FAN ART: Lupe Fiasco - Friend Of The People


Designed by RobertHenry

Pretty dope, isn't it? ...and just to make it perfectly clear,
this cover is Fan Made/Unofficial.

Lupe's Friend of the People mixtape drops Dec. 25th!

Lupe Fiasco to headline Splore & Playground Weekender Festival in 2010


Good news for all Lupe fans in Australia & New Zealand, Lupe will headline (at least) 2 Festivals over there next year!

First off, he's set to headline the Splore Festival @ the Tapakanga Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand. The exact date for Lupe's performance hasn't been announced yet but the festival is from February 19th - 21st.

Click HERE to check out the Official Splore Festival Website!

Lupe will also headline the Playground Weekender Festival @ the Del Rio Riverside Resort in Webb's Creek, Sydney, Australia...there's also no exact date for Lupe's performance yet but the festival is from February 18th - 21st!

Click HERE to check the Official Playground Weekender Website!

New Fallacy of Rome Release Coming Very Soon


After the re-release of some Fallacy of Rome items for Lupe's Red Box @ the RSVP Gallery, Le Messie took to his Twitter account today to let us know that the next Fallacy of Rome release is coming up very soon!

Reminder: Matthew Santos - Album Preview Party


This concert will be your one chance to get a live preview of Matthew's album, months before it's release, so this is a special show not to be missed!

More info's can be found HERE

Lupe Fiasco performs "Superstar" @ Chris Brown's Concert


Lupe came out on stage to perform Superstar during Chris Brown's
Fan Appreciation Tour
stop @ the House of Blues in
Chicago on Thursday, November 26th.

Poll: What's your favorite track off Lupe's "Enemy of the State: A Love Story" Mixtape?


Choose one...and if you haven't downloaded
mixtape HERE to do so!

New Lupe Fiasco Red Box Items: Fallacy of Rome


The Fallacy of Rome capsule collection is now
available at the RSVP Gallery!

Click HERE to order online!

Fallacy of Rome Tees and Crewnecks are also available HERE

Video: The People Speak [Promo f/ Lupe Fiasco]

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The People Speak premieres December 13th on the History Channel!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to all of our readers, especially you, Lu! Thank you for the mixtape; what a great holiday gift... We can see you're working hard and we all really appreciate it.

Everyone please stay safe, especially if you're traveling. Try not to be too antisocial with your I-Pods (I can't put it down either lol) and enjoy family, friends, and good food!

(Read more about Eid al-Adha in last year's post.)

Lyrics and Alternative Artwork for Lupe Fiasco's "Enemy of the State: A Love Story" Mixtape


8 hours after Lupe's "Enemy of the State: A Love Story" mixtape dropped, we already have the lyrics for you !

We weren't sure about some parts, so feel free to help us out and correct us! Thanks to DatKid, 4ziATiC, Billy, B-Winnizle and June!

You can check the Lyrics HERE

Some people also designed some alternative covers for the tape. Above you can see one that was created by Shake, who's one of the 2DopeBoyz, more after the jump!

Video: Ariel P x Joyce - Solar Midnite [Ukulele Cover]

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Finally, Ariel decided to cover another Lupe track! He does the verses, Joyce does the hook... awesome!

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State: A Love Story [Mixtape]


Without further's Lupe's brand new mixtape!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Download HERE, HERE or HERE
(fresh links added / Nov. 30th)

UPDATE: First we got an uncut, one-track version of the mixtape, but now we have the final & official version...straight from the studio and splitted in 12 tracks! Just click on one of the the links above!

The official Tracklist for this tape + the name and the release date for the NEXT tape can be found after the jump...

Lupe Fiasco's Gold Chain & Egyptian Twin Cartouche


Ever notice that Lupe isn't big on jewelry? Besides the occasional watch, you can find him wearing a long gold necklace with what seems to look like two scrolls with hieroglyphics on them.

Well it's caught my eyes more than once and considering I'm huge on Kemetology, I've decided to elaborate on it. What he's wearing is an Egyptian twin cartouche:

In Ancient Egypt royalty had their names encircled with a "cartouche." The cartouche is an oval-like shape which is supposed to represent a rope folded and tied at one end.

The cartouche is found on several Egyptian objects; however it is most frequently found on pendants in modern days. The cartouche is used as a sort of amulet to protect the wearer from evil.

To wear the cartouche is symbolic of the wearers "glory."

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Kenna - HP/Summit on the Summit Boot Camp - Episode 4


Now at the end of their arduous training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and help fight the global water crisis, Kenna and Lupe receive their farewell from The Guru.

Click HERE to learn more about Summit on the Summit and follow Kenna, Lupe, Jessica Biel and more as they prepare and actually climb the mountain.

Mark Staubach directed the video for "Solar Midnite"

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DP Scott Winig, Lupe and director Mark Staubach on the set of Lupe's video for "Solar Midnite"

Some of you asked about this and thanks to Hlynkinn and VideoStatic we can now tell you that Mark Staubach directed the video for "Solar Midnite."

Click HERE to check Mark Staubach's website.

Hey Champ - Winner's Circle - Re-Mixtape


If you've missed out on any of Hey Champ's remixes,
make sure to get this free tape!

GWHH's Analysis of the Angels Remix


Shout out to Tibs from Gowherehiphop who posted his analysis of Lupe's Angel's [Remix], check it out:

"I see diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels,
Halos down wit the doors flappin' when they came through,
Windows up, system bumpin' you the one they sang to,

Same to who said they the ones you should send your thanks through, Pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint you. You can hear em rev-in up in heaven now, can't you?"

Tibs' interpretation: The 'diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels' line speaks to those out there obsessed with the diamonds (or money in general) and angels masked in/as Lamborghini's.

Lupe continues the metaphor by saying that the angels are singing to 'you' (people, in general), that the angels can save you, and that you can hear the Lamborghini's rev-in' - a direct allusion to angels up in heaven. The verse continues...

Diddy's Dirty Money x Lupe Fiasco - "Angels" [Remix]


Diddy just dropped the track we've all been waiting for...enjoy!

Download HERE or HERE
(links removed by request)

Enemy of the State: A Love Story


And there you have it... we have a title!

Video: Lupe Fiasco talks about his upcoming Mixtape & more


"The last six months, it's been like, 'I gotta really, really go out there and show that I'm nicer than all of them,' " Lupe said.

"It's like, 'All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.' That's what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I'm already done with two.

The mixtape is coming Thanksgiving.

It'll be another mixtape after that and an album after that. It's really to get that status and lock it in and [and have people] be like, 'Look at this positive dude, the underdog. The positive one who came and murdered all these dudes. And he's there, and he's good.' "

Pics: Lupe Fiasco - "Solar Midnite" Video Shoot


The video for Lu's "Solar Midnite" was shot in LA yesterday...
...more pics can be foun
d on Lu's FaceBook

Lupe Fiasco confirms Solar Midnite Video Shoot [+ Pics]


Yesterday, after Busy's tweets, we speculated about it, today Lupe confirms it, they are shooting the video for "Solar Midnite"!

Update: After the jump you can see some pics of Lupe gettin' ready for the shoot and you can see how the location looks like...

Fan Art: Lupe Fiasco Portrait - Drawn by Kray


Lupe Fiasco @ Diddy's 40th Birthday Celebration

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Lupe was one of the many attendees of Diddy's star-studded 40th birthday celebration at The Plaza Hotel in New York City yesterday.

Above we have a video of some attendees passing along their well wishes and after the jump you can see some pics of Lupe on the Red Carpet.

Lupe Fiasco - Video Shoot this weekend

Busy x Twitter this mean that they are shooting the video for "Solar Midnite"
that Lupe announced at the show in Norfolk?... We'll see...

Lupe Fiasco @ the NYC Premiere of The People Speak


Lupe, Matt Damon, Howard Zinn, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Ealy, Jasmine Guy, DMC and other cast members attended the premiere of "The People Speak" in New York yesterday...more pics after the jump!

XXL's LupEND Blog Description


"The Fiasco gateway for all things Lupe:
Videos, MP3s, lyrics transcriptions.

Click HERE to find out how they described the other sites on their list!

The People Speak: DMC x Lupe Fiasco @ UPenn [Pics]

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After Sean Connors' report, here we have a couple more pics from yesterday's promo event for "The People Speak" @ UPenn, courtesy of Lauren Seibert.

The People Speak airs December 13 on the History Channel.

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Kenna - HP/Summit on the Summit Boot Camp - Episode 3

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2nd night of the Boot Camp...the Guru sings a motivational song to get Kenna and Lupe in the right mindset for the climb. Not sure if it got through to them...

Click HERE to learn more about Summit on the Summit and follow Kenna, Lupe, Jessica Biel and more as they prepare and actually climb the mountain.

Previously: Episode 1 - - Episode 2

Win a signed copy of Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool"


There's a contest going on over at, called "Signed, Sealed, Delivered Mega-Giveaway." The winner will receive a bundle of signed items, including a signed (promo) copy of Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool."

Click HERE to find out what you got to do to win!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - MTV Diary - Part 2


Click on the image above to watch the 2nd part of Lupe's MTV Diary. In case you've missed part 1, you can check it right HERE

Fan Report: Lupe Fiasco @ UPenn for The People Speak

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One of our readers, Sean Connors, just sent us his review/report and some pics of the event for The People Speak which went down @ UPenn in Philly today. (Thanks for that!)

Lupe, DMC and Chris Moore were present at the event for an in-depth discussion with the audience and below!

The show kicked off with Lupe entering a dark stage with some swagger in his walk. He went to the podium and recited Muhammad Ali's writing on why he refused to fight in the Vietnam war. He did so with great energy.

After Lupe's part concluded, DMC took the stage and recited Public Enemy's "Fight The Power". After DMC, film excerpts were played, one included Lupe reciting the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Petition Against the War in Vietnam...

XXL's "The 100 Best Hip-Hop Websites" List


For their upcoming issue, XXL put together a list of their Top 100 Hip-Hop Websites...and guess what?...We're on the list!

Thanks to XXL for including us and most importantly thanks to all of our readers and everyone else who showed support to us and our site within the last 2 years (y'all are awesome!).

Also shout out to the whole LupEND bloggin' squad and Lupe & his crew!

You can check the full list HERE and grab a copy of the mag when it drops on Dec. 1st! -Now, where's the champagne? We need champagne!

New Rapper: Do It The Lupe Fiasco Way [AHH Editorial]


Chuck Creekmur of wrote a nice editorial about
Lupe and how he's managing the demand of his music.

Click HERE to read it!

Video: The Wikipedia Files x Lupe Fiasco [Interview]


What do the people of the Wikipedia Files @ Vocalo do? Well, they interview celebrities to find out how true the things on their Wikipedia pages are...

Watch as Lupe discusses some facts from his early childhood, how he got the name Lupe Fiasco, and more anecdotes from throughout his career.

Lupe also reconfirms that he's writing a novel entitled "Reflections of a Window Washer." -Spotted @ GWHH

Teddy Ruck-Spin interviews Matthew Santos


Teddy recently did a phone interview with Matthew Santos on his F.O.K.U.S. Radio show at the University of Michigan.

In part one (above) Matthew discusses getting started in Chicago, recording his upcoming album, how "Superstar" inspired him to write new songs, his thoughts on "Shining Down" and what we can expect from Lupe's Lasers.

"He (Lupe) is expanding, he's doing different things, he's trying different things. He's definitely pushing his creative edge.

It's a little bit more harder and little bit more geared towards live performance, less geared towards chasing radio play."

Part 2 can be found after the jump!

Third Time's A Charm...


Lupe x FaceBook

9 days to go and there's still no title...

Preview: Diddy's Dirty Money x Lupe Fiasco - Angels [Remix]


Diddy uStreamed Live from Vegas yesterday and played parts of Lupe's Angels remix. I highlighted the 1st and 2nd verse so just click on the markers!

Reminder: #FahrenheitVI drops in 10 days!

props to J

What's that Sean? Is that a new Blog?


You've been asking for here it is - Click HERE

SOTS: HP TV Commercial [Extended Version]

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We already had the short version of the commercial on here's the extended one...

Go to to watch more videos of Kenna, Lupe, Alexandra and the rest of the climbing team in action!

Lupe x Kenna - HP/SOTS BootCamp - Ep. 2

N*E*R*D x Lupe Fiasco @ UCLA [Pics]


^^Rhea <3

A video can be found HERE. Pics courtesy of BillionaireBoysClub

Video: BeatBoxing "Handcuffs" (Only U)


Technically he's beat-boxing Ashanti's Only U, but this is still dope!
-props to iak456-

Kendrick Lamar - Dumb It Down [Freestyle]


Kendrick Lamar comes through with his 'Dumb it Down''s pretty dope!

Download HERE

via YNot

Lupe Fiasco x The People Speak


Following up on Sean's post from earlier about Lu speaking at Northwestern, here's the actual video footage courtesy of Dallas Wright.

Parts 2 + 3 after the jump...

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Kenna - HP/Summit on the Summit Boot Camp - Episode 2


Day 2 of the HP/SummitOnTheSummit Boot Camp...Lupe and Kenna's challenge is to climb "Mount Randy." Sounds easy...but there's a the video to see what happens!

Verse of the Week: Lupe Fiasco


This week, the good folks over at chose the 2nd verse
of Lupe's Hurt Me Soul to be their "Verse Of The Week."

Throwback: Lupe Fiasco - Mean & Vicious


"There once was a boy that grew up on the West Side of Chicago"

TPS: Lupe Fiasco @ Northwestern University [Update]

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via TheDailyNorthwestern: Lupe Fiasco returned to Northwestern’s campus Wednesday night - this time not as a performer but as an advocate and educator.

Lupe, actor Michael Ealy and author Anthony Arnove spoke Wednesday to more than 500 attendees as part of a campus tour to promote History’s new documentary, “The People Speak.”

The performance at the Leverone Auditorium was hosted by the Center for Student Involvement and NU history prof. Nancy Maclean.

Click HERE to read more and also check THIS.

Update: Here's another pic...

...and another REPORT

Lupe Fiasco & Mikkey Halsted Created a Monster

Two weeks ago, Lu brought out Mikkey Halsted at the Halloween show, and now we also have a Lupe x Mikkey Halsted record coming soon...

Update: Track is called "You're Gone"

Picture: Lupe Fiasco in the Studio


Courtesy of DJ Busy, here's proof of Lupe in the studio this past weekend recording a remix of Diddy's "Angels".

Eight Forty-Eight conversation w/ Lupe Fiasco x Anthony Arnove [The People Speak]

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Download HERE (right click, save as) or Stream HERE

Lupe Fiasco and author and activist Anthony Arnove discussed the film
"The People Speak
" on WBEZ's Eight Forty-Eight today.

N*E*R*D x Lupe Fiasco - Everyone Nose [Live @ UCLA]


Jay-Z's BP3 College Tour hit UCLA on November 8th and Lupe made a special appearance during the N.E.R.D set to perform "Everyone Nose" with them.

Footage courtesy of Mura2Mura

Lupe Fiasco Live @ ODU - Riva's Review

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For someone who performed on HBO's Def Poetry with a "Hip-Hop is Dead" piece and is relatively stubborn in most matters; concerts rarely move me. With musicianship dwindling and substance fading; it has become an effort to spend the $40 that can fill my gas-guzzling S.U.V., on concert tickets.

Lupe Fiasco, is one of the rare exceptions.

When I take that first listen to a mix tape or witness a live performance that will be deemed classic or legacy; my eyes began to tear. My allegiance to hip-hop runs deep. (As rivers should be.)

This kind of allegiance is reserved for the emcees I've watched grow & mature within the industry. It's reserved for men and women who take it upon themselves to rewrite every chapter of their lives into rhythm for the world's benefit.

It is extraordinary beauty, when an emcee is so in debt to his art that the crowd becomes invisible and his performance brings everyone in the audience's mental to the same everlasting standstill he is experiencing.

Fiasco doesn't only set the stage; He SETS THE STAGE. With glaring lights shimmering across his brown skin, a band with dynamic skill, and an individual who is not afraid to test any limits; be prepared for an outer body experience.

After revealing that this concert, on November 5th, 2009 at Old Dominion University, would be the last venue of the Cool tour, he burst into a set that clearly depicted how he felt about reaching this milestone. For an artist to go on a 2-year tour with one album with ticket sales never faltering, is remarkable.

Hip-Hop fans sometimes underestimate the Superstar who has Kicked and Pushed his way to Paris and Tokyo while Daydreaming of the day Hip-Hop would save his life.

For the listeners who've only heard the mainstream singles and the club-goers who've only nodded their heads to "I Gotcha"; you're truly missing out. Fiasco's songs envelop and overlap each other.

There are clues within his albums that lead to the next song, chronicles that connect, and characters that keep reappearing. Not only is he a lyricist and a musician; the man is a storyteller....

To read the rest of my review click HERE

Video: Chris Moore & Lupe Fiasco @ GWU's Press Conference for "The People Speak"


As previously reported, director Chris Moore and Lupe Fiasco visited the George Washington University (GWU) campus to promote the film "The People Speak" yesterday.

In the video above, Chris Moore explains that the movie is made in part by sponsors prominent in Hollywood, many who wished to remain anonymous.

Lupe tells DC Community Examiner, Khadijah Ali-Coleman that he hopes that  the movie encourages young people to take action and become activists.

After the jump you can  see how students in the nation's capital and Lupe performed on a civics quiz asked by a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer.

S-Preme - The Sicktape: Volume 2


Just when we thought the swine flu threat was dying down, we get hit with another, Terry Urban, Dope Couture, GoWhere Hip Hop, and Kevin Nottingham infect us with S-Preme’s The Sicktape: Volume 2!

The Sicktape sees S-Preme narrating the spikes and spirals of being an aspiring MC. Each track unveils another chapter in the protagonist’s journey thru the limelight, including some unexpected hurdles that many in the industry are all too familiar with.

By the end, The Sicktape will have rising stars and star-gazers wondering whether the “big time” truly is worth the sacrifice of mind, body, and - in most cases - the soul.

Guest spots from Amanda Diva and ESSO along with production from Soundtrakk and Charles Hamilton set the scenes for this audio odyssey.

Props/shit-talk to @spreme is highly encouraged! #sicktape2