Lupe Fiasco for CNN

While in Atlanta Lupe did a photoshoot with CNN and talked to them about a various amount of topics. Click HERE to check the pics and the article!


  1. You should see some of the comments on that CNN page... I just don't understand some people.

    I can't even allow myself to become frustrated anymore, I refuse to waste such emotion on people like that.

  2. ^Ugh it's worse than the comment section here.

    And I did say something lol. I don't understand how people can just make shit up. I had to correct them.

  3. I had to read it for myself although most of what they interpreted themselves was idiotic but it was funny in a way thought what they reinterpreted from Lu was true and saying it makes you look up everything Lu says isn't true it isn't necessary either most people know about such events and they don't get it from CNN =P

  4. People are ignorant. So many dumb comments in that CNN article.

  5. no one told any of yall to read comments. just like shit cuz you like it. Thats just how art works. Theres never anything to prove. So many Lupe fans fail at not giving a fuck... bananas

  6. It's actually a lot of positive comments, the comments were nowhere near as bad as I thought they'd be and the negative comments are clearly from people that are misguided about him and his music if you really read what they're saying.

    "Lupe is a Gangsta Rapper"

    "He should stick to what he knows"

    "Politics is a marketing scheme for him"

  7. The comment section in the CNN article is filled with closed minded ignorant individuals.

    The comment section was doomed the moment "rap" was mentioned in the article.


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