Update: Travis Barker x Lupe Fiasco x Pharrell Collabo

Here's a little update about the collaboration between Travis Barker, Lupe and Pharrell. Rhythm Mag got an early listen and confirms that it's called "If You Want." A snippet of the track leaked some time ago minus Travis' drumming and was labeled as "Horn Synth" back then. Here's what they say about the track:

'If You Want' has Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams throwing down the rhymes. This tune has more of a traditional rap feel to the production but with Travis' real drums spicing up the flavour of the song. - Rhythm Mag

Travis Barker's album "Give The Drummer Some" is set to be released on March 15th!

Review: Lupe Fiasco @ the Enmore Theatre

Thirteen Itches put up a review of Lupe's solo performance at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney [01/24/11] - here's an excerpt:

I don’t remember the complete set list but Fiasco definitely is one performer you should watch live. Highlights of the show for me were Beautiful Lasers, crowd favorite Go Go Gadget Flow, and his latest single The Show Goes On.

Mixing in his verse from the remix of N.E.R.D’s Everyone Nose, and a little bit of what seemed like [a] freestyle, Fiasco definitely knew how to work the crowd and in turn, was able to feed off the energy coming from his Sydney fans.

Click HERE to read the full review!

Lasers and Roses Lounge with Lupe Fiasco

Power 98.3 is bringing you the Lasers and Roses Lounge with Lupe Fiasco at Hotel Theodore (in Scottsdale, AZ.) A private, intimate and exclusive evening with Lupe Fiasco performing some songs off his new album Lasers.

The ONLY way to win tickets into this event is by listening to the President of the Afternoon Jx3 weekdays in the 5pm hour and Nights with Deongello in the 9pm hour.

There's no specific date for this on the site but it must go down some time during Valentine's Week, I'm sure you'll find out more when you listen to Power 98.3.

You can listen online HERE - Good Luck!

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Tom & Alex [Triple J]

This morning our main man Lupe Fiasco dropped by fresh from his performances at the Big Day Out, but some time after ALIENS INSERTED A TRACKING DEVICE INTO HIS LEG!

Whilst he was reluctant to talk about his beloved Chicago Bears losing in the NFL, he did chat about his upcoming album, his outburst at the Big Day Out on the Goldy, and the aforementioned alien encounter.

Highsnobiety Giveaway: FALSE & Fallacy of Rome

HighSnobiety got together with FALSE to bring you this special giveaway. The package includes the following items (all individually hand-made):

2. Fallacy Of Rome Left IV Dead T-Shirt
3. FALSE Anarcho iPhone Carrier
4. Bondage Bear Plush

All you need to do to win is follow @HighSnobiety and @FALSEbrand on twitter and tweet the following text:

Follow @highsnobiety & @FALSEBrand & RT this message to a FALSE prize pack! #FALSESNOB http://bit.ly/gfWBvU

Contest ends Feb 1st 2011. Good Luck!

Lupe Fiasco to attend Rolling Stone Awards in Sydney

AN EVENING of rock'n'roll excess threatens to spill over at the Rolling Stone Awards in Sydney tomorrow night.

Back for its second year, the industry bash has become the unofficial warm-up for bands performing at Sydney's Big Day Out shows.

This year's guest list includes several international names including Scottish party starters Primal Scream and German metal band Rammstein.

London rappers Plan B and Example, Chicago hip hop star Lupe Fiasco and South African rap-rave crew Die Antwoord will also be treading the red carpet.

The Rolling Stone Awards take place at B2 Studios, Alexandria, Sydney.

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Richie [95bFM]

While in Auckland, New Zealand Lupe was interviewed by Richie for 95bFM. Lupe talked about his next single "Words I Never Said," Lasers, the future of Japanese Cartoon, debuting new records live and much more.

He also confirmed that "Beautiful Lasers" is on the album and it's his 2nd favorite track off the album right after "All Black Everything." "All Black Everything" is most likely going to be released at the end of February.

Lupe Fiasco's BDO Experience Soundtrack: Deftones

In an backstage interview at the Big Day Out Festival yesterday Lupe revealed that his personal Australian BDO experience soundtrack at the moment consists of music by the Deftones, who are also playing the festival this year.

American rapper Lupe Fiasco drew one of the biggest afternoon crowds and was followed by a hard set from the Deftones before one of Australia's favourites, John Butler Trio, performed.

Lupe Fiasco spoke to the Bulletin while watching Deftones backstage.

"Deftones are my soundtrack for the moment," he said.

"My Australian BDO experience soundtrack, in the car going from the hotel."

via GoldCoast.com.au

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down & More - Live @ BDO Auckland [New Zealand]

I know you all want to see some footage of Lupe performing new tracks but considering we didn't get any video footage of his BDO performance in Auckland (01/21/11) so far, this is better than nothing. After some technical difficulties Lupe started his set with "Shining Down," followed by "Solar Midnite" and "The Instrumental."

I don't know what some people on Twitter, who were straight hating on Lu's performance, were talking about. If that's not energetic then I don't know what is. On the other side, the people who enjoyed it probably didn't have time to tweet.. *shrug*

UPDATE: Check out "Scream" and "State Run Radio" below!

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ ONE News [New Zealand]

Here's another interview that Lupe did ahead of the Big Day Out festival in New Zealand yesterday. He talked to Krissy of ONE News about the BDO Festival, performing on the main stage, acts he's looking forward to see during the BDO, the sound of 'Lasers,' his achievements so far, his song 'All Black Everything' and more.

He also answered the question I asked about the Lasers Album Cover, check it out!

Live Chat: Lupe Fiasco x 102.7 KIIS-FM

Lupe is about to do a live chat w/102.7 KIIS-FM. Tweet your questions to @1027KIISFM and add the tag #1027kiisfm. He's going live in less than an hour on 2:30PM PST.

UPDATE: Live stream is over but you can watch the recorded video above!

- He said he might performs or releases Stereo Sun as a "Remix" to Tinchy's track, also said that Friend Of the People will be the mixtape that drops before Food & Liquor 2.

- During the live chat Lupe discussed religion, football and the American society.

- The video for "Words I Never Said" will be shot soon and will most likely be the biggest Lupe video to date and drop before the end of February. He also said that he doesn't want to jump on "H.A.M" or "6 Foot / 7 Foot," he'd rather jump on an oldschool track.

- A new Japanese Cartoon album will eventually drop this summer. Besides that Lupe is going on tour in the States after his album drops and then tour Europe this summer.

- Lupe revealed that the iTunes version of "Lasers" will most likely be the one that has the most bonus stuff. He also talked about FiascoFriday 2 and said that he'll eventually be there...but don't mark his words just yet.

Besides that The LupEND Blog was mentioned again and I got a shout out! - Thanks Lu!

Lupe Fiasco covers High Snobiety Magazine [UPDATE]

Lupe just took to his Twitter to give us a little preview of the upcoming 2nd issue of High Snobiety Mag which features him on the cover. Cover design by Eric Elms.


The magazine will be available this week all over Berlin, including all the fashion tradeshows – Bread & Butter, Seek and Bright. Also it will be available at some select stores around the city, such as Firmament, Solebox, Soto, No. 74, 14 oz., Civilist, Wood Wood and others.

Check the full HQ cover below!

Fan Story: Julie meets Lupe Fiasco

Julie met Lupe Fiasco at the KUBE 93.3 meet & greet in Seattle last week. She wrote a blog entry about it in which she shares how she experienced the meet & greet.

Let me begin this account by saying that thanks to me, we almost didn't even make it there (it turns out it makes a difference if you include the "West" in the street name). I can't imagine how terrible I would have felt if I didn't make it there in time...well, actually I can, but would prefer not to.

After driving through Belltown very aggressively and honking at a couple cars, and running to the Kube studios in my high heeled boots, we got there with literally no minutes to spare...and as Lupe would say, the show goes on!

We sat down at a table, and within a couple minutes, Lupe walked in and saluted everyone, and I'm pretty sure I had the biggest smile out of everyone plastered on my face...

Click HERE to check the whole thing out!

March Eleventh 2011 - #FiascoFridayII [Lasers Release Celebration]

We've reported about the Lasers Release Celebration before. Now the location for the event in New York has been chosen and everything's pretty much set.

On March 8th (Lasers Release) there'll be a Mass Album Purchase Event at a Best Buy in New York and then on March 11th there'll be the big Fan Release Celebration Party for Lupe's "Lasers" at the Europa Nightclub in New York. All info's can be found in the flyer above and on THIS SITE

There are also shirts available HERE and you can buy tickets for the NYC event HERE. All proceeds will be donated to the Education Equality Project.

There'll be more events like this in various cities. Check the event pages below:

If you want to attend one of the events then click on "I'm Attending" on the site and they'll keep you updated about locations and times! - Also make sure to spread the word about this!

Video: Alex Da Kid reveals that Skylar Grey is featured on Lupe Fiasco's "Words I Never Said"

Alex Da Kid talks about his protege Skylar Grey and reveals that she's featured on Lupe's upcoming 2nd single off of Lasers, "Words I Never Said," at the Los Angeles Times' Envelope music producers roundtable that went down yesterday.

In case you haven't heard of her, she's featured on Dr. Dre and Eminem's "I Need A Doctor" and on Diddy-Dirty Money's "Coming Home" or you might know her under another name, Holly Brook. Technically this isn't the first time that Lupe works together with her, seeing that she was also featured on Fort Minor's "Be Somebody" with Lupe.

Lupe Fiasco describes Aussies as the most sophisticated Music Fans in the World

American rapper Lupe Fiasco has described Australians as the most sophisticated music fans in the world.

The Chicago raised hip-hop star believes Aussies exhibit wider tastes when it comes to song selections and are more open minded than any other country.

Preparing to return for his third Big Day Out tour, Fiasco praised youth radio station Triple J for enhancing music culture with its diverse range of programming.

"Australia is a fun, fun place because the music scene over there is so more democratic," Fiasco told AAP from San Francisco.

"You've got a radio station like Triple J who will play anything and everything so long as it's good, whereas the climate for radio in the US is a little more controlled and confined.

In Australia you get a range of different music so the average music fan is maybe five or six times more sophisticated and has a far wider palate than the average US fan or even a European fan. I've noticed that Australian people have such a vast acceptance of music and you'll rock out as hard to The Prodigy as you'll rock out to Lupe Fiasco or rock out to Tool."

The 28-year-old rapper behind the hits Superstar and The Show Goes On also had special praise for Big Day Out, describing the outdoor festival series as the best he's encountered during his ten year career.

"For me it's the best tour in the world because they put the artist first," Fiasco said. "Not only are the shows amazing but the hospitality behind the scenes is incredible, it's like a vacation seeing a beautiful country for two weeks and performing in these amazing venues."

"I'm excited every time I get invited to come and do it."

via SCD

Live Stream: Lupe Fiasco on KUBE 93 [Interview & Chat]

Watch Lupe's interview with DJ Hyphen and J.Moore on KUBE 93 in Seattle Live right now! Click HERE to take part in the live chat that will start in a bit.

UPDATE: Stream is over but you can watch the recorded video above!

Lupe talked about what he likes to do in his free time, his car collection, cooking, Amy's Pizza and more. He also answered some fan questions.

He said that he'll come to Europe soon (February) to do some promo events, he'll do a couple DJ Sets when he's in Australia for the BDO and there'll be some college tour dates in the US that'll be announced soon.

He also said that he recorded around 50 songs in the process of making Lasers. Stereo Sun and Army Girl are NOT on Lasers. For any other tracks, we'll just have to wait and see. There's a possibility of some type of Lost Tapes release.

There won't be a "Lupe Decoded" book but his novel, or actually several novels might be dropping soon. Soon as in next year or in 2-3 years...lol! He also did the verse again that he premiered at Drexel.

The next single is eventually dropping next week already but it might not be "Words I Never Said" due to some music business BS.

Audio: Lupe Fiasco Interview x Freestyle on the HOT 93.7 Morning Show

Lupe Fiasco visited the HOT 93.7 Morning Crew in Hartford yesterday to promote Lasers. He talked about touring/performing live, the LupEND Album and how it didn't work out, label politics, scaling down 1st & 15th, 360 deals, collabo's, having 12 tracks on Lasers, CRS, leaks and much, much more.

LASERS News: Alex Da Kid produced the next single "Words I Never Said," there's a song on Lasers called "All Black Everything" that's one of Lupe's all time favorite tracks and his collabo with Sway is called "Break The Chain."

Sarah Green is on the album, he worked with Trey Songz and John Legend and there are productions by The Neptunes, The Buchanans, Soundtrakk, Alex Da Kid, King David, Kane Beatz, Needlz and 1500 or Nothin'. Lupe said he worked with all of those people but they might not all end up on the album.

You should definitely listen to this one, very nice interview. Plus, he did a freestyle!

Stream the full 40+ Min. interview HERE

Meet Lupe Fiasco in Seattle this Friday!

On Friday, January 14th, you…that’s right, YOU…can meet Lupe in person as he comes through the KUBE studios to hang out, sign autographs, talk with listeners, and discuss his highly anticipated upcoming album, Lasers.

If you’re able to come to the station in downtown Seattle from 11am to noon on Friday, the 14th, here are the details on how to win an invite to this meet and greet:

Tell us what your favorite Lupe verse is and why. Email your answer to DJHyphen@gmail.com and if selected, we’ll notify you by Thursday at noon.

via AOD

Live Chat: Lupe Fiasco x Kiss 95.7 [Update]

Lupe is going to chat live today at 10AM EST. Click HERE to send in your questions! Or ask directly in the chat HERE


Chat is over... you can watch the recorded live stream above! The audio on the stream has a lot of static so in case you don't feel like dealing with that check some of the things that were said below:

Lupe said that The Great American Rap Album (F&L 2) is like 80% done. He also talked about CRS and how difficult it is to put an album with them out cause 3 labels are involved and all of that...

He revealed that eventhough Jay-Z didn't get an Executive Producer credit on "The Cool," he helped him out with it and Jay is always one of the first persons he plays his new stuff to, even Lasers.

Besides that he said that he auditioned for a movie and waits for an answer... but he's fully focusing on his music and touring right now.

Lupe also once again said that the ACCC is not a supergroup but more of a collective ... more things were talked about, check the stream above!

...oh and The LupEND Blog was mentioned, too at the end. :)

Live Stream: Hot 106's Private Performance Party w/ Lupe Fiasco

Hot 106 hosts a Private Performance Party with Lupe Fiasco in Providence, RI today! During this live broadcast Lupe will perform a few songs and have a Q&A with the audience! - Check back in at 6PM EST!


Stream is over!

- During the Q&A session Lupe said that his collab with Trey Songz is not officially part of Lasers yet. They are working on the paperwork and stuff so it might not be on the album.

- Lupe's new year's resolution is to stay off the internet...

- The next single off Lasers is "Words I Never Said" and Lupe said it's very controversial as we kinda heard already..click the link!

UPDATE: Vote for Lupe Fiasco's "The Show Goes On" on BET's 106 & Park!

Click HERE to vote for "The Show Goes On" to appear on BET's 106 & Park. You can vote as many times as you'd like, so vote everyday until it hits #1 on the countdown!!

UPDATE: The video just premiered!! You can also vote for it by texting LUP to 79922 (rates may apply). Lets attack the voting system with the same mentality as the petition and protest! LASERS!!!!!

Sarah Green x Lupe Fiasco win 'Best of the Booth Award' for their collabo 'Dirty Rose'

Sarah Green and Lupe Fiasco won the Best of the Booth Award 2010 for their collabo Dirty Rose in the category "Best R&B/Pop Record (Unsigned/Independent)" in both, the readers and staff pick at DJBooth.net

Here's what they say about the track:
When you chance upon a diamond in the rough – aka a Dirty Rose – you'd be crazy not to guard it with your life. Just ask Lupe Fiasco: when the Chi-town heavyweight announced he was cleaning house at 1st and 15th, there was one artist he couldn't bring himself to jettison: Windy City soul songstress Sarah Green.

This single, which found the boss spitting alongside his prized artist, left few in doubt as to the wisdom of his decision.

And it wasn't just DJBooth readers who were enchanted by Sarah and Lupe's ode to the hidden beauty of the outcast. The Chi-town native's striking vocal performance, along with beatsmith Bryce Wilson's left-of-center, rock-infused production and Fiasco's characteristically attention-grabbing opening bars made “Dirty Rose” the most unusual – and, in our opinion, the best – independent R&B record to hit our front page this year.

Click HERE to check all the winners!

Lupe Fiasco's 'Lasers' on Complex’s '25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011' List

After Rap-Up, Complex also released a list. Theirs includes the 25 most anticipated albums of 2011 and Lupe's 'Lasers' can be found at #9.

When we spoke to Lupe back in September, it seemed like Lasers would be stuck in limbo forever and never be released. But Lupe’s fans finally got fed up and started a petition for the album’s release, and the next thing you know Lupe is all "buddy buddy" with Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald.

Then, much to our surprise, the album actually got a release date. According to Lupe, Lasers has already been done for years. So we figure as long as the Atlantic situation is straight, Lupe—who has always been a supremely talented artist anyhow—should be able to put his album out with relative ease.

The complete list can be found HERE
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