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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Music: S-Preme - S-Prodigy (EP)

You heard Spitfire and Poison last week, now it's time to dig into the whole S-Prodigy EP!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump

In what is quite possibly the heaviest mash-up project we've featured, Chicago's own S-Preme has cut a 9-track EP with the beats of The Prodigy. S-Prodigy sees the Windy City wordsmith going in over the dancefloor-destroying backdrops of the UK electronica behemoths. Each track is relentless, hard-hitting, and even a little uncomfortable to digest at first -- but the whole EP grows on you like an infection as you get deeper into the madness that is S-Prodigy!


  1. This is so sick. One of the most creative projects I've heard. Preme is that dude.

  2. S-Preme is good. But I already have The Prodigy album. Don't care about hearing a dude rap over it.

  3. ^^ what do you mean with you have The Prodigy album? you know that they released several albums, right?'s pretty much your loss if you don't download this

  4. Album is super-nice. Original name clearly doesn't know what hes talking about. haters-gonna-hate.

  5. Where can I get like his past music and all I need to know about him?

  6. Anonymous said...
    Where can I get like his past music and all I need to know about him?


    right here:

    just scroll down

  7. Nice right on the LupEND blog. Thanks Sean.

  8. s-preme is nice chi-town in the buiulding. this is very nice better than most. i dont know how many rappers that would tackle something like this

  9. The two previous dropped tracks were nice. I guess I'll check it out.

    And, yeah I just have the Invaders Must Die album. Haven't checked the other albums.

  10. I seen S-Preme on here a few times but never really listened, but this right here is dope! I'm glad I checked this out

    Thanks lupend!!


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