Video: Young Marqus opens for Lupe in Boston

As we told you before, Young Marqus is opening up for Lupe on the Generation Laser Tour. Here's some footage of him from last night at the House of Blues, reciting verses from his "Words I Never Said" Freestyle. - Shouts to Simon!


  1. The dirty bull that obama did? this lil nigga don't know politics. Act your age and rap about lollipops. He didn't write any of that

  2. Contrary to what a commentor on this video said, the young brother said he heard about the dirty bull that Obama did, meaning someone else said it...and he does write his own lyrics. If you have never met this kid you would surely be amazed of the things he's got going around in his head. Mentally a decade ahead of his peers!

  3. simon was watchin lupe from the balcony last night... must be feelin a lil different now. wonder what happened...

  4. Mentally a decade ahead of his peers!

    Because that's how old his ghostwriter is!!


  5. He does write his own lyrics.
    Even though he doesn't look like he know any politics. You don't know him. How do you know what he does know and not know? Can't judge that book cover now.


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