Preview: Lupe Fiasco for VANS OTW

Here's a small preview of the sneaker that Lupe designed for VANS OTW that'll be released soon.

Take this as a preview of the forthcoming Lupe Fiasco x Vans OTW Collection footwear set to release at the end of 2012. As an Advocate, Fiasco teamed up with our design crew to create his first signature shoe with Vans using one of the newer silhouettes from the OTW line. This collaboration will be distributed in limited runs so be prepared to cop quickly when they drop! Stay posted...


Video: Speech on Lupe Fiasco

I wrote and gave this speech on Lupe Fiasco for my public speaking class. I received an A and the highest grade in the class for this week. Lupe is my favorite rapper! I got nervous during the speech and forgot to mention some of the older songs I knew and how I used to listen to him when I was younger, but I never really payed attention to lyrics back then. Then got a second chance and fell for his music :D

B.o.B describes new album as "More Organic"

B.o.B's new album "Strange Clouds" drops on May 1st and in the May Issue of XXL Mag he talks about the album and how it's more organic than his debut.

By now, the origin story of B.o.B’s Billboard No. 1 song “Nothin’ on You” is part of industry lore: The Bruno Mars–led songwriting team The Smeezingtons created the track during writing sessions for Atlantic Records artists B.o.B, Travie McCoy and Lupe Fiasco; Fiasco and B.o.B both recorded versions of the record; Fiasco’s was deemed “wack,” in the alleged words of Atlantic co-chairman and CEO Craig Kallman, so B.o.B was bestowed with the smash. The whole thing revealed the assembly-line hitmaking process deployed at major record labels these days. (In an interesting twist, B.o.B once lost out on a big record of his own, having passed on Flo Rida’s club jam “Right Round.”)

B.o.B claims Strange Clouds’ second single, “So Good,” is the only song created in a similar manner to “Nothin’ on You,” and that the album is a bit more “organic.” It’s one of his favorite words. “I have a record called ‘Circles,’ which is like ‘Nothin’ on You’ but more organic,” he says. “This is how I’ll explain the whole project: It’s not about having a good song or a hit song, it’s about having songs that are organic. At least for me, that’s what it’s like. For me, this album is a lot more organic but just as good [as The Adventures of Bobby Ray]. Do you like burgers? Well, these burgers are organic and they taste better.”

More can be read HERE

Help Fight Malaria!

It's World Malaria Day and we need your help to send 100,000 bed nets to refugees in South Sudan. With your support, we can save thousands of families from malaria—a disease spread by a single mosquito bite. Rally your NETworks of friends to send life-saving bed nets today!

Go HERE to send a net and save a life.

Poker x Hip Hop

You might ask yourself how poker and Hip Hop work together. Well, it's pretty easy. A lot of poker players play their best poker while listening to upbeat tracks. A Hip Hop and poker playlist is widely preferred in the scene to keep concentration up.

Another trend that can be seen is that a lot of players are wearing Beat by Dre headphones which also shows that Hip Hop found its way into the poker scene.

Lupe Fiasco meets Song For The Mute Designers

While in Sydney, Lupe, who dressed head-to-toe in Australian label Song For The Mute at this year's Grammys, went hunting for more threads from the local designer during a trip to Harrold's at Westfield CBD.

But staff at the store say that when Fiasco arrived the Songs For The Mute label had sold out.

So what to do? Go straight to the source with Fiasco then visiting the label's showroom and meeting with designers Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty before purchasing one of every garment.

"It was so great to meet Lupe," Tanaya told Confidential

More pics below!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Ferrari drive w/ Prancing Horse Sydney

Straight from Supafest, Lupe Fiasco spent time w/ Prancing Horse driving the Ferrari F430 spider, California and the new FF (special mention to Ferrari Maserati Sydney, who prepared this magnificent black example). Also present was Kelly Rowland who caught up with Lupe prior to departure from The Darling Sydney @ The Star.

Thanks to Matt from Prancing Horse Ferrari

RHOyal Fiasco's ticket Giveaway: The Winners

The winners of the 3 tickets for Lupe's show @ Cal State on May 19th have been picked. Check the text below to see if you're one of them.

It was a hard decision. I got a lot of great emails from a lot of great people. But in the end, I could only pick three... And those three are:

  • Narimane Nekkab
  • Isaiah Morales
  • Noe Araujo

I will be emailing the lucky winners to give them the information about how to receive their tickets. Thanks again to all who entered, the LupEND Blog for giving me the platform and, of course, my number one; Lupe Fiasco. I'm just passing on the love he's been showing me for years...

Hopefully I'll get to do another giveaway in the future. But until then...

Stay classy.

-The Girl with the Lupe Tattoo, RHOyal Fiasco

Photo-Op: Kelly Rowland x Lupe Fiasco

Kelly and Lupe are both in Australia right now for Supafest and they got to hang out with eachother and posed for the pic you can see above... here's what Kelly tweeted:

...and last week after arriving in Brisbane:

RHOyal Fiasco's ticket giveaway for Lupe Fiasco's Cal State Show

Keka aka RHOyal Fiasco will attend her 25th Lupe concert on May 19th. To celebrate that she decided to give away 3 tickets to his show @ Cal State. Check below to see what you have to do to enter. Good luck!

Lupe Fiasco has been great to me. He has done more for me than I ever could have hoped or imagined that he would do. I think everyone should be able to experience the greatness of Lu.

The Cal State East Bay Springfest on May 19, 2012 will be my 25th time seeing Lupe live and I want to celebrate that by giving three people the opportunity to experience him live. This giveaway is open to people who have never seen Lupe Fiasco live before.

Email me and tell me in 25 words (or less) why you've never seen him live. The winners of the giveaway will be announced on Thursday April 19th, 2012 right here on the LupEND Blog.

Please do not enter if you have already seen Lupe live before. And please do not enter if you are not able to make it to the show. I paid for the tickets with my own, hard-earned money and do not want them to go to waste. Good Luck!

- The Girl with the Lupe Tattoo, RHOyal Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco becomes Food Correspondent

Lupe is headed down under for the Supafest and while he's in Australia he'll take on the role as a food correspondent for the website Before we get the first installment of this new series, check out an interview that Lu did with the site:

Is there a city in Australia that you’re particularly feeling, in terms of the food?

Melbourne is pretty good for food. But Sydney, man, that is good too. Those are the food cities, I'm telling you.

What types of food are you looking forward to the most?

My diet is somewhat restrictive. I try to eat halal as much as I can because I’m Muslim. Last time I was in Melbourne I found this Malaysian cafĂ© and they had this barbecue chicken dish that was just awesome. I ate it like every day.

What do you like to eat before shows? Any food rituals?

I try not to eat a lot before shows. For instance, the last show I had was in Dayton, Ohio and I ate like a lobster roll at some random place. It was actually really bangin'. It depends on what city we’re at. If we’re in Philadelphia, we eat cheesesteaks all day. If we’re in New York, there’s this soul food spot in Brooklyn called Soul Spot. That’s off the chain.

I look forward to your food blogging and challenge you to eat some things you haven’t had before. We want to hear about your discoveries Down Under!

I’ll definitely run the gamut for you. One thing I haven’t had is true Aboriginal food. And there are some fast food spots down there that definitely have some items that need to be blogged about.

Read more HERE

Bassnectar calls Lupe Fiasco's rhyming technique 'Wicked'

With his album Vava Voom in stores today, Bassnectar talked to MTV about his collabo with Lupe.

"That was one of the most interesting collaborations that I've had recently, partly because of the friendship I was able to make with him," Bassnectar revealed.

"He's a really creative person, and he rhymes fully improvisationally," Bassnectar revealed. "So, he makes one sentence, and then you play back that sentence, and he comes up with another one. There's two sentences, and then he says the third sentence. And then, basically, this crazy poem unfolds. It was wicked."

via MTV

Bishop G talks Food & Liquor 2

Looks like Bishop heard F&'s what he posted about it on his Facebook:


When asked if it will be a single disc or a double album he said:


New Music: Mike Dreams - The Lights, The Life (Original + Dubstep Remix)

The homie Mike Dreams releases a dubstep remix of his new record, The Lights, The Life

By the way, here's also the original just in case you missed it:

Game to release Lupe Fiasco Collabo

Remember this song "Skate On" that Game did with Lupe and that was meant to be on RED but didn't make it? Well, Game is getting ready to release his new mixtape "California Republic" and DJ Skee tweeted earlier that the next track they'll drop off the tape is a Lupe record.

I guess we'll finally get to hear "Skate On." Possibly later today...

New Music: Mikkey Halsted - Gone [ft. Lupe Fiasco & Jim LaVigne]

Mikkey Halsted Writes:

In light of “37 SHOOTINGS, 46 VICTIMS & 9 MURDERS” during Chicago’s first ‘warm’ weekend, the Trayvon travesty, 6-year old Aliyah Shell, and in honor of my cousins Ismail & Malik that were gunned down last summer...I felt as though this was the time to drop this song. Shouts to Lupe for helping me paint a vivid picture of what goes on everyday in Chicago and every other ghetto in America. Also, shouts to David ‘D.A.’ Doman & Jim LaVigne for providing us the perfect canvas to paint upon.

Special Dedication to Blair Holt and the hundreds of CPS students lost to senseless violence.


Album: QuESt - "Fear Not Failure"

QuESt's free album "Fear Not Failure" is finally here! Check out what QuESt has to say about the theme of the album below:

“I just want people to shed their fears and embrace their failures, we fail every single day. Failure doesn't stop us from what we desire. But fear can literally prevent you from everything you want to achieve and more.” - QuESt

Go ahead and listen to the album below!

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor is one of the 100 Best albums of the "Complex Era"

Complex celebrates its 1o year anniversary this year and to go along with that, they did what they do best and created a list of the 100 best albums of the last 10 years.

Lupe's "Food & Liquor" made it to position 62 on that list. It's time for Vol. 2 now. Here's what they said about the album:

Carrying on the Chicago tradition of conscious, street-wise rappers was this bespectacled kid with a name based on a Japanese manga cartoon. Lupe Fiasco was rapping about skateboarding and streetwear a good five or so years before the rest of the game became enamored with the "alternative" lifestyle.

With production handled by big names like The Neptunes, Kanye West, and Mike Shinoda—as well as a few of his in-house producers—Lupe put together a debut that explored what life was like for a kid who was from the hood but didn't let that fact define him. As much as Kanye helped usher in a new set of sensibilities within rap, Lupe played a big part as well with his blend of great storytellling and sociopolitical commentary.

Check the full list HERE

Mickey Factz would've liked a Lupe feature on his Mickey MauSe Mixtape

Mickey spoke to The Well Versed and broke down what went into creating his just released mixtape "Mickey MauSe." He revealed that if he'd have to do the project again, he'd try to get a Lupe feature.

TWV: Do you feel like having no features allowed this to be a more personal project for you?

Mickey: Definitely, if I could do it all again I would still try to have Lupe on there for political reasons but that would be the only guest feature. Still, I’m happy with the way it came out because it allowed MauSe to have a central voice.

Read the full interview HERE
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