Video: S-Preme - The Sicktape Vol. 2 [Trailer]

The trailer for S-Preme's mixtape, The Sicktape: Vol. 2, abstractly highlights the concept of the project. Including snippets of two never before heard tracks, the trailer gives a mere glimpse of what's in store for the listeners.

The Sicktape: Volume 2, presented by Dope Couture,, and hosted by Terry Urban... coming soon.

More Imagery

Time for a debate!

Drop your two cents on which song has more vivid imagery:

American Terrorist or Daydreamin'

So tell us what song you think provides more vivid imagery and why

What were you doing?

Lets go back in time for a sec...What was the first Lupe Fiasco song you heard and what were you doing at the time?

Me? I just came home from school and "Kick, Push" came on TV. Even though I heard of Lu before, on "Touch the Sky", I didn't actually do my homework until I saw the "Kick, Push" video.

Lupe Fiasco at the Sprite Step Off Event in Raleigh, NC

Lupe came out to Raleigh, NC last night to perform at the Sprite Step Off Qualifier. When he came on stage and saw the small crowd standing in the rain, he said, "I will always put on the same show, whether there's a thousand people or one person, I will always put on the same show". And so, he went on to perform Kick, Push, I Gotcha, Go Go Gadget Flow, Hip Hop Saved My Life, Shining Down, Touch The Sky, and Superstar.

At one point, he said, "Where my ladies at?" and then stood there counting each and every girl in the crowd, which totaled 48. He said, "I dedicate this next song to each one of you" and went on to perform Paris, Tokyo. Later, he said, "Out of the 48 ladies and maybe 30 guys, at least 20 percent of you should know this next song" and performed Daydreamin'.

So despite the small crowd and the rain, Lupe still killed it and put on an amazing show. Check out footage and photos from the night below.

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down & Touch The Sky - in Raleigh, NC

Click here for more footage.

Click here for the Vistoso Bosses, who opened for Lupe,
performing their hit,

And click here for my photos from the night.

Last but not least, here's a pic of the crowd, via Bam and La Bamba

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ the Sprite Step Off Qualifier in Raleigh, NC

On campus at St. Augustine's, the nation's biggest step competition is coming to the Raleigh-Durham area on Saturday, September 26th...

Great performances, live music, festival activities and Sprite Step Off qualifying auditions starting in the morning and lasting all day long.

More info available at

Lupe Fiasco and Vistoso Bosses are performing!

Saturday, September 26th 2009
2:00pm - 9:00pm
Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion @ Walnut Creek
3801 Rock Quarry Rd
Raleigh, NC

Tickets: $10 at the door

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ Towson University

Towson University's student newspaper The Towerlight reports that Lupe will be headlining their homecoming concert this year after Keri Hilson and Wale dropped out a mere three weeks away from the show.

Wale was offered a spot on tour with rapper Jay-Z. Keri Hilson also got an offer for a “better” concert opportunity, but CAB doesn’t know the details of her reasons for canceling her show at Towson.

Fiasco, who works through the same agent as Hilson and Wale, placed high on the student survey that ran through the CAB Web site over the summer.

The concert will take place on October 11th at 7 p.m. in the Towson Center.

More info's about tickets etc. can be found HERE

Moneypenny - Say No (Hey Champ Remix)

The Girl/girl DJ/Electronic duo Moneypenny was formed in the Spring of 2008 by long-time friends and well known Chicago nightlife personalities Chess Hubbard (DJ Mother Hubbard) and Jessica Gonyea (DJ A-Cup).

They made their worldwide LIVE debut at Lollapalooza 2009 to great acclaim. A-Cup and Mother Hubbard are now hard at work at writing and recording with plans for a series of single releases in late 2009/early 2010.

Hey Champ remixed the duo's debut single "Say No"...

Download the remix HERE
(right click, save as)

via URChicago
props Hlynkinn

Jessica Biel joins celeb climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro

via AP: When Jessica Biel, Lupe Fiasco, and Isabel Lucas get together in Africa, they'll have nowhere to go but up.

The entertainers have signed on to climb the continent's highest peak — Mt. Kilimanjaro, at more than 19,000 feet — to raise awareness about the need for clean water worldwide.

The Summit on the Summit expedition, set for January, is the brainchild of singer and producer Kenna. His father suffered from waterborne diseases as a child in Ethiopia.

Biel, 27, said she was "astonished" to learn that more than a billion people across the globe have no access to clean water.

"This is a basic human necessity that needs to be addressed now," Biel said in a statement, adding that she's proud to climb Kilimanjaro with the celebrity team "to help any way I can in order to raise awareness toward the life- threatening clean water crisis happening not only in Africa but around the world."

Justin Timberlake — who's been romantically linked with Biel — may also be joining the climbers: He told GQ magazine earlier this year that he was preparing for a major mountain climb.

Representatives for the climb declined to comment on the 28-year-old singer's possible participation.

Kenna said more celebrity climbers will be announced in the coming months, and he urges fans to follow the climb online. A donation as small as a dollar can provide 1,000 liters of clean water to those who need it, he said.

"We wanted to make sure there was a way people knew this was an issue and a way for them to do something about it," he said Wednesday. "This is a global issue. It's not an Africa problem. It's not a South America problem. It's a world, global problem. In America, 11 million people go without clean water."

On the Net:



Previously: Kenna Recruits Lupe Fiasco & Justin Timberlake

Rock River Times article on Matthew Santos

Great article about Matthew written by Jim Hagerty of The Rock River Times...

Some singer/songwriters may need a tune or two to identify with an audience. A few quiet warm-up numbers often soothe the crowd, creating an atmosphere of anticipation as more gripping songs progress.

This formula, while effective much of the time, can also place undue pressure on the artist to ensure he captures his crowd and keeps them interested.

For Matthew Santos, his formula is simple. He walks on stage, picks up his guitar and delivers from the start. Audiences know from the first song, he’s for real and can grab the attention of the most aloof the second he plays his first note.

Santos’ success is certainly not by accident. He started playing piano at age 6 and started playing guitar as a teen. Along the way, he harnessed a talent for visual arts, namely painting.

Before long, Santos found a way to champion the ability to mix the ingenious imagery of visual arts with cutting-edge musical chops. After a stint at Columbia College in Chicago and a huge Youtube following, Santos was on his way to becoming one of Chicago’s premier singer/songwriters.

Click HERE to read more!

Erik Hammer

If you attended Lupe's concert in Winnipeg (Sept. 18th) or NYC (Sept. 19th), or if you've watched one of the videos of Lupe's concert @ Governors Island,
you've probably noticed that there's a new dude on stage who's playing the guitar...well, if you wonder who he is...his name is Erik Hammer.

Click HERE to check his MySpace

props to La Bamba for the info

My record company did not push this record at all...

September 19th 2009 - The Beach @ Governors Island - New York, NY

Update: Interesting, during his concert in New York yesterday Lupe talked about how his record company is holding him back and how they didn't push his single and not even 10 hours after a video of that popped up on YouTube, they (WMG) already took it down.

You can't tell me that this is because of some copyright reasons, all of the other live clips are still online, they just don't want people to know what Lupe said. I wrote it all down though, so check it below!

Update 2: Someone else uploaded a video of it...check it above!

Album Nr. 3, LASERS - Love Always Shines Every-time Remember 2 Smile.

I picked Lasers because Lasers are life, Lasers shine, Lasers are the future, Lasers are progression, Lasers are revolutionary, Lasers are NOT Losers!

Lasers are different, Lasers are weird, Lasers are eclectic, but Lasers are NOT Losers! We're winners that's what we are, we're winners! All the freaks, all the ones that don't know what they are, all the indecisive ones, We're Not Losers, We Are Lasers!

This next record (Shining Down) is the first record off the new album and it's a testament, it's a testament to what you can do when people are holding you back.

My record company did not push this record at all but yet in it's first week we sold like 30.000 copies...don't be scared to put records like this on the radio, this is what we need! It's not what they want, it's what they need!

They need to know that it's people on top that recognize what they do, that feel what they do, that are where they're from, who don't really care about money and none like that, who don't care about fame, who don't care about being on the internet in front of some stupid-ass camera talking about what they wore this morning and what they had for breakfast yesterday. Fuck all that!

We Are Lasers and we shine goddammit, we shine and we gonna shine either with your support or without your support, we gonna shine muthafuckas and we gonna shine down on you!

More footage from the concert can be found HERE

Lupe Fiasco Concert - Venue Change

In case you plan to go to this show, the UMSU has notified people that the Lupe Fiasco performance scheduled this Friday, September 18 on top of the University of Manitoba Parkade has been moved.

Lupe will now be performing at the Max Bell Field House on University Crescent beside the Investors Group Athletic Centre.

Winnipeg’s own, Grand Analog will be opening the show and tickets are still available at Ticketmaster!

Lupe Fiasco at the SUNY College @ Oneonta [Concert Report x Pics]

September 12th 2009 - SUNY College @ Oneonta (Dewar Arena) - Oneonta, NY

Check Andy's report about Lupe's concert at the SUNY College @ Oneonta below!

Hey, my name is Andy and I'm a huge Lupe fan so I decided to get him to come to my school to perform. In order to do this I had to convince a board of 12 of my peers that Lupe would do good here, which was not an easy task.

Even though I was elected concert chair, my peers and my supervisor made it very difficult for me to get Lupe. They didn't want him because they claim our school is more of an "alternative rock" school (aka white school).

Though they made it hard, they finally agreed to the idea and boy was right!! Lupe killed the stage this past Saturday! Not only that, most of our sales were by Oneonta students and not the outside public. Tickets were flying and people would call me personally for tickets to make sure they had some.

The Arena was packed and people sang, jumped, and crowd surfed the whole time Lupe was on. When Lupe's hour was up, no one in the arena left. They stood there and chanted "LUPE" "COME BACK" "ENCORE" then Lupe came back and performed for 20-25 more minutes! Hands down this was the best concert we had in years. Lupe is the killer!

Thanks Andy!

Report: Lupe Fiasco @ the Brooklyn Book Festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival went down yesterday and Lupe was part of a panel which was moderated by Touré and also featured Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and the poets Tracie Morris and Matthew Zapruder.

Their discussion of where poetry, rock and hip-hop intersect focused on words. Fiasco -- who resisted fans' efforts to get him to say when his album will be released -- explained that before he worked with music and beats, he filled notebooks with words. "I had a plethora of words," he said.

Photo courtesy of Kate Glicksberg

"See how many pieces I could collect." Zapruder concurred, saying, "I find words that attract me ... and I set myself this task of making something out of them." But Moore saw words as a mutable part of rock and roll, "slurred language," which could be misheard and mis-sung, unintentionally making songs over.

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