Throwback Video: K'naan and his crew listening to Lupe Fiasco ~ LUPEND

Monday, July 15, 2013

Throwback Video: K'naan and his crew listening to Lupe Fiasco

Before Food & Liquor dropped in 2006, Lupe garnered a lot of buzz with his Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtape series. Here we have video of Canadian hip hop artist K'naan and his crew listening to Part 1 of that series, The Truth Is Among Us. Watch above as they listen to "Muhammad Walks" and "1st & 15th Is Back".

It isn't often that we get to see an artist show genuine reactions and appreciation for the work of a fellow artist. A lot of dancing around, rewinding, jaws dropping, looks of amazement, and even a proclamation that "there is a new mothaf***in king in town!". WHAT'S F*CKING WITH THAT?!


  1. I watched this yrs ago lol. Still cool

  2. K'naan Lupe Fiasco Damian Marley
    ALBUM would be fire

  3. That's how I was when I first listened to the mixtape.

    1. Thats how i feel when im listing to all of Lupes tracks

  4. I just want to see this dude react to stuff..

  5. Lu and knaan on a track would be doppppeee

  6. hope there isnt any collabs with those muppets eminem and nicky minajj. they both chat shit .... would love to hearcollab with gorrilaz....

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  8. Anyone still react like that when they hear that stuff today? I do.


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