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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Tupac!

Happy 40th birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur! It's crazy that he would have been 40 years old had he still been alive today. I really hope that the new details that came up yesterday can help bring closure to one of Hip Hop's biggest murder mysteries.


  1. I hope Henchman is gonna lose all of the artists he manages.

  2. Henchmen is already on the run from the feds for a different crime... he's pretty much done.

  3. r.i.p. tupac amaru shakur

    hope there's a heaven for a G!

  4. The greatest that ever lived. Hold it down in thugz mansion til i arrive

  5. Lu > Pac

    Nas > Pac

    So how come Nas' new joint wasn't posted here?


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