Invisible Children

YAY is very passionate about this project....and I'm sorry that I took her entry off of the page caus' I didn't really know what it was all about....

Invisible Children is a non-profit organisation which was founded after three young filmakers made a movie called: Invisible Children: The Rough Cut. The documentary was filmed in 2003 when three young men from Southern California travelled to Sudan "to find a story".

Instead, their adventure took them into the depths of northern Uganda where they discovered thousands of people affected by the brutality and attacks of a rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The documentary chronicles their experience as young Americans learning firsthand about a conflict largely unknown to the international community, while also informing audiences about the great humanitarian crisis of child soldiers.

After people saw the film, the overwhelming response has been, "How can I help?" To answer this question, the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. was created, giving compassionate individuals an effective way to respond to the situation.

Check their website and get educated (like I just did)...
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  1. Oh, WOW. I am a USC student and entered a songwriting contest put through the Invisible Children Foundation. I did not get into the finals, but I suppose I could put up the song I wrote about it. It's rap (of course).

    Yes, it is a very good cause. I was shocked to learn about it.

  2. I went to displace me two years back in DC. shit was intense. we had to sleep outside with no food or water (well, we ATLEAST got a bottle of water and some saltine crackers) the main point was to feel how the kids felt. i almost froze in the middle of the night. Thats why i fucken love lupe man!! he speaks the TRUTH!

  3. thank you Sean..
    and B-Winnizle, you should definitley send it in!


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