Lupe Fiasco: "I don't care who the fuck puts an album out, it ain't gonna be better than mine"


Closing out the show in Georgetown, Lupe made the following statement:

Shout out to everyone who's gonna get my 3rd album, Lasers, one of the, if not THE most demanded album of 2009, 2010 and 2011. I don't care who the fuck puts an album out, it ain't gonna be better than mine and you can tell 'em I said it.

Lupe Fiasco - 'Superstar' x 'The Show Goes On' [Live]


Another clip from Lupe's Georgetown show. He performed "Superstar" but shortly after he started to perform it, he remembered that he has a new first single. So he went into "The Show Goes On" but forgot the words of it during the first verse so he went back to "Superstar."

Soulja Boy says he doesn't want to be 'Super-Lupe Fiasco-Lyrical'


Soulja Boy made the following statement in his latest interview with XXL:

I don't want to be super Lupe Fiasco lyrical & say shit n***** don't understand.

The thing is, even if he'd want to, I don't think he'd ever be capable to come close to Lupe's lyrics. Thoughts?

Click HERE for the XXL Article!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - 'Feelings are going to be Hurt' Speech in Georgetown


Before performing his "Girls" freestlye and his verse from the "Everyone Nose Remix" Lupe spoke to the crowd in Georgetown yesterday, telling them that this show will be the last time they'll see him perform in this manner because he thinks it's time to take it to another level....

He also said that when his album drops (his best work ever, as he said), a lot of feelings are going to be hurt but he doesn't give a fuck...and he added that he means that respectfully to all of his competition.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco performs in Georgetown

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Here we have a couple of pics from Lupe's performance in Georgetown yesterday, more after the jump!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - 'The National Anthem' x 'State Run Radio' - Live in Georgetown


Lupe performed at Georgetown University's McDonough Gym yesterday. Above you can see him perform The National Anthem and below State Run Radio.

More videos can be found HERE

Another Fallacy Of Rome Sample

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Another small sample of what to expect from the new Fallacy Of Rome F/W collection. Together We Ride. Photo via Le Messie

New Music: Young Buck x Lupe Fiasco - 'AM/FM'


Here we have the Lupe feature off Buck's new mixtape Back on my Buckshit 2.

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid


Whoo Kid just chopped it up with Lupe on Shade 45. They talked about the Illuminati, Lasers, the music industry, Fiasco Friday, Lu's influence on up & coming artists, CRS, FOTP, Lupe's Book Club and more.

Listen/Download HERE or HERE

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ DJ Greg Street

Photo courtesy of Ernest Estimé

Lupe did a short interview w/ DJ Greg Street on V-103 to introduce his new single The Show Goes On. He talked about Lasers, producers he worked with, producing himself, releasing tracks, skating and more.

Listen/Download HERE

Kanye West - The Joy [ft. Pete Rock x Jay-Z x Charlie Wilson x Curtis Mayfield x KiD CuDi]


Kanye drops another G.O.O.D Friday joint on a Saturday morning. Check it out!

Video: Behind the Scenes of N*E*R*D's ‘Nothing’


Check out the concepts and ideas behind N*E*R*D’s 4th studio album, NOTHING. (Lupe @ 5:34) - via

Blu says he'd be down to record a whole All City Chess Club Album


Blu talked a bit about the All City Chess Club in an interview with Vibe Mag :

Vibe: How did you get down with Lupe’s supergroup, All City Chess Club?

Blu: I talked to Lupe on the phone about the crew. He’s the head honcho with All City Chess Club. He really just gave me call on the random one day [laughs]. For some reason, I thought it was Bilal.

But we chopped it up for a while. And a little while later he shot me the “I’m Beaming (Remix)” to get on there. I’m still waiting and wanting to lay some verses with them. I’m definitely down with recording an album.

Click HERE for the whole interview!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On" [Acoustic Cover]


Check out Alex Taimanao's acoustic cover of Lupe's new single The Show Goes On.

Lupe Fiasco to appear on Shade 45 w/ WhooKid this weekend

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Tune in to Shade 45 this Saturday to hear Lupe's interview w/ DJ WhooKid. WhooKid's show goes from 10am 'til 8pm. Don't worry, this time we'll definitely have a rip of it.

Young Buck x Lupe Fiasco collabo renamed to "AM/FM"


Buck previously stated that his collabo with Lupe is called "My Radio," seems like he decided to change that though. According to the tracklist for his upcoming mixtape, Back on my Buckshit 2, the track is now called "AM/FM"

Back on my Buckshit 2 drops on Oct. 31st! Check the tracklist on

Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On" - Fan Reactions


I took to the LupEND Blog twitter earlier to find out how people feel about Lupe's new single "The Show Goes On" one day after it dropped. Above you can see some of the replies I got. - What do you think? You can listen to and purchase the song HERE

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Angela Yee


Angela Yee interviewed Lupe Fiasco today on Shade 45's The Morning After. Lu talked about the Fiasco Friday protest, Atlantic Records, leaks, Lasers, and much more.

Download the interview HERE or listen to it on RapRadar

Sidenote: "The Show Goes On" will be available via iTunes on Nov. 9th

Video: Lupe Fiasco "The Show Goes On" uStream Chat


In case you missed it yesterday, here's the live uStream chat that Lupe did before premiering his new single The Show Goes On. Props to LuMyself for the rip!

Audio: Lupe Fiasco Conference Call


Lupe did a conference call with DJ's from all over the country earlier today. He spoke about the balance between his artistry and satisfying a major record label, the new album, who he has and would like to work with, producers on the album, the future of his music, new MC's he likes, collaborations and more.

DOWNLOAD: Part 1 - // - Part 2

New Music: Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On


It's finally here, the first single off Lasers, called The Show Goes On, prod. by Kane Beatz.

You can listen to it & buy it in the player above or HERE

Official cover & Lyrics after the jump!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "Empire of Illusions" Book Discussion

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Check out the last 12 mins of Lupe's first book discussion on uStream.

Japanese Cartoon "Gasp" Music Video on the Way!


During the uStream today, Lupe revealed that the
next Japanese Cartoon video will be for "Gasp"!

uStream: Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On


Click play! - It's about to go down in a bit!

Stream is over, listen to and buy the single HERE

Here's a little recap of things Lupe said during the stream:

Lupe said that he's probably still using Stereo Sun for the album.

He recorded a second verse for "Don't Look Down" which is fire, as he said. But it's up to Ye if it'll see the light of day or not.

He also said there's not an official release date for FOTP yet, but he told us to tweet Busy with what songs we want to hear him freestyle on.

There will be a Generation Lasers tour and Lupe said that, as long as everything goes as planned, he's kicking it off with a show in Chicago and it's gonna be insane. Performing ALL-new Lasers tracks as a gift for not putting on the Halloween show.

He also talked about the rumors about him signing with G.O.O.D Music. Were just rumors, he has his own company, FNF. "Why be a soldier when I'm already a general."

and...there'll be a video for Japanese Cartoon's 'Gasp'

Props to theKid for the recap.

Video: Pharrell talks CRS & More w/ MuchMusic


N*E*R*D recently paid a visit to Toronto, where they opened for The Gorillaz. During their stay, Pharrell spoke with MuchMusic about his group’s new album, Pusha T's career moves, and Child Rebel Solider, his supergroup with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

Lupe Fiasco x Common x Jennifer Hudson x No I.D. - ‘We Can Do It Now’


We've told you about this song a while ago, now here it is! Above is some studio footage, in which the artists talk about the track, below is the download! Song was inspired by and created for season 3 of Gatorade Replay.

via HHNM

Pics: UNKLE x Lupe Fiasco in NYC

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Some pics from the UNKLE show that went down at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday, Lupe joined them on stage. Another pic after the jump and a video of it right HERE.

FALLACY OF ROME: Together We Ride F/W 2010 (Promo)


After a long wait, the next Fallacy Of Rome Capsule Collection brought to you by the joint minds of Lupe Fiasco (Wasalu Jaco), Le Messie & Amanda S. is just around the corner. - FALSE

XXL asks Donnis about Lupe Fiasco's situation at Atlantic Records

9 comments: caught up with Donnis to talk about a couple of things, including Lupe's situation over at Atlantic Records. Here's what he said:

XXL: Your label Atlantic Records and Lupe Fiasco have been making headlines with his release date and the drama surrounding that. How do you feel about Lupe’s situation?

Donnis: I can’t really speak on the Lupe situation because of what happened. I just know hearsay and then the fact that me and Lupe haven’t met yet, we keep passing each other in the halls. But he just got a date, so you got to be happy whenever you get a day. I think it’s like March 8, [2011] or something like that. I’m looking forward to it, he’s a phenomenal artist, and I can’t wait to hear what he’s been working on. I heard some of it. - Click HERE to read the whole interview!

Lupe is Live on Ustream right now!


He's answering questions and discussing the book, Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges for The Readers Book Club.

The next book being read is: Revolutionary Suicide written by, Huey P. Newton

Read. Think. Do. but most importantly, be you.

Fallacy of Rome Teaser

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Another Fallacy of Rome teaser from the new F/W collection.

Stream Goes Down at 9 PM

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You have until 9 pm to get in that last bit of reading! See you there

Also remember to send in questions or comments to, these will be used in the discussion!

Lasers Fan Art by Ricardo

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Ricardo laserized himself...nice!

Add "The Readers" on Facebook

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Looks like a Facebook account was set up for discussion as well. Just follow this link, send a friend request and discuss away!

Video: UNKLE x Lupe Fiasco - Hello/Goodbye - Live in NYC

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Lupe joined UNKLE on stage at Webster Hall in NYC yesterday. Above you can see him perform Hello/Goodbye with them (starting @ 3:22).

Lupe Fiasco's new single premieres on Tuesday at 5pm


The first single off Lasers will premiere at 5pm EST on
Tuesday, October 26th on

Book Club Questions?

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If you have any questions, comments, critiques, suggestions etc, then here's an email that Lu set up for the members to use. Please remember though, this is ONLY for the book club, so any non-book club related e-mails will be ignored.

Also remember to include your name and where you're from in the e-mail. These e-mails will be used during the video chat discussions at the end of the week.

New Music: Kanye West - Don't Look Down [ft. Mos Def x Lupe Fiasco x Big Sean]


Here We Go!!!!

New GOOD Friday song featuring Lupe!

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Be on the lookout for this! :) // UPDATE: DOWNLOAD HERE

Fallacy of Rome Preview

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Just a little taste of what to expect from the F/W collection!

Nikki Jean x Black Thought x Lupe Fiasco

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Ohhh yeah!!! Nikki already told us a while ago that Lupe sent her a verse for a track that's going to be featured on her upcoming album and just now she took to her Twitter to reveal that Black Thought is featured on it, too!

Nikki Jean's album "Pennies in a Jar" is coming soon!

Video: Trae Tha Truth talks Lupe Fiasco Friendship

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While in Philly Trae talked to HipHopDX and discussed his friendship with Lupe.

"Me and Lupe [Fiasco] rock more on just being brothers, man. That's somebody I can call up and chop it up with, if I'm goin' through it, or vice-versa with him. I consider him to be an uncle to my child. Even right now, he's going through the situation he's going through with [Lasers] not comin' out, and he's goin' through somethin' kinda similar to what I'm goin' through [with the radio ban], so that's why I'm 10 toes down with him."

Click HERE for the full article!

Fallacy of Rome F/W 2010 Collection on the way!


Pic: Cornel West x Lupe Fiasco in Princeton

Photo courtesy of Princetonian

Cornel West invited Lupe to his lecture at Princeton University yesterday. Lupe not only listened to Dr. West's lecture, he also joined him on stage to discuss why he uses the n-word; social consciousness; parallels in his lyrics and Afro-American texts; censorship and the relationship between his [Muslim] faith and his life as an artist.

Lupe Fiasco's NYC Show has been Cancelled


Video: Lupe Fiasco Live in West Palm Beach [First 14 minutes]

October 16th 2010 - Cuervo Games - Meyer Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL

Here's a video of the first 14 minutes of Lupe's performance at the Meyer Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL. Including performances of Shining Down, Solar Midnite, The Instrumental, The National Anthem and State Run Radio.

Video: AJ the Manchild @ #FiascoFriday


AJ the Manchild talks to fans and supporters outside Atlantic Records in Downtown Manhattan. - via TeamYee

Kanye West mentions CRS album @ LA Movie Screening


Kanye screened his upcoming 35 minute film called "Runaway" in L.A. yesterday. Once again he talked to the audience and once again he brought up CRS, just that what he said this time was much more serious.

The Associated Press reports that the producer-turned-rapper said that after "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" - recorded in Hawaii with the likes of Q-Tip, DJ Premier, RZA and Pete Rock - he will release an album of songs with Jay-Z and another with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams under the name Child Rebel Soldiers.

Video: Nikki Jean - What'll I Do


FALSE: Original Anarchist - "Questioning the Status Quo"

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As we inch closer to our biggest and most time consuming season in our over half a decade of existence, we bring to you the final installment in the O/A Original Anarchist propaganda series.

In the final video we bring our focus towards Robert Anton Wilson; philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, futurist, polymath, agnostic mystic and self-proclaimed independent anarchist.

Re-establishing the relationship between the word Anarchy and Solidarity is the primary message, we work to bring a positive connotation to the word and it’s aesthetic. - FALSE

PREVIOUSLY: Original Anarchist - “Voice of the Underground”

New Music: Diggy Simmons - I Am He (Failure Freestyle)

Diggy goes in over Failure!


The Lupe Fiasco Book Club?


Personally, I think this is a great idea because it promotes reading.

Here's the first book:
Now get to reading folks!

Fiasco Friday: The Revolution was Televised

Photo courtesy of Hannah

Every generation needs a revolution. –Thomas Jefferson

It took me two days to write this piece. This time, it wasn’t my incessant procrastination or lack of inspiration. It was the absence of a paragon to start with however, I’ve found it.




After dismissing the notion that this word might be too strong an adjective for “Fiasco Friday”, I decided that the protest turned celebration wasn’t only about an LP or a specific artist. Matthew, one of the organizers, conveyed it on the megaphone best, “We’re here to let Atlantic know, we’re sick of this music.” - Read more below!

16 clips from #FiascoFriday

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One youtube user uploaded 16 clips from Fiasco Friday, above you can see the one in which the crowd sings along to Lupe's BMF. Check the other clips HERE

Lupe Fiasco's 'Shining Down' featured on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Soundtrack


"Shining Down" by Lupe and Matthew Santos will be featured in EA's new "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit" game which will be released for all consoles and PC's on Nov. 16th 2010. - Info via gamerzines

Documentary: Bring Your A Game (ft. Lupe Fiasco)


This is a pretty interesting documentary, powerful stuff.

Video: Lupe Fiasco's PSA in West Palm Beach

Cuervo Games - Meyer Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL

In between songs Lupe told the crowd in West Palm Beach, FL yesterday that he's not going to profit off of anything that he doesn't believe in. He also said that he's not going to be profiting off of anything at the event yesterday and that he'll donate his entire fee to various charities in the area. - Thumbs Up!

More Pics: Lupe Fiasco performs in West Palm Beach

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Some more pics of Lupe's performance at the Meyer Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL [10/16/10]. More after the break.

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down - Live in West Palm Beach

Cuervo Games - Meyer Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL

Pics: Lupe Fiasco performs in West Palm Beach


Some pics of Lupe's performance at the Meyer Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL that went down yesterday. More after the jump!

Pics: #FiascoFriday New York


This was a historic day, and I tried my best to capture the magic.

Every single person there helped make this a revolutionary moment in music history. It is because of Lupe Fiasco that we all had enough passion to come together on a cold Friday afternoon and march for something we love. That in itself is beautiful.

Enjoy more pictures HERE.

Lupe Fiasco: 'Friend of the People' [Mixtape] on the way!


Just in case you didn't catch it yesterday, here's another clip of Lupe saying that the "Friend of the People" mixtape is on the way. Once again props to Luella.

Video: Lupe Fiasco x WorldUp at Re:FormSchoolNYC


Here's another clip of World Up’s Living Remix workshop at REDU’s Re:FORM School in NYC feat. DJ Spazecraft and Lupe Fiasco. Courtesy of MVMT

Video: #FiascoFriday Short Film


We've posted several videos of things that went down at #FiascoFriday in New York yesterday. This one serves as a little summary of what happened. - Shouts 2 Spence

#FiascoFriday - Luella's Pics


Luella comes through with some pics of yesterday's Fiasco Friday rally in NYC. You can see more after the jump together with a video of fans singing Hip Hop Saved My Life.

Thanks to Luella for the pics and the video and also, shout out to YoungSC who was rocking his LupEND Blog tee yesterday!

Video: Lupe Fiasco talks future of Child Rebel Soldier


Although they (CRS) recently dropped "Don't Stop" as part of Yeezy's G.O.O.D. Friday series, Lupe maintains the future of the project is at the mercy of fans.

When MTV News caught up with the Chicago lyricist in New York last weekend, he said the trio is gauging the feedback to their music and will then decide whether to forge ahead with new tracks.

"If people really want it, then we'll do it," Lupe said. "But if the demand is not there, it'll just be as we get to it."

Click HERE for the full article!

Pics: #FiascoFriday Chicago


Let's not forget that there was a #FiascoFriday march in Chicago yesterday, too. Here are some pics of it and guess what; none other than Lupe's mom came out to show those kids some love. More pics after the jump.

Video: MTV interviews the 2 Matt's who made Fiasco Friday possible

1 comment:

Not to take away from the fact that it was all a group effort but without those 2 it probably wouldn't have gone down the way it a big shout out 2 them!

"It's really an incredible moment, after doing all this work, to really see Lupe Fiasco in front of you," La Corte told MTV News of the event, which he organized with Morrelli without having ever met his fellow Lupe Fiasco fan.

"I went up and shook [Lupe's] hand, asked him to make a speech for us, and it was really a culminating moment for a fantastic experience for all of us here."

Click HERE for the full MTV article and HERE to see MTV's video of Lupe's speech.

Fan Tattoo in Spirit of #FiascoFriday

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Now that didn't take long. In spirit of Fiasco Friday, Josh got a tattoo of the Trilly & Truly logo. Looks dope, thanks for sending it to us!

Video: Rolling Stone's #FiascoFriday coverage [Includes interview w/ Lupe Fiasco]


The RollingStone was at the event today and interviewed Lupe & some of the fans. Check for the full article!

Video: Lyor Cohen Responds to #FiascoFriday


Warner Music Group's CEO, Lyor Cohen, joined the Fiasco Friday crowd today outside of Atlantic Records. He made his entrance by carrying a boombox that was playing Lupe Fiasco's upcoming single. There were mixed responses coming from the fans. Some were thrilled to hear the track and others were frustrated with Cohen.

In the end, Cohen drew a crowd outside of the fenced-in rally area that nearly shut the protest down. While some speculated that this was all an act meant to end the rally, NYPD thankfully allowed for Fiasco Friday to carry on.

Video: Lupe Fiasco speaks @ #FiascoFriday


Here are 2 videos of Lupe's speech at FiascoFriday. Above is a video of the beginning of the speech which comes courtesy of our own Hannah and below you can see the end of Lupe's speech where he says that 'Friend of the People' is on the way!

#FiascoFriday in Progress!


In this entry we'll keep you up to date on all things that go down during the #Fiasco Friday march/rally today. Check videos and pics after the jump! All footage courtesy of Riva unless otherwise noted.

First pics from #FiascoFriday in New York


Lupe fans are gathering at the statue of William Tecumseh Sherman in New York for #FiascoFriday right now. Here are the first couple of pics taken by Riva who's at the event today. I see camouflage and Lasers/FiascoFriday tee's! More after the jump!

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ Georgetown

Lupe will perform outside of the McDonough Gymnasium in Washington D.C. on Oct. 30th 2010. This concert is marking a revitalization of Georgetown’s fall concert, which has been on hiatus since 2007.

Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., with Lupe Fiasco performing from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. Tickets will be sold in Red Square and online for $25 before the concert and for $30 at the door. - TheHoya

Video: Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes


Video directed by 13thWitness. Also check out Yahoo Music for Lupe's explanation of the concept behind the video.

Trae Tha Truth x Lupe Fiasco - "Bad Don't Seem So Wrong" video to premiere soon!


Above you can see a screenshot of a scene from the Bad Don't Seem So Wrong video which will hit MTVJams soon! - Spotted on Trae's Twitter