Lupe Fiasco hints at a sequel for "The Cool"!


A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

Lupe just went on Instagram and posted 2 photos that seem to be a hint at a possible sequel for his sophmore album, "The Cool". Above is a picture of one of the characters, The Streets, with a caption that says "Did You Miss Me?" and the number 2 under it. After the jump, you'll see a skeletal hand, representing the main character Michael Young History, holding up the peace sign and a number 2 next to it as well. He captioned that photo with "From one there came many...".

This isn't the first time Lupe has toyed with the idea of making a sequel for his 2nd album. In 2012, he openly expressed an interest in dropping a sequel as the follow up to Food & Liquor 2 and calling it "The Cooler". Earlier this summer, he spoke to MTV and again said that he was thinking about making a sequel called "The Hot" but ultimately decided against it. Hopefully third time is a charm so stay tuned!

While we wait to see what comes of this, check out this detailed analysis of the Michael Young History saga written by yours truly!