Photo: Lupe Fiasco x Krayzie Bone


FALSE Sounds presents: Le Messie's "My Minds a Scary Place-EP"

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Launching November 2009...

Check the FALSE Sounds FaceBook Page
and become a fan today!

Fan Tattoo: The Cool meets KAWS


Eduardo has this on his arm

WTF?! - They Put T.I.'s Head on Lupe's Body


Mehdi just showed this to me...the pic on the left is the cover for MLK & T.I.'s
A Year And A Day
Mixtape and you can clearly see that they just took Lupe's body and put T.I.'s head on it.

Whoever did this cover needs to step his/her game up...there are enough pics of T.I. need to fake it like that...

The mixtape itself is pretty dope though. If you want it,
you can find it on NahRight

Wale - Chillin' (Ft. Lady GaGa, T.I. & Lupe Fiasco) [Mash-Up]


The Prodigy x Lupe Fiasco in Seattle [Backstage]


The Prodigy on Twitter: "yo, this was taken just before we went on stage in seattle, lupe fiasco just flew in to see the show...last show of a great usa tour!"

Classic Song/Video: Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push


"So come and skate with me, just a rebel
lookin' for a place to be..."

The Ghosts of Rhymestyle Radio


Due to the server being down over at, I decided to do my show through a different host, and I will do it through the new host until the servers are back up on the old host.

Listen Here

The disadvantage is that I cant get my new episodes on iTunes...oh well

Here's the music I played:

Mickey Factz - Who's Hotter
Mickey Factz - Incredible
Charles Hamilton feat. MC Lyte - New York City Girl
Charles Hamilton - Ghosts [preview]
Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall
J.Ellis - Space Cadet
Wale - Gotta Be Magic
HiClas - The Masked Crusader
Bishop G - Show Off
Wiz Kids - Classic
Common - The Food
S-Preme - Test Your Might
PropaYne & S-Preme - Maybach Spaceship
Jay Z - Moment of Clarity
Mos Def - Non Stop

I also previewed Ghosts from Charles Hamilton's album
"This Perfect Life", hear the full song on 6/23 !

Video: propaYne - Week Four


propaYne drops the week four promotional video
for The Experience which drops July 8th

Kid Cudi talks about Lupe Fiasco


A lot of people find these ill witty ways to rap, but when you speak to them there’s ignorance and no type of common sense, just blandness. It’s important to be true to yourself on all levels; don’t talk about something you don’t know about.

When I listen to someone like Lupe Fiasco, I think, “This dude is so smart,” and when I met him I thought, “Man, this dude is so smart!” He speaks very intelligently and he’s actually intelligent in person.

Check BlackBookMag for the full interview.

Free Lupe Fiasco Show in Grant Park (Chicago)


Next door to this year's Taste of Chicago the Nike 6.0 BMX Open will be underway from June 26 - 27 in Grant Park.

On Friday, June 26, Lupe will be performing a free show in conjunction with the BMX Open!

Lupe Fiasco - June 26 - Grant Park - south of Balboa Dr, 5:30 p.m.,
free / reserved viewing available to purchasers of Dew Tour tickets,
all-ages show.

Throwback Interview: Electra x Lupe Fiasco @ Lollapalooza

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I agree with what Cez said in the shoutbox: "I really like this interview
because the lady interviewing actually seems like a decent fan..."

Hey Champ Featured On Myspace Music

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They were featured last week...pretty cool!

Check their MySpace HERE and CLICK HERE to visit their blog!

Video: Nikki Jean - In The Studio in L.A.

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I kinda miss those daily video blogs from Nikki...but then again
she's working on new music/her it's all good...

Lupe Fiasco - Bad Boy Radio Freestyle


Freestyle from 2006 - taken off of Mike Love's
The Best of Bad Boy Radio Freestyles

Click Here to download Lu's freestyle

props to Mike Love and Andrew

Twitter Update: Matthew Santos


Matthew Santos on Twitter

Is he talking about Shining Down?...I mean...
before this one he twittered: "look up in the sky..."

Sarah Green - Give It To Me

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Click Here to listen to the track.

Video: MTV Diary - Lupe Fiasco (Trailer)


Did this ever air? Has anyone ever seen the full episode?
Update: It actually aired on MTV Australia...

Throwback: K'naan & His Crew Listening to Lupe Fiasco


Poetry: Joe Needs FOOD & LIQUOR!?!


Joe wrote this poem...he's working on another one for "The Cool" right now...

Don't know where to start, so I come in on the "Intro"
Got the game surprised because I'm something they didn't know
I get it going without "The Instrumental"
im a double edge sword which makes this detrimental
u may say its sentimental
been spitting fire all life, see the burns in my dental
the games are Xtreme, gotta stay on my grind
"Kick, Push 2" avoid lagging behind
It "Hurt me Soul"
to see the culture lose control
Bunch of "American Terrorists" destroying the art
"I gotcha" , here to take it back to the start
Grandmaster, Run DMC, Rakim and Eric B.
Hip Hop "just might be ok" if u hand it to me
and my boy "Carrera Lu"
back to back with the flow of ninjitsu
Naruto and Rock Lee
suit the color of broccoli
Konoha Senpuu
you aint gotta ask "Wat it do"
or What it does
u feel "Tilted" but this is just a light buzz
2:20 and its finally starting to settle in
im known to compose the "Real" without the use of a pen
Hotter than water under "Pressure"
I'm the steam breezing through the Fissure
Take a wiff
watch me burn nose hairs while u sniff
Im only "The Cool" in the presence of her "Sunshine"
Ask my dood, "He say , She say" I'm on her mind
but I was "Daydreamin"
zoning out from her rays gazin
down at me sayin believe in urself
ur a giant not an elf
so with her at my back
I've composed " The Emperor's Soundtrack"
the script for the kings
So "Kick, Push" with me to where it all begins
The opposite of the "Outro" my friends...

Lupe Fiasco x Curren$y to be featured on the remix of "Fire" by The Knux


Would be nice!...but, they didn't get the Lupe verse yet? Hmm...

Click here to check the video for the main version
of "Fire (Put It In The Air)"

Spotted @ NahRight

Lupe Fiasco - "Fire"


Here we go again!...Another old/previously unreleased Lupe track.
Taken off of "The Fake Shore Drive Mixtape"

Download "Fire" Here

props to Andrew

Twitter Update From Big Bob Francis

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Fan Art: Lupe Fiasco CD Cover


Created by: SkrillaGfx

The Trilly & Truly Online Store


For now, the store is not accessible anymore...
I guess we'll have to wait until it officially launches.

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar - Live @ An After Prom Party In L.A.


Someone got Lupe to perform at a after prom party in L.A. during the weekend.
He performed 2 tracks...Kick, Push and Superstar.

80KIDZ - "Getting You Off" Feat. Saam from Hey Champ

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From the album "THIS IS MY SHIT" by 80KIDZ

Click here to check the 80KIDZ MySpace page
and get the album if you want to...

...and eventhough it's totally should click here, too!

The Neptunes x Lupe Fiasco x Krayzie Bone & more


via BigBobFrancis on Twitter - also check his MySpace

ok...they are all in the studio together at the same time...doesn't necessarily mean that they are working on one and the same song, but that would be a dope collabo.

hmm...a Neptunes beat with Lupe rapping and Krayzie doing the hook...yeah, I'd definitely like to hear something like that.


Ohh...something else - from Mars:

and last but not least, Bam said that he'll be on Lupe's next album:



Regarding Lupe's upcoming album "Lasers"...
What are your expectations?

DP Studios: Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper

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Click Here for more

Lupe Fiasco @ Elon University - More Pics


Pics via Matt Bell

When it comes to photography, there's nothing
better than black and white pics.

Related: June's Review Of The Concert @ Elon University
June's Pics and Hannah's Videos

Straight From The Billionaire Boys Club Blog: Lupe Fiasco @ The Record Plant


"Lupe came by to appear on a future project"

Billionaire Boys Club Blog

and via Twitter:

"Crafting incredible art"

Bishop G - "Show Off"

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What's up Bishop? Dope track! - But what is "The Revelation" ?

Download "Show Off" Here

via Andrew

New Japanese Cartoon Track [USTREAM Rip]


Lupe played this track during the live stream on Saturday...
he didn't reveal the name of it though...

Japanese Cartoon's album "In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death"
will drop in the near future...

Update: The Neptunes x Lupe


Just some twitter updates... I hope that we'll get
some studio footage, too...would be really cool.


Video: Turbo - Bird's Eye View

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New video for Turbo's track "Bird's Eye View" which can be found on
this mixtape: ElectroRock v4: Flash Focus Forms Force

Drawn while listening to Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar"

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Click Here for more info's.

Video: Hey Champ - Double Door Promo

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Hey Champ @ The Party - Pics

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May 16th 2009 - party @ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL

Click here for more pics

And...btw...I'd really like to find out how this
Hey Champ remix of The Sounds turned out.

Charles Hamilton...


...took a little break from posting in our shoutbox to update his blog:

SO... it looks like I'm a part of a FEW big projects this year... ghost or non-ghost...

The Slaughterhouse album
Relapse 2
We Are Lasers
Good Ass Job
(potentially) Blueprint 3

Either engineering or producing, but StH has left the cocoon.

That's a crazy list...huge projects...props!

Lupe Fiasco x The Neptunes


During the live stream on Saturday Lupe did the Vulcan Salute after saying that he'd work with someone in LA this week. Now, after seeing the above tweet, we know for sure that Lupe & The Neptunes are in the studio together...The only question is: What are they working on? Lasers or something else?

Gorillaz Documentary "Bananaz" - Online Premiere

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Bananaz is a 91 minute documentary that takes you inside the remarkable real world of Gorillaz, the most successful animated band ever.

You can watch the full film exclusively on BabelGum now!
Click here to pre-order the DVD (includes 60 additional minutes)

Woman Sues Lupe Fiasco Over Concert Injury


What do you think about this?

Video: Turbo is a Dancing Storm Trooper

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LOL...make sure to check Turbo's Blog

bonus vid: Lupe x Drake

Hey Champ Live @ The Marquee - Pics

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May 14th 2009 - The Marquee - Tulsa, OK

All images copyright 2009
Cody Mulcahy / Middle Gray Studios / DCF Concerts

New Tracks from S-Preme and propaYne

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S-Preme - “Turn My Swag On RMX”

propaYne - “I’m Still Fly RMX” f/ Drake
(new track off the upcoming mixtape, The Experience)

props to GWHH

Lupe Fiasco Playing Live On The Levee

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Every year, Live on the Levee brings a wide variety of musicians to St. Louis. Whether you're into rock, rap, country, or rythmn & blues, there's a concert for you.

This year Lupe will perform during the concert series. He'll enter the stage on August 1st 2009 at 8PM. Live on the Levee will be taking place on the Budweiser Main Stage on the riverfront's for free!!!

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2009 - Hayworth Mid II


Take a look at the new Y-3 Fall/Winter 2009 Hayworth Mid II.
Dope!...I really like the black ones...which colorway do you like best?

Le Messie Presents: FALSE Sounds - "Tarantula Mambata"

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FALSE Sounds = leftfield style beats from the creator of FALSE...
Le Messie is on a path to create a soundtrack for your daily grind...

Like his sought after designs, Le Messie paints an aural
landscape for his willing participants, with rhythms
leading them through into another dimension...

Listen to "Tarantula Mambata":

Click here to visit the FALSE Sounds FaceBook page
and become a fan today!

LINK: Le Messie - Thanks to Lupe

Video: Ibn Jasper on Persona TV

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"The reason I get fly is Ibn Jasper"

Check Ibn's Blog, too!



On they don't sell ordinary green laser pointers - their “high powered” laser pointers are capable of emitting a visually stunning green laser beam virtually touching the stars in the sky. Red ones are available, too!

Click Here for some videos.

Spotted @ Kanye's Blog