Win a pair of Lupe Fiasco Stovepipes!

I just got a pair today and they are great! Now if you want to have a pair, you can enter the competition on the VANS Facebook and maybe you'll have them on your feet in a few days!

Click HERE to enter!


  1. Well im all entered, had to of course create a fb to do so. The lupendblog does it for us once again!

  2. Do these shoes come in kids sizes??? I want to actually go and buy a pair for me and my kid:-)

  3. Stovepipes I own crease like a mug and the tongues don't like my cot damn feet. C'mon, lu. of all the OTWs.. :(

    still, these look neato

  4. Where do you enter? I cant find anything on their fb page related to this give-away?

  5. Oooohh these so wet I gotta get me some.
    Too slick lupe showin out on these.


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