Chicagoan of the Year: Lupe Fiasco


Lupe is the Chicago Tribune's Chicagoan of the Year in the category Pop/Rock Music. They honored him for his stance against gang violence in Chicago and for the message of his album Food & Liquor 2.

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New Music: Rochelle Jordan - Impossible

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Before the year ends ROJO blesses us with a new track which sees her floating over the T-Minus produced "She Will" instrumental. Next year she's going on tour with Jessie Ware, check dates HERE

SNDCLSH - Don't Drop The Flag (Tracklist)


The tracklist for the long awaited SNDCLSH EP/Album has just been released (check image above,) together with the following note:

SOURCE MATERIAL from the MASTER SOURCE @futuradosmil.

Album finished. All proceeds will be donated to kids in Chicago.

Peace. Love. Respect.
= Don’t Drop The Flag =
via Sky

Battle Scars enters Billboard's Rap Song Charts!


Lupe and Guy's "Battle Scars" entered the Billboard Rap Song charts at position 25 this week and it's also #34 on the R&B/Hip Hop song charts! Go ahead and request it on your local radio stations!

PLATINUM MOTORSPORT presents: 2nd Annual Toys for Tots Charity Event


Platinum Motorsport threw their 2nd Annual Toys For Tots Christmas Charity on December 9th and here's a recap video of it.

Lupe Fiasco kills it in the Kitchen!


Some very rare info courtesy of Miss Jane $$$

Most know @LupeFiasco as the best in Tha rap game... What u may not know is he is downright dangerous in the kitchen! Lu, stopped by a blessed me and my friends with some truffle infused pasta and bruschetta that I would drop $50 on in a restaurant anytime!

If @LupeFiasco ever wants to lay down the mike for a minute to open a restaurant, it will be where u NEED 2 B #trust!

Yo, I'm hungry now!

Lupe Fiasco has the 2nd Best Rap Lyrics of the Year according to RapGenius


According to Rap Genius Lupe has the 2nd best Rap Lyrics of the year with this:

2. ”Football or volley-b, hock-el-y or socc-el-y/You just get the rock to me/Try and put me down like Gaddafi over Lockerbie/I’ll lock you in a locker, b/Like Bruce Leroy locked Johnny in a locker, see” — Lupe Fiasco, “Put Em Up” lyrics

Lupe Fiasco gave us one of the year’s trilogy of Occupy-influenced rap masterpieces (for more on the other two, albums by The Coup and Brother Ali, see above). But his finest moment occurred nearly apart from politics altogether.

 The “Lockerbie” and “locker, b” homophones literally stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it. And the second. And the third. It wasn’t until way later that we realized he continued the joke by alphabetically going from “locker, b” to “locker, see [c].” Moments like this showed that this record’s The Great American Rap Album subtitle was not really an exaggeration.

via TheGrio

The End Of The World


Battle Scars strikes 7 x Platinum in Australia!


These plaques just keep flying in from Australia. Battle Scars just went seven times Platinum and with that it's only the 10th song to achieve that in Australian chart history.

Find out where to pick up a pair of Vans OTW x Lupe Fiasco Stovepipes!


A lot of people have been asking where they can buy the Vans OTW x Lupe Fiasco Stovepipes... They are now available @ Overload!

Also check a list of 10 other retailers who carry them right HERE!

New Music: Lupe Fiasco -


Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Lupe's Twitter account is still closed until 2013 while it's being "rebuilt", but a freestyle to Communism by Common was just released as a treat to the fans.

Win a pair of Lupe Fiasco Stovepipes!


I just got a pair today and they are great! Now if you want to have a pair, you can enter the competition on the VANS Facebook and maybe you'll have them on your feet in a few days!

Click HERE to enter!

Pics: Lupe Fiasco @ KS107.5's Jingle Jam


Lupe performed at KS107.5's Jingle Jam in Broomfield, CO this past weekend. Check out a few pics from the performance below!


Today marks the 5th anniversary of this little site here. I just want to say thanks to all the people who make it possible for us to run this site. First and foremost you, the readers.

Furthermore I want to give shout outs to Lupe, Busy, the whole blog crew; current and past, Ayesha and the Lupe Foundation, Sky, Bishop G, Sarah Green, Ant, Amanda and Le Messie, La Bamba, Bam,  Erik Hammer, Bubby, Simon, KayCee, Brian Moghadam, Matthew Santos and Nikki Jean, Vashtie, Rob and the whole Platinum Motorsport crew, XXL Mag, MTV, all the bloggers (you know who you are) and Chris from the Vans team.

All of them have been in one way or another involved with the site and helped us to have content for you that you might can't find in the same form anywhere else...

I'm looking forward to what's next.

Lupe Fiasco x Vans OTW Stovepipe


Lupe's version of the Vans OTW Stovepipe is here! He choose to give the shoe premium full grain black leather in combination with a native print on the inner sole and the tongue. The result is a very good looking sneaker which is now available at select OTW retailers.

Check out Lupe's design notes and  a few pics below!

"Little Weapon" featured in G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer


Lupe's track "Little Weapon" is featured in the 3rd G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer. The movie hits theaters in March 2013.

The Pro Letarians - Not All of Me Shall Die [Free Album]


The Pro Letarians are a recurring act posted on this here site and today they drop their 2nd full length project called "Not All of Me Shall Die." Listen to and download the free album below!

New Music: Nikki Jean - Joyful (Feelin It) x XMAS EP Download!


Nikki and Mic the Drums release another new track off Nikki's XMAS EP with "Joyful (Feelin It)" - download the EP on her Kickstarter page!

Previously: Nikki Jean - Little Drummer Girl

Lupe Fiasco nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards


The 2013 NAACP Image Awards nominees have just been announced and Lupe is up for one in the category Male Artist and and another one in the category Duo/Group Collaboration for "Battle Scars" w/ Guy Sebastian.

All nominees can be found HERE

The Truth w/ Elliott Wilson: Who Should Win Best Rap Album Grammy?


YN makes some valid points on who should win the Grammy for Best Rap album. Obviously our fingers are crossed for Lupe though.

Guy x Lupe to perform on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon


According to Lupe's lawyer, he and Guy will perform on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon on January 2nd 2013. Tune in to NBC on 12:35am EST.

Lupe Fiasco nominated for a Grammy!


Lupe's album "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1" is nominated for a Grammy in the category "Best Rap Album." It's going against "Take Care," "Life Is Good," "Undun,"  "God Forgives, I Don't" and "Based On A T.R.U. Story."

The ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 10th at the Staples Center in LA.

New Music: Nikki Jean - Little Drummer Girl


First song off Nikki's Holiday EP, produced by Mic The Drums.

Download HERE

Video: Gemstones - I Don't Understand


Gemstones is back! Check out the video for "I Don't Understand" and then peep his new mixtape "Elephant in the Room" after the jump!

Nikki Jean to release Holiday EP this week!

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Nikki is gearing up to release a special Holiday EP with her friend and producer MIC THE DRUMS, one half of the group Kidz In The Hall, later this week. It'll feature "Classics" with a twist. Also you can expect a bunch of new music from her to be released throughout next year.

Stay tuned for more info's and don't forget to back her Kickstarter campaign!

New Music: The Boy Illinois - The Memoirs Of Gilbert Gaston [Mixtape]

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You might remember we posted some of this kid's music before and now here's his new mixtape! Stream it below and go ahead and download it.

Video: Lupe Fiasco loves that Weezy Skates and Compares Kanye x Pharrell's Production Game


Lupe talks to KC Chopz about what he'll do after his contract is up. How he did not sign with Roc-A-Fella or G.O.O.D. and never will. Compares Kanye and Pharrell's production game and talks about how the internet and the accessibility people have to music these days gave music with less substance a bigger audience.

Besides that he also talked about DJ'ing, EDM, Battle Scars,Wayne skateboarding, Hood Now vid, new merch and more.

ARIAs Backstage - Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco


Backstage interview with Guy and Lupe at the ARIA Awards. Watch as they tell what they heard coming out of Taylor Swift's dressing room...