Video: Lupe Fiasco @ ACL Live ~ LUPEND

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Video: Lupe Fiasco @ ACL Live

Lupe performed at Austin City Limits yesterday. Watch above as he opens the show with "Words I Never Said" and check below for "Kick, Push." - "Gaza Strip is getting bombed once again"


  1. I drove from Dallas to Austin for this show. My first ever concert and I think he is the best live ever. Not because he is my favorite artist its because of the energy he brings to the stage! He even had Bun B there and did Get Throwed and Swang on em. Bun forgot the words so they both freestyled! The crowd chanted Switch but he couldn't remember the words... but he said sorry and kept the show going for an extra 30 minutes... I will definitely go to his next one if its close by!

  2. This was the best concert I have ever been to. my ear is still ringing from the girl behind me screaming.... excellent show. I wish he would have done SLR and dumb it down. but I cant complain. amazing. so much energy. amazing. new boyz was prob the worst group to have open for lupe


    one of the best concerts ive been to..hands down

  4. Those fucking Israelis cowards....

  5. I love 2:56 on the wins video when he start singing. Beautiful. lupe needs to start singing more.


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