Previews New Track @ Virginia Tech


April 23rd 2009 - Burruss Auditorium - Blacksburg, VA can't really hear that much but the beat sounds dope!
Props to GWHH and Jamez.

Update: Andrew says that it's produced by Soundtrakk.

Mixtape: XV - Please, Hold

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Earlier this week you have been able to hear his track "Final Fantasy XV"
on The Amajanese Takeover and now XV dropped this new
project in collaboration with OnSmash and 2DB.
(Final Fantasy XV is also featured on this one!!!)

Make sure to check it out!

Download Here

Video: Nikki Jean Is In Cali Now!

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Nikki gives us a little update and says that she'll probably
start to record her album in September.

Video: Lupe Fiasco & Bishop G - Freestyle @ UF

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April 22nd 2009 - University Of Florida - Gainesville, FL

You can't really hear that much but Bishop should definitely take the
Day 'N' Nite
instrumental and record his own version of the track.

Click here for more videos.

Matthew Santos To Perform on ABC7 News and @ Martyrs'

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Matthew is back in Chicago and will be performing in his hometown on Friday (tomorrow).

Santos will appear on ABC7 News at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 24th. And (as previously reported) he'll also perform at Martyrs', 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue on Friday night...Check

Video: Kanye West - Amazing feat.Young Jeezy



Lupe Fiasco x Converse - CT Hollywood RED Hi (Black)


Full patent leather upper Chuck Taylor designed by Lupe Fiasco for the Converse PRODUCT(RED) Project.

Click Here to purchase them through Ubiq Life. They also have them in a size 13 if you need that (like myself). You should order them a half to one size smaller though.

They are also available here, here and here

Be quick if you want them...

Lupe Fiasco Performs Superstar @ The University Of Florida

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April 22nd 2009 - University Of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Here's a break down of the concert via AHH/Gunot_17:

After a short break Lupe came out...Lupe did a few tracks off The Cool along with Bishop G, and the crowd was really with it. After a while he said "For all those who don't know who I am, I call this 'The Re-Introduction" and went into his hit guest tracks... "Touch The Sky" and others like that.

After about 40 min. onstage, he said "for the rest of the show I'ma go into the hits" and went to "Kick, Push." Everybody in the whole damn building was rappin' along with him.

After a few other hits, he started shouting out other artists. He said "Thank you for getting Lupe's Food & Liquor, thank you for gettin' Lupe's The Cool. Go cop Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle. My man Curren$y got a new album out. Charles Hamilton got a new joint, who else got somethin' out... Oh... Jadakiss!"

Then he said: "And I'm workin' on my new shoe... it's called 'Better than yo shoe'. Naw really, I'm in the studio workin' on the album, it's called "Lasers", and at the end of this I'll play a track for you." (He played the "Shining Down" snippet again)

Streets On Fire from the same concert:

Video: Justin Timberlake talks about the planned Mount Kilimanjaro Climb


Justin: "I don't want Lupe Fiasco eating my ass."
(Watch the video to see what he meant)

via yardie

Lupe Fiasco @ The University Of Florida - Ashley's Pics

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April 22nd 2009 - University Of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Thanks Ashley!

A Letter From Demarco Castle (GemStones)


Hello world. My name is Demarco Castle. You all might have known me as Gemini or Gemstones. This is just a little letter in regards to all the chatter and speculation. I would 1st like to start by saying... I've found Christ or shall I say Christ found me... Because it wasn't him that was lost... It was me, LOL!

I don't expect most of you guys to understand or even begin to fathom what has taking place. If you don't have the spiritual wisdom to discern certain things, for this would be looked at to you as FOOLISHNESS because you're still leaning on your own understanding!

Am I a rapper? No. I now consider myself a messenger of Christ / a servant of the lord! And for the rest of my journey this talent which is not mine that God has given me will be used to help save lost souls.

Click Here to read the rest.

Palm Of Ice Presents: Lupe Fiasco - Kind of Lu [Mixtape]


This is a very dope and well executed mixtape. Lupe's vocals laid over some smooth Jazz tunes.

Palm of Ice explains the project: “Kind of Lu” is a project that came about because of the flawless synergy Lupe has with Jazz music.

After doing a couple remixes of Lupe tracks using Jazz samples, and hearing the Dr. Cornel West interview, this project had to be done. To me, Lupe’s music is very representative of Jazz music in that he brings something new to the table, unafraid of being himself while doing it.

The name was inspired by Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” which is regarded as the defacto album that changed the face of Jazz music forever. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop or Jazz music, please check this out and I hope you enjoy it.


Intro (Two Seconds)
Just Might Be Ok
Interlude (High Intelligence)
I Gotcha
Kick, Push
Outro (Understanding)
Touch the Sky (Bonus)

Throwback: Lupe Fiasco - Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Jingle (Acoustic)

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Lupe and Matthew performed this as a little bonus during an
interview/performance @ BBC's Live Lounge on April 2nd 2008.

Download: Bishop G - To Be Hurt


After he already dropped that Ballin' track a few days ago,
Bishop just put this one online...dope!

DL: Bishop G - To Be Hurt

(prod. by Soundtrakk)

Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper by Sheed89

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Created by Sheed89

Download: The Amajanese Takeover (Mixtape)


It's finally here! This mixtape has been in the works for over 6 months and now we can finally present you: "The Amajanese Takeover"

Thanks to everyone who showed their support, all the artists who are on the tape and everyone who submitted something, without you, this whole project wouldn't have been possible. If you didn't make it this time...I'm sure you'll get another chance...

I have to especially thank the following people: JayBee(for being on the cover), Rhymestyle (for all the work and time he put into this) and Charles Hamilton (for providing the beat for S-Preme and for supporting us).

And now...just scroll down and enjoy!!!


Click Here To Download

ShareBee Link

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life @ Coachella


April 19th 2009 - Coachella - Empire Polo Fields - Indio, CA

Dope performance!...Nice video, too!

Hey Champ & He Say, She Say @ Lollapalooza 2009

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Click on the poster !

The Lollapalooza lineup for 2009 has just been announced !

Hey Champ and He Say, She Say will perform at the festival which will
go down @ Grant Park in Chicago from August 7-9, 2009.

Other acts confirmed for this years lineup include Depeche Mode, Tool, The Killers, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Asher Roth, Lykke Li, Santigold, Atmosphere, Arctic Monkeys, Hollywood Holt, Kid Cudi, A-Trak and many more... Click Here for more infos!

In Stores Today: Asher Roth - Asleep In The Bread Aisle


Buy it on i-tunes or Amazon...or get it
from your favorite music dealer!

Lupe Fiasco @ Coachella - Pics


pics via joshc and Mick

April 19th 2009
Coachella - Empire Polo Fields
Indio, CA

Click here for more pics

Lupe Fiasco's Murderous Mountain Thoughts

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During the Converse 1Hund(RED) Artists Dinner at Aquavit Lupe spoke to the NY Daily News and revealed some more of his thoughts about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this autumn.

"Hell, yeah, [I'm worried!]" Fiasco said of the 19,000-foot hike. "[If things go bad out there], everybody's dying!" he laughed.

"I'll go psychopath, freak out and murder everyone for the sake of none of us suffering! It would be like the ending of a Stephen King movie, by the time the rescue helicopter comes," he quipped. But Timberlake fans shouldn’t worry. “I wouldn’t euthanise Justin unless he was really suffering,” Fiasco deadpanned.

Video: Turbo - Holographic Double


Turbo finally released his Holographic Double Music Video. In this video, Turbo shows his ability to imitate the styles of a Cory Gunz, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Wale, Big Sean, and Yung LA.

After you watched the video, hit up Turbo on his Twitter
and let him know what you think of the video.

Coachella 2009: Lupe Fiasco & K'Naan Push Hip-Hop's Boundaries


The 10th edition of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is coming to a close with its most hip-hop heavy day of the weekend. While rap duo Clipse was a late scratch, the day still bore witness to two of the genre's more adventurous artists in Chicago's Lupe Fiasco and Somali-Canadian artist K'Naan.

Lupe Fiasco opened with his playful 2006 hit "Kick, Push," but he's advanced well beyond the delightfully fun anthem to skateboarding that put him on the map. Opening for Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour seems to have paid off, because Lupe Fiasco arrived at Coachella as a more seasoned, intense performer.

A full backing band provided jazzy segues for each song, bringing an accomplished elegance to "Hip-Hop Saved My Life," which allowed the song to escape any sense of bravado. That's not to say Lupe Fiasco doesn't brag, but when mentioned near the end of his performance that the remainder of his set would feature only "Grammy-nominated" songs, it was a boastfulness that was celebrating hip-hop as art.

Click here to read more

Video: Mars - Behind The Scenes Of A Snoop Rehearsal

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Mars from 1500 or Nothin' gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes of a Snoop Dogg rehearsal for his private performance on April 7th, 2009 at the Avalon in Hollywood.

Lupe Fiasco @ Coachella


pic via Simone

Lupe just finished his set at Coachella and from what I've heard so far it seems like he didn't perform anything new today (If he would have performed something new, I'm sure someone would have mentioned it in one of those tweets)...the wait continues, I guess.

Throwback Interview: Lupe Fiasco on QTV


Jan just sent us a message about this interview and said that he hasn't seen it maybe you haven't seen it either....check it out, it's cool.

Some Coachella Stuff


As you might know...Lupe will perform @ Coachella tomorrow...

Some things about it:

Erik told me that People Under The Stairs performed yesterday and one of the guys said "This ain't no Lupe Fiasco bullshit, this is real hip hop."....smh

Besides that...Lupe will enter the stage at 3:45 PM and according to his Myspace page, Matthew Santos will be there, too together with the guys from 1500 Or Nothin'....basically a big part of the FNF Family will be there.

Earlier today, Lupe changed his FaceBook status to: "Look Up In The Sky" you know, that's a line from "Shining Down" don't know about you but I think that there's a good chance that they'll perform the song tomorrow...(if so, let's hope that someone tapes it). Don't shoot me if it's not happening though.

Oh...btw...of course AT&T won't stream Lupe's performance...but that's nothing new...they never stream Lupe's festival performances.

One last thing, to everyone who'll be at the festival, have fun and make sure to get home safe!

1500 TV: Episode 1 - The Making of "1-2 Punch"

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The first episode of 1500 TV takes you behind the scenes of La Bren Studios, home of 1500 or Nothin' for the making of their new song "1-2 PUNCH".

Make sure to visit the Official 1500 or Nothin' Website and follow them on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, Matthew Santos has his own account now, too.

Stream: Bishop G - Ballin' Feat.Tre B and J Mar

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"I'm ballin' when I go to sleep, ballin' when I wake up, all these
smiling faces man they need to wear some make-up"

Check his MySpace for more !

Rhymestyle Radio went Ghost!!!

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Due to a mega busy week, I was going to cancel the show, but because
I canceled it last week, I decided to just do a show with nothing
but music on it, so I present...

Rhymestyle Radio Goin' Ghost

Tune in next week, QuESt will be on the show!!

Video: Hey Champ and Others @ The WESC SXSW Party

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There you have it, in the video above the guys from Hey Champ
say that their album will drop in August!

Matthew Santos - Live Album - Now Available for Download!

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Matthew and his team have just made a very intimate live performance available for download EXCLUSIVELY on their website to hold you over until the official album is released this summer.

This live acoustic performance took place at the Double Door in Chicago in 2007 with two of Matthew's good friends accompanying him (Aviva Jaye on vocals and percussion; Seth Gruenwald on cello) and includes some new songs, never before released--and some old favorites as well.

It's all yours for the cost of a drink, or a foot-long sandwich, or $5.00 (however you wish to see it) and can be instantly downloaded from this website:


via Matthew's MySpace Page

-This is very cool! I love acoustic performances...just bought the album, listening to it right now....

Lupe Fiasco @ Converse's 1st “Conversations” Event

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Photos by Jonathon Ziegler and Stephen K. Schuster

Scott Patt, Lupe Fiasco and Marcus Samuelsson hosted Converse's 1st “Conversations” event, a seated dinner at the Aquavit in NYC on Thursday, April 16th 2009.

Converse held the dinner to celebrate their 1HUND(RED) project, which combines the company’s 100th anniversary and their participation with Project Red to fight AIDS in Africa.

The dinner brought together 50 cultural movers and shakers, including some of the hype world’s finest, to speak about Africa and what can be done to keep the project alive.

Kenna & Lupe Fiasco - ELLE Mag Interview

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As previously reported, Kenna, Lupe and Justin Timberlake will climb Mount Kilimanjaro this autumn. Joseph Hooper of ELLE Magazine interviewed Kenna & Lupe and they talked about the climb and more.

ELLE: Lupe, you’ve got a pretty intense martial arts background. Do you figure that’s going to help you on the mountain?

Kenna: He’s gonna Bruce Lee the chimpanzees…

Lupe: It’s more the discipline. Harnessing your inner strength, a lot of those climbs are about that. And I’m bringing raw sex appeal. That’s my whole thing.

ELLE: “Bringing Sexy Back” to Kilimanjaro?

Lupe Fiasco: I’m climbing in a Speedo.

lol...ok...that was just one of the funny parts...
click here to read the full interview.

Mixtape: DJ Halo & Charles Hamilton - Dope2Go


I just saw that Mr. Hamilton left a link to his latest mixtape in our
shoutbox (thanks). This time DJ Halo (first 5 tracks) and
The Audible Doctor (Outro) provided the beats.

Download Here

If you don't like Sendspace: Sharebee Link

Hey Champ @ SXSW - Creme de la Creme Showcase


Hey Champ performed @ dubFrequency's Creme de la Creme
SXSW showcase on a rooftop overlooking downtown Austin.




Big Sean finally dropped his new mixtape.
G.O.O.D. Music is in the building!

Click Here if you want to have it...

Lupe Fiasco @ The University of Utah - Pics

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April 15th 2009 - University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT