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Friday, December 28, 2012

Lupe Fiasco has the 2nd Best Rap Lyrics of the Year according to RapGenius

According to Rap Genius Lupe has the 2nd best Rap Lyrics of the year with this:

2. ”Football or volley-b, hock-el-y or socc-el-y/You just get the rock to me/Try and put me down like Gaddafi over Lockerbie/I’ll lock you in a locker, b/Like Bruce Leroy locked Johnny in a locker, see” — Lupe Fiasco, “Put Em Up” lyrics

Lupe Fiasco gave us one of the year’s trilogy of Occupy-influenced rap masterpieces (for more on the other two, albums by The Coup and Brother Ali, see above). But his finest moment occurred nearly apart from politics altogether.

 The “Lockerbie” and “locker, b” homophones literally stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it. And the second. And the third. It wasn’t until way later that we realized he continued the joke by alphabetically going from “locker, b” to “locker, see [c].” Moments like this showed that this record’s The Great American Rap Album subtitle was not really an exaggeration.

via TheGrio


  1. Shaka Zee only that's toppin HE is 2pac!!!

  2. locker b to locker c, WOW I didn't even catch that. Lu-Dini doing his magic again like a Harry Potter wand swing.

  3. Love Kendrick, but no way that line was better than Lupe. Top 10 Raps of the year, might as well have an asterisk that every single one of Lupe's raps was better than any other rap of the year! FNF UP!

  4. Why don't they give him the props he deserves? I never understood that

  5. They gave him the number 2 spot, that's not giving him the credit he deserves? They could've left him off the list altogether. Nonetheless I expect Food & Liquor 2 pt. 2 to be even better than pt. 1 because of more Soundtrakk and S1 production. Lu should be back in full effect to leave no doubt that he's the best.

  6. No it's not because he's number 1. Leaving him off the list would've been foolish. but yeah.. FL2 part 2 is gonna get heavy rotation.

  7. Expect as much Soundtrakk production on Part 2 as Part 1 had. Lu said he saving most of the tSoundtrakk tracks for his last major studio album Skulls.


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