Avery Storm - "What Goes UP" [Superstar Beat]

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Nice one, Avery goes in over Lupe's "Superstar."
Track is set to appear on his upcoming Category 5 mixtape.

Download: Avery Storm - "What Goes UP"

Spotted @ HHNM

Video: 1500 Or Nothin "WORLD TOUR" (Preview)


LA's hottest Hip-Hop production team on tour with Lupe Fiasco...

23 countries
- 90 Sold Out Shows - 5 Guys - 1 Band - 1500 Or Nothin
"WORLD TOUR" - Coming Soon!

Ticket Giveaway: Lupe Fiasco @ Governor's Island in NYC

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GoingNYC is giving away a pair of tickets for Lupe's
concert at Governor's Island in New York (09/19/09)

Click HERE if you're interested...good luck!

Matthew Santos - 1st Single News


Matthew and his band are going to premiere their new single
"You Will Be Saved" on the WGN Morning Show next week.

WGN-TV interviewed Matthew Santos at the I.V. Lab Recording Studio to get a "behind-the-scenes" glimpse at recording his album, scheduled for release in December.

You'll also be able to see Matthew and WGN reporter Ana Beleval recording the song "Shadows in a Shoebox" together (she's doing some accompanying vocals.)

The whole segment airs next week and will probably be available online later on! So keep checkin' in!

Fan Art: Kick Push Coast

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Created by EvanBryce

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers - Release Date?


According to HitsDailyDouble Lupe's 3rd album "Lasers" is set to be released on December 15th 2009! HDD is a credible source but so far Atlantic hasn't confirmed anything...so we should probably all wait for an official announcement before we get too excited.

If this actually turns out to be the final release date, then it would also mean that the album would drop exactly 2 years (and a day) after I started this blog, would be pretty cool...

UPDATE: Turns out that the release date was false, album drops in 2010!

props to HHNM

Lupe Fiasco on Pitchfork's Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s List


The Pichfork staff put together a list of their 500 favorite songs of the 2000s.

Lupe can be found twice on that list. Once on position 157 with "Touch The Sky" (together with Kanye) and on position 246 with "Kick, Push."

For the complete list click HERE or download THIS text file.


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"I don't really buy a lot of jewelery and none like that, I go out and get like old Japanese import video games"
- Lupe Fiasco -

RockersNYC T.V. presents: Lupe Fiasco @ the Swagger 10th Anniversary Party in Tokyo


RockersNYC T.V. captured a part of Lupe's performance at the ageHa
nightclub in Tokyo for the Swagger 10th Anniversary party.

Video features "Superstar" and "Daydreamin'."



We've seen some video footage from the photo shoot a while ago, now here's the cover of the 2nd issue of Swagger Mag.

This issue features photos from an exclusive session with Lupe, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, A-Trak, Ignition Man, Big-O and others and interviews with Lupe, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz & Jules Gayton.

UPDATE: You can order the mag RIGHT HERE

Lexx Black - "Cee Now" (Dumb It Down RMX)


Lexx sent me his rendition of "Dumb It Down" yesterday
and it's really good...check it out!

Download HERE

Happy Birthday Nikki Jean!


Nikki: This year on my birthday, I wanted to give y'all something. . a RECAP! Thanks for being with me through the ups and downs. . Enjoy

Yung Texxus - Streets On Fire Freestyle

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Texxus goes in over Lupe's "Streets on Fire."
7 Day Theory Mixtape on the way!

Download Here

Spotted @ illRoots

Alexandra Cousteau x Lupe Fiasco x Kenna shooting HP commercial !


You all know those cool HP commercials, right? Jay-Z, Pharrell, Serena Williams and a whole bunch of other (famous) people all had their own, personalized commercial within' the last couple of years.

As you can see above, Alexandra Cousteau just tweeted that she's shooting one of those commercials with Lupe & Kenna right now!
(and that's pretty much all we know about it so far...)

Anyone else excited about this? All of those HP commercials are awesome and I'm sure this one will be great, too!

Check Kenna's "HP You On You" launch video below!

Pics: Lu & Crew in Krakow, Poland

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Pics via Simon

CMPtv Onstage: Hey Champ - "Axes"

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Click HERE, HERE & HERE to see more clips!

More Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ the Coke Live Music Festival


August 21st 2009 - Coke Live Music Festival - Krakow, Poland

Pics via myNight.pl

Video: Lupe Fiasco Interview (Onet.pl)


The good folks over at Onet.pl did an interview with Lupe while he was in Krakow, Poland to perform @ the Coke Live Music Festival.

Lupe talked about visiting the concentration camp in Auschwitz, his new album "Lasers", being a businessman, politics/Obama and more.

props to hd

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ the Coke Live Music Festival

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August 21st 2009 - Coke Live Music Festival - Krakow, Poland

Pics courtesy of Robert Słuszniak

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down - Live in Poland


August 21st 2009 - Coke Live Music Festival - Krakow, Poland

Bonus: End of the show (backflip)

Eva at the Studio - Remixing "Slow Down" (ft. Lupe Fiasco)


Remember that chick Eva who did a track with Lupe called "Slow Down"? Well...in the video above you can see her visiting her friend Jay who made a remix of the song.

He switched it up a bit (it's a remix..duh!) and Eva doesn't seem to be too happy with it.

Jay moved Lupe's part to the 2nd verse instead of leaving it at the end and says that it would keep people more interested in the song. Eva's reaction to that is: "You need to hear him first 'cause I'm boring?"

well...actually that's exactly how it is...I think it was a good idea to move Lupe's part to the 2nd verse instead of leaving it at the end...because, let's be honest, no one would care about the track if Lupe wouldn't be on it and if he'd come in on the 2nd verse, people would maybe listen to the whole thing.

And who does she think she is? She complains that the electric guitars that have been added to the song are creating too much of a rock vibe and that it doesn't really fit 'cause she's a Popstar.

A Popstar? come on...I think it's really delusional to say that if no one really knows you...

Featured: Delusionists - "The Movement" (prod. by Slim Pickens)


The Delusionists were raised in Lowestoft, Suffolk. They’ve since relocated to London, probably in a bid to make themselves more “urban”.

Their upbringing was uneventful, you might even call it pleasant. And get this; according to our research, they have never pimped a ho, sold crack or even SEEN a gun.

And yet, despite all of this, they feel it’s their God-given right to make Hip Hop music! - Artist info via MySpace

Download "The Movement" HERE

track via UKAllDay

Throwback: The Pen & The Needlz

Throwback dopeness!

CMPtv On Stage: Hey Champ - "Artificial Man"

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Here we have another video of Hey Champ's performance @ the Double Door in Chicago, captured by CMPtv's cameras.

Previously posted:
Chi-Town x Cold Dust Girl

Lupe Fiasco x The Rolling Stones - Superstar/Miss You (TKRMX)

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Video: Lupe Fiasco talks about the Importance of Lyrics


ErnEDITS caught up with Lupe when he was at the Kennedy Center on July 7th, 2009 and asked him about the importance of (good) lyrics.

Lupe Fiasco has been AMBUSH®ED !


POW! POW! - Check AmbushDesign !

Hey Champ - "Neverest" (New Track!!!)

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There's a new track up on Hey Champ's MySpace page...check it out!

Click HERE to listen to "Neverest"

Video: Hey Champ - GOOM Radio Interview @ Lollapalooza

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August 7th, 2009 - Pete, Saam, and Jonathan from Hey Champ stop by the GOOM Radio tent to talk with Schwenker at Lollapalooza 2009.

Playboy Nightlife: The Spot - Chicago - Saam Hagshenas (from Hey Champ)

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Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Hey Champ singer Saam Hagshenas gives his take on
the band's favorite spots in Chicago.

Click HERE to check the feature!

Video: Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl - Live @ Radio Radio

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August 12th 2009 - Radio Radio - Fountain Square - Indianapolis, IN

Japanese Cartoon - Band Members


Wasalu Jaco - Vocals & Production

LeMessie - Production

Graham Burris - Bass

Hey Champ - Local 101 Interview @ Lollapalooza

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Jaime Black from Local 101 interviewed Hey Champ at Lollapalooza last weekend - check it out!

Most importantly, they said that their debut album "Star" will drop this fall and they've also been in the studio with Lupe, working on something...

Upcoming Shows: Matthew Santos

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Aug. 21 2009
The Cabooze (Michael Jackson Tribute)
Minneapolis, MN

Aug. 31 2009
Angels & Kings - Chicago, IL

Sep. 18 2009
Kryptonite - Rockford, IL

Oct. 21 2009
Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

Fore more infos click on the dates or visit Matthew's MySpace !

The Knux say that Lupe will be on their upcoming album


Semtex managed to catch up with The Knux. Besides some other things they also said that Lupe will be on their upcoming album (check the 6:57 mark)

I remember, back in May they already said that Lupe would be on a remix of their song "Fire" together with Curren$y...what happened to that?

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ the University of Manitoba


Friday, September 18th

University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, MB (

via Lu's MySpace, more dates can be found HERE

88-Keys talks about Lupe Fiasco


88-Keys put an IMEEM playlist for GAP 1969 together which features some of his favorite tracks. It's called "Born to Rock" and includes Lupe's "Gotta Eat."

Click HERE to find out what 88-Keys said about Lupe
and HERE to check the full playlist!

Cisco and Warner Music extend Web partnership


Warner Music Group announced Wednesday that it has expanded its partnership with Cisco Systems, using the tech giant's software platform to power more Web sites for its artists.

Warner Music is the first and only company that has said it is using Cisco's Eos social media software platform. Cisco announced the platform and hosted service in January.

Initially, Warner Music Group used the platform to develop Web sites for two artists, Laura Izibor and reggae singer Sean Paul. On Wednesday, it announced it has expanded that relationship to include sites for other artists, such as Paramore, R&B singer Trey Songz, rock band Halestorm, and a redesigned site for Sean Paul.

By the end of the year, Warner Music Group has committed to creating 12 additional artist Web sites using Eos, including sites for "American Idol" alum Jason Castro, R&B singer Estelle, and hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco.

With Eos, Cisco has essentially created a template for building and designing Web sites. Michael Nash, executive vice president of digital strategy and business development for Warner Music, said that Eos allows the company to develop a Web site five times faster than it could on another platform. And a strong online presence is something that Warner Music executives hope will lead to new revenue streams for its artists' content.

Read the full article HERE

-I think it would be great to have an official Lupe Fiasco website similar to the one that Paramore has right now. Thoughts?

Great Picture: Lupe Fiasco @ Summerfest 2009


Click on the image for larger size! - via Official Summerfest

Video: Hey Champ - "So American" - Live @ Lollapalooza

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Friday, August 7th 2009 - Lollapalooza 2009 - Grant Park - Chicago, IL

Small clip, song sounds great!

Kid Sister x Lupe Fiasco x Verbal @ Summer Sonic 2009


Lupe, Kid Sister, Verbal

Lupe visited the Summer Sonic Festival while he was in Japan last weekend.
More pics can be found on Verbal's Blog !

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "Daydreamin' " - Live in Tokyo (+ more)

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After providin' this pic, Andrew comes through with some footage of Lupe performing "Daydreamin'" @ Swagger's 10th Anniversary Party.

BONUS: Backstage footage of Lupe x The Cool Kids:

Lupe Fiasco will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival!


The Brooklyn Book Festival is a huge, free public event presenting an array of literary stars and emerging authors who represent the exciting world of literature today.

Lupe will be there for the panel discussion “Poetry, Pop and Hip-Hop” which will also feature Thurston Moore, Tracie Morris, Matthew Zapruder and moderator Touré. The festival will be on Sunday, September 13th 2009.

More info's about the Brooklyn Book Festival can be found HERE

Video: Mickey Factz x Lupe Fiasco x The Cool Kids in Tokyo


Mickey travels to Tokyo to perform at the Swagger 10th Anniversary Show with Lupe & The Cool Kids.

Airport, food, shopping, photo shoot, live performance...

Spotted @ NahRight

Bishop G - "Because A Bitch"

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New shit from Bishop G - produced by Jon E. Quest.

Download Here

CMPtv Onstage: Hey Champ - "Chi-Town"

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As promised in the comments on this entry earlier on, here's the video of Hey Champ performing their as-yet-unreleased track "Chi-Town," exclusively for CMPtv's cameras @ the Double Door in Chicago.

Man, I really can't wait to hear their album, so far everything that I heard from them was awesome. I have a feeling that "Star" will be great (if that's still the album title...)

Lupe Fiasco x Common x Busta Rhymes x Jadakiss to perform @ UB's Fall Fest 2009


Now that's a great line-up! The Student Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo just confirmed that Lupe, Common, Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss will all be performing at their Fall Fest on September 5th 2009. Doors open at 5:15PM, show starts at 6:00PM!

Tickets are available for free if you're an undergraduate student. Tickets for the general public will be on sale at the Alumni Arena Box office and all tickets.com outlets for $35.

Make sure to check the SA Entertainment Facebook Page
(Thanx to Ian for the additional infos)

Pic: Lupe Fiasco x Chuck Inglish in Tokyo

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While in Tokyo for Swagger's 10th anniversary party, Lupe & Chuck spent some of their time walking through the streets and checking some of the shops. Props to Andrew

Pics: Lupe Fiasco - Surprise Appearance - "Kings Court" @ Club Harlem in Shibuya


August 8th 2009 - Kings Court @ Club Harlem - Shibuya, Tokyo

One day after the SWAGGER 10th Anniversary Party, Lupe made a
surprise appearance @ Club Harlem in Shibuya.

Pics via DJ Takeshi

CMPtv on Stage: Hey Champ - "Cold Dust Girl"


Hey Champ performed their hit single "Cold Dust Girl" exclusively for CMPtv @ the Double Door in Chicago on June 4th 2009. Video was uploaded like a month ago and I have no idea why I haven't noticed it before...but better late then never, I guess.



As previously reported, Lupe was one of the special guests at SWAGGER's 10th Anniversary Party on Friday, August 7th @ the ageHa nightclub in Shin-Kiba, Kōtō, Tokyo.

Here we have some pics from the party and we also get a closer look at the Japanese Cartoon jacket...dope!

available HERE!

Pics via DJ Takeshi