Resurrection Music Video coming soon!

New video coming soon!

FALSE x Better Off Dead launch new websites

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Amanda and Le Messie just launched 2 brand new websites. The WeAreFalse site got a complete makeover and functions as a tool to promote their upcoming "Disarm OR Die” line now.

Besides that they launched the Better Off Dead site which is gonna serve you (bloody) fresh pieces of their upcoming "Karl The Butcher" line pretty soon.

Click HERE to check the new FALSE Site
and HERE to check the BOD site!

FALSE “Disarm OR Die” is slated for a late April 2010 launch.
Better Off Dead “Karl The Butcher” is set for a late March 2010 launch.

Video: Lupe Fiasco brings out Trae Tha Truth in Houston

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Sprite Step Off Regional Finals - H&PE Arena @ Texas Southern University - Houston, TX

Lupe brought out H-Town legend Trae Tha Truth during his performance @ the Sprite Step Off event yesterday. (Audio quality starts to suck around the 1:50 mark but it is what it is...)

Click HERE to see Lupe perform "Say Something" (fast forward to 0:40)

Mr. Inkredible x Lupe Fiasco


Another day, another possible collabo. Mr. Inkredible from Houston says he's gonna do a track with Lupe.

He already produced tracks for Trae tha Truth, Slim Thug, Cham, etc...(How many people said that they work with Lu within' the last few months? A LOT)

Video: Lupe Fiasco backstage @ the Sprite Step Off event in Houston

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Lupe and @godjjboss foolin' around during the soundcheck for Lupe's performance @ the Sprite Step Off event in Houston, TX.

Lindsay Lohan loves Lupe Fiasco's "Little Weapon"


Nice to see that Lindsay supports Lupe...

More Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ The Shrine in Chicago


A few additional pics from Lupe's show in Chicago (Jan. 28th 2010) - Click HERE to see more pics and to read a small report about the concert.

A Genius Lu' Volume 30


"I intend to go as quiet as an entire choir
singing higher than a man walking on the wire
Electric lines, I am 6 wires higher,
can't hang sneakers from me, I'm doing my thing!"

-Lupe Fiasco - McFly-

Lupe Fiasco @ Club Traffic in Houston tonight


After performing at the Sprite Step Off event in Houston tonight, Lupe will host the Saturday Tryst @ Club Traffic.

Click HERE to RSVP

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ The Shrine in Chicago

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January 28th 2010 - Go Cheryle! for U.S. Senate - Campaign Concert @ The Shrine - Chicago, IL

Some dope pics from Lupe's concert in Chicago yesterday, courtesy of
NextLevelKids <--- click the link for more! - Props to hd for the heads up.

Lupe Fiasco's Grammy Predictions [Suggestions]


Over the past few weeks MTV News asked artists who they think will win big at this year's Grammys.

In the realm of hip-hop, Lupe suggested Mos Def had the best album of the year (he's up for two Grammys, including Best Rap Album) and that Drake should be up for Best New Artist (he only received a nod for Best Rap Solo Performance).

"I think he's deserving of it," Lupe said of Drake. "As many accolades as he can accumulate, pre-album, is a phenomenal task. I think that should be rewarded. He has the potential to do great things, not good or mediocre, but great things."

Fore more predictions check

- The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on Sunday, Jan. 31st at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Video: Lupe Fiasco Live @ The Shrine in Chicago

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January 28th 2010 - Go Cheryle! for U.S. Senate - Campaign Concert @ The Shrine - Chicago, IL

Rhymestyle posted GWHH's footage of this concert earlier today, now the good folks of RubyHornet come through with their footage. Above you can see Lupe performing "I'm Beamin", "Kick Push" and "Paris, Tokyo".

Rev Run x Lupe Fiasco [Update]

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Last time we posted about this, it wasn't entirely clear what they were working on, turns out that they actually recorded a track together, nice!

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs I'm Beamin for the First Time Live @ The Shrine in Chicago


January 28th 2010 - Go Cheryle! for U.S. Senate - Campaign Concert @ The Shrine - Chicago, IL

Yesterday Lupe performed "I'm Beamin" for the first time (if u don't count the
previous acapella performances) Live @ The Shrine in Chicago.

Check GWHH for more videos and some pics!

Video: Lupe Fiasco explains why FOTP was Cancelled


Lupe says because of them leakers he won't be putting out the sequel to his Enemy of the State: A Love Story mixtape anytime soon.

Sidenote: On Monday, Lupe will be back on MTV's Mixtape Daily, for an exclusive interview and performances of songs from his Enemy of the State: A Love Story mixtape. - MTV

Video: Lupe Fiasco responds to Jessica Biel Rumors


There you have it, Lupe says there is no truth to the rumors that he and Jessica Biel are hooking up. (Those rumors have been floating around since they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together) - Read more on MTV

R.I.P. Howard Zinn


Howard Zinn, a maverick historian whose landmark leftist manifesto "A People's History of the United States" became a cultural touchstone for a generation, died on Wednesday in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 87.

He had suffered a heart attack, according to the Boston Globe. - via MTV

Summit on the Summit on The People's Choice Awards

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The Summit on the Summit peeps just put this video up, check how Queen Latifah introduced the SOTS:K crew shortly before they started their climb.

Denim Mouzon - ESC


Denim Mouzon, up and coming singer/emcee from New York, who has
been previously featured on the blog has a new song called "ESC"!

Click HERE to listen!

"...and delicately framed from my head to my boots/ but I train and recruit for a war that's afoot/From ya backyard stoop to this studio booth/ I'm a hard knocks grad when you see me salute!"

Video: Lupe Fiasco on Invasion Radio w/ DJ Green Lantern


We had some of the audio of this on HERE yesterday, now here's the video! Lupe talks about climbing Kili, recent leaks (there are 6 lawsuits), the "Resurrection" track, Haiti and CRS.

He also reveals who some of his favorite artists are right now (says he's working with Cudi) and closes out with a freestyle. Props to Dre

Video: Lupe Fiasco agrees with Bill O'Reilly?


Even though Lupe doesn't support him, he says that he understands, and to a certain extent agrees with O'Reilly's comparison of Haiti to his hometown of Chicago. Read more on MTV

Pics: Va$htie x Lupe Fiasco and friends - Dinner in NYC


Lupe, Busy and Ant met up with Vashtie and
her friend Elle for dinner in NYC…

More pics can be found on Vashtie's Blog

Audio: Lupe Fiasco on Shade 45 w/ Tony Touch [Interview]


Lupe just invaded Tony Touch's show on Shade 45. During the interview he said that he might pushes 2 albums this year, the 2nd one would drop 4th quarter if it works out.

Lupe also confirmed that "I'm Beamin" is indeed the 1st track (the intro) on Lasers. Besides that he talked about the "Resurrection" record, SOTS:K, CRS, his Nike commercials & more.

Now the most interesting part (besides the freestyle): Lupe revealed a few more producers/collaborators that will appear on Lasers:

King David produced 5 tracks, Soundtrakk did one, Danjahandz did one, 1500 or Nothin' did one, too...besides that he said that Candi Pye and Pooh Bear do hooks on the album.

Last but not least Lupe addressed the Jay Electronica rumors and said that he'd like to do a whole album with him!!!

Click HERE to listen to the interview!
(Sorry, there are like 20 secs missing cause the stream messed up)

Bonus: Lupe's Shade 45 Freestyle

Audio: Lupe Fiasco on V-103 w/ Greg Street [Interview]


Lupe just called in to Greg Street's Radio Show on V-103 in Atlanta. He talked about Lasers and said that he hopes that there'll be a release date for it within the next few weeks.

Lupe also took the credit for reuniting The Neptunes (there are actually 2 tracks that were produced by them on the album) besides that he talked about his fan base, touring & more!

Listen to the interview HERE

Catch Lupe on Shade 45 x Atlanta V103 tonight!


7 PM on Greg Street's Radio Show in Atlanta
UPDATE: Listen to the interview HERE

and then 10 PM on Shade 45

So tune in!

Lupe Fiasco x Jay Electronica collabo in the works? [Rumor]


And there you have it world! - via AHH Rumors

Lupe Fiasco talks about "LASERS" & CRS w/ DJ Green Lantern [Invasion Radio]


Last night on Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio, Lupe revealed that he’s handing over his third album, Lasers to Atlantic Records today.

Besides that he also said that Pharrell hit him up about finishing the CRS project, 4 songs are done so far!

Listen to some of the interview HERE
Click HERE to DL/hear Lupe's Freestyle!

Shouts to B.Dot

Lupe Fiasco is set to perform in Claremont, CA


(pic courtesy of Brian Moghadam)

Lupe will perform for the students of the Claremont Colleges @ the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, CA on Friday, March 5th 2010.

Tickets go on sale the week of February 1st at your respective school and at Bridges Auditorium. Students will be able to purchase tickets at $15, while 5C and public seating will be available at $20 and $25, respectively.

Tickets will also be available online at Ticketmaster starting February 15th. More info's can be found HERE -via CMC Forum

Sidenote: Lupe is also set to perform at UPenn but there's no date for the show yet. Looks like Lupe is going on another college tour...more dates should be coming in soon!

Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beamin" now available on iTunes!


Lupe Fiasco's I'm Beamin is officially up on iTunes!

Choose one: Clean / Dirty

if you don't use iTunes, then you can get it from Amazon

Lupe x Sirius 40/XM 67 x DJ Green Lantern


(as far as I know it's actually Sirius 40/XM 67 )

I know it's last minute, but if you see this right now then tune in!

Sidenote: If anyone rips it, feel free to shoot it at us!
Please and Thank You


Lu will be on a live stream too

***UPDATE 2***

Its over now...but you can find parts of the interview HERE

Thanks @ARPhoto for the heads up

This shit isn't official


You have probably seen/heard a preview of this Vintage Fiasco mixtape on a couple of blogs lately, some claim that it's an official release but it's NOT.

They already removed the pre-order button from the site but anyways...Don't waste your money on this (in case they still sell it), instead you should go and buy I'm Beamin when it's up on iTunes tomorrow or get another copy of The Cool or F&L. Or donate a couple more bucks to Music For Relief.

A Genius Lu' Volume 29


"All in together the weather is better than ever
I hope it never ends, I hope it lasts forever
But when it does, we can all pretend that
it's better than it's ever been..."

-Lupe Fiasco - Hello/Goodbye [ft. UNKLE]-

Nikki Jean - What's A Girl Supposed To Do?


Look who's's Nikki Jean! There's a new song called "What's A Girl Supposed To Do?" up on her MySpace page and she's going on tour with Mayer Hawthorne in March!

Click HERE to check out the song and the tour dates!

Win tickets to see Lupe Fiasco @ The Shrine in Chicago


A few days ago, we reported that Lupe will be performing @ The Shrine in Chicago on January 28th. Now The Shrine is giving away 2 tickets to the show! Just do what they ask you to do in the tweet above & good luck!

Sidenote: Apparently Lupe is also hosting a night at Club Traffic in Houston on Saturday, January 30th. (probably after he performed at the Sprite Step Off Event) - via David Anderson

Video: Wale says that Lupe Fiasco would be in his dream Supergroup


Christopher Truth interviews Wale for ThePressPlayShow + Academy Printwear.

Wale discusses his craziest tour story, what he's learned from Jay-Z, who he would choose for a supergroup (mentions Lupe amongst others) & more.

- If you could put together a supergroup, who'd be in it? If you ask me, I still want to hear more from CRS...

Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco - Resurrection (feat. Kenna)


Like a phoenix, from its ashes, we will rise
Follow angels, into heavens, we will rise

Nothing's gonna take you down, we are everlasting now


Click HERE to check out the complete lyrics!

Lupe Fiasco's LASERS is #11 on Complex's "25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2010" List


Another Complex list....this time the "Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010". Lupe's LASERS is on #11. What do you think about the list?

Click HERE to check it!

Gorillaz - Stylo [ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack]


Yessir! The Gorillaz are finally back and Mos Def & Bobby Womack join them
on the first single from their upcoming album Plastic Beach! Check it out!

Single officially drops on Jan. 26th - via HHNM

Download to Donate for Haiti - New Music by Linkin Park, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco & others


What we have here is a compilation of unreleased music, presented by Music For Relief that was put together to aid the Haitian people.

As we reported yesterday, Lupe & Kenna teamed up with Mike Shinoda for the project and created the track "Resurrection." Check it in the player above!

Mike Shinoda: "On January 12, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. Hundreds of thousands are feared dead, many of whom are children. Millions more are in need of medical attention, shelter, clothes and food just to make it through the days ahead.

It will take years to rebuild homes and communities. My Linkin Park bandmates and I are deeply saddened by the situation and–with the help of an amazing list of talented artists all working in partnership with Music for Relief–want to aid the Haitian people.

Music for Relief has brought together an incredible album of artists who have all generously donated original songs to support the Haiti relief effort.



Make sure to check out Mike Shinoda's complete Blog entry about the project and click HERE for more info's about, and to donate to, Music For Relief!

Mars talks about working with Lupe Fiasco and others


In an interview with Tim “Styles” Sanchez from Mars from 1500 or Nothin talked about his solo projects, 1500 or Nothin, future plans and working with Lupe, The Game, T.I. and others. Here's a little excerpt:

Styles: You guys have worked with Just Blaze and had big songs on Jay-Z's album and The Game's album with him. Tell us about those experiences.

Mars: Just Blaze was in Los Angeles and initially what had happened was we were working on The Game's album. I don't know if Just Blaze knew if the Show Me What You Got beat was going to be for Jay-Z's album – I think we were just creating.

We were working on Detox on Game's album. He had the drum beat and the sample and we added all of the instruments in. We lost our minds and went crazy on that song. Just Blaze is like our big brother. He's been our link to some of the greatest artists.

Styles: I also saw video clips of you guys playing backup for Lupe Fiasco.

Mars: We were on tour with Lupe for like 2 years off and on. We traveled all over the states and then went overseas. I had the time of my life. I didn't realize how high I was jumping on stage until I saw the youtube clips that you are referring to. The fans always see you perform but you never really see yourself.

Styles: How did you initially hook up with Lupe?

Mars: He was working on his album and was looking for tracks. His manager at the time was up on us and he hooked us all up together. He told Lupe that we were a band as well as music producers. Lupe took us out and gave us a chance and we all grew together.

Styles: Back to 1500. What have you guys been working on as of late?

Mars: We've been working with The Game on his new R.E.D. album. Of course we did some stuff with Lupe Fiasco for his new album.

We also did several joints for Bone Thugs N Harmony as well as their single. I just finished my own mixtape Mars Attacks which is out now. The group has been working on the 1500 Or Nothin' album as well...

Click HERE to read the full interview!

Mike Shinoda x Kenna x Lupe Fiasco are working on a Track for Haiti [UPDATE]


Kenna x Twitter

Yessir! That's almost like a Fort Minor reunion...bring it on!

UPDATE: The track is called "Resurrection," was produced
by Mike Shinoda and is now available HERE

Lupe Fiasco - Leftover Photos from the SOTS:K Climb


I didn't get around to post those earlier on so check them out now, more can be found HERE. Also keep an eye on the SOTS:K Tumblr Page for more updates!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha - Live @ Coachella 2009


April 19th 2009 - Coachella - Empire Polo Fields - Indio, CA

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State - Riva's Review [Part 2]


I know that you've all been waiting for part 2 of Riva's Review...'s finally up now, so check it out!

Click HERE to read it!

Lupe Fiasco x Rev Run


Pretty interesting

Lupe Fiasco is set to perform @ the Sprite Step Off event in Houston, TX


Lupe is set to perform at the regional Sprite Step Off finals @ the campus of the Texas Southern University in Houston on January 30th, 2010. Letoya Luckett is set to perform, too.

More info's about the event can be found HERE
Click HERE to purchase tickets!

Cheryle Jackson Campaign Concert w/ Lupe Fiasco


Join Lupe Fiasco at The Shrine in Chicago on January 28th for a concert in support of U.S. Senate candidate Cheryle Robinson Jackson!

Tickets to the show are on sale now for $30 to the general public and $20 for campaign volunteers.

They are available at the Cheryle for U.S. Senate campaign headquarters located at 1006 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605 or at

The Shrine is located at 2109 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616.

Lupe Fiasco x Joi StaRR ?


Yeah, I know, if we don't hear it from Lupe or Busy it might not be the complete truth, but it would be awesome to hear Lupe and Joi on a track together...

You might remember, we featured her in an Artist Spotlight a while ago, click HERE to find out more about her.

Dessa x Matthew Santos - The Chaconne

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photo courtesy of Stephen Wayne

New track from Dessa's upcoming album "A Badly Broken Code" which
will drop on January 19th. You can order it HERE

SOTS:K - Climbers Discuss Completion [Video]


And another clip, this time Lupe and some other Summit on the Summit Climbers share their thoughts about completing the climb.

SOTS:K - The climbers reach the peak! [Video]

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The SUMMIT ON THE SUMMIT Climbers reach the Peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

RELATED: People Mag Photo Special

Lupe Fiasco lends his voice to a Robot for Jack Splash's upcoming animated short film


A while ago we already heard about Jack Splash's upcoming animated short film in which Lupe lends his voice to one of the characters. reported that Lupe would voice Baatin from Slum Village in this film, turns out that that's not exactly how it is. Jack Splash revealed some more details about the film in an interview with Verbicide Mag:

Verbicide Mag: What’s up with the Jack Splash Technology and Love Might Save Us All… short animation we’ve been hearing about? Who is it produced by? What’s the style of it? When will be start seeing signs of it on the internet?

Jack: I’m just putting the finishing touches on it now. It is mini-movie that I made that accompanies this album. I’m really particular about what type of visual art I like, so it took me a while to find someone with the style I really liked.

I wanted it to be this weird mixture of Dr. Seuss meets Salvador Dali with a little knowledge sprinkled in like Basquiat. I finally found these really cool animators who lived in South Africa who have a really cool and psychedelic style, so we met up in New York and set everything into motion.

It was an expensive and time-intensive endeavor, but it’s important to me to give people something special with my art. Don’t believe the hype that all these major corporate entities keep trying to force feed us about how “nobody buys music” anymore….that’s bullshit! People still buy art when it’s good. They just don’t buy the bullshit!

The movie stars Cee-Lo as the narrator and is based around this little boy with a million questions about the world and this weird funky robot who comes down in a butterfly spaceship and kind of becomes his interplanetary guru.

It was inspired by my friendship with Baatin (from Slum Village), who was an amazing person and had such a bright spirit. Lupe Fiasco plays the voice of the robot and Janelle Monae plays the voice of the child. I’m really excited about it. It should be out very soon!

Click HERE to read the full interview!

LupeTheRobot, huh? lol

I'm Beamin is NOT the first single...


Ok soo I just posted like 30 seconds ago that I'm Beamin
was the first single, but I guess its not...


I took the link down... I just seen on Lupe's Blog that I'm Beamin
is hitting iTunes on January 26th...

The purpose of releasing I'm Beamin now is just to
give a small taste of Lasers

SOTS:K - Photos: Lupe Fiasco & Co. - Day 6


More pics can be found on the SOTS:K FaceBook Page!