Video: Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 [Launch]


Quiet Lunch Mag comes through with some footage of Lupe's album launch which went down in NYC on Thursday. Watch as he performs "The Show Goes On," "Daydreamin'," (including a freestyle at the end) and "Superstar."

After the jump the Fiasco Street Team accepts the Hufanitarian of the Year Award.

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Guy Sebastian perform "Battle Scars" @ Album Launch


Lupe and Guy performed their collabo at the album launch in NYC backed by the Verzatile band from Chicago.

Lupe announces Spring Release for FL2: TGARA Part 2


Lupe just took to Twitter to confirm a Spring 2013 release for part two of Food & Liquor II: TGARA pt.2.

Kenna featured on SNDCLSH Album

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"Don't Drop The Flag" is still coming and a few hours ago Sky revealed on Twitter that Kenna has contributed to it. I can't wait to hear how this whole project sounds like.

PAPERMAG interviews Lupe Fiasco

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PAPERMAG talked to Lupe at the album laucnh event yesterday in NYC, too. Besides the questions about politics and voting etc they also talked to Lupe about being active locally and what he and his foundation are doing in Chicago.

Going back to what you mentioned earlier about being active locally, the first thing that comes to my mind is the violence that's been happening in your hometown -- in Chicago -- lately. What has been your reaction to that?

It's heartbreaking. I get contacted to come speak at different high schools and my foundation, the Lupe Fiasco Foundation, is based in Chicago so we do a lot of intervention things in different high schools and conflict management.

At the end of the day, you have to show people that you care. If you show those kids who are committing these acts that you actually care about them, then hopefully it will relay into their caring about someone else. If they don't see value in themselves, then they don't see value in anybody else.

That's part of the problem. You can try to crime-fight it like you're Batman, you can try and bring in the National Guard, which is what Mayor [Emanuel] wants to do but even through all of that, if [the kids] don't feel they're valuable, what's the point?

Read the full interview HERE

Lupe Fiasco's spontaneous Panel appearance in Philly

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Two nights ago Lupe made an impromptu appearance at a townhall community gathering in Philadelphia, where a debate on hip-hop, the youth vote, and the 2012 election was well under way.

After getting in an arguement on twitter with D.L. Hughley and journalist Roland Martin about his stance on voting last week, Lupe made clear that his views had been misrepresented and clarified that while he will not vote, fans should follow their own interests:

“I’m not there to tell you who to vote for, what to drink and what to dress,” Fiasco said. “I’m there to tell you the ingredients. I’m saying this has a whole lot of high fructose corn syrup in it and you know what high fructose corn syrup is…but I’m not saying don’t drink it. It’s not my role.”

For Fiasco, voting on the local level was where he felt the emphasis should be put, because those issues, involving the school board to judges to contests, are immediately important to people’s lives.
via NewsOne

Lupe Fiasco thinks his best works are on "Friend of the People"


In an interview he gave to HipHopWired last night in NYC Lupe revealed that he thinks his best works are on the Friend of the People mixtape. He also talked about getting love from the hood.

I think my best works are on Friend Of The People. I think my best expressionist work is right there. On songs like "WWJD he'd probably LOL Like WTF,' ' we got 'Life And Death and Love From San Francisco.' Songs like 'Double Burger With Cheese,' those are the songs I get excited about.

Read more HERE

More Pics: Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Launch


We told you who won the Lupe Outstanding Fan Awards earlier and now here are some more pics from the album launch. - Check them all below!

F&L2: TGARA Pt. 1 (Fan Reviews)


It's time to take a look at some fan reviews! After the we checked the journalists, we'll see what some fans said or wrote about the album before we give you our own opinion. - Links and videos below!

Pics x Winners: Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards


Lupe's first Outstanding Fan Awards went down in NYC yesterday. Now before we get into anything I want to say, how many artists give away awards to fans and appreciate them like that? That's an awesome thing of Lupe to do.

Not only was it a night of awards for fans but also an album release party so some special guests came through, namely Pharrell, Kenna, Loaded Lux, Guy Sebastian and more.

Awards were given out in different categories and we were awarded with the award for Best Fansite! Check out a list of winners and more pics below!

Video: An inside look at Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1

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We had a short video of this before, now here's a longer, more complete one courtesy of  SoRaspy

Get an inside look at Lupe Fiasco's newly released album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 as he talks about it at his intimate and exclusive private listening session.

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian Perform Battle Scars on Letterman


Just in case you guys missed it, we got your back! Check out how Lupe and Guy performed 'Battle Scars' live for the first time on US TV!

Lupe Fiasco to sign albums @ Oakland University (in Rochester)

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Lupe will make a stop at Oakland University in Rochester, MI to promote his new album, “Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1,” Oct. 2 at 2:30 p.m.

According to Student Program Board Special Events Director Darnell Gray-Shawver, Fiasco will sign his new album, which was released Sept. 25, shake hands and take pictures with students.
via OaklandPost

Reminder: Lupe Fiasco on Letterman tonight!


Don't forget, Lupe will perform together with Guy Sebastian on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Tune in to CBS at 11:35PM EST!

Audio: Lupe Fiasco says what he's doing is not Anti-Patriotic [NPR Interview]


Lupe was on NPR's "Tell Me More" earlier today and discussed his album & his views on rap music, politics, patriotism and voter participation w/ the host Celeste Headlee.

Make sure to listen above! - via NPR

Lupe Fiasco - Great Moments in Inspiration


Lupe is featured twice in the New York Times Magazine Inspiration Issue, in the section "Great Moments in Inspiration." He shares 2 moments/things that inspired him.

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show


Lupe sat down with the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show to talk about retiring, F&L2:TGARA part 1, the process of getting to have the all black everything artwork, Bitch Bad and the video for it and more.

After the jump Lupe talks about every day racism.

New Music: QuESt - Angels or Demons


A quick little freestyle from the Miami spitter. Download link below:
DOWNLOAD | Fear Not Failure

Video: Lupe Fiasco tries to Define what America is w/ New Album


This is what was shown on RapFix Live today. Lupe explained what he's trying to do with his new album. 

"Let's just say that The Great American Rap Album, in its totality, both albums and all the music that's in it is me trying to define what America is. Trying to figure out what an American is..."

If you truly are a part of something and even if you say you take the good with the bad, or the lesser of two evils, you still have to take into consideration the evils and you still have to take in the considerations of the bad."

via MTV

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Wired 96.5


Lupe dropped by Wired 96.5 in Philly today and sat down with Buster again to talk about his new album release, his future in the game, and his favorite spots in Philly.

Stream: Lupe Fiasco on MTV's RapFix Live

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Lupe will be on RapFix Live in a few to break down his brand-new record, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt.1. - Watch above!

Video: Lupe Fiasco talks about World Up

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You might remember Lupe's involvement with the World Up org. If not, check some vids HERE and HERE

Now World Up is looking to raise $25k til Friday to be getting a matching $25k grant from Mozilla so that they can continue their afterschool program. They still need 5k so MTV ACT interviewed Lupe about his involvement with World Up and why we should all donate even if it's just a dollar. Lupe also talked a bit about his new album.

Check THIS SITE to find out more about World Up and donate HERE!

Food & Liquor 2 - First Week Sales Projection


HDD reports that Lupe's Food and Liquor II is on target for sales of between 85-95k. This will probably make it #4 on the album charts. To compare, Lasers did 204k in the first week and was #1.

New Music: Azad Right feat. Lexy Panterra - So Impatient

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New joint from the homie Azad.


Video: Lupe Fiasco performs "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" Live @ Fuse


Check out how Lupe performs "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" live in the Fuse studio.

PREVIOUSLY:  Lupe explains Food & Liquor II's Black Cover [on Fuse] 

Show us your... F&L 2 Copies!


We received a bunch of pics from people who copped Lupe's new album yesterday. Check out some  of them below.

Video: Lupe Fiasco talks about Food & Liquor 2 @ Album Listening Event


Last night there was a listening event for FL:2 TGARA Pt. 1 in NYC as we told you earlier. Watch as Lupe talks about the album in the clip above!

Video: Lupe Fiasco explains Food & Liquor II's Black Cover [on Fuse]


Ashanti interviewed Lupe for FUSE today. He told her why Food & Liquor II doesn't have album art, just an all-black cover.

Related: Johnny Cash - Man in Black

Video: Stalley - BET Music Matters Tour Vlog 1 [ft. Lupe Fiasco x Soundtrakk]


Check out Stalley's first webisode from the BET Music Matters tour as the tour runs through the Midwest and he meets up with Lupe [@ 4:38] and Twista in Chicago.

Previously: Kendrick Lamar brings out Lupe Fiasco in Chicago

Video: Lupe Fiasco unsure of Fan Response to 'Food & Liquor II'


Here's another clip from the most recent MTV interview with Lupe. He talks about how people reacted to Lasers and how he's not sure how people will react to the new album. ...From what I've seen on Twitter and everywhere else today, the people love it.

Read MTV's thoughts about the album HERE

Album Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1


Check out RapGenius for album lyrics and explanations.

Another In-Store Event Announced! [Riverdale]


We told you about 4 upcoming In-Store Events already, now another one has been announced! Lupe will be at DBS Sounds in Riverdale, GA to meet you and sign your copy of the album on October 5th!

Check a list of events, concert dates and more HERE

F&L2: TGARA Pt. 1 (Journalistic Reviews)


So before we publish your reviews, here are some from journalists. RollingStone, HipHopDX, Washington Post and others. And instead of giving them all their own entry, we'll collect them all here so this entry will be updated for the people who care and are interested to read those reviews.

Send us your Reviews!


As Lupe said above, it's all about your opinion this time. So you can either Tweet links to your reviews to us on Twitter: @TheLupENDBlog or if you don't have a website, Twitter etc, you can e-mail them to But let the album sink in a bit before you write your review.

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco - F&L2: TGARA Pt. 1 in stores & online Now!

More "Rappity Rap Rap" on Food & Liquor 2: TGARA Pt.2


There was another listening session for Food & Liquor 2: TGARA Pt.1 yesterday. The album was played while various visuals were shown to the attendees.

During the session Lupe said that Part 2 of the new album is slated for next year... and we can expect more "rappity rap rap."

Info via Sowmya

Video: Lupe Fiasco planned Food & Liquor II as Double CD

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Before appearing on a special edition of MTV's RapFixLive on Wednesday, where he will break down specific tracks from the album at Brooklyn's new Barclays Center at 4 PM, Lupe talked to MTV's Rob Markman about how he wanted the album to be a double disc and drop it around Christmas originally.

Props: MTV

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 in stores and online Now!

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Lupe's "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1" is out now! You can go grab a copy in stores or online!

Links: iTunesAmazon | Amazon Digital

And don't forget to Blackout!

Video: Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco - "Cookie Jars" [Battle Scars Parody]


While in Australia, Guy and Lupe helped Nova's Fitzy and Wippa turn 'Battle Scars' into 'Cookie Jars,' a parody about Wippa's love of snacks.

Video: Lupe Fiasco breaks down 'Lamborghini Angels'


Shortly before part one of 'Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album' drops you can check out Lupe's explanation of the 'Lamborghini Angels' lyrics above!

Props: RapGenius

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco breaks down "Bitch Bad"

Lupe Fiasco on BET's 106 & Park Tonight!


Tune in to BET's 106 & Park tonight at 6 PM EST to see the first ever televised live performance of "Bitch Bad!" - via Atlantic

Food & Liquor 2: TGARA iPhone Case [Preview]


Now we don't know when these will be released but that's a dope case. We do know though that there's some pretty nice new merch coming to the LupeStore soon!

Video: Kendrick Lamar brings out Lupe Fiasco in Chicago


Kendrick Lamar brought out Lupe in Chicago yesterday at Congress Theatre for the BET Music Matters Tour. Lupe said that Kendrick is the future and gets the Next Big Thing Award from him. Then Lupe went and did a verse from "Put Em Up."

Check an alternative video and some pics below!

Lupe Fiasco reveals that Artwork for FL2 exists & He's saving Soundtrakk beats for "Skulls"


Lupe just took to Twitter and replied to some fan tweets. He revealed that there is actual artwork for FL2: TGARA part 1, it just isn't in the album and there's only one copy of it. He also hinted at possibly revealing it after the album drops.

Furthermore, when asked why there's only 1 Soundtrakk production on the album, he said that he saved all the records for his final album with Atlantic, "Skulls."

Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 [The Guardian Review]


Kitty Empire reviewed Lupe's Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt 1 for The Guardian and gave it 3 out of 5 stars. Read below:

F&L II momentarily threatened to be rapper Lupe Fiasco's final album after an ugly Twitter altercation with another rhymer, up'n'comer Chief Keef, found the highly evolved, practising Muslim appalled by the violence of the younger generation. The beef is over, but F&L II would still make a proud swansong.

Standout single Bitch Bad examines how language shapes attitudes with forensic nuance (and piss-taking Auto-Tune).

The video, meanwhile, tackles the minstrel mechanics of commercial hip-hop. The tunes are pugnaciously mass-market, with debts to Kanye West. Throughout, though, tracks such as ITAL (Roses) and Audubon Ballroom come inflected with righteous fury and weary humour.

via The Guardian

Want to be a part of the 106 & Park audience to see Lupe?


If you're in the NYC area and your answer to the question above is yes, send an e-mail to and put "LUPE" in the subject line... they'll hit you back. This will go down on Monday (Sept. 24th.)

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco to perform on FUSE [Looking for Fans to Attend]

Guy & Lupe's Battle Scars aren't Fading; Still #1 on the Australian Single Charts


Battle Scars is now #1 in Australia for the sixth consecutive week! Only song that has been longer on #1 in Australia this year was Flo-Rida's "Whistle" with 8 weeks (non-consecutive).

The song is also currently still #1 on the Australian iTunes, it hasn't left the position since they performed the track on X-Factor earlier this week.

Lupe Fiasco Meet & Greet in Chicago


We reported about 3 meet & greets/album signing events previously, now there's a 4th in Chicago @ the Randolph Street FYE on Oct. 1st.

Be advised, they start giving out wristbands for this on the 25th, when you cop the album, so make sure to get there early. - Stay tuned for more dates.

Lupe Fiasco to perform on FUSE [Looking for Fans to Attend]


Lupe will perform and do an interview for FUSE in NYC this coming Tuesday and they are looking for fans to attend. Send an E-Mail to with your info!

Audio: D.L. Hughley addresses "Twitter Beef" w/ Lupe


After D.L. called Lupe out for not voting and after Lupe responded, D.L. went on another radio show to discuss the topic. Interesting that he didn't mention the 50k...

Listen HERE

UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco Album Signing Events to be announced soon!


As with every Lupe album, there'll be some album signing events for Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album part 1 as well. More details to be announced soon.

UPDATE: First dates are here!

Lupe's Twitter Bars of the Day


After yesterday, Lupe took to Twitter again today to drop some bars.

Watch out for the divide and conquer, there lies the monster behind the suit & tied lies who love that supersized mantra, bigger, better even if u dont need it & u gone pay every which way for the privilege to poison yoself & thats on every hole jesus had to bleed with.

Peace be upon him, You see u cant have a healthy tree if the seed sick, though yo forest will be enormous, that illness will never leave it, "God aint American!" so says Jessica CareMoore, therefore there's more there for me to prepare for & I can't get to heaven just by joining the airforce.

I reflect on everything Baldwin ever taught me, when I had to fall back on Zinn when Noam Chomsky lost me, when Cornell stood up for me when everybody fought me, and find comfort in rebellion even though I know what it'll cost me, lets be clear i fear no man on this here planet, my younger hunger back and the only thing i fear is ham on this here sandwich, #FL2Sept25

S1 production on Part 2 of TGARA

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S1 just reached out to us via Twitter and let us know that the tracks he produced for Lupe (we previously reported) will all end up on the 2nd part of the album.

Album Credits: Lupe Fiasco - F&L2: TGARA Part I


You can check out the album credits of Lupe's upcoming album now. Including everything you need to know, writers, producers, samples... Check below!

Blackout Phase 1


Fellow Australian fans... get on it and buy your copies! - Photo via Jeni

or... get it off iTunes

Brother Ali: "I think Lupe Fiasco is an important person for Hip-Hop Culture”


In a recent interview with the readers of RefinedHype and DJBooth Brother Ali was asked what he thinks about Lupe Fiasco and his current situation. Read below:

Q: “How do you feel about Lupe Fiasco's current situation regarding the stance he's claiming to make against the corruption and manipulation by major labels? Do you find his public discrepancies genuine or do you believe its merely for attention?”

Brother Ali: “I think that my brother Lupe is very sincere and genuine. I think that he thinks out loud. He doesn't feel any need to filter his genuine thoughts and sincere feelings from the public. He preaches it like he feels it.

That's what we should want from artists. We should want people they give it to us raw and uncut and without filter. I support him. I think he's an important person for hip-hop culture.”

Read the full interview HERE

Lupe Fiasco to perform at Austin Fan Fest

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Don’t miss Lupe Fiasco on Saturday, November 17th at Austin City Limits Live as part of the Austin Fan Fest powered by Mobil 1.

Tickets on Sale next Friday! - via ACL

Single Artwork: Sarah Green - Fuck You


Song drops soon, produced by The Buchanans. Stay Tuned! - via SG

Lupe Fiasco - Twitter Freestyle [Sept. 19th 2012]


Lupe just took to Twitter to prepare us for what's to come in the future. Check it all out below:

6 yrs ago there was a seismic shift, a rise, a lift, he finally arrived in rap form and used that form as his platform 2 provide his gift, summarized as sick, quick witted and hip, also promoted wisdom in a broken system gave the fans a fix and bitch niggas the fits, a culmination of hardwork, long nights through cold water and large surf, wading the water this MC became a Man, McMan, Star Search...

Now in between these here albums we've had our ups & downs, partly my fault cuz the way I talk a mix of giving a fuck & he don't fuck around, but I always kept it honest as my father made me promise, before he left this world to go and dwell amongst the comets.

So put aside the comments, the constant blog blah blah & me arguing with comics, cuz #Sept25th I bring again the gift prepare 2 b astonished.

...and waste no time when trying to decipher every verse, cuz if part 1 is just the gift part 2 will be the curse, #FL2

Video: Lupe Fiasco talks Food & Liquor II x Artwork


We posted some clips of this yesterday and now you can check more of the interview that Lupe did with MusicFeedsTv. Lupe said towards the end of the year they'll start to roll out new tracks off the 2nd part of The Great American Rap Album. He also talked about why he made the album-art all black and more.

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor turns 6 Today!

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With just 6 days to go until Food & Liquor 2 drops, the first installment turns 6 today. To reminisce a little, I'd like to invite you to check out last years Food & Liquor Anniversary week.

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian to perform on Letterman


According to The Music Network Guy and Lupe will perform on the Late Show with David Letterman shortly. We don't have an exact date yet but it should happen within the next 2 weeks. We'll keep you updated.

UPDATE: They'll be on the show on Sept. 27th. So tune in to CBS at 11:35pm EST!

Lupe Fiasco to perform @ University of Miami


Lupe will perform at the University of Miami's BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, FL on Oct. 19th. Tickets for both floor and general admission seats will be available beginning Oct. 1st at the UC.

via The Hurricane

FNF x Lupe Fiasco Store FOOD & LIQUOR II Giveaway


FNF and the Lupe Store are giving away copies of Food & Liquor 2 and some shirts to 3 lucky winners. All you have to do is like the FNF Facebook page.

Video: Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco perform on The X-Factor Australia


Guy and Lupe just performed "Battle Scars" together for the first time ever on The X-Factor Australia. Check out the performance above!

Related: Guy & Lupe discuss their X-Factor Performance

Video: Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco join Mike E [Interview]


Guy and Lupe joined Mike E for an interview with The Edge 96.One. They talked about collaborating, celebrating their success with "Battle Scars," the video and more.

Battle Scars goes Triple Platinum; Lupe & Guy Receive Plaques


Lupe just tweeted out this pic of his and Guy's Platinum Plaques, showcasing Battle Scars' Triple Platinum status in Australia. Congrats again!

Check another pic below!

Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Music Feeds


Still in australia, Lupe talked to Music Feeds about his number one hit record with Guy Sebastian. The collaboration almost didn't happen after the record label tried to block the two artists from working with each other.

After the jump Lupe speaks about retiring from the industry.

Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Tom & Alex [Triple J]


Lupe just did a radio interview with Tom and Alex from Triple J. He talked about his new album Food & Liquor 2, the documentary they shot for the album, retirement, Skulls, politics, surfing and more.

Alternative: Listen HERE

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Guy Sebastian interview w/ Smallzy [NovaFM]


Continuing their promo run in Australia, Lupe and Guy were interviewed by Nova FM's Smallzy. Smallzy taught them PSY's "Gangnam Style" and Lupe talked about what it was like to work with Guy and what he added to the track.

More clips: Gangnam Style | What Lupe Wrote

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Guy Sebastian listen to cover versions of "Battle Scars"


Guy Sebastian and Lupe visited Fitzy and Wippa at Nova FM on today. The boys had picked out a handful of cover versions of Battle Scars that have been uploaded to YouTube to play back to them to see what they thought.

Atlantic didn't want Lupe to do "Battle Scars"


In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph Lupe revealed that his label fought him on doing Battle Scars but Lupe wanted it so he made a deal with Guy to release it.

The song, which has sold 60,000 downloads in the US without any radio airplay, almost didn't happen when Fiasco's label tried to block the collaboration.

"I didn't want to do The Show Goes On but the label loved it so I finally did and it was a huge success. Here's the flip with Battle Scars; the label fought me on doing it so me and Guy did a deal to release it there."

Full article HERE

Joe Budden invites Lupe Fiasco to collaborate with him on his new Mixtape


Joe Budden recently announced that he's working on a new mixtape and last night he went to Twitter and invited Lupe to join him on a track for the project. This wasn't the first time Budden reached out to Lupe via the social network but so far he hasn't had any luck with it.

Do you want to hear Budden and Lupe on a track together?

Spotted: HHNM

Did Lupe put a verse on this Drake track?


Rumor has it that Lupe put a verse on this Drake track called "Where Were You" which was a possible track for "Thank Me Later" but didn't make it. Drake's version of the track leaked a few days ago and Colin Munroe, who wrote the hook released his own version on his latest mixtape.

Now we don't know if Lupe really put a verse on it but if so, would you like to hear it?

Check the track below!

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Celebrity Head-Jobs

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Major pause on that title. However, yesterday we had the audio and today you can check the video of Lupe playing the pop quiz on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

Video: Little Kaiju [Short Film]


Something a little different for a change... Little Kaiju is a short film brought to us by the directors of the Battle Scars video. It shows us the whimsical journey of a mysterious vending machine dwelling creature who explores the shadowy corners of Tokyo after dark.

Kaiju (怪獣 kai-jū) is a Japanese word that means "strange beast," but is often translated in English as "Monster."

Message from TWiN (the directors):

We'd love to connect with anybody who enjoyed the film, and encourage you to send our little kaiju out into the big bad world. Continue to check back on the official Facebook page for updates on the film and a limited toy release! 


Audio: Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco interview w/ The Kyle & Jackie O Show


Guy and Lupe just finished their interview with The Kyle & Jackie O Morning Show in Sydney. Lupe was running a bit late.. you can hear him first around the 6 minute mark.

They talked about their single "Battle Scars," their X-Factor performance tomorrow and revealed plans for some "big things" in the States. Lupe was also challenged to take part in their pop quiz called "Aussie Head Jobs."

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 [Bonus Content]


Amazon just revealed the bonus content included in the deluxe digital version of F&L2: TGARA Part 1. We'll get "Go To Sleep" and 2 videos.

Check it HERE

Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco to perform on The X-Factor - Battle Scars still #1 in Australia


After some speculation, we just got confirmation that Guy and Lupe will indeed perform "Battle Scars" on the Australian X-Factor on Tuesday (don't fret if you can't watch it, we'll have the video for you.)

Also "Battle Scars" is #1 for the 5th week in a row on the Australian single charts. It's now the third longest running chart topper in Australia this year, tying Carly Rae Jepsen's  “Call Me Maybe.”

Photo: Lisa Bonner

Lupe Fiasco responds to D.L. Hughley calling him Dumb


Earlier we posted an interview in which D.L. Hughley called Lupe dumb for not voting. Just now Lupe responded to that via Twitter. Read below:

Hey Kids Dont be "dumb" like me. Drink Water, Read Books & also Michael Jackson, 1 million dollars, you feel me? Holla! Their all yours DL.

Yo but dont read fancy political books by really smart people like I do that'll make u dumb shit by dumb niggas... and by water I really mean water but wash that punk shit down with vodka an tequila and put some molly in there too...

And please vote like DL said...I mean that shit has been making society better and safer for the past 200 years atleast...

...and can somebody please get this nigga julian assange to the swedish...u no I HATE niggas who leak shit! hahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY #OCCUPYSEP17

He then continued:

Its sarcasm...I always wanted to be a know so people would take me seriously... look how many people despise me or are "afraid" of what i say...they all admit i have a point even o'reilly ass but they are afraid that what i say will somehow send the world into bloody voter-less chaos or make niggas stop buying @CrownRoyalVIP... instead of dissing or saying fuck you DL Hughley. I say thank you 4 recognizing my power. The power of the word. the power of HIP-HOP..


Fahrenheit Mixtapes placed on XXL's 15 Greatest Mixtape Series List


XXL Mag put together a list of the 15 best Mixtape Series and Lupe's Fahrenheit series was placed at position 10. Joe Budden's Mood Muzik took the #1 spot.

10. Lupe Fiasco - Fahrenheit 1/15 series
As he prepped his debut album Food & Liqour, Lupe Fiasco began building a loyal fanbase nationwide through his trilogy of Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtapes.

With the technicality and precision of an East Coast rapper, the nerdy spectacled Fiasco delivered material that spoke on Chicago’s ills in a way that had never been heard before.

The bar was set so high from the series, that many of Lupe’s longtime fans felt Food & Liqour was a letdown, despite the album receiving widespread acclaim from music critics.

Check the full list HERE

The Trend on Wendy Williams: NY Fashion Week [w/ Lupe Fiasco]

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There's a new segment on the Wendy Williams show called "The Trend." In the first episode Victoria Recano goes behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week to uncover the latest trends. While there she meets Lupe Fiasco (@ 3:34) and others.

D.L. Hughley calls out Lupe for Not Voting


Comedian D.L. Hughley talked to the Hot93.7 Morning Crew recently and called out Lupe for not voting.

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the weight of the world,” Hughley said about Lupe, who Hughley feels lacks life experience, and whose political apathy may be dangerous. “Young black men are going to listen to him, they are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me.”

He continued: “You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit, when you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”

“They want to raise the age of social security from 65 to 68… Black men die at 67. Lupe Fiasco forgets that he’s going to be an old man when he’s looking for a social security check, and he dies right before he gets it!”

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