Video: Lupe Fiasco in-store @ FYE Chicago ~ LUPEND

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video: Lupe Fiasco in-store @ FYE Chicago

MidWestLive comes through with some footage from the in-store event that went down at the FYE store in Chicago on March 10th - check it out!


  1. ^ LMAO....haha that trend shoulda stopped at that idiot WSHH site

  2. Lupe's mother is beautiful!

  3. Lotta love for Lupe in Chicago mang... I woulda been there if I hadn't had work. Why on a Thursday of all days =[

    Haha at the dude at 2:19 throwin kings up. I'm surprised noone said anything, I guess no one saw.

    Anyone else think Tony Sculfield looks like a lighter skinned Jay-Z?

  4. "Lupe's mother is beautiful"

    Cosign!!!! just gorgeous!!!

  5. He definitely looks like a busted Jay.


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