B.o.B says that he'll appear on Lupe Fiasco's Lasers


Y'all probably remember the studio footage of Lupe x B.o.B which was put up on YouTube a while ago...if not, click HERE and HERE.

There were some discussions going on if they worked on stuff for B.o.B's album or Lupe's album or maybe something else...well, during an interview with 101.5 JamZ in Phoenix, B.o.B just recently confirmed that he'll be featured on a track on Lupe's upcoming album "Lasers." He also said that Lupe produced the track.

Thanks to for the info

Video: Nikki Jean - Flowerboxes and Rewrites

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Hello!? Is there anything that Nikki can't do? She's a great singer/songwriter, she can bake/cook and she can build stuff, amazing!


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Your weekly dosage of Rhymestyle Radio!

Just for the record, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, then you can
also access my show through iTunes by searching Rhymestyle!

Stream/Download Here

Matthew Santos [Fan Art]


Created by Zen Baragbah

Fan Video: Lupe Fiasco x Jill Scott - Daydreamin'


This is an awesome video, check it out!

Bassnectar - Land of the Lupes

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Bassnectar took Lupe's "Kick, Push" acapella and mixed it with one of his own unreleased tunes and the outcome of it is a nice laid back track, check it out!

Download: Bassnectar - "Land Of The Lupes"

spotted @ URB Blogs

Matthew Santos - GWHH Interview


photo courtesy of Stephanie Bassos

Matthew: I want to be an artist that people won't know what to expect from next, but they can expect that it's going to be quality.

I'm not a niche artist that writes and sings the same kind of songs over and over again, and I think that's what sets me apart from a lot of other singer/songwriters.

Click HERE to read the full interview!

S-Preme - Radio

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First track from S-Preme's upcoming mixtape,
The Sicktape: Volume 2 (hosted by Terry Urban)

Download: S-Preme - "Radio"
Produced by: Aeon / Mixed by: Mr. Music

Lupe Fiasco Sketch [Fan Art]

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created by Le GemDior

Lupe Fiasco Jumping In Concerts Part 3

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Video: Rock City - Hip Hop Props


A tribute to Hip Hop by Konvict Muzik artists/producers
Rock City
, over Lupe's "Kick, Push."

Avatar x We On


Randomly came across this and had to post it... LOL!

Matthew Santos Is Still Working On His Album

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Matthew on Twitter

I really hope that all goes well and that the album drops this fall...and if you wonder...it'll take a few more days until the interview with Matthew will go down.

Right now I'd say...maybe it'll be here by the end of next week, depends on my schedule and of course on Matthew's, too...stay tuned!

Lupe Fiasco Interview with David Farrier [Throwback]

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This is an old interview from 2007

J.Nolan - For Your Love (Prod. by Nefarious!)


J.Nolan comes through with a track off of
Nefarious' upcoming album The Soul Dojo.

Download "For Your Love"

Thanks for the shout out!

Song of the Day: Glory


This video is old, but the song is still fresh!

Just a note, if you DON'T have this song, you can stop by the FNF Myspace and download The Revenge of the Nerds mixtape (as well as his others)

Download: Lupe Fiasco Live From Melbourne (Audio)


You might remember that we already posted a recording of "Go Go Gadget Flow" from this concert a while ago. Now we have the complete radio broadcast for you!

Triple J Radio recorded Lupe's concert @ the Palace Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on January 27th 2009 and broadcasted it a few weeks ago.

Lance C. managed to record the broadcast and sent it to us...thanks for that! I hope you all enjoy this HQ audio rip! And if you wonder...yup! the guys from 1500 or Nothin' were in the building, too!

Download Here


Pics used for the artwork courtesy of Scootie

Questions for Matthew Santos


(Photo courtesy of Paul Natkin)

I'll be doing an interview with Matthew within' the next couple of days...and I thought...maybe some of you have some questions for him that you always wanted to ask...well...here's your chance!

If you have a question...just put it in the comments and if you're lucky, it'll be answered!

Hey Champ to perform @ The All Points West Festival

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Sunday, August 2nd 2009 - Liberty State Park - Jersey City, NJ

Visit the AllPointsWest Website for more info's

Jay-Z - "Run This Town" ft. Rihanna x Kanye West


Click HERE to listen to the track!

Remember This? - My Radio Is Bigger Than Yours


What do they say? Size doesn't matter...it's what
you do with it that counts...lol

Fan Art: Lupe Fiasco's Lasers


created by Greg C.

The Sounds - Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix)

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The guys from Hey Champ took my favorite track off of The Sounds' latest album Crossing The Rubicon and remixed it. Sounds great!


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Click HERE to check Va$htie's new/re-designed site. Looks very cool!

Million $ Mano in YRB Mag


Mano is featured in the 93rd issue of YRB Mag!
(Busta Rhymes Cover)

Click HERE to read the mag online.

The Return of The Show [Rhymestyle Radio]

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Been a month since the last show, but its back!

Stream/Download Here

SWAGGER - 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY with Lupe x The Cool Kids x Mickey Factz


Lupe Fiasco will be one of the special guests/performers
at the 10th Anniversary Party of SWAGGER.

The party will go down on Friday, August 7th 2009 @ ageHa
in Shin-Kiba, Kōtō, Tokyo - Doors open at 11:00PM

Entrance Fee: Door - 4,000yen - Advance - 3,500yen

Click HERE for more info's.

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ The Coke Live Music Festival in Poland


I don't know how many people from Poland read this blog but it has just been confirmed that Lupe will perform @ The Coke Live Music Festival in Cracow this year...the festival will start on August 20th and go until August 22nd. Lupe will perform on August 21st @ 9:00 PM. Other confirmed acts include The Killers, Nas, 50 Cent, The Streets and more.

Click HERE for more info's and click HERE to get tickets.

I don't want to say too much because there are no other confirmed dates so far...but if Lupe is already set to perform in Poland...maybe there will be some more European dates in August...stay tuned...we'll keep you updated!

thanks to Lulicja for the translation

A Breakdown of Lupe Fiasco's Failure


Click Here
to read it.

Japanese Cartoon Mask


Lupe Fiasco & others - NYT Photo Shoot @ Ace Hotels


Ace Hotels provided the setting for a recent photo shoot by New York Times' Style Magazine during the Coachella Music Festival with some music artists including Lupe Fiasco.

Click HERE to see all of the pics.

Spotted @ RetailRefugees

Throwback: Lupe Fiasco in XXL Mag - 2006


I wrote the article down for you...in case you can't read if from the scan 'cause the text is too small:

If not weird, then Lupe Fiasco is definitely atypical. This 23-year old muslim rap phenomenon from Chicago is into skateboarding, custom kicks, Japanese animation and gourmet food as much as he's into hip-hop. Oh yeah, Kanye West and Jay-Z are his homeboys, too.

You see, back when they thought backpacks would hurt the Roc-before 'Ye got the shit to pop-Lupe was recruited by Roc-A-Fella.

After a 2001 impromptu audition for Jay-Z at a Chicago hotel, Lupe (born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) was invited, not only to join hip-hop's Prudential, but inside the god MC's sacred space. "He's givin' me clothes out of his closet. Givin' me Gucci jeans, and I'm thinkin', I'm at Jay-Z's house. I'm at Jay-Z's house!" Lupe remembers.

Ultimately, Lupe chose not to sign, but build his own company, 1st and 15th, instead. When business partner Charles "Chill" Patton was forced to do a 14-month bid in the middle of creating Lupe's debut, Food & Liquor, Jigga stepped in. Says Fiasco: "We went to go see Jay and asked, ' Yo, could you help us?" Instead of simply making a few phone calls, Jay met with then Arista head LA Reid and offered to executive produce the upstart's album.

Though Food & Liquor has a new home on 1st and 15th/Atlantic Records, Mr. Carter is still it's executive producer. And Lupe's buzz has become a roar after scoring a 10 on "Touch the Sky" on West's Late Registration. "[Kanye & I] always had a relationship, explains Fiasco. "We was actually tryin' to get 'Ye signed before he was with Roc-A-Fella. When I did my showcase for Arista, 'Ye was sittin' on the couch in LA Reid's office. Right after our showcase, I was like, "What y'all wanna do with Kanye?" One good turn deserves another.

Now Lupe is poised to earn the underground respect and mainstream acceptance of fellow Chica-go-getters like Common and Twista. "I took the Kanye look as this is the biggest mixtape look ever," he says "That's the look that got the world's attention." And ain't nothing weird about that.

A list of Lupe things that we probably won't get to see/hear/wear

The video for "The Instrumental"
The video for "The Coolest"
The Cool Remix album by Justice
A radio play, musical, book or movie based on the story of The Cool
The Live DVD/CD set from the Chicago concert in 2008
Leftover tracks from F&L produced by The Neptunes
A CRS album
Another official mixtape
The We Are Lasers tees

If I forgot something...leave a comment and let me know.

Video: Lupe Fiasco at PANTHERFEST 2008

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Highlight video from Lupe's performance

Bishop G - "Deep Mind"


Another new Bishop G track...off of his upcoming
debut album...(yeah, you read that right!)

Download: Bishop G - "Deep Mind"

prod. by Jon E. Quest

props to Andrew

Video: KiD CuDi - Make Her Say (ft. Kanye x Common)


So...another great Cudi video, huh? Let's not forget...he dropped one of the best mixtapes ever, he's constantly improving his live performances, he is set to star in an upcoming HBO series and he has a very promising concept for his upcoming debut album...he's clearly on his way to the top!

Cudi's first album - "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" drops September 15th.

props to Yardie

Woody's Produce: Demev-strumentals [1st Leak - Toy Story]


On Thursday (July 23rd) Woody will be releasing "Demev-strumentals" and once again the project will be brought to you by The lupEND Blog and Subconscious Threads. On the tape you'll find the beats that Woody made for Charles Hamitlon/Demevolist artists over the past few months.

Now, here's the first leak!

Tracklisting for the tape:

01. Demev-strumentals Introduction
02. Toy Story
03. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
04. Get It Right
05. Prove Love
06. Murdered My Heart
07. Forever
08. Barely Legal
09. MTV Cribs (Prod. Charles Hamilton/Woody)
10. Fine
11. My Type
12. I Want It All
13. Go
14. Think Twice
15. I'm On 10
16. She Got That
17. What They Say (*bonus unreleased

Video: LDoubl3 - Fries & Coke (Kick, Push Beat)


Fries and Coke man, add a McRib and I'm good...lol...what we have here is LDoubl3's ode to McDonald's/FastFood over Lupe's "Kick, Push" instrumental.

Pharrell - Despicable Me (RMX ft. propaYne)


Pro jumps on Pharrell's "Despicable Me" and delivers some great verses.

"Get fly or die - as long as I see sounds no one ever really dies when they living in my mind I'm chillin' on a level where there is no place to hide..."

Download Here

Video: Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl - Live @ Popscene

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How long is "Cold Dust Girl" out there now?...I don't even know...it just doesn't seem to get old and I still enjoy listening to it (maybe that's because of all the remixes or just because it's an awesome track...idk...lol)...well...however, after the snowboard video, here's a clip of Hey Champ performing "Cold Dust Girl" live @ PopScene in San Francisco.

Shining Down On You

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Dope picture from Lupe's concert at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO - January 20th, 2008 via Stace8

DC Switzerland Webcast - Nik "Fizzle" Huber

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Before you ask...I'm posting this because they used Hey Champ's "Cold Dust Girl" for the video. And there's also some great snowboarding footage in it...so check it out!

The Billboard Hot 100: Lupe Fiasco's Shining Down debuts at # 93


Shining Down enters the Billboard Hot 100 at position 93 this week. 26,404 digital singles were sold. If you want to see the track higher up on the charts - click HERE to get it from iTunes. Also request it on your local radio station!

Bishop G - Fuck The Club ft. Dough Boy


New Bishop G track produced by Jon E Quest.

Download Here

Video: Nikki Jean & Her Marketing Team

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Nikki is getting ready to record her debut album and she has a big team working for her behind the scenes...I wonder if there's also a red team and a yellow team...maybe a green one...how many teams like that do they have @ Columbia?

Canceled Concert: SUNY Oneonta Students Are Disappointed


Jason left this in the comments: So I'm one of your biggest fans and me and my boy were excited that we FINALLY booked you to perform at our college at SUNY Oneonta. We had been working hard to negotiate a contract, we vouched for you when other members of our executive board thought that you coming here would result in an unsuccessful concert.

We were off the wall hearing that you would love to perform here and that the deal went through. We were preparing hard, we (me and my boy) were doing our own promotions, designing our own flyers, website and everything. We had people excited, not just from our school but from other cities and even states.

People were proud that FINALLY Oneonta was getting something different for a change instead of the usual alternative rock and the pissy poor Young Joc performance few years back. Then, we hear you backed out on us to go mountain climbing. I swear I did not sleep last nite after hearing that.

The point is, we are disappointed, all that hard work and excitement went out the window. Honestly, me and my boy love your music but we're a lil hurt. As fans, we are disappointed, we hope for the best in your future success however.

I didn't hear that the show was canceled until today...but now it seems like Lupe will go on that planned Mount Kilimanjaro climb with Kenna and Justin in September...this could also affect the other performance he was scheduled to do in NY at Governors Island...on one side I can understand that people are disappointed, especially 'cause they put so much time and effort into it but on the other...Lupe is doing this climb for a good cause and (no disrespect, but) I think it's more important than this concert...besides that, I'm sure that most of the people @ SUNY who are interested to see Lupe perform will be able to attend another one of his shows in NY or somewhere close.

Update via La Bamba: Lupe tried to reschedule with the school but it wasn't possible. Also the show on Sept 11th on Governor's Island got moved to the 18th.

Update 2:...the Governor's Island show is actually on September 19th now and it seems like Oneonta is back on, too!

On The Corner: Minneapolis Sound w/ Matthew Santos


For this weeks On The Corner, Minneapolis native Matthew Santos came through to share some EXCLUSIVE tracks off his forthcoming album.

Listen below:

Kanye West's Chicago Theatre Concert on FUSE


Fuse TV has announced a legendary TV concert event featuring one of the world’s biggest pop music superstars and personalities, KANYE WEST! On July 25th, “Fuse Presents Kanye West: Live From The Chicago Theatre” will bring Kanye’s recent “Stay in School” benefit concert straight to your TV.

The event was sponsored by the Kanye West Foundation S.H.O.W. (Students Helping Our World), a charity organization established in the honor of Kanye’s late mother, Dr. Donda West. She had an exceptional legacy and passion for education and children and her commitment inspired Kanye’s touching tribute.

Kanye West’s Foundation S.H.O.W. partners with schools and community organizations to give underprivileged youth access to music production and academic support programs.

Fuse has captured this landmark benefit concert and will be bringing it straight to your TV on Saturday, July 25th!

Be sure to tune-in to Fuse TV on July 25th @ 8pm/7c to see Kanye perform tracks off his latest album, 808’s and Heartbreak.

For more information about Kanye West: Live from the Chicago Theatre, head
here: http://www.fuse.tv/kanyewest

A Breakdown of Lupe Fiasco's Shining Down


pic via Brendan Baker

Click HERE To Read It

Video: Mikkey Halsted x Hey Champ Talk About Their Recent Performance

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Mikkey Halsted and Hey Champ speak to the good people at Sprite Green about last weekend's performance in Chicago for Bobby Simmons' 1 year anniversary party for SuccezZ.

Props to Andrew

The LupEND Blog presents: Woody's Produce: Breaking News


Yesterday everyone got a chance to preview two beats from this
instrumental tape, well here's the rest of that tape!

Note: The songs in the parentheses are the ones that Woody sampled

1.Breaking News
2.How Can I (Jay-Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A.))
3.Leave It Alone (UGK ft. Outkast- Interanational Players Anthem)
4.Stop Right Now (Cam'ron ft. Kanye West - Down and Out)
5.Dead Presidents (Jay-Z - Dead Presidents)
6.Just Breathe (Charles Hamilton - She's So High)
7.Fashion Avenue (Andre 3000 - Love Below Intro)
8.Open the Window (Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player)
9.Look Good to Me (Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls)
10.Start The SHow (Eminem - Rock Bottom)
11.Not a Love Song (Jay-Z - Song Cry)
12.She Needs It (Cam'ron - D Rugs)
13.Difference (Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Xzibit - What's The Difference)
14.Gasoline (Big Boi - Toilet Tisha)
15.That Boy (Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana - Oh Boy)
16.Sit Down (Charles Hamilton - DSW)
17.Steps to Life (Outkast - Jazzy Belle)
*Bonus Track---> So Right (Freeway ft. Jay-Z - What We Do)


The Cool Tour Merchandise SALE

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There's still a sale going on in the Lupe Fiasco Merchandise Store! Just about everything but those leather bomber jackets has been reduced :(
Waiting on those, Lu!

Pics: Va$htie x Lupe Fiasco @ Katz's


Va$htie: On a cool JULY day, I met up with the homie WASALU aka LUPE at KATZ’s (New York’s Famous Delicatessen). it was a perfect day for hanging with a good friend in an iconic establishment…

Check Va$htie's Blog for more pics

Hey Champ will perform @ the Official Lollapalooza Pre-Party

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Video: Mikkey Halsted x Hey Champ [Live]

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DJBooth.net was @ the SuccezZ x Sprite Green event to capture
Mikkey Halsted's live performance with Hey Champ...props!

Fan Art: Lasers


via Gabriel A! on FNF Army

Pretty cool...reminds me a bit of Daft Punk's pyramid.

Woody's Produce - She Needs It x Just Breathe (Instrumentals)


We'll release Woody's instrumental collection called "Woody's Produce: Breaking News" on Tuesday, July 14th.

It consists of instrumentals that Woody gave to Show TuFli for his Fox 5 Series...so it's especially for all the young, aspiring rap artists out there who are always looking for some hot beats.

"Woody's Produce: Breaking News" is brought to you by The LupEND Blog & Subconscious Threads. It's the first time that we're presenting a mixtape to you that we didn't put together ourselves...and it looks like there'll be more to come.

Here we have the first 2 leaks from the tape:

Download: "She Needs It" (instrumental)
Download: "Just Breathe" (instrumental)

Click HERE to see the full tracklist.

Turbo - Ozone [Music Video]

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Turbo just finished his new music video for Ozone from
Disc 1 of ElectroRockV3!

This is actually one of my favorite Turbo songs so far and
the concept of this video is dope, too!!

"Start from Nothing... end at Something"

Also shout out to Turbo for the LupEND shout out at 2:38

Wear E-Lasers?


LOL, I just had to message this fan and ask him
to check out the blog for an update...

Video: Jackie Lopez covers Matthew Santos' "My Remedy"


Awesome cover of one of my favorite tracks from Matthew.

Make sure to check Jackie's MySpace page and if you
want to, you can also follow her on Twitter!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Smash The Mic Interview [+Performance]


Alexis from SmashTheMic.com interviewed Lupe after the Bun B & Friends concert in Houston. Lupe said the following after being asked about retiring:

"My record company won't let me retire, unfortunately...so I have to do 3 more albums, you know...but it's cool, I like it."

Check the video to find out what else they talked about. Some footage of Lupe's Hip Hop Saved My Life performance is also included.

Audio: Nikki Jean - Valentine's Day Interview

1 comment:

We (JayBee, Anthony and myself) interviewed Nikki for the NikkiJeanLive Blog earlier this year before she went on her road trip. We wrote it all down and posted it on there, somehow we never came around to post the audio file of it though but here it is now...so check it out!

And please excuse the few skips...we had some technical difficulties during the interview so I had quite some editing to do to get this file the way it is now...hope you enjoy it...

Video: Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Intro (Live @ Mohegan Sun)

Blueprint 3 - September 11th

Jay performed @ the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut yesterday, together with Fabolous and Lupe. Wait...Lupe performed?...Yeah!...originally Ciara was meant to perform but she had to cancel due to an unspecified illness...so Lupe stepped in and performed in her place. Footage of Lupe's performance?...maybe later.

Here's what Fabolous said about the show:

Fabolous on Twitter

A review of the concert can be found HERE

Video: Maino feat. Swizz Beatz - Million Bucks


Just got Maino's album and it's dope!
If Tomorrow Comes... in stores now.

Chat Update


Just to update y'all, the live chat is now on TBA status.
That means as soon as we find out anything we will post
about it. You can also stay tuned to Lupe's Twitter

Lupe Fiasco @ The Hip Hop Theater Festival in DC


Tuesday, July 7th 2009 - VOICES REMIX: A People's History of the United States

@ the Kennedy Center in Washington DC

Lupe reads Clint Hopson and Joe Martin's AntiWar leaflet which they wrote after the twenty-three-year-old John D. Shaw (a black American GI) was killed in Vietnam. After that he raps a portion of "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy.

Visit this website: PeoplesHistory.us
Props to Franco for the footage.

Get Your Tix: Lupe Fiasco @ The Beach At Governors Island


Tickets for Lupe's performance @ the Beach at Governors Island in NY will go on sale today! The concert will be on September 11, 2009 - Doors open at 6:00PM - Show starts at 8:00PM - First ferry leaves from Battery Maritime Building at 6pm.

Tickets on sale to the general public - starting:
Fri, 07/10/09 12:00 PM EDT

Get your tickets

Click HERE for more info's about concerts
@ the Beach at Governors Island.

Shout out to Steve

Video: Nikki Jean on Martha's Vineyard with Carly Simon


Wow...I always wondered who originally did that song with the line "I'll bet you think this song is about you"...and it was actually Carly Simon...and now Nikki is working with her...dope!

Nikki also just recently twittered about her record
being released in February of 2010:

Nikki Jean on Twitter

Also make sure to check her FaceBook Page!