Dr. James Peterson on "All Black Everything" at TEDxLehighRiver

Dr. James Peterson, Associate Professor of English and Director of Africana Studies at Lehigh University, explains All Black Everything as an idea he has been developing about the relationship between black exceptionalism and success and the way in which that success obscures the pain and suffering of the black community.

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Imogen Heap on Lupe's Next Album? (We Think This Needs To Happen!)

Imogen Heap took to Twitter last night cause she found out about Lupe mentioning her in "Form Follows Function." Lupe took the chance to ask her if she'd like to be on his next album...

Video: Lupe Fiasco ends performance @ Bucknell early due to Bad Sound Set-Up

Last night Lupe performed at Bucknell University but he cut his set short due to the messy sound set-up. Afterwards he went to twitter to explain and apologize:

Bad sound = bad show. Truly apologize Bucknell for not be able to continue with my performance. I appreciate all the work done by the staff.

I felt my voice starting to crack trying to overcompensate for a very messy sound set-up and feared really damaging my voice if I continued ...under those conditions. I wish to give a 100% at all my shows and tonight I was unable do that.

I truly apologize to students and staff.. ...but the risk of damaging my voice was just too great. Sorry 1000 times and my team is taking steps to make sure this never happens again.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the concert w/ @3eb and have a great rest of the school year.

Lupe Fiasco supports ‘Project Orange Tree’ to combat Violence

Words by Lupe Fiasco:

‘America is violence.” This trio of words was recently spoken to a crowded theater on Chicago’s near South Side. The words in and of themselves are vitriolic, meaningful, debatable, sacrilegious, fitting, unpatriotic, baseless and many, many other things, depending on one’s own particular perspective of each word: “America,” “is” and “violence.”

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