Japanese Cartoon in Singapore - Day 1


So...Le Messie and Lupe met up in Singapore...and they got some things cooking for Japanese Cartoon. More pics and Le Messie's blog entry can be found HERE

J.Cole says that Lupe Fiasco changed the Game


In an interview with MERDJ J.Cole was asked if Hip Hop is becoming more lyrically again, here's what he answered:

"Slowly but surely it’s turning that corner. Especially with the signing of Lupe, when he got on that’s when the turn really started. So it’s turning slowly."

"Artists like myself is really helping the turn even more. When I come out and can have mainstream success, I think that’s going to do wonders for other lyrical rappers."

Click HERE to read the full interview!

Who wants some Lupe Fiasco goodies?

Want some old, autographed Lupe material? Head over to Lu's Site and drop a comment

Shout out to Busy

What Do You Want from Japanese Cartoon?

What are some of the things you want to see from Japanese Cartoon in the future??

Drop a comment HERE

Audio: Lupe Fiasco talks Fan Petition w/ MTV


Lupe called in to MTV yesterday to talk about the
Lasers petition and more.

"I love to see progression," he said yesterday via phone. "I love it. I love to see this petition. It brought me to tears a couple of times like, 'These ni**as really fuck with me. All these kids and these fans fuck with me and it's some positive shit.

Go to Wearenotlosers.com and see what Lasers really is. ... That's what they're petitioning for. Listen to 'I'm Beamin,' the song. It reaffirms what we're doing."

Click HERE for the full interview/article!

CNN Support

The Petition has reached CNN!

"Fans of Lupe Fiasco are not too happy that the Chicago rapper’s forthcoming album, “Lasers,” has no set release date, and they've created an online petition with strong words for his label." Read the rest HERE

Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco - Building Minds Faster


Click HERE for the lyrics to Lupe's B.M.F. Freestyle

FALSE x Japanese Cartoon


New Shit, New Shit! Looks like we'll get some FALSE x Japanese Cartoon tee's/ hoodies etc. soon. Meanwhile... check the ANTI-ANTI Store

Review: Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws Of the Lords Of Death


Janine just sent us her review of Japanese Cartoon's first album In the Jaws Of the Lords Of Death. Check it out below!

“Punk’s greatest impact, however, was to show how decrepit and out of touch popular music had become” - My So-Called Punk -…Mat Diehl

The sound of thousands of indignant young people, across the nation and abroad, striking the keys on their computers while signing “The Release Of The Lasers Album” petition must sound a lot like the screeching voices, drum kicks, electric guitar riffs and the overall sophisticated garage-like sonic quality of Japanese Cartoon’s “In The Jaws of The Lords of Death”.

ITJOTLOD marks the first released project from independent Punk band Japanese Cartoon, which includes principal member Wasalu “Double J” Jaco also known as Lupe Fiasco. The album has struck a chord with many listeners.

New Music: Lupe Fiasco - B.M.F. Freestyle

Lupe comes through and drops his B.M.F. Freestyle!

Hip Hop reacts to the #WeWantLasers Movement/Petition


So...let's take a look at this...The Release Of The Lasers Album Petition to Atlantic Records is active and making its rounds online for 2 1/2 days now and has been signed over 10,500 times so far.

Not only Lupe himself responded to it on Twitter and talked about it in an interview with DJ Semtex, other Hip Hop artists also took to Twitter to state their opinion, tweet the link to the petition or to say that they signed it and support it.

Above you can see Kweli's reaction and below you can see tweets from people such as Janelle Monáe, B.o.B, Big Boi, Twista, Joe Budden and more!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco in Houston [Trae Day x Bun B Listening Session]

Pic via XXL courtesy of Xphaqtor

Lupe was in Houston, TX for this year's Trae Day on June 22nd and also attended Bun B's Trill O.G. album listening session. Check some more pics after the jump!

DJ Semtex - Lupe Fiasco Interview


BBC 1Xtra radio presenter DJ Semtex talked to Lupe about the petition that was started two days ago regarding the release of Lupe's up and coming album Lasers.

Click HERE to listen to the interview!

Lupe even gives a shout out to someone ;)

Video: Trae Day 2010 [Highlights]


Trae Tha Truth hosted the 3rd annual Trae Day event in Houston, TX yesterday for the benefit of Houston’s less fortunate communities.

People who attended the event were able to see appearances and live performances by Lupe Fiasco, Yo Gotti, Wacka Flocka, Sean Garret, Young Buck, Young Money, Gorilla Zoe and more. - Spotted at HHNM - footage courtesy of EA

Lupe Fiasco reacts to Lasers Petition


You heard the man...keep it going, spread the word and sign the petition HERE also use the #WeWantLasers tag on Twitter to get it trending!

Petition to Atlantic Records - LASERS


Now most of you like us are probably wondering when Lupe's up and coming album LASERS will be dropping. Now you can probably help out by filling out this petition that was started by Richard Barker called "
The Release Of The Lasers Album Petition to Atlantic Records".

Click Here to sign!

Will this change anything? Hopefully, at least Atlantic Records will know we have waited long enough for a release date for this highly anticipated album.

Japanese Cartoon shooting video for "Heirplanes"


Update: Heirplanes video postponed due to weather...

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push" - Live @ Club Nokia in LA


Here's another video of Lupe's performance at the Developing Options Diabetes Awareness & Healthy Living Celebrity Benefit Concert in LA [07/18/2010] ...this time you can see him performing "Kick, Push." - Video courtesy of Zigabid

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beamin'" - Live @ Club Nokia in LA

Mixtape: Andra - Loveis4Suckaz/I'maSucka4Love


I'm sure you remember Andra's track "White Swans" that we posted a few weeks ago. Now her first mixtape "Loveis4Suckaz/I'maSucka4Love" is available for download! You can listen to it in the player that's embedded after the jump and if you like it, download it!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beamin'" - Live @ Club Nokia in LA


Lupe performed at the Developing Options Diabetes Awareness & Healthy Living Celebrity Benefit Concert in LA yesterday. Above you can see him performing "I'm Beamin'."

Footage courtesy of Zigabid

Contest: The #1 Lupe Fiasco Fan of the Month


@TeamLasers in collaboration with The LupEND Blog presents you: 'The #1 Lupe Fiasco Fan of the Month' Contest. What is this? Well...as the name says we're looking for the #1 Lupe fan of the month and it might be YOU!

Do you think that you are the biggest Lupe Fiasco fan? Prove it to us! Send us an e-mail and tell us why you are the #1 fan and why you deserve to be featured.

Be creative with it, you can send us a story about something that you've experienced that was related to Lupe or if his music has helped you in any form. Or if Lupe has inspired you to do something or change something in your life, let us know.

Or (for example) let us know if you've been to over 20 concerts or something like that [and you can actually prove it.] If you've met Lupe and you got pics of it, send them to us..include as many things that speak for you as possible in your e-mail.

If you've never been to a show and you never met Lu (like myself..lol!), don't worry, you can of course still be the #1 fan. Just tell us what Lupe's music means to you, maybe tell it in a creative way, make a poster, a video, something funny or send us some fan art that you've created.

At the end of each month we'll pick 1 fan who then will be featured on this blog....you'll get your very own blog entry in which you can tell the world why you are Lupe's #1 fan and we'll also include whatever you want us to in this blog entry. Your pictures, if you have a website - we'll post the link, if you have a Twitter - we'll post it, if you have a mixtape or anything you want the people to know about...we'll feature it on here in your own personal blog entry.

All you got to do is send an e-mail with all of the reasons why you deserve to be featured as the #1 Fan of the Month to this address (make sure to include your Twitter username and website if you have one): laserspromoteam@gmail.com

Deadline: July 28th 2010

Lionel Messi recruits Lupe Fiasco for new Fashion Brand


The Sun reports that Footballer Lionel Messi plans to launch his own high-end clothing line/men's fashion brand.

His plan is to sign a sport, movie, or music star to be an ambassador in each major city around the globe. For Chicago he apparently already recruited Lupe. Other people he'd like to recruit include Jay-Z, David Beckham and Colin Farrell.

Japanese Cartoon already working on 2nd album!


This is awesome! The group has so much potential. ITJOTLOD is great, now just imagine what they can do when they continue doing songs like "Gasp" and "You Are Here" (yup, those are my 2 favorite tracks)...gonna be great..I'm definitely looking forward to hear more JC material. Japanese Cartoooooon!

Lupe Fiasco to perform at Diabetes Benefit Concert in LA tomorrow


Developing Options in association with UneekVision, Inc. presents: The Developing Options Diabetes Awareness & Healthy Living Celebrity Benefit Concert featuring: Ludacris, Ray J, Nipsey Hussle, New Boyz & Mike Almighty, Lupe Fiasco and others.

The concert goes down @ Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, July 18th 2010 at 05:00 PM. Tickets are available HERE

RELATED: The tour date section over at LupeFiasco.com was updated so check that out HERE

Artist Spotlight: Shohei Otomo


Shohei Otomo created the Japanese Cartoon album cover art and he's an amazing illustrator, check some of his works after the jump and visit his Website x YouTube

Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws Of the Lords Of Death


Go and get the album now!!! Various editions available! Just sign up and get it!

Death By Disco Update


....and slowly it all starts to make sense.

New Music: XV - Gettin Bizzy (prod. by Seven)


First leak from Vizzy Zone, check it out here

New Music: Sarah Green - “Dirty Rose” [ft. Lupe Fiasco]


New Sarah Green track featuring Lupe...listen to it on Busy's Tumblr

"I'm the autobahn, you're a cul-de-sac"

Hey Champ's album "Star" is out now!


Hey Champ's debut album is finally here! There are various versions/bundles available. You can click HERE to choose the one you want and buy it now!

Stef Lang writes hook for Lupe Fiasco


The Ladysmith Chronicle reports that Canadian Singer/Songwriter Stef Lang recently got back from New York, where a major record label (Atlantic) had her write some music for hip hop and rap artist Lupe Fiasco.

“They [asked] me to come down as a writer,” she said. “It was definitely a great opportunity. I was writing a chorus for his upcoming single."

Click HERE to read the full article...

You can also check her MySpace and follow her on Twitter

Lupe Fiasco gives an update about Japanese Cartoon's "In the Jaws of the Lords of Death"


New Music: Kaze - I’m Beamin’ Freestyle


Kaze goes in over Lupe's track here and the outcome is actually pretty dope!

B.o.B x Lupe Fiasco reflect on the artistry of Janelle Monáe

1 comment:

Over at AllHipHop.com Lupe and B.o.B reflect on the artistry of Janelle Monae.

AllHipHop.com: What do you admire the most about the music and/or character of Janelle Monáe?

B.o.B: What I admire most about Janelle Monáe's music is the sincerity and uniqueness that she brings to the music.

Lupe Fiasco: I admire Janelle Monáe's fearlessness more than anything. The bravery to do things right and with care but at the same time wrapped in style and grace is definitely lacking in today's popular culture and Janelle Monáe possesses it, this bravery, in abundance.


106 & Park: Vote for the "Tightrope [Wondamix]" Video!


The video for Janelle Monáe's Tightrope (Wondamix) [ft. Lupe Fiasco x B.o.B] had its premiere on BET's 106 & Park yesterday and you can now vote for it if you want to see it on the show!

Click HERE to vote!

New Music: propaYne - Man [Touch The Sky]


propaYne just released his new EP called "Ode to Ye." During the whole EP he goes in over rearrangements of Kanye instrumentals. Check out "Man [Touch The Sky]" to get a little taste of it and if you're interested to hear more, download the whole EP!

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ North Coast Music Festival in Chicago


More and more dates are coming in!...Lupe is set to perform at the North Coast Music Festival at Union Park in Chicago, IL on September 5th 2010. Check THIS SITE for more info's!

Tickets are available HERE

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ SINGfest in Singapore


It was just announced that Lupe will perform @ the SINGfest in Singapore on August 4th, 2010. Kanye West is also on the bill. More info's about the festival can be found HERE

Pics: Lupe Fiasco x KiD CuDi @ Drai's Nightclub in LA


Lupe and CuDi attended Miguel De La Barracuda's birthday party @ Drai's in LA on July 4th. More pics after the jump!

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ the Summer Week & T Festival in Korea


Lupe mentioned it on Twitter yesterday and I just looked it up, he's set to perform @ the Summer Week & T Festival in Gangneung, South Korea on August 7th, 2010. The other major act who's set to perform at the festival is Kanye West.

For more info's check the Official Festival Website

Update: Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws Of the Lords Of Death [Coming Very Soon]


New Music: Andra - White Swans [ft. Lupe Fiasco]


Here we have a new track from Andra, off of her upcoming "Love Is 4 Suckaz/I'm A Sucka 4 Love" mixtape. For this one she recycled Lupe's verse from Eva's "Slow Down." Check it out!

For more about Andra check her MySpace, FaceBook and follow her on Twitter

Pics: N*E*R*D x Lupe Fiasco @ Solidays Festival in Paris


The BBC Blog comes through with some pics from the N*E*R*D performance @ the Solidays Festival in Paris, France on June 25th, 2010. Lupe joined them on stage - More pics after the jump!