New Lupe Fiasco Mixtape on the way!


A new Lupe mixtape is one of the things we've all been waiting for, ain't it?
Based on Lu's latest Twitter Update it seems like the wait could be over soon!

For a long time it looked like Lupe wouldn't do another mixtape, but things have changed. There's a new fire burning in him and if you've heard his latest Tracks/Freestyles, you've probably already noticed that he's going in, harder than he ever did before...the man is on a mission, The Cool is heatin' up!

RH in Concert: Lupe Fiasco's Remember 2 Smile

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There's a nice report about Lupe's Remember 2 Smile
concert up on RubyHornet...

Click HERE to check it out!

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Crucial Conflict - Backstage


Moments after Lupe Fiasco wrapped his 'Remember 2 Smile' concert, and shortly after Crucial Conflict took the stage with him, the Planet Cru Con paid homage to Lu backstage, and congratulated him on a job well done...

props to Andrew

More Photos: Lupe Fiasco - Remember 2 Smile Concert

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October 29th 2009 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

RubyHornet comes through with some awesome shots from
the concert yesterday...
visit the site to see more!

Video: And He Gets The [Army] Girl


October 29th 2009 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

...and we continue with another video from last night...after addressing some technical difficulties Lupe performs small parts of "And He Gets The Girl" and "Army Girl." -Check YouTube for more videos!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Remember 2 Smile Vignettes


During Lupe's concert yesterday, there were some videos (live-vignettes) played on the screens in between songs. All of them related to the theme of the concert: Remember 2 Smile...

In this 7 part series, Lupe touches on a wide range of personal topics including Life, Death, Art, Fame, Faith, Politics, his home town of Chicago, and finally his upcoming album, Lasers.

Click HERE to check out the other 6 videos!

Props to Andrew who also has some other vids up on his site.

Oh...and check what he reports: "Lupe claims he's coming back, and he's coming back harder than ever, to takeover that top spot.

He told me he's going after everyone on the MTV Hottest MCs list, no matter what and no matter who. This could get very interesting."

Photos: Lupe Fiasco - Remember 2 Smile Concert


October 29th 2009 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

Photos courtesy of stephapelvis

Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco - Congress Theater Freestyle

I get my energy from my inner G
So to my enemies, that they can’t injure me
I know that irritates, you have my sympathies
Well you should protest, yea you should picket me

I’m on a losing strike, I’m on a winning streak
I’m out in left field, I’m speaking mentally
But that’s a better place, then where the benches be.
I’m feeling really good, me and my different beat
Me and my different drummer, he play the timpani's

See that's what got me here, you hearing me
Me on my black man ‘in the future’ shit, call me Billy Dee
See I’m just forward looking, that’s how I really see
See while you Valentine’s, I’m thinking Christmas Trees
And that’s how this would be, even at Mickey D’s
Semicolon, close parenthesis.

UPDATE: This is actually not an "exclusive" freestyle that he just did for the Congress Theater concert, it was also performed at some previous shows. @ the Temple and Towson Universities for example.

Seeing that he performed it a few times already, could be that it's a part of a new song...

Videos: Lupe Fiasco - Live @ the Congress Theater


October 29th 2009 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

Above you can see Japanese Cartoon Lupe performing Solar Midnite @ the Halloween show in Chicago...

Below, we have a video of the acapella/freestyle that Lupe did at the end of the concert. (props to illROOTS for that!)...more videos on the way!

Also after the jump there's some footage of Shining Down (ft. Matthew) via Alex

Live From The Remember 2 Smile Concert


Rhymestyle is at the show tonight and he'll keep us updated via his Twitter. I'll update this entry constantly so keep checkin' in! is sold out!

8:34PM The house is packed and Lupe will enter the stage soon....

8:57PM Actually...there will be an opening Lupe will probably enter the stage in an hour or so...

9:25PM Some DJ named Sean Mac was just spinning some records, Simon and Erik Hammer are chillin' on stage, waiting for Lupe to come out...

9:26PM Lupe up on starts!

-Just Might Be Ok
-Emperor's Soundtrack
-Happy Industries
-Touch The Sky -- TwitPic

9:35PM - Video is playing now.. Giant LED screen in the back

-Lupe The Killer

9:44PM Rhymestyle want's to enjoy the show and will post the setlist later on...waiting for some announcements now...

9:59PM 2nd video is playing, audio issues...
Now Lu is yelling @ the sound people...

FYI Sarah Green and Bishop G are both performing with Lupe tonight! and every like 6 songs or so a video plays of Lupe, talking...

10:02PM Sound fixed, Sunshine is on...

-Paris, Tokyo
-Handcuffs - TwitPic
-The Coolest
-The Die
-He Say She Say - TwitPic (Sarah)
-Hurt Me Soul
-Intruder Alert
-Kick, Push
-Kick Push II
-Hip Hop Saved My Life

10:28PM Another video playing now...

-The Cool
-Fighters - Matthew Santos comes out on stage!

Last line of FIGHTERS:
"Now we just got 4 more to go, no more L.U.P.end"

-Muhammad Walks

10:41PM another video...

-Conflict Diamonds
-American Terrorist (also with Matthew)
-Put You On Game
-Little Weapon
-Streets on Fire (w/ Matthew) TwitPic

11:03PM - Mikkey Halsted just came out, performed "Liquor Store"
a whole bunch of artists from Chicago at the show...

Back to Lu - Go Go Gadget Flow
-Don't Get It Twisted

11:17PM Crucial Conflict on stage

-The Instrumental

11:26PM - Japanese Cartoon!? (+Matthew back up on stage, too)
they performed Solar Midnite

btw...they are taping the show for a DVD!


11:41PM Lu just threw his red leather jacket from the Superstar vid into the crowd...(Update: actually wasn't the jacket from the video)

"No matter what adversities you face,
Remember 2 Smile"

11:43PM Confetti - TwitPic

11:49PM - It's not over yet!

-Shining Down (w/ Matthew!!!) - TwitPic (Lasers)

11:55PM Lu wrapped the show up with a new acapella... and it was wow

Lu also performed Army Girl & Fire...

There are some songs not listed here that he did, and probably some are in the wrong order...but hey, we documented the concert for u, just so u know what happened...

Detailed reviews, pics and probably some videos will be up on here very soon!

I hope you enjoyed this... see ya later!

"I Been Down Since the Mixtapes..."


I need this shirt! Be sure to check out new merchandise at upcoming shows.

Sean's Update: This is the exclusive shirt they mentioned in THIS MySpace blog entry, it's only available at the concert tonight...(Rhymestyle was "volunteered" to advertise the new shirts at the show...)

Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco - "Say Something" [Freestyle]


Uh, we just gonna keep it goin' and goin',
until I feel completed and happy about it...You know?

Uh, Opus of a ghetto boy who grew into a project man
Brewster Place, he used to stick his scissors in his sockets damn,
clear that Project Runway, 'cause this is where my rocket lands,
ain’t got no problems, Houston, I A.K.A. then rocket land.
Events recent that lit a fire under him like pots and pans,
rockets and I (eye) up in the sky like helicopter cams...

And you down there in the traffic jam
from here I’ve seen a bunch of fake shit like avid wrestlin' fans...
Came up from the bottom of the eye exam ZOOM
Now I’m like the biggest G up in the room,
still hard to see me like the truth on TV
or the roof from the sidewalk, I don’t flo' (floor), I ceiling

My mama said they need me...
'cause, I’m made from the best stuff on earth like Snapple Tea Leaves,
they glass is half full so I spit into them like Celie,
no longer G, now you can see me
but your letter's still under my sea like seaweed
C and G but nothing bout me C-G, It’s all real, none of this is green screen...

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" just like The Ting Tings,
I’m feelin' like a Mac, standing around a bunch of PCs.
I’ve rocked it from the shouters to the soccer moms,
try to stop what’s going on...
you’ll see the back of my hand like the tops of palms,
I’m balling like the tops of pawns,
circle of influence getting bigger like the ripples on the tops of ponds.

Short-footed and War Headed like the tops of bombs,
Domino-in n****'s, delivery is Papa John's, Little Ceaser‘s, uh,
burning down your Pizza Hut...
Plaque collection building 'cause, I don’t brush my teeth enough,
yeah, Crack is wack and reefer sucks, you might think this deep as fuck
but this like my weaker stuff,
they ask “Is this his day-to-day 'cause this is like a week to us?”

Mic is shy and speakers blush, I is shy (Chi) and he is up,
I correct, me is up - no we is up - cause its like two of me
and each of us, rappin' acid, eat this up,
A-Town down, peace is up, New York to East Coast is tough,
West Side ridin', lot of n****'s salty 'cause,
'cause I be overseas and tough.

Everything seamless, WorldStar never seen this,
NahRight gotta stream this, motherfuckin' genius!

Brave and fly, you backbone-less and wingless,
bunch of chickens on the strip, I’m coming for they fingers...
till what they throwin' up is meaningless...
Chilly Chill you seeing this? This didn’t make MTV’s list...

Finish fingers, eating wrist, feedin' frenzy and shit,
Succotash stuffering, Chicken-Frikasee'en this...
a beat eatin' media blitz,
pace is getting feverish, pain is growing Seaver-ish,
these the peppers Peter picked,
things are at their easiest, Real Compton city G’in it
but I’m from lights, bravooos!

*Applause*.... Yeah, I’m just playin'....Internet, check!

Props to June, ItsAmazing from KLive & all of u who left comments...
If you don't have the track yet, download it HERE

Photos: Lupe Fiasco Live @ the Congress Theater in Chicago [Last Year]


As you all know, Lupe is going to perform @ the Congress Theater in Chicago tonight and it'll be craaaazy!!!

Last Halloween, Lupe also performed @ the Congress celebrate that anniversary we have some photos from the concert for you which you probably haven't seen before...courtesy of Brian Moghadam

If you are going to the concert tonight...have fun and Remember 2 Smile!

Lupe Fiasco - "Say Something" [Freestyle]


Once again it's on!!!! This time around Lupe goes
in over Timbaland and Drake's "Say Something"

Download HERE
alternative link

props to Shake

HP/Summit on the Summit Boot Camp Ep. 1 [Lupe x Kenna]


In January 2010, Kenna and a group of friends will risk their lives climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to fight the global clean water crisis. This is the story of their preparation...

Day One: Kenna and Lupe are hanging out in a meat locker. How is that considered training? Watch to find out! (Hilarious!) - SummitOnTheSummit

PREVIOUSLY: HP/Summit on the Summit TV ad [BTS]

Lupe Fiasco speaks on FNF Roster Changes


The good folks over at RubyHornet spoke to Lupe today. They talked about his Remember 2 Smile concert in Chicago which will go down tomorrow and much one point Lupe decided to address the roster changes at his label FNF.

"I got rid of, and you're the first to know, but I got rid of the entire First and Fifteenth Record Label. Me and Sarah Green are the only artists on the label, like I got rid of the whole label," Lupe told me today.

He said that it came down to his ambitions going beyond his abilities, and something that he had to correct. "It was just such a 'this isn't right for you right now. This isn't gonna work for you right now. You need to focus on you,'" he added...

The full interview will be up on RubyHornet, soon!

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up [Lyrics]

Microphone check, I make em all bounce
Every teller in Bank of America, make em all count
You gone need the whole staff to add up the amount...
It's gonna take to pay me off to keep me out your house
To keep me in my zone so that I don't zone out
I'm Rich and Po' like Zone 4, thoughts is deep like Tone Loc
Walk with me like old folk, cross your street a score's goal'ed
I don't rap, I hockey rink... cause my flow is so cold

I am on my "mmhmm," they are on they "Oh, No!"
I am really in here (hair), they ain't real like Soul Glo
Don't you know I'm so sho, them n****'s got no Glow
Find a master 'fore you can come back into the dojo

Lupe got his mind right, n**** this is my mic
And I've come to take it all back like Miller High Life
He must not be tied tight...back against the wall...
He will throw a ball, like he playin' Jai Alai

I'll do the register, you just get them fries right
I don't trust America, after watchin' Zeitgeist
Take a look at my stripes, chest looks like a tiger arm
and I'm hot as tiger balm, fire like a five-alarm
And it's set to Tire Barn, Get ya fire-fighter on....

I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need to roll
I turn down your ex like how you put your tires on
Once I get these tires on, I buy a bomb and tie it on
And ride this around the entire song, find a line to drive it on
Park it near a metaphor, wait for it, the timer's on
You can turn your hydrants on, I'll just turn my wipers on
Wipe it off then wipe me down but don't forget about my bomb!

props to AJ

Lupe Fiasco - “All The Way Turnt Up” [Freestyle]


**Brand New** Lupe Fiasco - “All The Way Turnt Up” Freestyle

Download HERE

via Busy

Dope Design by LaVan Wright

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Video: Summit HP TV ad [w/ A. Cousteau, Lupe x Kenna]


After the website launch, here's the Summit HP TV ad. This is the first time HP has had three people in one of their iconic commercials.

You can go to to watch more videos of Kenna, Lupe, Alexandra and the rest of the climbing team in action.

The Text on the back of the Japanese Cartoon Tees


"Ah, the ever-egocentric, unfeeling youth of today! Immature adults on the loose, everything a blur except their friends. Living life like a video game, finger on the reset button! Your a roller coaster with no breaks."

For all of you who were curious about this (and who haven't bought a shirt yet), above you can read the text from the back of the new Japanese Cartoon shirts which are available right HERE

Props to Mehdi

Summit on the Summit Website now fully Launched

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You might have seen the Summit on the Summit website already...previously it just gave you a little glimpse of what's going on but today it fully launched!

You can now find out who will be attending the climb in January, check their bios, get more background info's about the climb & the cause and send water to the ones in need by sponsoring a foot of the climb.

Later on you'll be able to follow the climbing team foot by foot, the whole way up...there's much more to discover on the site so check it out by clicking HERE

Another one: Lupe Fiasco - Run This Town Freestyle


September 5th 2009 - Fall Fest '09 - University at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY

Lu's concert in Buffalo went down on September 5th but this video just popped up on YouTube 2 days ago...after this and this, it's the 3rd Run This Town freestyle we get to hear from him.

(As far as I know, this was actually the 2nd time he went in over that beat during a show, Iowa was the first, we just didn't get any footage of it back then so check it out now!)

Photos: Lupe Fiasco in the Studio


Bobby Hundreds spent some time with Lupe and his band in the recording studio last night (& took some photos).

Lupe and his band were shacked up in the recording studio late tonight, burning that midnight oil. Working on some new music, but rehearsing for this Thursday’s big show in Chicago.

It’s entitled “REMEMBER TO SMILE: A Retrospective of Lupe,” and it’s basically a one-man show where Lu expounds about politics, religion, and other topics surrounding his life, spliced up with performances of songs he’s never done live before.

He’s bringing back old mixtape tracks, B-sides, and other rarities that explain the rapper’s story from then ’til now. It’s gonna be quite the treat for the dedicated Lupe fan, and for now, this is the first and last time he’s gonna do it.

Click HERE for more!

Video: SpelHouse Homecoming '09 [f/ Lupe Fiasco]


Here we have a highlight video from this year's Morehouse/Spelman
Homecoming featuring some footage of Lupe's performance.

Lupe on Kanye: He is not a Jackass to me


This is from the Governors Island concert (Sept. 19th 2009)...Lupe stated his opinion about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift VMA thing...check the 3:04 mark.

News about Lupe's new album on Thursday


Lupe's Remember 2 Smile concert goes down on Thursday, so I guess Lupe will announce some details about "Lasers" during that show...we'll see.

Get up and Touch the Sky, Come on!


This is the Touch the Sky Live Instrumental, taken from the
CD that comes with Ye's "Glow in the Dark" Book

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down - Live @ Morehouse


October 21st 2009 - Morehouse/Spelman Homecoming - Atlanta, GA

Video courtesy of Cid Dreams. He also has some pics up on his blog which you can check out right HERE.


Drake - "Forever (Chicago RMX)" f/ S-Preme x LA x Bullet


3 talented up & coming artists from The Chi - S-Preme, LA (of LA & Mr.Music), and Bullet join forces for a remix of the track that brought Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem together. It's "Forever: The Chicago Remix"!

Download HERE

via GWHH

Lasers Are Shining Down On You


October 17th 2009 - Temple University Homecoming - Liacouras Center - Philadelphia, PA

Video: Lupe Fiasco - King of Mountain - King of Pain


Summit on the Summit just put this video up to show you how Lupe, Kenna and the other climbers are getting prepared for their Mt. Kilimanjaro climb (which will go down in January of 2010).

This time you can see how they're doing a VO2 test and it looks like there's a little competition amongst them...



I just received a copy of the Swagger Mag Vol. 2 (shouts 2 Mehdi)...I guess you've all seen the cover already but so far there haven't really been any type of scans of what's going on inside, so I scanned 3 pages for you and you can check them out above!

There's also an interview with Lupe inside but it's (obviously) printed in Japanese. I can't read it (or translate it) but I know somebody who I might put that up for you soon...

Video: Hey Champ - BeBackStage Interview

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BeBackStage recently caught up with Hey Champ @ The Viper Room in West Hollywood. The guys talked about Rockford, playing Lollapalooza and their influences. -via Hey Champ's Blog

Hey Champ x The Cool Kids - (We Are) Champions


The good folks over at DubFrequency have a special collab/remix project with Hey Champ in the works right now. To give us a little taste of it, they've just released this track. Enjoy!

Download: "(We Are) Champions"

Props to Tibs/GWHH

Photos: Lupe in Kanye's Glow in the Dark Tour Book


All images via KanYeWestUS

Kanye's Glow in the Dark Tour Book is available through Amazon now!

S-Preme - "Go Hard" [prod. by Soundtrakk]


Before we come to the music, above you can see the cover art for S-Preme's forthcoming mixtape, The Sicktape: Volume 2.

It was designed by iri5 and E_Y_E and the portrait on it wasn't done in PhotoShop, instead, it was actually made out of recycled cassette tape!

Now to the music, below you can download the final lead-up track to the mixtape called Go Hard, in which S-Preme goes in over a soulful backdrop laced by Lupe's go-to beatsmith Soundtrakk...check it out!

S-Preme's The Sicktape: Volume 2 drops early next month, and will be hosted by deckmaster Terry Urban. The tape will be brought to you by Dope Couture, GoWhere Hip Hop and Kevin Nottingham.



More Photos: Lupe Fiasco @ Temple University

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October 17th 2009 - Temple University Homecoming - Liacouras Center - Philadelphia, PA

Photos courtesy of Brian Moghadam. Brian is Lupe's personal photographer and from now on he'll be contributing images to our blog every now and then.

So, prepare yourself to see some awesome shots from him on here in the future! Also make sure to check Brian's Website !

Video: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - Live @ Temple University

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October 17th 2009 - Temple University Homecoming - Liacouras Center - Philadelphia, PA

Video via Ebun's Blog...more videos of Lupe's
performance can be found on YouTube

Matthew Santos won't perform with Lupe in Chicago


Matthew x Twitter

3 days ago CMP reported that Matthew told them he'd perform with Lupe @ the Congress Theater in Chicago on October 29th.

Shortly after we put the info up on here Matthew replied to us via Twitter and said that he actually never made that statement but he'd ask the boss about it. can see how things turned out in the tweet posted above...

I don't want to say too much and I don't know what's going on behind the scenes but Yo!...Lupe & Matthew, I do know that a lot of people would like to see you guys perform together again and they'd especially like to see you perform "Shining Down", maybe this could be reconsidered...

Photos: Lupe Fiasco @ Temple University's Homecoming


October 17th 2009 - Temple University Homecoming - Liacouras Center - Philadelphia, PA

First pic courtesy of ebun, who also has a review up on his site. Other pics courtesy of Colin/ThePistolaPress