Video: Lupe Fiasco says D. Rose is the best Basketball player right Now

After the video of his announcements earlier, here's another clip from yesterday's Portland show in which Lupe gives props to Bulls point-guard Derrick Rose.

Furthermore in the clip he also goes on to say that "Lupe Fiasco is the best motherfucking Rapper of all time."


  1. Lol, We all know Lupe is only saying that because D Rose is on the Bulls. D Rose is my favorite basketball player, but we all know that Lebron James is the best basketball player. Lets not kid ourselves now.

    ""Furthermore in the clip he also goes on to say that "Lupe Fiasco is the best motherfucking Rapper of all time.""

    I'm starting to dislike Lupe saying he's best even though I know he is.

  2. Chicago is AWESOME! We just so happen to have some of the greatest from the Chi! #Trendsetters! Lupe is no doubt the best rapper of all time! State the facts Lu! Preach!

    God bless good positive inspiring people!

  3. Um I don't know if you've seen the kid, but DRose is freaking amazing. Let alone Lebron being a dbag, it's not foolish to say that he's the best right now. He has a better chance at winning a ring than he does right now anyway haha

  4. Yes D Rose is amazing. If I were to make my own All NBA First team Rose would be in it, but Lebron is a better basketball player. LeBron can do it all: score, pass, steal, block, rebound... Just to let you I'm a Knicks fan and DRose is my favorite basketball player(so I'm totally looking at this objectively without bias...), but I believe that anyone that pays attention to detail to the little things in basketball would see that Lebron is the best player.

  5. Lupe, loose the ego and make a good album. Then you can have some of it back. No one likes a egotistical people, except for young money fans.

    1. Did you not watch the video he said he was kidding

  6. i mean, i'm a huge D Rose fan and really pulling for him and Chicago to go to the Finals, but i'd be kidding if I said he was better than Lebron(Even though I think he's a piece of shit for signing w/ Miami it doesn't take anything away from his talent).

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    That Fool Said Lebron James..... smh KOBE!

  8. Chris Paul a better point guard.

  9. Lebron sucks! This nigga don't even have a ring. Kobe shits on that wack ass nigga Lebron.

  10. Haha well gotta agree with some of you. Lupe is turning me off with those comments. I think lupe has a serious man crush with Derrick rose...wear his t shirts, kept tweeting abt it...and now this...haha nothing wrong with that but....hmm.
    I miss old lupe, the one without the crazy hairdo. Btw, I'm Knicks fan and love Jeremy Lin...and no, I'm not Taiwanese.

  11. lol @ not having a ring is the reason why lebron sucks. DRose don't have ring does that mean he sucks lol?

    Lebron haters are so hilarious.

  12. Ain't Nobody hating on lil Bron Bron i'm just saying he ain't cracked up what people put him up to be....

  13. @Anon
    OK, well let me me rephrase that. No he doesn't suck but he is extremely overrated. Ya'll fans wanna call him "the best basketball player" but he doesn't have not one ring yet and blew his opportunity to have one.

  14. You aren't making sense lol.

    How is he overrated? He blew is opportunity to have one? You guys act as if I or anyone else is saying that Lebron is the God of basketball. I'm just saying he's the best player right now. One man cannot win a championship lol so lebron didn't blow his opportunity the Heat did. It's like saying had the Bulls beat the heat in the east finals, but lost to the Mavericks Rose blew his opportunity lol.

    As for Kobe he isn't even in his prime anymore. He can still score but that's just about it. When he retires I'd give it to him as the second best basketball player of all-time behind Jordan who is first of course. But as of right now Lebron is the best.

  15. people on this lupe blog:

    derrick rose is potentially a better player than lebron...him being younger than lebron means he has more chances at the ring and to develop his play.


    Lebron is hands-down the best player, physically gifted and talented with a basketball i.q, but his expiration date draws nearer than mr. rose'.

    And now on to the next topic, it's great that alot of chicago rappers are finally giving the bulls the support they deserve, really wouldn't mind seeing a tandem of lupe and ye sitting courtside.

    And yes lupe dumbed it down on by verbalising how great he is, you don't need to do that....we all know.
    end rant.

  16. oh and jeremy lin

    hahaha! hahahah! hahaha-...oh, that's funny.

  17. Whoa, why hate on my nigga Lin. He basically saved my Knicks!

  18. forget about basketball for a sec.


    he DJ'ed for Lu when they were in the Philippines earlier this year... I thought he was back for good. :(

  19. #lolin'

    lin blew up, no-one played defence on the guy because he was unknown, a few games in, he get's press and coverage, the other guards in the league step up their d.
    he's not your ***ga, he's asian, one of my kind, and i hate that when i play my pick up games, i'm now called lin or some other stupid allusion to this 2nd-tier pg.

    lupe is also now bound to get his own episode on south park if he keeps up this "joke"

  20. Is that why Lin scored 16 points in the fourth against the Sixers under Woodson?

    Lin is a potential all-star bro. If it weren't for my nigga Lin, my Knicks would have been out of the play off picture. get it straight.

  21. lolin

    alright, go play fantasy basketball have lin as your pg, i'll do just fine with rose, rondo or irving.

  22. funny how I never said that lin was the best PG. You don't have to be better than rose in order to be a starter fool. talk about 'lolin'


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