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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lupe Fiasco works with 1500 or Nothin again!

Lupe's still in the studio working on his next album and yesterday he had a session with production crew 1500 or Nothin who he worked and toured with previously. Remember how dope "Go To Sleep" was? That 1500 production is golden.


  1. I love how the only people that tweet about the album are everyone BUT Lupe. Haha. But 1500 better be producing any single...

  2. Holy jizz! The nigga responsible for Go To Sleep is on F&L2!!!???

    Every time info comes out for F&L2 it keeps getting better and better.

    -F&L2 intro
    -Mathew Snatos (possibility)
    -15000 Or Nothin

    I hope Lu can get nikki jean on the album as well. And prolyfic as well (one can dream right?).

    Hopefully Lu can get 2 or 3 dope MCs for features.

    Guys if F&L2 turns out to be great PLEASE buy at least 3 albums to show fuck-lantic this is the type of music we want from Lu.

  3. I thought the album was done.... -__- Thought he was waiting on the label again. Lu and jay electronica piss me off and i still love them.

    A fan that needed to vent

  4. I'm trying not to get too hyped, but oh man. Soundtrakk, 1500, Santos. Please don't cut them out the final tracklist.

  5. Really F&LII is starting to look bananas. Who cares if its finished or not like he said? With all these people coming out talking about it (plus Lu did mention something on facebook no clue where that post went) its already classic. Then once it drops I'm pretty sure Lu will hit up Jay Elec, ACCC, JC. He just needed to show everyone why he was the sh** in the first place since Lasers was meh. But still an ok album.

  6. Lupe is the best. Always have been, and always will be.

  7. They made streets on fire too I think. And I'd actually prefer if lupe didn't have any emcee features, but singing is okay. I'd rather have 3 dope lupe verses than two yennoe?



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