Video: Lupe Fiasco performs @ 2012 GRAMMY Nominations Concert


Here's the video of Lupe performing "The Message" at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert w/ LL Cool J, Common, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel and Scorpio.

New Music: QuESt - The Memories

The miami spitter is back with a new cut this week (featuring Mt.Eden again). Check out The Memories below.

Video: Sway - Still Speedin' Reloaded [feat. Lupe Fiasco]


We posted a radio rip of the "Still Speedin'" remix featuring Lupe on here last Friday and now Sway released the offical lyric video for the track. - Check it above!

Reminder: Lupe Fiasco performs @ The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Tonight!

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Up above you can see a pic that was taken during the rehearsals for the 2011 GRAMMY Nominations Concert. Common, LL Cool and Lupe will join Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel and Scorpio to perform "The Message" on the show tonight.

Make sure you tune in to CBS today at 10pm EST!

MTV has some more background info's.

Video: The Fiasco Street Team Hip-Hop Discussion Panel 2011


2 more clips from the Panel are here...up above the panelists get introduced and below they talk about the Art of Hip Hop.

New Music: Lupe Fiasco - "Super Cold" Raak Remix [ft. Ab-Liva x Asaad x Gilbere Forte]


Remix time! Raak remixed Lupe's "Super Cold" and threw Ab-Liva, Asaad and Gilbere Forte on the track. Check it out!

XXL reviews Lupe Fiasco's "Friend of the People"


The homie Adam over at XXL reviewed Lupe's Friend of the People on below:

Lupe Fiasco is at his finest when he’s not artistically constrained, instead free to A&R his own project and entirely control its direction. For his most recent Atlantic Records release, this was tough. Many said his March 2011’s purgatory escaping Lasers fell short in this respect—pop beats and R&B hooks made for a major-label touch. With his Thanksgiving Day mixtape, Friend of the People, Lupe offers no such mainstream indulgence; this is Lupe at his uninhibited best.

The relatively constant thread woven throughout the release, a follow up to 2009’s Thanksgiving Day drop Enemy of the State, is purported in its title: Lupe is standing with the everyman, favoring Occupation over opulence. The tape opens with an excerpt from a speech by late progressive professor and author Howard Zinn, where he wonders, “Why do we have to be a military superpower? Why can’t we be a humanitarian superpower? Instead of sending planes for bombs Why don’t we send planes for food and medicine?” Lupe arrives on the next track, “Lupe Back,” and follows Zinn’s lead with a sharp critique of the state of the industry, where he encourages rappers to form a union and wags his lyrical finger at 360 record deals, radio, and fires at those who “Spit a lot of meh over jams of the year.”

Full review HERE

New Music: Lewis - Gladiator


LET THAT BOY COOK! After listening, follow THIS LINK if you want the MP3

Bassnectar to record with Lupe Fiasco


Bassnectar took to Twitter and said he'll record with Lupe next week. He asked the following question: "Should we make punk rock VS dubstep or throb hop vs bass? CHOOSE ONE"

Video: The Fiasco Street Team presents: Hip-Hop Discussion Panel 2011


More clips from the panel are here now! Above you can see the opening statements and below they discuss Sexism.

Lupe Fiasco and others to perform "The Message" @ Grammy Nominations Concert!

Two-time GRAMMY winner Common, two-time GRAMMY winner LL Cool, GRAMMY winner Lupe Fiasco, and rapper Rick Ross will join hip-hop innovator Grandmaster Flash, GRAMMY-winning hip-hop artist Melle Mel and rapper Scorpio for a special performance of "The Message" — the seminal recording by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five featuring Melle Mel and Duke Bootee newly inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame — on "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night."

Tune in to CBS at 10pm EST on Nov. 30th for the show!

Video: Toni Blackman x Byron Hurt x Lupe Fiasco discuss the role of women in Society and Hip-Hop


In this clip from the Fiasco Street Team Hip Hop Discussion Panel you can see Lupe Fiasco, Toni Blackman, and Byron Hurt discuss the role of women in society and hip-hop. More pics and footage coming at a later point.

UPDATE: Video has been removed but will be back up soon.

UPDATE 2: Video is back!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - The End of the World [Unofficial]


One of the highlight tracks off the Friend of the People mixtape gets the fan video treatment, consisting of clips from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Lupe Fiasco to release "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" Video next Week!


After FOTP and the Still Speedin' Remix we'll get even more Lupe newness real soon. Lupe just announced on Twitter that the video for "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" will drop next week!

Stay tuned for more details!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco x Platinum Motorsport - 700hp twin-turbo widebody SS Camaro


Check out some pics of Lupe's 700hp twin-turbo widebody SS Camaro that was modified for him by Platinum Motorsport. It's currently on display at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto show in the PLATINUM MOTORSPORT exhibit at Kentia Hall Booth K400.

If you want to see it in person, you still have the chance to do that today or tomorrow. If you can't, check more pics below!

Video: Robert Glasper talks upcoming Album x Working w/ Lupe Fiasco


The Jazz Line caught up with Jazz pianist Robert Glasper to talk about his upcoming album 'Black Radio', which features Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu, Lalah Hathaway, Musiq Soulchild, Mos Def, and a long list of other guest stars.

Black Radio will be released on February 28, 2012. Click HERE to pre-order!

New Music: Sway - Still Speedin' Reloaded [feat. Lupe Fiasco] (Radio Rip)


Semtex premiered the remix for Sway's "Still Speedin'" tonight and it features none other than Lupe Fiasco. Check it out!

Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People Mixtape [Lyrics]


Yesterday you got the mixtape, today you can check out the written down lyrics courtesy of RapGenius right HERE

Photo-Op: Lupe Fiasco receives Double Platinum Plaque for 'The Show Goes On'


"The Show Goes On" went double platinum back in June but just yesterday Lupe received the plaque for it and celebrated together with his fam. Congrats again!

Mixtape: Lupe Fiasco - “Friend Of The People: I Fight Evil”


It's finally here; the long awaited follow-up mixtape to Lupe's Enemy of the State. Without further ado, check out Friend of the People below!

Tracklist and download link after the jump!

Friend of the People drops at:


10AM Chicago Time.

New Music: QuESt - The Walk (prod. by Mt. Eden)

The 21 year old Miami MC QuESt, & Brazillian Dubstep production group Mt.Eden team up once again for another song that also won't make the cut for QuESt's upcoming Fear Not Failure. QuESt showcases his skills over Mt Edens fast pace high energy cut, and makes an incredible impact, showing lyrically he is definitely no joke.

With a RT Co-sign from Lupe Fiasco last week of QuESt's "The Blur", people should definitely be on the look out for more music & content coming from the promising MC. QuESt's Fear Not Failure due out the first quarter of 2012.

Video: Lupe Fiasco performs "Out Of My Head" w/ Carter


Lupe Fiasco brings Carter on stage to perform 'Out of My Head' for the Generation Laser Tour date at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles!!

Props to Rob

Win 1 of 3 Discontinued FALSE "Lupe The Killer" Tees!


This is the moment a lot of people been waiting for. FALSE is going to bring back the "Lupe The Killer" tee (check it below.) Actually, only 3 of them, they come with signed tags by Lu and Le Messie and you can only win them by spending over $222 in a single order on between Nov. 25th - Nov. 28th.

More info's on Thursday, sale starts on Friday.

Video: The Mad Violinist behind the scenes of a Lupe Show


Just a day in the life. The Mad Violinist records personal flip footage behind the scenes of a Lupe Fiasco show.

Sway talks linking up with Lupe Fiasco


It's UK week on and Sway is one of the featured artists. During his interview he also spoke about Lupe fiasco and their collabo "Break The Chain" off Lasers. How did the ‘Lasers’/’Break the Chain’ (Lupe Fiasco) link up come about?

Sway: I’ll take you back that story goes quite deep – I was in South By Southwest about 4 or 5 years ago. I never knew too much about Lupe, I had heard about him and I had heard a few tracks here and there, I had heard he was a great rapper. Someone said to me ‘Lupe Fiasco is in town and he is a big fan of your music’. I thought “that’s really cool, because this is the same time ‘Touch The Sky’ came out and this is the guy on the Kanye West record and he is interested in me!

We went up to the Hilton hotel in Texas and I met up with Lupe and we clicked straight away, he is my kinda guy. He was excited about his music; he knew about my music, he played me the album (Food & Liquor) before anyone had heard it. He said “Jay Z is gonna get behind this”. He had just shot the video for ‘Kick-Push’, there was just great synergy between us, we chilled, we had a laugh.

You know, we have both had a lot of good moments and bad moments within the industry and we relate on a lot of different levels.

My Mum’s Christian and my Dad’s Muslim – he’s a Muslim as well; we speak about that, different aspects of life. We’re very similar and we click.

When it came to ‘Lasers’ – he hit me up Twitter, even though he’s got my number, saying; “Sway, I wanna get you on a verse for the album” (‘Lasers’). I was like “cool lets do it!” no questions asked. Whatever the tune was going to be about I was going to do it, because it’s Lupe and he’s my people and I respect him and I respect his judgement musically. He gave me the record and it was produced by Ishi and features Eric Turner.

(ED: this is the same production/vocal combination as the Billboard 100 top 20 hit and UK number 1 smash for Tinie Tempah, ‘Written In The Stars).

I was like; “It’s got me written all over it” and he said the same thing. “You are the only person I could think of to be on this record”. I didn’t even know that I was the only (other) rapper on the album – it was only until he made the press release that I was like “woah!”.

Read the whole feature HERE

DJ Semtex has something special for us next Week


Last night on 1Xtra Semtex revealed that he'll have something special involving Sway and Lupe on his show next week Friday. - Make sure you tune in!

Video: Lupe Fiasco @ University of Rhode Island


Check out some footage from Lupe's show at the University of Rhode Island's Thomas M. Ryan Center which went down on Thursday. "The Show Goes On" above ..more below!

Eric Turner collabs w/ Lupe Fiasco x Tinie Tempah


We've already heard about this collabo in the past. Now it's been revealed that Lupe and Tinie will be featured on a track called "Angels & Stars" off of Eric Turner's upcoming solo album which is nearing completion. - Props Possum

Review: Lupe Fiasco @ Ryan Center


Lupe performed at the University of Rhode Island's Thomas M. Ryan Center last night. Check out a review below!

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed and the five-instrument team of drums, bass, guitar, piano, and violin prepared for what the next two hours would bring. Soon, Lupe Fiasco, one of my favorite rappers in the last decade, came screaming in and energetic—a force to be reckoned with once he stormed center stage. The show had clearly begun.

Rather then many mainstream artists, Lupe randomized his playing order. 2011's "Lasers" was the highlight of the beats played flawlessly, but classic tracks including "Kick/Push", "Daydreamin'", "Hip-Hop Saved My Life", "He Says She Says", and even an acoustic version of "Touch The Sky" (minus Kanye West) were played with modern percussions. As an old school Lupe fan, I was more then pleased that he hasn't forgotten his roots, reminded again by his most quoted line of the night: "Don't forget where you came from".

The thing I took from the night, more then anything, was how Lupe reminds all of us that it's his lyrics, not single handily his beats, that get the love. Everywhere I looked, over my shoulder or down on the crowd of moving bodies, the entire crowd was into whatever Lupe was saying. Because all three of his albums were broken down all in one night, it was an experience too boggling to put into words.

More HERE // Photo courtesy of Teresa Kelly



Lupe set up a new hashtag on Twitter last night: #reviewerswillsayaboutFOTPmixtape ..and he tweeted the following:

Pitchfork Media "It's like the CRS album but with Lupe doing all the verses."

XXL "Look out New Lupe, you too Old Lupe, because Teenage Lupe is back in town and he's pissed!"

Seal Team 6 "Negative! I do not have a shot"

"Friend of the People" drops Nov. 24th!

(Oh and that's not the official artwork, just something I put together)

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ University of Wyoming


Lupe will perform at the University of Wyoming at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 20, in the UW College of Arts and Sciences auditorium.

The doors will open at 8 p.m. Tickets for UW students will go on sale Monday, Nov. 21, for $20. Tickets for non-students will go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 22, for $30.

Tickets can be purchased at the Wyoming Union information desk, the Fine Arts box office and online.

via UWYO

New Music: QuESt - The Blur


New track by QuESt, produced by Mt. Eden. Again, this will not appear on QuESt's upcoming "Fear Not Failure."

PREVIOUSLY: QuESt - "Still Alive (Where I Have To Go)"

Lupe Fiasco handcuffed at LAX


Lupe was handcuffed at the LAX airport in LA today. According to our info's he had a Boomstick in his bag which is apparently illegal in CA. A TSA officer saw it and called the LAXPD. The arrest was only temporary though and Lupe is free again.

Airport PD officer was just doing way too much...Even OD'd on TSA...let the arrest get before the CHARGES. We good tho... Just ONE airport cop though the other SIX were cool. This is most CERTAINLY going into a rap! - Lupe

Get your tickets: Grammy Nominations Concert w/ Lupe Fiasco

Want to attend the Grammy Nominations concert at the Nokia Theatre in LA on Nov. 30th and see Lupe perform? Well, you can get your tickets HERE now!

Video: Nitty Scott MC - "Tell Somebody"


Nitty Scott MC is "the girl with the beanie," as some of you called her, from the FST Discussion panel. She raps and her new video for "Tell Somebody" off of her Doobies x Popsicle Sticks mixtape just dropped, so check it out! - For more go to her Website

Props 2DBZ

Video: Cypher - Damn It Feels Good to be a Laser


Cypher is celebrating the Lasers lifestyle in his new song/video.

DOWNLOAD: Cypher - Damn It Feels Good to be a Laser

Now Available: Fallacy of Rome - Through The Ashes


Fallacy Of Rome, the collective capsule project between FALSE & Lupe Fiasco, is back at it this Fall/Winter season with a new set of signature F.O.R aesthetic styled releases consisting of logo & graphic t’shirts, crew necks, logo snapbacks and a hand-reconstructed denim vest.

The new Fallacy of Rome line "Through the Ashes" is now available on Anti-Anti.

More Pics: FST Hip Hop Panel Discussion w/ Lupe Fiasco


After the first video, now here are some more pics from the panel that went down last Saturday. Props to Matt, Luella and the whole FST. - More below!

Pic: FST Hip Hop Panel Discussion w/ Lupe Fiasco


Here's a pic from the Panel Discussion that went down at St. Francis College in Brooklyn earlier today, organized by the FST.

Lupe Fiasco, Dosage, Toni Blackman, Nitty Scott MC, Jay Rodriguez and others discussed the role of Hip Hop in today's society, mainstream vs. independent Hip Hop and more.

The event also served as a fundraiser for the Horn of Africa and over $2000 were raised.

More footage on the way! // Pic courtesy of Hannah

Video: Tara King x Dem Jointz - Lasers Studio Session


This is interesting, Tara (who I interviewed recently) and Dem Jointz worked on a song submission for Lasers, which didn't make the final cut. - Check what she says about it below!

Craziness, so today Dem Jointz inspired me with some of his good news. And it got me reminiscing about us being in the studio. All of the hard work. The long talks about real life taking its toll in the midst of following a dream and vision.

I came across this footage of us in the studio working on a song submission for LASERS. It obviously didn’t make the cut. But it’s crazy how things come full circle. If you would have told me then that I was going to actually be ON the Generation Laser tour I would have never believed you.

The point I’m trying to make is, keep going. I know it sounds corny but truly, where one door closes another door opens. My life has been a testimony to that and so have those of the people around me. Never give up your faith, put Him 1st and exercise your God given talents to the max. Really do what you set out and say you’ll do. You will be rewarded.

I don’t want to spoil his good news so I will wait for the rest of the world to know. All I’ll say is talk that talk, and walk that walk.

via Tara's Tumblr

Video: Lupe Fiasco handing out Flyers @ Occupy Chicago


Here's another brief clip of Lupe at Occupy Chicago the other day. You can see him handing out flyers to the people.

Chicago Tribune has some pics!

New Music: QuESt - "Still Alive (Where I Have To Go)"


With Miami artist QuESt recently releasing visuals for his "Primetime" freestyle, he decides to let loose of a gem produced by Mt.Eden entitled "Still Alive (Where I Have To Go)"

QuESt & Mt.Eden will be working together extensively on QuESt's upcoming 2012 first quarter release Fear Not Failure. Make sure you all enjoy.

Video: Lupe Fiasco on Last Call w/ Carson Daly


Lupe appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly yesterday (yeah, I didn't know either) and talked about his childhood, activism, the Occupy Movement, Lasers and more.

Props to Yardie for the vid.

UPDATE: Check some bonus footage below!

Lupe Fiasco x Rhymefest discuss Occupy Chicago, Race and more on Twitter


Lupe and Rhymefest had a discussion about Occupy Chicago, race and racism on Twitter today.

Check what they talked about below!

Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Webisode 1 [ft. Lupe Fiasco]


Take a look behind the scenes of the making of L.E.P. Bogus Boys "Now Or Neva."

Video: QuESt - Primetime (N.E.A.T.O)

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QuESt decides to let loose a video directed by UnkleLuc for one of his freestyles to The Throne's cut "Primetime."

Download MP3

Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People x Soundclash Update


Oogity, a member of KTT, talked to Lupe at Occupy Chicago yesterday and Lupe gave some updates about his upcoming projects. He said that the Soundclash album is going to be House/Party music, and is all instrumental. He will not be rapping on it.

He also said that he's really into listening to dubstep right now, but it can be kind of hard to rap over it. It didn't sound like he was planning on going that direction a lot, or that FOTP would be all dubstep/electronic. FOTP is for sure dropping on Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of LILLER

Video: B.o.B talks Heavy D x Lupe Fiasco


B.o.B. visited the Morning Riot to talk about his new mixtape, thoughts on Heavy D and the Lupe Fiasco situation with "Nothin On You."

Video: Lupe Fiasco @ Occupy Chicago


Some footage of Lupe attending Occupy Chicago. He talks about Anonymous & outing his cyber-attacker to his aid when he was hacked.

Lupe Fiasco is a VH1 Save The Music Foundation Ambassador

New York, NY (November 9, 2011) - The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is thrilled to announce its 2012 Ambassador Class, dedicated to restoring instrumental music education programs in our nation’s public schools.

Since 1997, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation has provided over 1.8 million children with the gift of a complete education that includes music. The Foundation’s Ambassador Program, comprised of prominent musicians, athletes and stars of the film world who have committed to being the Foundation’s most powerful advocates and fundraisers, have helped raise over 1 million dollars to support the Foundation’s cause.

Joining Alumni Ambassadors like Beyonce, Colbie Caillat, Jamie Foxx, Natasha Bedingfeld and Gavin DeGraw, the 2012 VH1 Save The Music Foundation Ambassador class includes: Katy Perry, Matthew Morrison, Lupe Fiasco, Gavin Rossdale, Jordin Sparks, Vanessa Carlton, AJ McLean and Chris Daughtry.

The initial announcement for the 2012 Ambassador Class was made by Chris Daughtry on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

More info's on VH1SaveTheMusic

Lupe Fiasco to be featured on new Robert Glasper Experiment Album


On February 28, 2012, the Robert Glasper Experiment will release a new album, Black Radio, featuring artists such as Erykah Badu, Bilal, Lupe Fiasco, Chrisette Michele, Mos Def, Musiq Soulchild and more. - Check the tracklist after the jump!

Breaking: Lupe's Terminal 5 Show in New York Canceled


Lupe was supposed to perform at Terminal 5 in New York tonight. If you read his twitter feed yesterday you probably already noticed that he's really sick right now... so the show was canceled.

All we can say is, get well soon Lu! - Refunds available at point of purchase.

Childish Gambino - Camp [Full Album Stream]


You might remember, I posted about Gambino before and if you follow me on Twitter you'll already know how much I like his music. I think he's one of the best right now. Long story short, his album Camp, which drops Nov. 15th, is now streamable in its entirety.

So if you didn't get caught up in the Take Care leak and want to listen to some quality music, make sure to check it out after the jump!

Video: Lupe Fiasco @ Eastern Michigan University

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Check some footage from Lupe's show at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center. Up above you can see him perform "The Show Goes On" and below "Kick Push."

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ Eastern Michigan University


Despite being sick Lupe performed at Eastern Michigan University last night. Check some pics from his performance after the jump!

Video: MDMA x Lupe Fiasco - Cupcakin' [Final]


A ruff version of this clip leaked onto the net a while ago, now here's the final cut.

Video: Lupe Fiasco Interview w/ Al Jazeera's The Stream


Yesterday, Lupe appeared on Al Jazeera's The Stream via Skype. He talked in-depth about things such as the Occupy Movement, Palestine, President Obama, and much more. If you missed it, check the video of it above!

Additional Drop Off Locations for the Lupe Fiasco Foundation's 1st Annual Coat Drive

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Some drop off locations in Evanston were added to the 2011 Fiasco Foundation Coat Drive. Check them below and give what you can!

The Fiasco Street Team Presents A Hip-Hop Panel Discussion w/ Lupe Fiasco


The Fiasco Street Team presents a Hip-Hop Discussion Panel & Horn of Africa Fundraiser!

Topics will include: Hip Hop as a means for social change, Hip Hop’s effect on local communities, the effect of Corporate America, Mainstream Radio, Hip Hop's issues, solutions, and other controversial and stimulating topics.

This event will bring together Artists, Bloggers, Political Activists, Professors, and Fans to hold a discussion on the current state of Hip Hop. The event will feature major players in the Hip Hop world and explore the lines between Artist, Blogger, and Fan dialogue.

Confirmed panelists include: Lupe Fiasco, Dosage, Toni Blackman, Nitty Scott MC, Jay Rodriguez, the creator of, XXL, MTV, Byron Hurt, and more.

Click HERE for more info's! - Get your tickets HERE

Lupe Fiasco to perform at Grammy Nominations Concert


We're happy to announce @LupeFiasco & @Ludacris have been added to the lineup for the GRAMMY Nominations Concert 11/30 on @CBS! #GRAMMYnoms


Lupe Fiasco - Not Afraid of Pissing People Off


Leading up to his show @ EMU Convocation Center on Nov. 5th Lupe spoke to RDW about touring, the Occupy Movement and his fans.

I'm never scared of losing fans, if that makes any sense. I'm never scared of pushing people away because with my experience, there's always two sides to every story so you may lose five people over here but you'll gain 10 people over here.

I think that's a good balance to constantly pissing people off but at the same time making people happy.

Read the full feature HERE

Lupe Fiasco talks about “The Burden of the Outspoken Artist”


Another part of the Lupe Fiasco x AllHipHop interview series arrives today. Check what Lupe had to say about being an outspoken artist below! What burden do you bear? Being this outspoken, honestly, there’s only a few artists that are this outspoken and really none on a “commercial level,” meaning out of the underground. Do you bear any particular burden? As a person or as a human, or even as an artist?

Lupe: I just think it’s a continuation of what I was meant to do as a child. I’ve always been somebody who’s been around people who’ve been outspoken, whether it was my father who was very active on all fronts that had to deal with justice and freedom, the things of organizing and doing and on your own and speaking out against the evils in this world. And whether it kills you. So that’s my lineage. That’s where I come from.

So whether I was a rapper or a teacher or a chef or whatever I was, I was always going to be speaking out against what I thought was wrong and what I could prove was wrong, and using what I have to help someone else. I just look at it as Occupy Wall Street, when it first started, they wanted people to come in and help galvanize and spread the message. I looked at my Twitter page and said hey, I’ve got 800,000 people. Maybe they can use 800,000 people. I’m not using that to bring myself up or become a leader of the movement. I just happened to have 800,000 people, and here, you retweet and do whatever you need to do. Let me know what the message is and I’ll help that.

Then it expands out into what do you guys need? I’ve got a few thousand dollars sitting around I was going to buy some shoes with, but yo, I’ll buy a generator for you guys. You need that? What else do you need? I’m not trying to push my ideology or become the hero or become the face of it.

It’s to the point where I wasn’t doing interviews, because I wanted the organizers to tell me what to say. I don’t want to disrupt the message. But then when it became understood this was open, it wasn’t a leader thing, it wasn’t a one agenda thing, this was something that’s open and the dialogue’s for everybody to have. Then it’s okay, cool. This is what I think, this is what it is, and it may be against what other people think but that’s the point. We’re having a conversation. So you know, I feel it’s everybody’s duty to better themselves and to help out their fellow human beings in whatever possible way they can.

via AllHipHop

Submit your questions for Lupe Fiasco


The Stream is going to interview Lupe tomorrow and you can send in your questions and discuss with the people who'll interview him. I believe this will mainly be about the Occupy Movmement. - Click HERE for the chat and to ask!

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers nominated for Album of the Year


Lasers is nominated in the category "Album of the Year" at this years MTV2 Sucker Free Awards. It's a non-voting category so you can't help him there.

The Sucker Free Awards will be held at LIV Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Tune in to MTV2 on Sunday, December 4th at 11pm ET/PT to find out who won.

Click HERE for the rest of the nominees!

Lupe Fiasco to headline Brockport Winter Concert


Lupe will perform at Brockport's winter concert in the Tuttle South gym in Brockport, NY on Dec. 2nd. - Tickets go on sale Monday, Nov. 14 at the BSG box office.

via TheStylus // Pic courtesy of Derek Brad

New Music: Lewis - Homme [EP]


The homie Lewis just released his new EP titled "Homme." You'll find a full stream and a download link right behind the border! - Go grab it!