Trae Tha Truth album release concert [w/ Lupe & Others]


On June 28th Trae will not only release his new album "Street King" he'll also hold an album release concert at the House Of Blues in Houston with special guest performances by Lupe, Waka Flocka, Jadakiss and Young Joc. - Tickets can be found HERE

Lupe Fiasco covers Greedmont Park Mag [Summer Issue]


The good folks of Greedmont Park sat down to talk with Lupe a while ago, while he was in Atlanta. Now they released the new issue of their magazine and Lupe is on the cover.

Check out scans from the mag below or click HERE to check the full Mag!

Video: Lupe Fiasco Freestyle @ UCLA


Towards the end of his set at UCLA's JazzReggae Festival 2011 Lupe decided to freestyle and spit a couple of bars in good old Lupe fashion, including the one below:

"I don't need no duo, I'm going HAM all by my god damn self...."

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ UCLA's Jazz Reggae Festival


Here we have some pics from Lupe's performance @ UCLA's JazzReggae Festival yesterday, courtesy of Kai Kuusisto. - More can be found after the jump!

Video: Lupe Fiasco Live @ UCLA's Jazz Reggae Festival


Lupe headlined UCLA's 25th annual JazzReggae Festival yesterday. Up top you can see him perform 'Scream' and below you'll find a selection of other songs.

Ashanti Floyd to perform w/ Lupe Fiasco @ MTV Movie Awards


Trey Songz is not the only one who's going to join Lupe at his MTV Movie Awards performance on June 5th. Ashanti 'The Mad Violinist' Floyd will also join him to perform 'The Show Goes On.' - Make sure to tune in!

New Music: QuESt - Let It Out


Check out a new track from QuESt (prod. by A.I (ICE) off of his upcoming project How Thoughtful 2. He went in!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco x Sky Gellatly @ LAVO

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After their set at TAO Beach on Friday, Lupe and Sky deejayed at LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas yesterday. - Check out more pics below!

"The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized" by Lupe Fiasco

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized.

Idiot boxes of the world unite! To fight off the effects of intelligence, replace smart quotes with fart jokes, substitute sense with scenes from Martin, let the baby's bathe in that glow and learn all manner of things they don't really need to know!

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Channel the content of some rambling nonsense deep into the annals of yo' subconscious, deprogram and depress chasing some televised success, be them, that, they and those be everything but in control,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

Small claims Court drama, teenage baby mamas, Osama watching Osama, Celebrity Endorsed indoor saunas, the perfectly cooked piraƱa and other cannonfodder for you to ponder, all at the speed of imitations of life while the smoke of war gets inhaled thru the peace pipes, be still my beating heart and scare my brain from thinking thoughts as i sit intoxicated by the delights, sarcasm and 3 strikes thrown by my favorite pitcher in a sound surrounded, 3 dimensional, high death, full color mixture, wholly unsocializing and completely uncensored,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

By this one-eyed monster most of the world was raised, and by this hero most of the world was saved, and to this master most of the world is slaves, it factors your fears with actors and cheers from a live studio audience pushing you to engage in a heroic act of thoughtlessness for the grand prize of a little bread, fleeting fame in the circus and every thought in yo head,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

"Ain't no changing me" said my flat screen TV, No More Che's to the rescue, or Black Panthers to correct you, just coaxial cables and satellite signals to connect you to a world that doesn't really look like it does on TV, where everything is much shorter, fatter, uglier and in disorder, where u have to do it now because there are no digital recorders where if the present gets boring you can just fast forward,

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!

So there will be no revolution, or paradoxically ironic televised public execution of the entire worldwide televising institution, there wont even be a celebritized, televised trial of old baby blue, cuz you see my dear friends the television will not be revolutionized but what about the revolution that should taking place inside......................of you?

By Wasalu "Lupe Fiasco" Jaco in Dedication to that guiding light of a human being Gil-Scott Heron.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco x Sky Gellatly @ TAO Beach


Lupe and Sky [aka The Soundclash] did a DJ Set at TAO Beach in Las Vegas yesterday. Check out some more pics below!

The Revolution will not be Televised


R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron - April 1st 1949 - May 27th 2011

Pics: Lupe Fiasco backstage @ iHeartRadio


Here are 2 pics that were taken backstage when Lupe performed @ the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in New York. - Check the 2nd one below!

Death By Disco: Benny Benassi/Skrillex - Cinema [Controllerism Routine]


Check Le Messie's new Controllerism Routine. For all you tech-nerds; he's using a Custom VCI-100SE Arcade. There's more Death By Disco music coming your way shortly! - Keep yourself updated HERE

Zen's Lupe Fiasco Artwork


via ZEN

Listen: Nikki Jean - Steel & Feathers (Don't Ever)


Check out another track from Nikki's upcoming album 'Pennies In A Jar' which will drop on July 12th. The song was written by Nikki and Bob Dylan.

Video: Mike Dreams feat. Ryanne Noelle - So Long


Mike Dreams, an artist who is no stranger over here at the LupEND Blog, recently released some visuals for his song So Long from his Just Waking Up mixtape. I personally really liked this song, so its only right that I share it to those who haven't heard it yet!

Lupe Fiasco to perform at 2011 Twilight Concert Series

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Lupe is gonna be part of the Twilight Concert Series this year and perform at the Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, UT on August 25th. - More info's can be found HERE

Lupe Fiasco to headline Bangor’s KahBang Festival

1 comment:
KahBang Festival organizers announced on Thursday the final headlining act for the August event. Chicago-based rap artist Lupe Fiasco will close out the Friday night show on the Bangor Waterfront.

Individual day tickets for KahBang will go on sale on Friday, May 27 at and at Bull Moose Music locations, in addition to passes for all nine days of the festival and two-day music festival passes.

KahBang will be held Aug. 5-13, with seven days of film, music and arts events in downtown Bangor, ME, leading up to the two-day music festival on the Bangor Waterfront. - BangorDaily

Lupe Fiasco's 'The Show Goes On' enters the Top 10!


There we have it; the highest chart position on the Billboard Hot 100 that Lupe has reached so far in his career. 'The Show Goes On' is on position #9 this week!

'Out Of My Head' also climbs further up the charts and is on position #27 on the R&B/Hip Hop Song charts and #14 on the Rap Song charts.

Meanwhile Lasers dropped out of the Top 50 on the Billboard 200 and is now on position #55. It's #10 on the Rap Album charts and #14 on R&B/Hip Hop.


You might have noticed that we changed the site-url last weekend.

It's now. No more blogspot BS or anything, that's the only URL now. So please make sure to change your bookmarks! Thanks. Presents: The Bar Association (w/ Lupe Fiasco)


The homie @MrG3nius wrote a nice Bar Association post for Eljay's site about Lupe.

I first heard Fiasco’s name via his turn on West’s album, but merely passed his cameo off as some new kid rapper with bad taste in stage names. As I learned later, you have to look past the lyrics the majority of the time when dealing with Lupe’s bars.

Click HERE and check it out!

Lupe Fiasco to be featured on Big Sean's Album


Ian from NightClub 93.7 interviewed Big Sean and he revealed some of the features he has on his upcoming album, Finally Famous, which drops June 21st. Lupe is one of them.

New Music: Lupe Fiasco x Chamillionaire - All Black Everything [Freemix]


Cham just dropped a new mixtape called 'Badazz Freemixes 2' and included on it is a "Freemix" of Lupe's 'All Black Everything.' - Check it out!

Lupe Fiasco x Trey Songz - Out Of My Head [Single Artwork]


Here's the official artwork for the next single off Lasers. Video will be shot in 2 weeks.

Upcoming Lupe Fiasco Tour Dates


The official upcoming tour dates are up on Lupe's page now and there are 2 on the list that we didn't know about previously, check them below!

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ SNOL


Check out Lupe's interview with Maxwell of Saturday Night Online. Lupe talked about Lasers, the success of 'The Show Goes On,' promoting his album, tech, websites he likes to visit, music he likes and more.

Video: Lupe Fiasco pays tribute to Malcolm X @ OSU


On May 19th, which would have been his 86th birthday, Lupe had some words to say about Malcolm X during his concert @ Ohio State University.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Ohio State University


Here are some pics from Lupe's performance at Ohio State University yesterday. Check out more after the jump! Also check a review HERE

Video: Lupe Fiasco says that Everything should be easier with the next Album


Here's another interview clip from the Wango Tango red carpet. Lupe once again says that things between him and his label are cool now and everything should be easier with the next album. - Food & Liquor 2 on the way! courtesy of HHH

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ Ohio State University


Lupe performed for Ohio State University students at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in Columbus, OH yesterday. Watch him perform "Daydreamin'" above.

UPDATE: Check out more clips below!

Have Lupe Fiasco record your Voicemail and more!

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Here's your chance to win all of Lupe's CD's, a signed picture and he'll record your voicemail. Listen to Spoon's show on 921TheBeat today from 2 to 7 and after you heard 2 Lupe songs you can enter HERE to win!

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ Fantabuloso Dos

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Here's some footage of Lupe's performance at 103.5 Kiss FM's Fantabuloso Dos in Rosemont, IL. You can see him perform 'The Show Goes On' above and 'Superstar' below.


With the last post being very successful, I decided to bring it back. Speak whatever is on your mind, whether its a rant, an idea, a thought, a comment, anything! It can be about anything you seen on the news in the last few weeks to why you hate pickles, just speak up!

Remember anything goes, just lets try to stay positive and if you don't agree with someone's ideas, then please don't decapitate them for it!

Ok GO!

Mixtape: Bishop G - High Damage [Kingyoda's 2 Day Theory]


Now this comes outta nowhere....a new Bishop G mixtape! 5 years after Damage Reversal he drops High Damage [Kingyoda's 2 Day Theory]. He recorded this in 2 days and it's real good... Check it out!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Fantabuloso Dos


Lupe performed at 103.5 Kiss FM's Fantabuloso Dos at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL yesterday. Here are some pics from the show, more below!

Lupe Fiasco x Trey Songz to perform at PowerHouse 2011

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Power 106 LA has just announced the lineup for the Power House 2011 concert which goes down at Honda Center in Anaheim, CA on June 25th and Lupe will perform there together with special guest Trey Songz. - Tickets go on sale on May 21st right HERE

Lupe Fiasco's 'The Show Goes On' and 'Out Of My Head' climb further up the Charts


After 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 'The Show Goes On' reached its highest chart position so far with position #12 this week.

'Out Of My Head' climbed further up on the R&B/Hip Hop Song charts and is now on position #29, it's also #19 on the Rap Song charts.

Meanwhile Lasers also climbed back up on the Billboard 200 to position #43 this week and it kept its position on the Rap Album charts at #6.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Wango Tango


Black Markt comes through with some pics of Lupe and Ant at Wango Tango in LA. Check out more after the jump!

Lupe Fiasco to be featured on Sway's upcoming Album


Sway just created a new Facebook page which you can 'like' HERE. Kyle asked him if there'll be another collabo between him and Lupe and Sway revealed that Lu will be featured on his upcoming album 'The Deliverance.'

Coming up: Lupe Fiasco DJ Set @ Governors Island in NYC

Bassnectar will bring his regional Bass Center mini-festival concept to New York this August. The first Bass Island festival will take place on the South Island Field of Governors Island on August 13.

The show will kick off at 5 PM and feature support sets from Lupe Fiasco, Z-Trip, Prefuse 73, Virtual Boy, Dave Nada and Joro Boro.

New York-area fans should also take note that Bass Island is billed as Bassnectar’s only New York City appearance for the rest of 2011.

Tickets are available HERE // via JamBands

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ Fantabuloso Dos today


I don't know why they aren't announcing things like this earlier but Lupe is performing at 103.5 Kiss FM's Fantabuloso Dos at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL today. There are still tickets available. - More info's HERE

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers - 10k copies sold in the 10th Week

The Lasers sales number is staying consistent. Another 10,461 copies were sold this week according to HitsDailyDouble. Total: 380k.

Video: B.o.B talks new album, Lupe Fiasco & More


B.o.B recently sat down with Ralphie of The Ralphie Radio Show to talk about the success he had with his debut album, working on his sophomore album and touring with Lupe and the things Lu had to go through to get Lasers released.

Video: Lupe Fiasco Red Carpet Interview @ Wango Tango


While at Wango Tango on Saturday Lupe gave a quick interview to Geena the Latina on the red carpet. She asked him what he looks for in a woman, check his answer!

Video: Lupe Fiasco Live @ Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert [Full Set]


Here's a video of the full performance that Lupe did at Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert in Chula Vista, CA the other day. - Click HERE for a closer look.

Diggy thinks that Lupe Fiasco is the Best to Ever do It


SOHH is currently running a feature were they let various people's Top 5 Dead or Alive lists compete against each other. Diggy Simmons has Lupe on his Top 5 (as everyone should have), here's what he said about him:

I'm gonna start it off with Lupe Fiasco. I feel like Lupe is one of those guys in hip-hop that gets overlooked. I feel like he's one of the best lyricists and arguably the best to ever do it as well.

Video: Bam Alexander - Living Spaces Jingle Contest


The homie Bam is taking part in the Living Spaces Jingle Contest and to win he needs as many youtube hits as possible. So watch the clip above and spread it around, Tweet it and put it on your Facebook. Let's help him win this!

Lupe Fiasco to The White House?


After this whole controversy about Common being invited to The White House for a poetry event, The Well Versed put together a list of rappers that should be invited next, including Lupe. Here's what they said:

Poem To Recite: “Words I Never Said”

Select Entry: “I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit/Just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets/How much money does it take to really make a full clip?/9/11, Building 7, did they really pull it?” & “Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist/Gaza Strip was gettin bombed, Obama didn’t say shit/That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either”

Response: At first the entire right wing would label Lupe Fiasco a terrorist. He does have a song titled “American Terrorist” after all. But then they’d hear that Lupe didn’t vote for Obama and would try to recruit him.

Check the full list HERE. Thoughts?

Video: Omarion likes how Lupe Fiasco Dresses


Omarion recently sat down with Rap-Up to promote his new mixtape or whatever it is that he's promoting right now. When asked who his fashion idols are he named Lupe among others. Check it out starting at 2:57.

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ Wango Tango 2011


Now here we have some footage of the actual performance that Lupe did at Wango Tango in LA yesterday. Above you can see him perform 'Words I Never Said' & 'Out Of My Head' and below he does 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now' and 'The Show Goes On.'

Pics: Lupe Fiasco meets LL Cool J Backstage @ Wango Tango


Here's a pic of Lupe backstage at Wango Tango together with LL Cool J. After the jump you can check out a pic of Lu and his DJ.

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview @ Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert


I posted some footage of the concert earlier now here's an interview that Lupe gave at the 2011 Channel 933 Summer Kickoff Concert on Friday. Lupe explained what type of woman he's into, talked about San Diego, food and more.

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Wango Tango


Here are some pics from Lupe's performance at Wango Tango at the Staples Center yesterday. Above are some red carpet pics and below some performance ones.

Video: Britney Spears introduces Lupe Fiasco @ Wango Tango


Guess who came to Wango Tango to introduce Lupe... Yup that's right, Britney Spears. Now we only need some footage of Lupe's performance...

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview @ Wango Tango

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Before performing at Wango Tango Lupe did an interview with 102.7 KiisFM. He talked about performing at big shows, rehearsing, Skylar Grey and more.

Video: Lupe Fiasco Live @ Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert

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Lupe performed at Channel 933's Summer Kickoff Concert in Chula Vista, CA on Friday. Above you can see him perform 'Superstar' & 'Kick, Push' and below 'The Show Goes On.'

Wango Tango Live Stream


Lupe is performing at Wango Tango in LA today. They are currently streaming Live from the Red Carpet. Show is gonna start soon...looks like they'll only stream the backstage stuff though *Shrugs*

Video: Dosage x DJ Ferno @ Roseland Ballroom

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Dosage and DJ Ferno opened for Lupe at Roseland Ballroom on Easter sunday and the following monday. Join the two as they take you through their time in NYC.

Video: Trey Songz talks about working w/ Lupe Fiasco


Trey skyped with MTV's The Seven yesterday and talked about 'Out Of My Head' and his upcoming performance with Lupe @ the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

Video: The Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack cover Lupe Fiasco's "Never Forget You"

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Check out Ashanti and Symphony Crack's cover of Lupe's 'Never Forget You.'

Nikki Jean - Pennies in a Jar [Title Track]


Man, I've been waiting a long time for some new music by Nikki and now here it is; the title track off her upcoming album! As expected she doesn't disappoint one bit. Her voice is just incredible and the track sounds great! It was definitely worth the wait.

Nikki's debut album 'Pennies in a Jar' will drop on July 12th. Included on the album will be a collabo between Nikki, Lupe and Black Thought titled 'Million Star Motel.'

Check out the title track above and then check the full tracklist below!

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ MTV Movie Awards!


Now we know what the big TV thing is. Lupe just took to twitter and revealed that he'll perform @ MTV's Movie Awards 2011 together with Trey Songz:

BIG NEWS!!! I'm going to be performing at this year's @MTV #MovieAwards! My homey @TreySongz will be joining me too! June 5th 9pm. #Lasers

Lupe will perform 'The Show Goes On' and 'Out Of My Head.' Read more HERE

Lupe Fiasco Chart Update

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Another week, another chart update. 'The Show Goes On' falls from position #14 to #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Meanwhile 'Out Of My Head' climbs further up the R&B/Hip Hop song charts to position #38 and remains #22 on the Rap Song charts.

Lasers drops 21 positions on the Billboard 200 this week to #56. It's #6 on the Rap Album charts and #16 on R&B/Hip Hop.

Coming up: Lupe Fiasco DJ Set @ LAVO Las Vegas

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The Soundclash is back in action and will do a DJ Set @ LAVO in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 28th. Tickets are available HERE

Rakim praises B.o.B x Lupe Fiasco


Currently in the UK, Rakim spoke to The Guardian about the current state of Hip Hop, substance in the music, the future and more.

The conscious level is definitely low and the substance of the music is so much lighter, but you have to understand the game is young in new places. It's still growing.

We really need some of that consciousness, that fly on the wall that watches over us and comments. I like B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco a lot, they're both exploring the music, but I don't see a lot of artistry out there.

Read the full article HERE

Who wants a signed Lasers Poster?

Busy: I had Lu sign a bunch of Lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

Click HERE, sign up and leave a comment. Good Luck!

Big Things Poppin'


Over at Lupe's website, on the post that features the video of Lupe's performance on The Colbert Report, Busy made the following statement:

...and what's our next TV hit? Can't say yet...but it's going to be BIG...keep it locked right here to for the announcement coming real soon!

Now, what could this be?

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers - 11k copies sold in the 9th Week


HitsDailyDouble comes through with their sales report once again and not much has changed this week compared to last.

11,019 copies of Lasers were sold which pushes the total number to ca. 369k.

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ Osheaga Festival [Canada]

2 comments: reports that Lupe has been added to the line up of the Osheaga Festival which goes down from July 29th to July 31st in Montreal, Canada. - More info's HERE

In related news, Nardwuar would like to interview Lupe. Someone should make that happen ASAP!

Video: Lupe Fiasco on The Colbert Report


With an alley-oop from Yardie, here is the footage from Lupe's appearance on The Colbert Report! - Also if for some reason you still don't have LASERS, well then stop losing and follow this link.

UPDATE: Check a web exclusive performance of 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now' below!

TONIGHT: Lupe Fiasco on The Colbert Report


Lupe is performing 'Words I Never Said' together with Skylar Grey on The Colbert Report tonight and he'll also be interviewed!

Show airs on Comedy Central @ 11:30pm EST. - Tune in!

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ Boise State University


Lupe performed at Boise State University yesterday. Above you can see him perform 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now.' - Check out more clips below!

Video: Lupe Fiasco's Speech @ the New Orleans Jazz Fest


Check out the speech that Lupe gave before performing 'Words I Never Said' @ the New Orleans Jazz Fest on Friday.

We need books over bombs. Fuck Bin Laden. When you gonna rebuild New Orleans? Forget new drones. When you gonna rebuild Detroit? When are you gonna invest in our future? When are you gonna stop investing in the warfare, when are you gonna stop investing into political tyranny, when are you gonna stop investing in imperialism and invest in the future of humanity?

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco performs @ New Orleans Jazz Fest

Parallels: Lupe Fiasco x Glenn Ligon

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There's currently an exhibit at the Whitney Museum showcasing some of the works of visual artist Glenn Ligon. Our friend Janine Simon checked it out and drew some parallels between the works of the artist and Lupe Fiasco's Lasers, check out her article below:

When artists explore basic notions of truth, albeit through different mediums and personal experiences, their work begins to look very similar. Bronx-born visual artist Glenn Ligon and Lupe Fiasco are both artists of the highbrow caliber. One’s work hangs on the walls of museums and the other’s work takes the form of hip-hop music.

Ligon’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Glenn Ligon: AMERICA, grapples with the ideas of race, gender, and identity along the historical stream of the American experience. The exhibition features around a hundred works but there are a few pieces in particular that are consistent with some of the themes in Fiasco’s latest album Lasers.

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ New Orleans Jazz Fest


Check out Lupe's performance of 'The Show Goes On' at the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2011. More videos can be found HERE

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ New Orleans Jazz Fest


Lupe performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest yesterday. Check out some pics from his performance after the jump and read a review HERE

Speak Up!

"I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence"
So I want to try a little experiment and if it works out, I'll do posts like this maybe every week or something. I want to fuel debates/convos/etc, so in this post, I want you all to talk about WHATEVER. It can be about Hip Hop, it can be about what the best album ever is, hell it can even be about why you enjoy brushing your teeth with peanut butter or something... (I hope nobody does that last one though LOL)

The whole point of this post is to get people to talk and express what's on their mind, so go!

Note: Remember one thing, everyone is entitled to an opinion, so just because someone may disagree with something you say, doesn't mean they're wrong. So no stabbing each other or disrespect please!

Help Matthew Santos to make his new Album

Matthew Santos is currently getting ready to record his new album, completely independent, and he needs your help to make it happen. How? Well, first off you can click on the video above and hear Matthew himself telling you what you can do.

After that you can go to this site right HERE and put in your pledge (Donation). The more you're willing to give, the more you'll receive.

Wale talks Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor


Wale put together a list of his 25 Favorite Rap Albums for Complex. Lupe's Food & Liquor is on #18 on his list. Here's what he said about it:

“I can’t tell you how big of a Lupe fan I was when he first came out. I didn’t know a damn thing about skateboarding, but I was like, ‘This fly Chicago nigga man, he’s spitting. For real.’ That Revenge of The Nerds mixtape? Fucking crazy. And it was the start man.

People think Kanye started these new niggas. But Lupe Fiasco started all of this shit for us to get a chance and for Complex to really fuck with niggas like us. I can’t even really compare it to B.O.B. and Meek, because they’re more street-based. But for someone like myself, Cudi, or even my artist Black Cobain, that kind of gave us that other look.”

Check the full list HERE // Props to Matt L.

Video: Lupe Fiasco Lyrical Analysis


Lupe Fiasco is infamous for his multi-layered metaphors, triple entendres and off the wall references within his raps. If you've ever had trouble deciphering any of his lyrics, TimesNuRoman's YouTube channel has videos where he breaks down some of Lupe's songs using pictures and video clips. Above, you can watch as he interprets what is arguably Lupe's most lyrically intricate song, "Failure".

Hit the jump to watch breakdowns of "Lupe The Killer", "Absolute Freestyle" and "Dead Presidents Freestyle"!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ the P.C. Richard & Son Theater


Here are 2 pics from Lupe's performance for Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio Live show at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in New York City. - 2nd one after the jump!

Watch the full show HERE

Video: Lupe Fiasco's 'Words I Never Said' featured in MTV's Teen Wolf Promos


Check out the clip above to see "Words I Never Said” featured in promos for the new MTV series Teen Wolf. The spots are running now through June 6th. - Busy

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers and Out Of My Head climb up the Charts


There was no chart movement this week when it comes to 'The Show Goes On.' The track stays on position #14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

'Out Of My Head' on the other hand moved further up this week. It's #44 on the R&B/Hip Hop song charts now and #22 on Rap Songs.

Meanwhile Lasers climbed up 9 spots to position #35 on the Billboard 200 and remains #4 on the Rap Album charts.

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ the P.C. Richard & Son Theater [Full Show]


Lupe performed live @ the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in New York yesterday. Power 105.1 presented and streamed the show live online and also made it available for your viewing check it out!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ RWU's Spring Concert


Lupe performed at the Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI on April 28th. Check out some pics from the show - more below! Click HERE to read a review!