Videos: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down x MJ Tribute - Live @ Summerfest 2009

Above: Shining Down

Below: Dancing / MJ Tribute

June 29th 2009 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

Click HERE to read a recap of Lupe's performance.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Summerfest


June 29th 2009 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

Nice pics, props to Shane for those...ohh...and during the
concert Lupe told the crowd that "Lasers" is 100%
done since yesterday (06/29/09)!

also check this video of Lupe performing Go Go Gadget Flow:

video via Xavier

Video: Snippet of a New Lupe Fiasco Track Played @ the Chicago Theatre


If you check this blog regularly, you probably already heard a part of this track before but I know that some of you were waiting for this there you go!

Props to The Real Day Connection up in Alaska

New Matthew Santos Photos taken by Paul Natkin

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Click Here to see more pics.

Make sure to check Paul Natkin's Website, too!

More Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ The Chicago Theatre


2 New Lupe Fiasco Snippets (2 Ways x Ladies & Gentlemen)


These Snippets just came out - so check em out!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down - Live in Chicago (Updated)

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Fan Art: Little Weapon

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created by: Afrikiism

"This candy give me courage not to fear no one,
To feel no pain and hear no tongue,
So I hear no screams and I shed no tear,
If I'm in your dreams then your end is near."

The Instrumental Live @ The Chicago Theatre


Dope footage!

also follow The LupEND Blog on Twitter

Le Messie x Lasers


Video: Lupe Fiasco - THE L.A.S.E.R.S. MANIFESTO


We Are Not Losers. We Are Lasers.

Another version of this promo was broadcasted on NBC today and at the end it said
Lupe Fiasco's LASERS - December 2009

props to brooklyn for the info

GWHH Review: Lupe Fiasco @ The Chicago Theatre

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Max G. & Sgt. Tibs from went to Lupe's concert @ the Chicago Theatre yesterday.

Click HERE to read their review!

Video: propaYne - Week 8


What could all of this mean??? only Time Will Tell ;]

And remember, The Experience drops on July 8th and so far everyone
who received an advance of the tape gave positive feedback =]

Video: Lupe Fiasco's Tribute To Michael Jackson (Updated)


June 26th 2009 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL

Props to StadiumStatus for the video


Let us Dream of Peace and Harmony and Laughter.
Let us Dream of Joy and Ecstasy.
Let us Dream of Dancing the Cosmic Dance.

-Michael Jackson-

Bonus: Click HERE to watch a video of Lupe's Shining Down performance.

Lupe Fiasco @ The Chicago Theatre - Pics

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Lupe Fiasco - Hello/Goodbye - Live @ The Chicago Theatre

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June 26th 2009 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL

Must have been a great show...I read somewhere that they'll broadcast parts of it on TV during NBC Sports' coverage of the Dew Tour if you're in the US...check that out!

Click HERE for more videos

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers Update


(props to Miguel for the pic)

I just got back from the Lupe show at the Chicago Theatre and it was dope like always. Just wanted to hit yall with some good news, seem's like we will get another 4th quarter Lupe Fiasco release!

That's right... Lupe Fiasco's Lasers drops this December, and this date seems a lot more possible than anything get excited!!

There was also a Michael Jackson tribute and Lupe performed Shining Down. At the end he played a snippet of Army Girl and I'm sure that some videos will surface on the internet within the next day or stay tuned!

~RIP Michael Jackson~

Video: Nikki Jean Met Smokey Robinson

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Exciting! Her album will be awesome.

Video: Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough


Keep On With The Force Don't Stop
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


It's been talked about everywhere and I thought it was worth a mention here. I'm sure you all know by now that the King of Pop passed away. I know this isn't Lupe related, but I thought we could all show and pay our respect.


Lupe said the following to MTV: "I'm hurt, but I'm celebrating his life and his music. Dancing and crying and dancing in public. Holding heart-to-heart conversations with complete strangers about one of the things, if not the only thing, we share in common, That Is The Legendary MoonWalker Himself.

A white guy in a pickup truck pulled alongside me on the expressway and shouted to me, had I heard about Mike?!? It's surreal and it's everywhere!!! Every time I feel like getting sad, one of his songs comes on, and I'm just filled with happiness and start singing and smiling.

He was the best to ever do it. Salaams, Peace & Blessings. May Allah have mercy on his soul. We Love You MJ!!!"

Michael, you'll never be forgotten.

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down (feat. Matthew Santos) - Release Date & Artwork


According to Amazon, the digital release of the track will be on July 7th!
There's also a 30 sec. snippet up on the page.

Lupe confirmed it on Twitter:

Lupe Fiasco's 3rd album LASERS - Coming Soon!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - Live


Live @ the O'Connell Center - University of Florida

Lupe Fiasco @ VOICES: REMIX

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You might remember this

Now Lupe will be part of the VOICES: REMIX event @ the Kennedy Center in Washington on July 7th 2009.

There are not that many infos about it yet but I think that Lupe and the other people who'll be there will read parts of the book "Voices of A People's History of the United States"

It's a free HERE for more infos

Pics: Lupe and his Sneakers in Houston


The good folks over at NiceKicks took a closer look at the sneakers that the artists had on their feet at the Bun B & Friends concert in Houston on June 20th. Lupe rocked some Puma Moth King Clydes.

Click here if you want to know which sneakers Bun B & Co rocked.

Mixtape: B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray (No DJ Version)


It's finally here! B.o.B's brand new mixtape: B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray,
without any DJ drops!

Click here to see the tracklist.

Download Here

An Unplugged Affair with Matthew Santos

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Free acoustic set with free drinks and appetizers!

On Wednesday June 24th, 2009 @ J Bar
Hosted by: @superfun

610 N. Rush St

Chicago, IL 60611

More infos here

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down - Live in Houston


Here it is...the first live performance of Shining Down. Dope!
...and the We Are Lasers tee that Lupe rocks looks cool, too!
I need to get one of those when they drop.

Below you can see Bun B & Lupe performing Swang On Em.

June 20th 2009 - Bun B & Friends - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

More vids on OneNeckTwoChains

Happy Birthday June!


This is a big Happy Birthday shout out to June a co writer on this blog. My dear have a great day, filled with love and happiness! Enjoy it baby!

Lupe Fiasco @ The Bun B & Friends Concert - Pics/Tweets


June 20th 2009 - Bun B & Friends - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

Chamillionaire and ESG were on stage, too and commented on Twitter:


Props to Will aka KRANG and Isiah Carey for the pics.

Fan Art: Lasers

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Video: propaYne - Week Seven

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Yup...I also received that secret link to The Experience today...and
I checked the tape, it's like a freaking movie...really dope!

I'm sure y'all will enjoy it, too.

The Experience drops on July 8th

Mixtape: B.o.B - Who The Fuck Is B.o.B.? [NoDJ]


"As we are waiting for the B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray mixtape that comes out on Monday, I wanted to give you the Who The Fuck is B.o.B mixtape with No DJ DROPS!!! Enjoy!"

B. Rich, B.o.B.’s manager

Lupe Fiasco's Official Website - Updated


The old The Cool theme is no longer up on Lupe's official website, instead of that there's only one page on which you can read that Lasers is coming soon and below that there are links to the FNF Army page, Lu's MySpace, Imeem and Twitter. (That Lasers logo is dope!)

Click here to check it out!

and so it begins....

Video: Black Music Month - Webisode 9

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In this webisode Lupe, T.I., B.o.B, Janelle Monae, Estelle and others reveal
how they think their legacy to black music will look like.

Lupe Fiasco Concert in Chicago - No longer Free/Outdoors


Last month it was announced that Lupe would play a free concert in conjunction with the Nike 6.0 BMX Open in Chicago on June 26th. Well, things have changed since then.....

The event has been moved from Grant Park to the Chicago Theatre, in an effort to avoid overlapping with the Taste of Chicago music stage. More importantly, the show now costs $20, instead of being free (tickets are available starting today at the Chicago Theatre box office or via Ticketmaster)

Also, Lady Sovereign has been added to the bill. She'll perform at 9:30 p.m. and Lupe will go on at 10:15p.m. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Video: Darrius Taylor - The Current 14 (Shining Down Leak)


Hilarious!....Watch it!

Twitter - WellDoneSlick

Lupe Fiasco x Pooh Bear x King David

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Video: Nikki Jean performs "Roses & Second Chances"

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Nikki: "Miss you guys. . working hard. . trying to make you the best album I can. ."

Lupe Fiasco - 3 New Live Dates


August 1st 2009
Soldiers Memorial Park - St. Louis, MO

September 11th 2009
The Beach @ Governors Island - New York, NY

September 12th 2009
SUNY College @ Oneonta (Dewar Arena) - Oneonta, NY

More Dates Here

Testing Server Check 1,2,3

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Rhymestyle Radio returns with a quick mic..err... server check and everything seem's to be going good soo the show will be back every weekend again!


Download/Stream Here

Video: Lupe Fiasco Talks About Trilly & Truly


Lupe stopped by the Complex offices recently to talk
about his clothing line Trilly & Truly.

I know some of you saw it already - select Trilly & Truly items are
now available through the T&T online store!!!

Click here
to check it out!

Bun B & Friends (Lupe, Drake & more) @ Warehouse Live


Bun B teams up with Drake, Lupe, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Cool Kids,
Devin the Dude and others for this Live Concert Event which
will go down in Houston on Saturday, June 20th.

So...if you're in Houston or somewhere close...don't miss this show!!!!

Click here to buy tickets

Video: Project Art Chicago 2009 - The Launch (ft. Hey Champ)

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Hey Champ performed @ the first Project Art event in Chicago on May 22nd 2009. Watch the video above to find out a bit more about the project and to see some footage of Hey Champ. You can also hear some of their music in the background.

Props to S-Preme

Matthew Santos is one of Chicago's Top 20 Singles

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The Chicago Mag put together a list of Chicago's Top 20 singles
of 2009 and Matthew is one of them.

Click here to check Matthew's page and click here to see
who else is up on that list.

Also check this video:

Le Messie (FALSE Sounds) x Lupe Fiasco

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This was put up on the FALSE Sounds FaceBook page a while ago ...I just somehow forgot to put it up on here....

Well, I know I already said this before, but I'll just say it again...I'd really like to hear Lupe on another Le Messie production ("Fighters" was and still is so dope!)

What do you think?

Le Messie's "My Minds a Scary Place-EP" launches this November!