Charles Hamilton - Something Special For The Overseas (Freestyle) + "The Dead Zone"

DJ Semtex was in New York recently and he hooked up with Charles
and other peeps. Check this freestyle - it's dope !

Shout out to Charles - keep doin' your thing!


(cover designed by myself)

You can download his latest mixtape,
"The Dead Zone" right here


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    You just witnessed a FREESTYLE, something that artists are terrified to do these days because they feel like if they mess up, their career will hurt over it. Artists dont even "freestyle" in the studio anymore. All emcee's need to just loosen up a little bit and just learn to have fun from time to time, which is what Charles does, but somehow if he ends up ciphering someone, it ends up on worldstarhiphop the next day attacking CH.

    Even if you cant freestyle, go for it anyways, no one is judging you because end of the day if you make dope music then your music will still be dope when you wake up.

    Consider this a PSA from Rhymestyle

  2. yea Charles and Asher are bringing the freestyle cipher back into hip hop...

    This is one of the weakest freestyles I've heard from CH tho :)

  3. I wanna see a Lupe CH collabo!!!!

  4. CH jacks beats (so fuck him) and can't freestyle for shit.

  5. wack, tho i have heard a freestyle from him on Dj enuff's radio show that was sick. but the flow was lame because he makes a rhyme and then tries to explain it and it comes out real bad. and his rhyming the same word with the same word.


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