Lupe Fiasco to headline Brockport Winter Concert

Lupe will perform at Brockport's winter concert in the Tuttle South gym in Brockport, NY on Dec. 2nd. - Tickets go on sale Monday, Nov. 14 at the BSG box office.

via TheStylus // Pic courtesy of Derek Brad


  1. Question: Does anyone know how to book Lupe for a concert. I'm with the Student Architect's Club at Montgomery College (Rockville, MD) and we're trying to fund a trip to Chicago to see the architecture. I thought it would be cool to have Lupe come perform and we'll use the profits to fund our trip.

  2. ^I don't know how to book a Lupe concert. But my guess would be speak with your Student Association (if you have one) of your inquirer. If you don't have one, I would suggest you ask a university student association like Brockport. The worst they can say is 'no comment'. Nevertheless, good luck!

    BTW, Lupe is killing me this year. Usually I am able to see a show of his at least once a year in my backyard. Brockport? *sigh* It might be worth the drive.

  3. **Ask another SA for advice. The worst they can say is 'no comment'.

  4. Do you know how much Lupe Fiasco charges to perform at a concert??


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