On the 7th anniversary of his sophmore album, Lupe Fiasco announces another chapter to "The Cool" saga!


7 years ago today, Lupe dropped his critically acclaimed concept album "The Cool". Recently, Lupe has hinted that more chapters to the story of Michael Young History are on the horizon. Well today, Lupe tweeted that "They.Resurrect.Over.New" ft Ab-Soul & Troi off his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth is indeed the next chapter.

With the last chapter to be released being "Angels Remix" off Enemy Of The State, the continuation of this story is long overdue. You may recall that Ab-Soul has described "T.R.O.N" as scientific, and its interesting to note that it will be the second to last track on the album with "Spring" being the closer. With spring usually being representative of rebirth, can these 2 tracks be a lead in to Lupe's next album, Skulls? Stay tuned!