Lupe Fiasco on Much Music / Stussy Jacket

As reported Lupe recently visited MuchOnDemand

Here are some pics:

(he made those girls really happy I guess)

in case you wonder what kind of jacket he wears
It's the "Destiny Jacket" from Stussy

you can buy it right


Artist Spotlight 3: Keith Sidney

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Keith Sidney was born in Chicago, IL on July 7th, 1984. He was raised on the west side of Chicago in the ABLA Housing projects. In elementary school, he was bitten by the acting bug and did several shows. After graduating as the valedictorian, he attended Jones Academic Magnet High School (now Jones College Prep) and continued to act. He decided to expand his skills as an entertainer and joined his friends to create the rap group, C.O.M. However, after graduation, the group went their separate ways for college and was forced to disband. Keith entered the theater program at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign as an acting major. Although he excelled as an actor, and was even invited to join the highly selective studio portion of the program, he was dropped from the university after two years of ignoring his general education requirements. Having no other commitments, Keith devoted his life to a career as an entertainer. He now resides in Champaign, IL and is currently the co-founder and CEO of NU PURSUIT ENTERTAINMENT.

Check out the song Pimp Game

and make sure to visit his


FNF Radio - Old Episodes

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In case you missed them

Thanks to KayCee you are now able
to check out some of the old FNF Radio shows

Click Here

also check out KayCee's blog


Nikki Jean Interview / and back home v log


The ScribeForce has a nice interview
with Nikki Jean up on their page.

Check it out


Lupe The Killa

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So for my first post I thought I’d share a video with you all.
I found it on the Lupe Fiasco forum. Eventhough it's not that new, it’s a funny video of what happens when you download Lupe’s album.

Go BUY The Cool guys FNF UP!

J.Kwest - I Am Obama


Check out this track from J.Kwest
I just heard it and it's great.


J.Kwest on Myspace

Lupe Fiasco False T Shirt Custom Made

posted this pic though:

Custom made t-shirts
That's the new trend

via Fatlace

Say Hi To Dami (Oloni) - My New Co-Author

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I decided to get myself a co-author
to keep things more interesting.

I choose Dami...
you might know her as Oloni from the official Lupe boards.

I'm pretty sure you'll see some good posts
from her in the future.

Here's a picture

Now be nice and make her feel comfortable on here.

Maybe you also wanna check out her

YouTube Channel

There's a possibility that she's gonna post some
video updates for this blog soon.

Nikki Jean Doesn't Want You/ Lupe Ticket's For S.O.B's


clear words

You can now buy Tickets for Lupe's S.O.B Show in New York
May 14th 2008

Click Here

via deadlymelody

New Affiliate

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I got a new affiliate.

Bringing you the best in popular music.
Make sure to check out the blog.

I also added to the list

Lupe Fiasco Live In Toronto

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I Gotcha and Touch The Sky

audio is really good on this one
props to Starzmore

CRS Symbol Part 2


After posting this pic of Lupe throwing up the
Dynasty Sign with the integrated Vulcan Salute,
I was inspired and created this.

I think it would look cool on a shirt.

Get the wallpaper here

Lupe Fiasco At BET's Spring Bling Today

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Lupe is set to perform on BET's Spring Bling
in West Palm Beach today.

If you have tickets for the event...have fun

It will air on BET April 10 - April 13

Lupe Fiasco Performs Paris, Tokyo - VA and MTVU


Prepare to see an outfit like that in the official video

CRS - Symbol

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I think we'll see that more often @ The Glow In The Dark Tour
(Try's not that easy)


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Superstar drops out of the top ten
of Billboards Hot 100 this week.
It's #13 now.

I think it's time for that Paris, Tokyo video sometime soon.

Lupe Fiasco Live In Houston

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This is from Solange's Birthday
a little older already but still nice

Part 2

The best part is when he performs Sunshine
for Solange in the 2nd part

Who gets me a gig like that for my b-day?

Lupe on Much Music and MTVu's Spring Break (stream)

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Lupe is going to be on today
and you can ask him a question.

Additional to that you can now stream the
MTVu spring break performance on MTVu's website.

Click Here

I can't view any of those because I'm outside the US and Canada.
So I'm just waiting for a youtube version.

Nneka - Heartbeat

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Check out my girl Nneka with her song Heartbeat.


This is what I listen to right now..besides Lupe and Nikki

oh yeah in case you need your every day Nikki Jean fix

Good luck on getting signed

Lupe Fiasco in New Zealand - Snow Jam (download)

Here you have 20 minutes of the performance.
Proably not the complete thing but it's all that is available.


video DL:

Download the performance from RS

and make sure to vote for Lupe


another exclusive
brought to you by yours truly

Poll Results are in


The question was: Who would you sign to FNF?

There have been 355 votes.

Nikki Jean got 41% of your votes
and The Cool Kids got 36%.

There was a difference of 41 votes between them
making it a clear result.

Since yesterday we know that there's
gonna be someone else signed to FNF.

More info's about He Say, She Say soon to come.

New poll is up now
make sure to vote again.

Lupe Fiasco and Chris Brown Spit Hot Fire

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and what does this video tell us?

1. Lupe kills every beat...doesn't matter what you give him.
2. Chris Brown is still a lil boy, and he can't rap.
but he's a great dancer

the beat is from "The Red" by Madlib & J Dilla

Lupe Knows About The Blog Now


Yeah that's right, KayCee told me today that she
and Nikki Jean actually talked with Lu about the blog.

In addition to that they also told him
about the whole Amajanese thing.

I'm excited and I wanna say thanks for the support !

Romanelli at Collete/Lupe's Converse for RED


Those kicks are allegedly designed by Mr. Fiasco.
Let's hope that they'll make them available soon.

via complex

more Romanelli stuff


Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Album Sales Update: Week 14


Lupe dropped out of the Top 50
on Billboards Top 200 Album Charts.
He's on #68 now.

That's the reason I can't get you the exact numbers anymore.

But he sold around 12.800 copies this week
making it a total of 420.500 .

He's #9 on the Top Rap Album Charts.

Go out and get another copy!

Artist Spotlight 2: Nash P

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Nash is a rapper from Houma, Louisiana.

He's an artist who is creating a huge buzz throughout the south, and doesn't even sound anything like the south. With a more inspiring type sound, Nash P aims to capture your heart, and your mind. Telling stories that create musical movies, Nash's plan is to bring insides of his world. With his next release, "The Great Escape"(July 4th, 2008), you can expect nothing less than amazing.

The latest release from Nash P, The Science Project, is something put together so well.
Different, creative, and built with a lot of substance.

Get It NOW

Make sure to check him out




(Artist description provided by the artist...doesn't necessarily represent my oppinion.)

Lupe Fiasco Signs A New Group From Chicago


It's the group "He Say, She Say"

Check out their myspace


That one song on the page sounds really good.

Nikki Jean Tells A Story About Lupe

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You need an intern?

Ask me....I got nothing else to do!!!!

: -)

Lupe Fiasco Is Nominated For A MTV Australia Award


Lupe is nominated in the category:

"MTV Live Performer Award 2008"
for his Snow Jam performance in
New Zealand.

You can stream the performance


and make sure to vote


The award ceremony takes place at
Sydney's Australian Technology Park on April 26th

(oh yeah lots of fun to the people who attend the Fredericksburg performance tonight)
what's up KayCee?

Paris Tokyo Banner/Signature

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Not much going on today.

So I did this. It's a banner or a signature for a forum or whatever.


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Get your Trigun fix now!

If you don't know what it is check the:

Wikipedia info's

I finished watching those 26 episodes like half a year ago.
But I'll watch it all over again soon.

Some nice scans from the comic books
and an art book can be found here:


Some character info's can be found here:


and you can watch those episodes online:

Right Here

Random fact: It's a Japanese manga which has the theme "Space Western"
now if that isn't Amajanese
: -)

I hope no one asks how this is Lupe related

Nikki Jean update/ and youtube messes with me again

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So on the Lupe channel on youtube you can now
watch the "Hip Hop Saved My Life" video.

But I get the wonderful message:
"this video is not available in your country".

Who should I blame or Atlantic?

Doesn't really matter...because I was still able to grab it
with one of those nice sites...
you know

and here's Nikki giving you an update about
Meet an Greets and the tour

I want them to come to Europe....

Shameless Self Promotion


I never told you about my myspace page, right?

Because I produce some music myself.
No rap or anything, it's electronic.

Check it out


(Download) Lupe Fiasco Live In Coventry Video web rip

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This is the 1xtra show.
I brought you the audio rip yesterday.

Here's the video now.

DL: Rapidshare

Really low quality.
But I heard they gonna broadcast it in HD on UK television.
Maybe a rip of that will pop up soon.

Lupe Fiasco and Wale - Let's RIde

1 comment:

I know a lot of people including myself want
to hear them on one track

So someone threw this song together.


Nikki Jean - "The Project" CD


4 hours are over now - I took the links down.
I'm sorry if anyone wasn't able to get it in time.

For more Nikki Jean music

Go Here

also check out Nouveau Riche


This is an exclusive unofficial compilation of 12 Nikki Jean songs - meaning that those tracks are not available anywhere else in this form right now.

Those tracks are for promotional use only. I don't own the rights to this tracks. I don't wan't to get myself or others into any trouble, this is the reason why this compilation is just available for 4 hours.

After that the links will be taken down and I will not post this compilation again.

Everyone who downloads this should support Nikki Jean.
Tell your family and friends about her, post bulletins
on myspace and send messages on Facebook
- just support good music!

Now enjoy those tracks !

Lupe Fiasco Performed At 1Xtra Live


Check out pics from the show

Westwood Interview

DL here

Full show in MP3 Audio(7 Tracks)

DL from Rapidshare

lol @ Lupe taking lessons from Madonna

full video here

Amajanese Is A Part Of The Urban Dictionary Now

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I tried to submit it to the Urban Dictionary like a month ago.
After that I got a reply saying that they won't accept it.

Now I browsed the site again and it's finally on there

Click Here

Gemstones Interview With Talk Real Radio

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Gem talks about his name
and his album.

And about a new Soundtrakk album
with Lupe, Shayla and Gem.

Click Here

Gemstones new double mixtape
"The Evolution Of Gemstones"(including tracks with Lu)
coming soon!

Nikki Jean Wallpaper

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click it!

I got some mails from people asking me if there
are Nikki Jean wallpapers available.

But I don't know of any.
So I did this.

I really like those Japanese flowers.

Don't forget tomorrow on 1:00 pm EST
"The Project Album".

I'm extending the time
it's gonna be on here
4 Hours

Lupe Fiasco After The NY Show

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Don't know why I post this....
as if I don't have enough YouTube vids on the page. : -)

but hey paparazzis taking pictures.
Good for Lu

Swagger: City To City, Coast To Coast Collection

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Check out the website.

It's pretty cool.

And they have nice background music.

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco On The Konnected Mixtape

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Clinton Sparks is putting a mixtape together with Akon.

It's going to feature a new Lupe Fiasco song.
The mixtape will drop within the next 5 weeks.

I'm not sure if it's really a new song....but we'll see.


Nikki Jean - "The Project" - CD


One Time Only

One CD

Sunday, March 23rd
from 1 pm till 5 pm EST

Right Here

get it

Hip Hop Saved My Life Video And Youtube


Damn man.
You just post one video and you get permanently banned on youtube.

What's their problem?
If it's illegal to post music videos they shouldn't
even put them online after you upped them.

It's so stupid

I just registered a new account.
They should have banned my IP address.

: -p

Lupe Fiasco At Hot 97's Full Frontal Fashion Show Vid

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....Nikki Jean after the show in a car

Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper Emotions 4/4 "Happiness"

Last part of the wallpaper emotions series.


Nikki Jean In The Studio

No comments:

Sam Hollander Info

haha screw Atlantic for taking
those videos down.

Lupe and Nikki are performing
at Hot 97's full frontal fashion show tonight!!!
and tune in to the show with Angie on 4:30

I'm sure they will have dl links for that, soon.

Lupe Fiasco's Superstar Still On Nr. 10

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He's still number 10 with
Superstar on Billboard's Hot 100.

I wonder if he'll get any higher than that.

Lupe Fiasco: 4 Instrumentals From The Cool [DL]

It has been a nice day
so I thought I just share
4 instrumentals with you

1. Hip Hop Saved My Life
2. The Coolest
3. Dumb It Down
4. Put You On Game

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Album Sales Update: Week 13

1 comment:
Again Lupe slipped 2 spots
coming in at #36 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts this week.

He sold 16.215 copies of The Cool
making it a total of 409.323 sold albums.

91.000 copies till gold!

Go out and buy The Cool !

: -)

Lupe Fiasco HHSML Vid (dirty/in sync/no tags/no skips)


I edited the illroots and the kanyelive version together
and dubbed it with the original track exclusive

Chuck Anderson Artwork

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Some stuff from the guy who created the F&L cover

more can be found here

Still Waiting Till Hip Hop Saves My Life

Now I already waited like 17 hours
since the video was up on i-tunes.

I even have the Hip Hop Saved My Life video on my computer
but I can't play it because it's DRM protected.

So I guess I'll have to wait till someone rips it from the DRM file
or till it hit's MTV2 and someone finally puts it on youtube.

I'm out for today
gonna chill on the couch and listen to my Nikki Jean CD.

Video on here tomorrow

Optimus Freestyle

No comments:

Still waiting for that other video...

check out Optimus on the road till then.

Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli Just Might Be Ok Remix

1 comment:

Well I think it's an old Kweli verse but the beat is cool


Hip Hop Saved My Life Video is on i-tunes....

I will post it as soon as possible

Nikki Jean Limited Edition Songs

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I can't believe I missed those tracks....damn...
but I'm gonna get them soon...
: -)

check out Shadow on Nikki's myspace page

Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper Emotions 3/4 "Strength"

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I know strength is not really an emotion

who cares...

Nikki Jean: Recovering

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...damn my weekend was boring compared to this

Artist Spotlight 1: Chaundon

Chaundon is the 1st featured artist.

Here some info about him

Growing up in the South Bronx and constantly being surrounded by Hip Hop, Chaundon began writing rhymes at the age of 13. As he attended Stevenson High School, he eventually got his first taste of stardom rapping in front of other students in the cafeteria and crowded hallways.
Hooked on being the center of attention and realizing that music was his calling, Chaundon gained a reputation for his lyrical powers, a reputation that followed him wherever he's gone since. Graduating high school and going to college at North Carolina Central University, it wasn't before he forced his way into the bubbling North Carolina Hip Hop scene. From performing on campus, getting on stage at every local club he could find, and freestyling on radio stations such as Power 98 (WPEG) and K97 (WQOK), his name soon became highly recognized all over North Carolina. Becoming a part of the local up and coming crew The Justus League, only helped the buzz around Chaundon grow louder. Chaundon has widened his fan base enormously. Without any financial backing or promotion, word of mouth has been the vehicle to Chaundon's current success. His first release "Slow Leaks", a mixtape he put together in March 2003, received a great deal of press and further stretched his following across the globe. In April 2005 he released his 2nd mixtape release "Live From The 718". On September 5, 2007 he shook the game by releasing 2 mixtapes, "Venom" mixed by Shadyville DJ Mr. Peter Parker, and "Ambitions Of A Writer" mixed by DJ Vega Benetton. These mixtapes solidified his position as the strong and witty emcee that he is. Supporters from around the world praise his music and champion his solo lp "CARNAGE" which is in stores now. He was also featured on L.E.G.A.C.Y.'s debut album"Project Mayhem", The Away Team's debut album "National Anthem", Little Brother's "Chittlin' Circuit", "Chittlin Circuit 1.5", their sophomore album "The Minstrel Show", DJ Drama "Separate But Equal their latest mixtape with DJ Mick Boogie "And Justus For All", the Hall Of Justus compilation "Soldiers Of Fortune", Darien Brockington's debut album "Somebody To Love", Medians debut LP "Median's Relief", Cesar Comanche's LP "Squirrel and the Aces" Sean Price's sophomore solo lp "Jesus Price Superstar", 9th Wonder's debut LP "The Dream Merchant 2" and Torae's debut LP "Daily Conversation" .

Chaundon is a versatile artist with a strong and expressive voice. He is also a remarkable entertainer, making him a favorite among the Hip Hop community.

Carnage in stores now!
get it!

Check his myspace


Thanks KayCee

Tron Hoodie

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that's a design of a hoodie that glows in the dark.
so it would be perfect for the tour.

It's just a design and it's not in production yet. But I'm sure it'll be soon.

Lupe Fiasco Performs At The KOKO In London


Another date in GB.

Lupe is going to perform on April 2nd.

More info's and tickets


ATO Sneakers


Yeah you wanna have those shoes that Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West rock ?

You can go to to this page and order a pair.

Click Here

Lupe Fiasco Updates

1 comment:
Kadeejia reports that the Paris, Tokyo video will have a 40's theme and that Lupe will be trudging through the desert on a camel's back.

My thoughts
- a 40's theme - will it be black and white?
- so we get that desert sand scene from the song
...are we also gonna get everything else
visually he's talking about on the track?
Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Rome, New Orleans, Brasil?
more to come...

Tripod(Dublin) show info's April 5th: Here

The wonderful people over at illvibes have a new feature called Lupe Vs. Others

Click Here

Does anyone know what happened at the Carson Daly show yesterday
or was it just a re-run?

Nikki Jean Shows Us The Red Bull Park

No comments:

Lupe Fiasco On The Last Call with Carson Daly Tonight

No comments:
Lupe is on the show tonight.

I think they gonna show the Hip Hop Saved My Life performance
that they recorded the other day.

Make sure to tune in tonight!

Video will be up asap.

Lupe Fiasco Spring Break Performance Video

1 comment:

Some bootleg footage

maybe there's gonna be more

and for your entertainement here's
the new Teriyaki Boyz video feat Busta and Pharrell

New Artist Spotlight

No comments:
I want to start this next week.

It's gonna be called "Featured Artist Of The Week".

If you are an up and coming artist
and you wanna get the chance to get your name out a little more.

Send a mail to me via

I need a myspace link or some music files and a picture.
It would also be nice to get some background info about you.

First feature is gonna be up on monday.

Doesn't matter if you do Hip Hop, RnB or Rock.
It should be good though.

Lupe Fiasco @ mtvUs Spring Break

No comments:

From MTVs Newsroom:
Tuesday night, both Lupe Fiasco and Flo Rida were stuck in Atlanta due to mechanical problems with their airplane. With both scheduled to perform Wednesday, there was panic in the production room.

Luckily, some flights opened up Wednesday morning, and thousands of college students gathered around the stage on the beach at 1 p.m. to hear the first performance: Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos. Telling the crowd, “This is what a Grammy sounds like,” Lupe performed five of his tracks, bringing Santos out for most of them. Afterwards, Lupe and I talked onstage about his new album, The Cool, and how much he likes playing with a full band.

I just hope that there will be a video available

Nikki Jean SXSW

No comments:

If you are in Texas try to get your ass to the show.

It's free!!!

A Random Moment


What can I tell you today?
Not much.

Superstar is #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 now!

The Cool was finally released in Germany.

and oh yeah...fuck Prodigy.

Nikki Jean burning CDs

No comments:

new EP?


vote for another word here:

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Sales Update: Week 12

No comments:
This week Lupe slipped another 2 spots
coming in at #34 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts.

He sold 16.878 copies this week
making it a total of 393.108 sold copies.

106.892 copies left till gold.
If the album continues to sell around 15k a week
it'll take 7 more weeks till gold status.

[update] Hip Hop Saved My Life Video

No comments:
I already said it on sunday
the video is going to premiere
on i-tunes March 18th.

you'll find it on here asap

Nikki Jean Returns

No comments:

We missed you yesterday...but the guys did a nice job, too

Check out Nouveau Riche Live
March 14th

SXSW Showcase @ Beauty Bar Patio
Austin, Texas

Lupe Fiasco Follow The Leader Mixtape

1 comment:
A new collection from Tapemasters inc.

nice cover


1. (00:01:39) Lupe Fiasco - Heat Under The Babyseat
2. (00:02:04) Lupe Fiasco - Lil Weapon Feat. Nikki Jean
3. (00:03:30) Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
4. (00:04:30) Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest
5. (00:02:40) Lupe Fiasco - Hurt Me Soul
6. (00:04:18) Lupe Fiasco - American Terrorist Feat. Matthew Santos
7. (00:03:02) Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life Feat. Nikki Jean
8. (00:01:50) Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental Feat. Jonah Matranga
9. (00:04:14) Lupe Fiasco - Superstar Feat. Matthew Santos
10. (00:02:53) Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin Remix Feat. Nas Jill Scott Prod. By Hasan Insane
11. (00:03:35) Lupe Fiasco - After All Feat. Talib Kweli Prod. By Phenom Jglaze For Mental Instruments
12. (00:03:16) Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push Remix Feat. Uness Prod. By Uness
13. (00:01:31) Lupe Fiasco - Can U Let Me Know Feat. Sarah Green Remixprod. By Blaze P For Anti-Star Productions Dice Music Group
14. (00:02:52) Lupe Fiasco - Paris Tokyo
15. (00:02:44) Lupe Fiasco - Carrera Lu
16. (00:01:38) Lupe Fiasco - Happy Industries
17. (00:03:28) Lupe Fiasco - Blackout
18. (00:03:08) Lupe Fiasco - We On Feat. Gemini Pooh Bear
19. (00:03:45) Lupe Fiasco - Us Placers Feat. Kanye West Pharrell
20. (00:03:53) Lupe Fiasco - He Gets The Girl Feat. Pharrell
21. (00:04:01) Lupe Fiasco - Lupe The Killer
22. (00:01:19) Lupe Fiasco - Walk In My Shoes Feat. Emily King
23. (00:02:33) Lupe Fiasco - Theme Music To A Drive By
24. (00:01:56) Lupe Fiasco - Tapemasters Inc Freestyle
25. (00:00:43) Lupe Fiasco - Change Feat. Joy Denalane
26. (00:02:56) Lupe Fiasco - Much More Feat. Yummy Bingham
27. (00:01:01) Lupe Fiasco - Chicapow
28. (00:03:54) Lupe Fiasco - Dedicated

Not really anything new on there.

Get it from your local provider...
and make sure to get that new G-Unit tape from

...and another one - FNF Radio

1 comment:

Yeah Bishop G is doing it again.

Click Here for the show

[DL] Lupe Fiasco on 106 & Park - Performance and Interview

In case you missed it.



Download here(right click, save as)



The debut of CRS on the GITD Tour...
that's what's up!

Some pics